Thursday, December 13, 2018

About Being Stalked And Harassed...

by Brian Joseph Johns
The cult responsible for this stalking and harassing in Toronto (in my case specifically in Regent Park) try to claim that my victimization in this way is actually the result of me being possessed by someone else who is harassed.

In other words, I'm not being harassed at all according to this cult. I'm just experiencing what others are experiencing so when I go outside the stalking cult make a great effort to turn the tables upon me in order to make it appear like I am a stalker rather than being stalked.

So they're claiming that my protesting the stalking and harassment is the result of me being possessed or mind controlled by another person who is being stalked and harassed in the same way.

Just to give you perspective on the nature of this cult, they literally believe that some people don't have their own mind or "soul" (or spirit as they refer to it). In other words, they're the only people who can be stalked and harassed. When it is someone else other than themselves they take it from the victim, then claim that the victim is possessed by a real stalking victim which is nonsense.

I am not pretending to be a stalking victim to pay for someone else's blood. Fuck that! (Pardon my language, I rarely swear unless I'm upset but I'm going to leave this in because I'm really upset about this whole situation).

That's how this cult steal from other people what they accomplish. Its because their cult forces other people to pay for their blood if you live in their vicinity, the members of this cult. That is, in order to be considered alive, I have to pay for their blood by carrying the weight of the burden of one of their members. So by me protesting being abuse, they're assuming that I'm just paying for their blood by pretending to be someone else who is being stalked and harassed.

This is a cult that steals people's identities. They operate using the symbolism of the colours blue and brown or red and brown quite often, much like gang colours in a criminal gang and they do this in Toronto despite the fact that Canada has laws against using colour in this way, which is discriminatory.

So this cult steals my victimization and applies it to the lives of other people just the same way they steal anything that I create and apply it to the lives of other people, while applying a life that doesn't apply to my own in terms of lifestyle. I don't hire prostitutes. I'm not a pimp. I've never driven for an escort service in my life. That would most likely be Eugene Francois. I'm not him. I've never used crack cocaine in my life, nor cocaine or heroin for that matter. I've never been to prison or jail at all and that's because I kept my tail clean for my whole life by being mindful of my choices and paying for my mistakes.

By abusing me so much this cult wants to make me appear intolerant and incapable of leniency. They're part of a cult of people who try to harden men up as part of a rite of passage or something of that nature. To make men more "blue". I'm not a member of that cult at all. I'm a Canadian who at this moment in time would much rather live in China, Korea, Thailand, Japan, Europe or Israel. I bet there would be a lot less anti-Jewish sentiment in those places. Despite the fact that I am not Jewish I still have no acceptance of the anti-Jewish attitude in which hate clubs against Jewish people try to destroy the character of people who defend Asian or Jewish rights. I actually used to be pretty active in the human rights defending department and I'd rarely if at all bias any particular culture or religion. I'd try to speak up when and where I could for everyone until this cult got involved. They make defending human rights into a scoring game, counting how many times you defending one group of people versus another. They literally turn it into a social city wide game. If you don't bias in the direction that they want you to bias, they'll abuse you.

They even take this a step further. You can have a girlfriend of one culture, but you must balance your affection for every other culture by being similarly intimate with other people of other different cultures. If you don't, then this cult will assume that you owe them something. So we're putting cultural and religious quotas on our relationships now for which we'll be indebted if we aren't in balance? Well being monogamous and all, I generally don't aim at having more than one girlfriend at a time. If I want to be intimate with someone and you're not happy about what culture that person is, then truly fuck you you true goof. I'm not a member of any religion or ideology that has any right to do such a thing to a person.

Me protecting my right to feel the way that I do about someone who is Mandarin Chinese is my right and hers too. I'm protecting that for us both. Just because I'm Caucasian doesn't mean that there is anything wrong with such a relationship you truly racist scum fucks! (Getting creative with the language). That's not the Canada that I grew up in and in fact, that's not Canada at all. Did your cult swap country identities with another country? Whatever country it is I'm glad that I didn't grow up in it but it sure sucks to live in it now. Its a good thing that I don't believe in that stuff. Swapping identities I mean. So as a Canadian I have a responsibility to ensure that this nonsense doesn't continue if not for myself, for those who follow.

I've defended human rights on many occasions even writing several letters to two different Prime Ministers on the issue and having received replies from their offices. I actually defended Women's rights and those of the LGBTQ community as well. By doing so, this cult then tried to take away my manhood much the same way they tried to take away my identity when I was in a relationship with someone of a culture they disagreed. Because she is Mandarin Chinese (between 2005-2006).

So this country is full of scumbags like this now. If I make a statement of protest about this, I often have my identity stolen from me and my words are then credited to someone else. Is this a scientology trick? I know that they regularly play musical chairs with people's identities as part of their instructional workshops, so is this them or another similar ideology bringing that aspect into someone else's life illegally. I'm not a Scientologist at all. Nor am I a member of Christianity. Or Islam. I mean no disrespect by those statements but its the truth.

I'm not a member of Prince Hall either. Too racist for me as I've explained. Red and blue are used symbolically to define either love and hate or two different types of blood (that sums up love/hate and blood/fire in a nutshell). Those on the red and blue team believe that you shouldn't mix red and blue whatever it may mean. Those who mix red and blue are considered to be the Purple team (which ironically is red and blue mixed) which generally delineates Prince Hall which is supposed to be about liberation and freedom. The Purple team on the other hand denotes that red and blue mixed means: love and hate are the same thing. It doesn't mean red blood and blue blood because they're against the cultural mixing of blood. The colours of blood come from the colours on our countries' flags or by any other cultural cliché often perpetuated by racist groups, who quite honestly prey upon cliché. In other words, racism. Hey, if you yourself would prefer to stick to your own culture in terms of your relationships, that's cool if you feel that way for yourself. Really you can't make that decision for other people. So that's where they're violating the rights of other people. Unfortunately if you go outside of this paradigm you'll be targeted by groups like this and when you speak out like I often do, you'll be labeled as being crazy, or possibly they'll come up with some other far fetched idea of which they try to fool the populace into believing, like their victim is actually possessed and being mind controlled by their cult members. So whatever the victim expresses is actually the way the cult member whom they're possessed by feels. Talk about taking away a person's voice!

So that's where I am with this cult and believe me, Canada or at least Toronto is being run by such an ideology despite what people might say to the contrary. For crying out loud people! Stand up to them!

Don't let these scumbags take away your identity and swap it with someone else's!

That's how they get around defending the rights of people they believe don't or shouldn't have rights (like members of the LGBTQ community) which would indicate it is also likely homophobic too.

If you're heterosexual and you stand up for the rights of those in the LGBTQ community, this cult will take away your identity and give you the identity of someone from the LGBTQ community because "you're not sticking up for your own". "You're not being a team player" in other words as they often put it.

By taking away your identity when you stick up for the rights of others, human rights are NOT progressing at all because you're losing your right to your own individual identity. So human rights aren't progressing or recessing. They're at a stand still in such a case. The point of any rights is that there should be no condition for receiving those rights. Taking away the identity of someone and forcing another different identity onto them in order to explain their standing up for someone outside of their "team" is another violation of rights and an unjust condition to ensuring the rights of other people.

I am urging people not to allow that to happen. Don't allow anyone to take away your identity or to swap it with someone else's. Don't be a part of anything that makes you earn your own identity on a daily basis. It isn't a currency by the way. Its yours. If someone holds you hostage for your identity while you defend the rights of others who are "outside of your team", stand up to them! Don't let anyone do that. If you think that existing human rights were forged only by people whose idiom was: stand up only for your own, you're sorely mistaken. Those rights were gotten by people of different identities and origins standing up for one another despite their differences. If you have to put a stipulation onto someone that if they stand up for you, that they must be you, then you're an obstacle to what is right. That simple.

So I've got to turn in some paperwork today or tomorrow in order to keep my housing subsidy (I receive a housing subsidy from Housing Connections, a charity in the Toronto area that ensures livable rent pricing for those who cannot afford market price rent). That's the only way that I can afford to live in an apartment in downtown Toronto (just south of Dundas Street on the west side of Sherbourne Street at 200 in apartment 701). I love working but when you're stalked and abused it is impossible to work a normal gig, let alone work any other kind of work. That's because your stalkers will literally abuse you around the clock, whether you're out and about or at home. Believe me, I'm not a lazy person at all. My stalkers are though. Most of them.

So I'll have to worry that when I take in my paperwork to the TCHC (my low income landlord) that my identity isn't swapped with someone else's based upon what I've written here. Yes, there are people who see the good deeds and efforts of others as a form of currency that they'll readily steal from other people to inflate the reputation of other people on their team. As I've said, Toronto is rampant with that sort of thing.

I'm also trying to get a door code buzzer installed (I've actually been trying for about 7 years with little luck). The closest I've gotten to it so far is that they nearly got my name right: BRIAN JOHN though it might be listed as JOHN BRIAN. They seem to really want to keep my name as being John rather than Johns. I'm guessing that someone with whom they're swapping my identity is named John?

So the new and most recent Superintendent seems to be pretty cool, though I suspect that some of the others just ran into the same kind of hurdles that I've been running into in terms of claiming my own identity. So with my name being close, the punchline is that the code 1216 isn't right. In other words, when you buzz my code, I have no idea where the hell it rings. It could be anywhere. Maybe in the apartment of someone with the name John?

I figure that with having my name and the correct door code on the directory, I have a higher chance of old friends who personally know me dropping by and for all I know, I could have had many such visitors prior.

I think that this cult is trying to steal my identity and that it involves organized crime to such an extent that this effort might be going a little further than it would for most people. After all, I did work for Ferretina. They seem to be focused on keeping my identity falsely as a Jehovah's Witness which I am not. As I've said, I'm not a member of any form of Christianity at all. Not a Mormon either. No disrespect meant but that's the truth. Not a Hell's Angel or a member of Bloods or whatever other gangs there might be in the hood of Regent Park. They don't scare me either by the way but don't get the impression for a second that I'm some kind of tough guy, cause I'm not. I have a bit of Martial Arts training from many years ago (TaeKwonDo/Goju Ryu/Goju Jujitsu Ryu/Aikido) but I'm not a martial arts master or expert for certain in terms of physicality though I am fit for my age of 51.

Also, stay away from cults that steal your identity if you reveal information about yourself while wearing the shade black as that seems to be quite a problem too. I think that their idea is that if they can keep your secrets better than you can, that your secrets belong to them. In other words, you are whose secrets you keep. I don't believe in any such nonsense like that as well.

I think if you protest abuse this cult will try to label you as someone they call "complain". I get the impression that's actually referring to a friend of mine named John Paul Young who was also homeless around the same time as I, who is or was a victim of similar stalking and abuse and whom often like myself would become manic upon experiencing repeated abuse and stalking by the members this cult. That doesn't mean that him or myself are the same person. I hope that John Paul Young is alright.

I'd better get going before this cult thinks I'm possessed by Henry Hill though I'm not Irish or a bank robber, nor have I ever had Robert De Niro play me in a movie. Henry Hill was one of the gangsters involved in the Lufthansa Heist, allegedly from which $250K was invested in the Ferretina project that I'd worked on between 2001 and 2004, before becoming homeless for 8 years between 2004 and 2012. Coincidence? I think not. Was organized crime involved in throwing me into that loop for years? Either them or law enforcement despite the fact that I'm not a bank robber nor do I have criminal record. Is it right for any such group, organized crime or law enforcement to ruin you in such a way? I'm grateful that I've got my health at least. I don't believe in god or the devil at all though. I'm a Buddhist and a Taoist quite honestly and yes, my love interest is Mandarin Chinese but its unlikely that I'll ever be with her again thanks to this racist cult. So I guess the best that I can do is reveal their methods so that others can avoid the same fate.

You are yourself as I am myself.

Brian Joseph Johns

200 Sherbourne Street #701
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5A 3Z5



Wednesday, December 12, 2018

I am Brian Joseph Johns...

by Brian Joseph Johns
200 Sherbourne Street Apt 701
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5A 3Z5
No disrespect but my love interest is not a Filipino or Thai transgender person with all due respect. My love interest is really Mandarin Chinese and she's a lady with whom I've been in a relationship prior (during 2005-2006).

That's a wonderful first statement in a post. Certainly makes me sound a homophobic or even intolerant neither of which I am. I completely support the LGBTQ community, marriage rights and even the right to have and raise children.

I don't agree with a cult though who are so focused upon protecting blood that they'd prevent someone from being in a relationship with someone of a different culture. For this reason I'm not a member of any form of Christianity or Scientology for that matter. I mean its alright to believe that for yourself, but to go out of your way to enforce it for other people? So this cult are against my being/having been in a relationship with someone Mandarin Chinese because I'm Caucasian, and this cult believes that it is wrong to mix blood. Failing blood, they attempt to utilize love/hate ideology of which I am not a part despite my belief in Taoism.

There's a lot of that in Toronto by the way and likely in other places in Canada that needs to be exposed to the light of day and the press. As a matter of fact, I'm Buddhist and Taoist and that's the truth though I am not a pure devout in either case. I'm not a Gnostic at all and never will be.

When you wake up and go outside only to be harassed and stalked by a cult in Toronto, Ontario, Canada who believe that they mind control or even possess other people with what they call the holy spirit, you have to make statements like that to clarify your identity.

Unfortunately this cult believes that if you're wearing the shade black and you give away secrets related to your life, you lose those secrets to someone else who keeps them secret better than you did.

So identity theft nowadays is a social cult who use colours to symbolize the fact that they'll work against you to steal what you don't keep secret. That sounds like a cult to me.

So my name is Brian Joseph Johns. I don't work for the city (Toronto). I don't work for the country (Canada). Instead I am abused in what appears to be a social cult operating in Canada with a lot of presence in Toronto.

Their main weapon? Stealing and swapping people's identities. That means the reputation that you build yourself that they obtain by spying on you illegally. So this is a cult that has been for years stealing from me (,,,

As a result of this cult's stalking, I no longer have trust for anyone in Canada or Toronto because most people seem to be a part of this cult and few are courageous enough to stand against it (I'm the only person of which I'm aware that actually does stand against it).

What this cult does is that it swaps identities between people who live in the same vicinity/building or residence. If you're single, they force you to carry the baggage of one of your neighbours while giving your baggage to one of your neighbours.

I'm not American by the way. I'm Canadian. I'm not the rapper Snow by the way (Darren O'Brien, a guy whom I went to school with that was friends with pretty much all of my childhood bullies like Bryant Thompson and Kevin Gross). This cult often try to swap my identity with his identity as well, despite my never having been a rapper and the fact that I'm not a Hell's Angel nor do I have a brother that is a Hell's Angel that shot up a bar at Finch and Leslie with a shotgun. I also didn't grow up in Allenbury Gardens though I did have friends from there. As a matter of fact, I'd love to sit down with the RCMP some time and play connect the dots, perhaps helping them to piece together the interconnectedness of things. Might help them alot, though I'm fairly certain that this cult will have discredited me enough by that point that I might be regarded as being mentally ill or mentally unstable.

I tend to deal with and side with the RCMP too much to get involved in Hell's Angel's type things. Maybe its the Hell's Angel's or Bloods or another gang involved in this activity? Ironically the Police ignore it and even take part in this identity swapping nonsense. Perhaps they're following the plot of the movie A Scanner Darkly as I pointed out in a prior post? I'm not schizophrenic by the way with all due respect to people who suffer from that illness.

The problem is with this social gang is that they use other people as their substitutes/garbage bags. For instance, in my area this cult/criminal gang on a regular basis steals anything good that I produce and gives it to the credit of their membership. Meanwhile they make it a game of trying to pile their shit onto me. So they steal a person's good while dumping their bad onto their theft victim. They do this under the guise of swapping identities. That is for the day they'll treat you as if you were someone else, usually based upon how you respond to abuse from them. So if you respond in a bad way, they'll assume you to be possessed by someone else other than yourself. They'll try to figure out who that person most likely is and give you their garbage.

This cult steal the things you accomplish as you create/achieve them. Its very difficult to explain how they do this, yet suffice it to say that they do.

Likewise, I am not a member of the Salvation Army nor associated with it in ANY way other than having stayed there years ago during a homeless period that stretched 8 years. Also, I don't and have never really been a guitar player. I'm a keyboard and piano player. The cult keep on swapping my identity with that of other people who play guitar. Maybe because they want other people to believe that I play guitar or they want to give me the identity of a specific guitar player, like Eugene Francois or something of that nature who I'm not.

This isn't whining by the way. Its truth. I don't believe in god or the devil or jesus christ for that matter. I don't believe in allah or mohammed either with all due respect.

I am not a jehovah's witness and never will be. Nor am I a mormon nor will I ever be. Likewise scientology or gnosticism. Likewise any other ideology operating in Canada that steals the output of its citizens and erases them from existence.

Oh, and I'm not a robot either.

I guess the members of this cult hear me treating my Cat so good that they want others to believe that I'm a complainer or something of that nature, so they stalk me and abuse me knowing that eventually I'll have had enough of it and start complaining, which is really just myself protesting their abuse.

Anyway, no more creative stuff. I don't want anyone to steal it so I'll just keep it to myself.

Despite the fact that gnosticism is actually quite old, in this day and age it is nothing more than the rebranding of Nazism. Nazism actually arose from gnosticism.

So the way this cult works is that when you're a creative person like say a writer, or content creator of some form, this cult try to steal from you the impression of whatever you're creating as being a part of their life (the cult members). So when I write, they try to take it from me as I write it to fuel their lives. Then later they attempt to accuse me of taking it from them because it was a part of their life.

Even your spare time activities such as watching movies or playing video games, this cult will try to take them, meaning the plot and all to fuel their life as crazy as it sounds. That means that whatever comes from a person, by way of their own creation or what they watch or experience is stolen by this cult and used to fuel the lives of their members.

Then their members try to dump their garbage and social burden onto the person they used as a fuel source for their life. The more they do this and get away with it the more they know they'll aggravate their victim which might cause them to protest it which this cult calls "complaining". Often how they refer to Jewish people as well because this cult used this exact method to stigmatize members of the Jewish community in the same way. So they're basically a hate group. Not a love group. A hate group.

Regardless of this, thank you to the food bank at 275 Bleecker Street that I managed to get to and back. I don't think that makes me Doctor Strange though...

I mean, just because I'm the Chinese sign of the Goat, doesn't mean that I'm Baphomet (a figure deified by the Knight's Templar and central to Hermeticism). I think that this cult tries to elevate someone to that position as a sort of symbolic stand-in or figurehead. Much the same way they try to elevate someone as the figurehead for a bunch of people who worship King Tut in the west end of the city. Believe as you choose, but don't make others choose your belief. After all, we're all free.

Apparently this cult has been swapping my identity with that of Darren O'Brien (aka the rapper Snow) for years. I mean decades. Both people in Toronto amongst whom I'd number my friends though not any more. I don't trust anyone in Toronto or Canada for that matter and I'd recommend the same of others elsewhere. Toronto is no longer run by the rule of law but by the rule of colours. That is, a cult is running the show and everything about them is symbolized through colours, much like any criminal gang. So there really is no more law in Toronto insofar as I've seen. Its just a bunch of gang bullies running the city according to the symbolism of colours. Through this gang they've been swapping people's identities and stealing the identities of other people to fuel their lives.

By fueling a person's life, I mean that any creative endeavor undertaken by a victim of this cult is stolen from them and applied to the life of someone else. Even the movies you watch or if you play video games. The narrative, plot and characters from those mediums is taken from you and given to the members of this cult as if those fictional occurrences happened to them.

When it comes to people like myself, this cult steals the actual substance of my life and gives it to the credit of other people's lives while attempting to rewrite my history with a fictional version that has me as a guitar player, pimp, probably involved in crack cocaine or something of that nature despite the fact that I don't use cocaine, crack cocaine or any narcotics whatsoever.

As I've stated before, I do buy cannabis legally occasionally though I've never really been a frequent user of it historically. So cannabis is not my problem. Its stalkers that are my problem and likely have been from even before having worked on Ferretina. No, I'm not Italian, Sicilian or Irish and no, I'm not trying to capitalize on the press generated by Dominick Cicale's book or the fact that the production I worked on was linked to the Lufthansa Heist of 1976. After all, I'm not a bank robber, much less one who got shot during a robbery.

From what I've seen, this cult buries its victims, ie erases them from existence and from the way its set up, I'd bet that this cult has been in operation in Toronto for some time. I wonder how many people before myself this cult has done away with? I do hope that the RCMP are keeping an eye on this situation because it is definitely connected to some form of organized crime or a religious cult of some form who violate people's rights on a regular basis. They tend to sort people out according to love and hate or blood and fire. Hence they'll often pick one person they're going to abuse in order to make that person the "hate" side of the fence while they prop someone else to be the love side of the fence of force their victim onto the "Cane" side of the fence as in Cane and Abel, in which consequently I do not believe.

FYI, gangs like the Hell's Angels and Bloods consider Women members of the gang their property. That is they belong to the whole gang (usually for sex) and generally don't have many rights. Just something to think about before you go idolizing a way of life that you barely understand. I've never been a member of anything of that nature myself but I've been involuntarily close to it at various times throughout my life.

I likely won't be going to see family during this holiday season. A lot of this cult's disconnection or shunning is geared towards breaking ties with my family and its a lot more than I can handle. As well, this cult has been giving the credit to Rob Tozer every time I go to write something for one of my books. So I cannot even drum up my own positive publicity. This cult already steals it before I get anywhere with it so what's the point?

Not to mention that after being abused and harassed for the whole trip up to the food bank, I was still polite as I always am. I won't ever mistreat people who don't abuse me and even then, I'll never start conflict. So in being polite, I discovered that this cult who believe actually bet on whether I'm going to be polite or mean after the abusive walk to the food bank. As I've said, I'm not possessed or being controlled by anyone. I think that anyone after being stalked and abused for more than 25 years would likely respond in much the same way.

In addition, this blood centric cult believe that some people are emotional and energy vampires. That is this cult believe that I get my ability to write, from them and their members by absorbing their energy and abilities. They actually test for vampires of this kind by abusing them and they assume that you're a vampire of this kind if you become negative after their abuse. They actually believe that they've imbued you with some of themselves just through talking or verbal abuse. So this is actually a way they measure for vampires of that kind. So they believe that I can't write and that I have to absorb the ability to write from someone else. In fact they believe this of every person that is their enemy pretty much. So they won't let me have the credit for my own books: The Butterfly Dragon I: Heroes Of Our Own and A Lady's Prerogative I and II at So I've decided that I'm probably not going to put much more energy into writing any more. I guess I'll do what most of these cult members are doing. Collect social assistance and just ride out the rest of my life. I'm 51 now so I don't have too much time left fortunately. If I had known what I know now say thirty years ago, I'd have moved to Europe, Israel, China, Korea, Thailand or Japan. I feel really betrayed by my own country for what they did and I have no room in my heart for forgiveness. I did try to commit suicide twice as a result of this cult's actions. Once in 2000/2001 and once in 2002, both times unsuccessfully. Of course I wouldn't try that again but that lets you know how far this cult pushed me years ago. I'm Brian Joseph Johns and this is

Its like this cult believes that I'm a radio receiver for other people's thoughts and feelings and abilities, which is not the case at all.

They seem to be thinking that someone from Finch Avenue is mind controlling me. As I said, this cult are complete scumbags and goofs every single last one of them.

I suspect that I won't be doing much for

I'm not a freemason or a rosicrucian or a gnostic or a scientologist and I'd never pretend to be any of those things.

Brian Joseph Johns

200 Sherbourne Street #701
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5A 3Z5



Friday, December 7, 2018

One More Thing About This Cult's Illegal Eavesdropping

I'm not on the blue team by the way. I say what I mean and mean what I say. I am Brian Joseph Johns and this is I strongly support the work and effort of the Federal Police.

A variety of groups and gangs are responsible for illegal eavesdropping on networks. That is, they're the ones who facilitate and setup the equipment used in illegal eavesdropping networks that operate throughout Canada (and likely the United States). They also work with other gangs and sometimes community groups in order to do so. They also work with religious groups in setting up a system of hidden local theocratic rule, that is rule by a local religion within a community that operates outside of and independent of official Government. The efforts of this group might also involve the Salvation Army, Scientology, Jehovah's Witnesses, Prince Hall, Mormons and the Hell's Angels. Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints have ties to the Hell's Angels and may have operated at one time secretly in Regent Park and other low income housing projects throughout the city of Toronto. That does not mean that every member of these groups is bad and in on such a thing, but many are likely take part in its implementation.

One of the ways they make non-members a party to their efforts is by revealing a secret to them of illegal activity. If that person does nothing about that secret then they're a party to it. Cults and gangs actually regard this as a form of ownership, ie owning someone.

Their allies, or similar groups, some affiliated with radical religious organizations do illegal url monitoring through your Internet Service Provider. That is, an admin or other computer operator who may be a member of such a group or ideology will spy on your internet activities via the web URLs that you access from your browser and other net enabled apps. That person will then relay that information to others outside of the company who are also members of the same group. I am certainly not saying that I am unhappy with the service that I receive from my company, but that I suspect that there might be people inside the company whose interests are focused towards supporting activities that harm their clients and their reputation. Certainly not every employee. When it comes to public trust and working in a job where you are dealing directly with the public and their private lives or data, there is an issue of trust that is ever present. If someone violates that trust purposely to benefit an ideology of which they're a part, thats a clear violation of policy and certainly a violation of a bond. Especially in services where the client is supposed to be protected. Nonetheless I am grateful for the services that I receive in that regard, though I've experienced situations whereby my private life was very obviously violated by others who had access to such eavesdropping, an issue I'm certainly not going to let go until it is resolved legally. If someone is misusing their access to personal data while working for a company, I'd prefer to see to it that they're investigated and that should they be found guilty of such a data breach, that they never be bondable or have access to customer data ever again for the rest of the employment life. The same goes with anyone who violates the terms of their insurance bond. They should never be bondable again nor should they be allowed to work for a service that requires bonding or allows them access to sensitive customer data. I've worked in situations where I've been close to such situations and I've never once in my life violated someone's privacy in such a way either their data or their physical privacy. The RCMP investigated similar intrusions in 1985 and between the years of 1998 and 2005 during operation snow white. In 1985 they arrested 10 members of a well known ideology who were in fact using the data systems to further their own religion, to punish their enemies by utilizing the data to which they had access. The ideology was in fact trying to infiltrate the Ontario Government. During Snow White, the policing agencies of nearly twenty different countries conducted an investigation against the same ideology and found they'd been planning to overthrow a number of foreign Governments deemed to be their enemies. Amongst the paperwork found there were alleged plans to conduct this sort of activity against Canada in addition to Russia and several other countries. So data breaching is a very serious issue, not just on a personal level though such results can be devastating but on a national level. So I take these things very seriously.

A great example of how colour symbolism is used by this cult revolves around the colour of company logos and the colour of electoral party logos. For instance in the red versus blue situation this whole thing can be affected by which telephone service that you use. So I happen to use Bell Telephone which is symbolized by the colour blue for the most part. So it is assumed by this cult that whenever I use anything related to the services that I receive from Bell that I am once again forced onto the blue team which could mean Roman Catholicism, Jehovah's Witnesses, blue Salvation Army and a variety of other ideologies that use the colour blue for their symbolism despite the fact that I'm a Buddhist and a Taoist. It is interesting to note that the Salvation Army uses colour symbolism as I've described. Blue often means that hate means love and love means hate and many soldiers and adherents in the Salvation Army will try to force others onto the blue team if they disagree with what they're saying because they believe that if you're on the blue team, that they have the right to remember whatever you say in the opposite context from what was communicated. That's very helpful to them if they disagree with your opinions or view. Especially when you're standing up for the rights of others whom they don't believe have rights.

I deny my French heritage by the way though I have nothing against anyone French. I'm also not "blue" Ron by the way. The reason I have to clarify such things is because the cult are racists and they wouldn't let me be in a relationship with someone Chinese if I'm French or British for that matter. They'd consider me a part of blue bloods and therefore ineligible to be in a relationship with someone Chinese. So they're racists to put it mildly and after what I've been through, I don't trust them one bit. They'd sooner force me into a relationship with someone African or Jamaican because they believe those two cultures are of pure or true blood, despite the fact that my love interest is Mandarin Chinese. Maybe this cult had other plans that they'd been setting up since my time at Ferretina and having spoken with Magic Adriana and someone named didi on icq. As well this cult seems to want to force me to be with someone Italian for the same reason though my love interest is not Italian, African or Caribbean at all.

They've tried repeatedly to swap my identity with that of a few people in my place of residence as well. A short Irish guy named Clarence who apparently likes to trick young Women into giving him fellatio in exchange for cannabis or crack cocaine. Terence, a guy in here or close by who apparently had some involvement with a young Woman in the building possibly getting her pregnant. So this cult takes the entire mess and tries to apply his identity to mine so that it becomes my burden and problem and I get harassed for whatever he's responsible. That's literally how this cult operate. They create situations that they can dump onto other people. They believe that if you carry the weight of their burden, that you become more like them than yourself. If they carry the weight of your burden and take the credit for your efforts, they believe they become more like you and they use their cult to give other people that impression. Gnostic Catholic Hermetic Salvation Army soldiers maybe? There's probably allegiances between them but its hard to say exactly who or what as its likely a conglomeration of such groups who are for all intense purpose using the power of a collective to steal and silence the lives of their victims while the rest of the city and possibly the world watch as a form of entertainment. Like I said. They build up figureheads and then wind them up to fight like rock 'em sock 'em robots.

This same thing applies to electoral parties as well. The blue team versus the red team. This cult is turning colours themselves into a brand in attempt to control people's voting habits because most people are slowly being programmed to form loyalty on the basis of colours without even realizing it. Ironically that's a big violation of our Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and our Human Rights Act. In fact the United Nations also concurs with and further adds to their own Universal Declaration Of Human Rights. So if you become conditioned to bias on the basis of colour, you're already only a few steps away from having your vote determined for you because you'll most likely vote based upon your favourite colour brand rather than on your support for the party or their mandates and goals. So a perfect example of this cult trying to overtake our system by controlling us through the vote by conditioning us to bias on the basis of colour, essentially turning colour into a brand and enforcing and rewarding brand loyalty.

Right now as I type this I'm literally being spied upon in my living space in 200 Sherbourne Street in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in apartment 701. Ironically I just called Bell about having my buzzer code fixed, which they informed me was the responsibility of my landlord (who are Toronto Community Housing Corporation). During my conversation I was required to give the customer service representative my name and address. Now one thing about how this cult operates is that they believe that if you give away secrets about your life, you are no longer yourself. Even if you give out your name verbally during a conversation with a customer service representative. The cult will literally treat you as if you no longer are yourself but that you're someone else (whom they imply onto your identity). So those are a few ways that this cult operate that violate Canadian rights and Canadian law. So once you've verbalized your name and address as I did moments ago, someone literally knocked on my door. A guy that looks suspiciously like Mohammed Bashir (someone who tried to dump their garbage onto me years ago). The guy as it turns out was a Bell salesperson who jumped ship over to Rogers. Bell is blue and Rogers is red. Another example of colour branding in that regard. So ironically this person showed up to my door literally minutes after my hanging up the phone with a customer service rep with Bell. He was wearing black, which would symbolize that he's receiving (rather than broadcasting) whatever was on his palette. Not a mean person, just a little bit suspicious given the circumstances. Mohammed Bashir had claimed to be a Gnostic as well, connected with God Mercury which is the Roman version of the Greek God Hermes which is where the term Hermetic comes from and is likely the source for the legend of Hermes Trismegistus, a master oft mentioned in the Kybalion. Mohammed Bashir's brother in law is an administrator for Health Canada and when during 2007 I worked for him, he actually showed me that he could access my Health Canada records from his home. That means that he had access to a large portion of my life. Not only that, but being an administrator he could change them if he'd wanted to. Ironically my blood type changed from AB to A a few years later despite the fact that on outside tests that my blood type was still the same: AB. These are things that are of importance to this cult. Blood type and many other similar things that people aren't aware of that such ideologies can use to cause damage to your life. Changing a person's blood type would be a doorway to imparting upon them Fathering a child that they didn't because there are rules when it comes to what blood types statistically produce the blood type in different offspring. So if someone who'd fathered an illegitimate child wanted to pass the buck onto someone else, but their blood type prevented such a thing and they had access to the means to change their victim's blood type, they might do as such. There are ideologies out there that will go to great lengths to protect their members, even if it means destroying someone else's life ie the life of an innocent person.

So there are connections in that regard and I've hopefully explained them well. Colour symbolism is a big part of how this cult operates and most people aren't even aware of the profound impact that this cult is having upon their free will. I mean they're obviously attempt to train me or program me not to use my name. That's because when you do use your name verbally or in writing, you've removed the possibility of one of their cult members stealing whatever it is has your name bound to it. This cult likes to keep everything unclaimed in terms of credit. That way, anyone can claim the credit for it. So if I typed some amazing post here that revealed a lot of information that liberated people from this cult, that would be advantageous to be regarded as the person responsible for that. So this cult knows things like that and in order to protect themselves, they would steal it as if they'd come up with it themselves. They would then then try to put some damning words or actions to the credit of the person who exposed them in that regard. So they'd steal the good from their victim and then apply their bad. Turnabout. That's one of their most notorious weapons. This isn't necessarily about differences in belief insomuch as it is about protecting our system and human rights. What I'm doing must be important to some people because they're in the know nearly constantly and have something ready to counter nearly any move that I make to expose them.

So today's activity must have been a part of them trying to milk me like a cow using the symbolism of the colours red and blue once again. When they do that, they give opportunities to the people who take from me but never to me. In fact, the more harm this cult does to my life the more they're rewarded. That harm may be in taking aspects of my life from me while abusing me from the neighbouring apartments. It might be this cult stealing the credit for my accomplishments and applying them to someone else's life because they believe that someone else's blood made it so that I can do whatever it is that I do that is worth stealing from me. I really think that this cult is responsible for the violent attacks in recent years because doing something of that nature to someone would likely lead to that sort of response if law enforcement completely ignored your claims. So this seems to me a collusionary effort on the part of many people who use it to destroy the lives of certain people within society, often ganging up on them in hundreds to destroy their lives and then steal their lives and try to apply their crimes to that person's life. I don't believe in Jesus Christ by the way at all. Many of the people who do this claim to, perhaps a motivation for them doing it as they believe they'll be forgiven despite the crime of their efforts. Likewise I am not on the blue team and never will be. I don't go by colours. Great in art, but not when people try to use them to symbolize racism or protecting their blood lines or nonsense of that kind as most racist groups and criminal gangs do. What is very ironic is that the Police have a pretty good awareness of this situation but have yet to become involved. I don't know if that's because the Federal Police are already involved (possibly at the international level too) or if their hands are tied legally. Its like they take all of the kindness I've shown and credit it to other people, then have the neighbours mistreat me and abuse me nearly all of the time. So they're rewarding others for my good efforts while abusing me around the clock and the Police are aware of what's happening and yet doing nothing about it.

Their primary goal seems to be to force me to be with someone in their cult who is in a relationship with someone Jamaican. Actually they want people to believe that I'm being mind controlled by this Jamaican person despite the fact that this girl is not my love interest and never really has been. My love interest is Mandarin Chinese. She doesn't use narcotics at all and is not involved in that lifestyle one bit. She also knows everything about me, probably more than this cult ever will. She knows my deepest secrets and I have no qualms with her knowing anything about me in that regard. I'm not a member of their cult. I am not Muslim by the way though I mean no disrespect by saying so. It isn't hate speech to proclaim your non-membership to a religion or culture if it is true and I don't form my opinion of other people based upon their religion or culture. I form my opinion of others by how they treat myself, the people I care about and everyone else. I form a picture of them by objectivity rather than subjectivity. Not liking me isn't reason enough for me to have a bad opinion of someone. It takes much much more and I'd never let my personal opinion interfere with my better judgment.

A lot of these people seem to be forcing me to be a part of the Jehovah's Witnesses despite the fact that I'm not a part of them at all. Nor am I a Roman Catholic. Nor am I a Mormon or a member of the FLDS. I'm not Doug (someone the cult often tries to imprint upon me in terms of identity).

These groups' methods of spying are a few. They likely employ Van Eck devices (computer and receiver systems that intercept electromagnetic emissions from the target computer, keyboard and monitor for which there exist a number of open source solutions and this particularly organized one. It would involve them having a computer setup near the target's computer, in a neighbouring apartment or house. What that would allow them is to see what is on your screen at the time they are monitoring you.

My real concern has nothing to do with them catching me watching porn or something of that nature. I mean that might serve as blackmail or extortion material to some, but the bigger issue is the theft of identity and creative and intellectual property because that's exactly what the groups who do use this form of illegal eavesdropping use it for. To steal the creative efforts of their victims and in victimizing someone, in order to push them down so far that the victim becomes mean and miserable, hence discrediting them to the rest of the community. When they've achieved that purpose they will often attempt to use their victim as a garbage bag for their activities. The groups that do this sort of thing exist and they work with other extremist groups as well who literally destroy lives.

They operate on the idiom of love and hate and blood and fire, so that means that they try to sort people out between a love side and a hate side. Failing that effort, they revert to sorting people out by blood as in:

  • Cane blood and Abel blood.
  • Isaac or Ishmael - One of the biggest motivations for war in the Middle East, referring to the line of Abraham and the split of the semitic peoples between two lines whom are often thought of similarly to Cane and Abel, with one line being violent and inclined towards war and the other towards peace, freedom and justice. I myself am in no way against Israel or the Jewish people in general and this is not something of their doing. This is how the cult interprets and attempts to dismantle their religion, by creating conflict. Many of the members of this cult are anti-Jewish.
  • Family
  • Cultural or ethnic group

Love/hate is a dualistic form of abuse that involves sorting people out between the two extremes of emotion, love and hate rather than allowing people to live as they feel, where most people aren't forced to the extremes of either emotion by an outside group. In doing so this cult hopes to radicalize their victims and this isn't limited to extremist religions. They want to radicalize anyone that they can though this will likely change as they're revealed because the bad publicity will ruin them once enough people understand what they're up to.

By constantly abusing other people whom are supposed to be peaceful, they're hoping that those people become mean and distraught so that their revelations about this cult appear to be motivated on the basis of personal opinion rather than objective data.

The cult also want their victim to discredit themselves and the cult will then come along, loving and kind which will in the eyes of the public go a great lengths to repairing their damaged reputation. They'll deny and sweep under the carpet their involvement in any such activity, leaving their victims to seek justice in that regard whom will mostly have been ruined by that point.

This cult also want other people to believe that the goodness in them can be taken from them and replaced. That is they try to convince others that they can take your persona or essence and transfer it to someone else's body, while putting a mean and antagonistic persona into the person from whom they've taken the good persona. So really all it takes is for people to believe that nonsense in order for it to continue to happen though there is no truth to it. The truth is that it is a social phenomenon rather than a spiritual phenomenon. The damage isn't that someone steals a piece of your soul or spirit, because something of that nature doesn't happen at all. The damage to the victims comes from the constant social abuse they experience from just about everyone. That tends to make a person mean and miserable and might actually lead to mental illnesses such as Tourettes Syndrome or other similar illnesses of brain functioning, which might be the goal of such groups.

Also, large scale social abuse is their attempt to murder someone by social ostraciziation. When a person is placed under constant stress and duress it has been shown to affect the production of carcinogens in the body while depleting existing anti-carcinogens. The body also produces excessive stomach acid (which causes ulcers) and a variety of other symptoms that can lead to anxiety, depression and sometimes even death. So it is an organized form of destroying a person's life.

For some cult's that operate under the guise of this religion/cult their belief is that if you possess free will, you'll overcome the effects of abuse. If you don't have free will, you'll become miserable and reactive. This is actually a common Gnostic belief unfortunately. Keep in mind that Adolf Hitler was a black lodge Gnostic.

The groups that coordinate their stalking activities actually use the Dark Web in order to do so. That's where they share any information related to blackmail or extortion, such as revenge porn and other materials that such gangs use to discredit individuals in society. That is not to say that the Dark Web is all about crime or such criminal activity. Some activists use it in order to protect their anonymity while others associated with criminal gangs use it for as I said, sharing revenge porn or other materials which will help to ruin their victim's life. I should know, I've been a victim of such efforts for a long time though I don't plan on letting them win though this isn't about winning or losing. Its about what's right.

So this is a cult who've divided society up into a side where we have the rule of law and due process, and the other side, the underground which is ruled by might makes right. That is, the most powerful group within sets the rules and other groups may agree or disagree. The group with the most power in any given area set the tone for the area and everyone in on the underground in that respect. Some religions are a part of that as well. Consider it an implementation of the metaphor of heaven and hell. Naturally this cult wants people on either side so they often provoke people to extremes. Many people are victims of it as well. The need to watch a person is in order to determine which side of the fence they're on according to their activities and keeping them in sync with the cult's definitions for colours which is a violation of the Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and the Human Rights Act of Canada as well. So don't get involved in that nonsense if you want to benefit from the rule of law.

Another motive for the constant abuse is because when you are under constant duress from an outside source, you tend to become selfish and your needs move up to the forefront over those of others you care about. The cult is constantly trying to make their victims appear self interested and self serving as it results in their despondency and a general disregard and ignoring of such victims. In this way its an effort again to discredit them to the public and to encourage the public to ignore them and what their protest is about.

Because the cult often have access to the victims 24/7, they are seldom left alone by the abusive cult members which leads to further negative attitude. For some members of this cult its a test. If you can be positive even in those circumstances then you have free will. If you can't, then you don't have free will. The truth is actually quite the opposite. If you fall for and believe this test to be accurate, you don't realize it but you're already being controlled. They're forcing you between two choices that they define, rather than your reality of nearly infinite choice. So protesting being abused by people isn't indicative that you've lost your free will. Its indicative that you'd fight for your rights by protest or speaking about how you're being violated. Society used to encourage Women to keep quiet about rape (and probably still does). Does that mean that their protests to such treatment are just complaining and selfish self interest?

Some of the cult members believe they are imbuing their victims with the "holy spirit", meaning they believe that their collective can imbue other people with bits and pieces of their group spirit. The means by which they achieve this is by abusing their victims. To them they actually believe this to be a form of mind control, or possession. That is they believe that they can inhabit the bodies of their victims as a group and control that person like they're driving a car.

In order to do this sort of thing to their victim, they get control of the victim's housing situation. That is, where they're housed. Once they've reduced their victim's income to nothing and dropped them into homelessness there is an infrastructure that has allies within (like infiltrators) who support this cult and eventually ensure that the victim ends up in housing that will put them in the midst of their cult members. That is the victim will be immediately in the midst of all cult members who do this sort of abuse all day and night quite literally. That isn't to say that everyone who works in the homeless shelter system is bad or a part of this thing. It is to say that there are many people, both clients and shelter workers who are. Working together they'll even do things such as swap identities with their victims. So the world that you thought you had when you were raised is just a lie. You've been lied to for your whole life because there is no real order but what people fight for. The system we have is the result of people who fought for those rights. Those rights very quickly disappear when there's nobody being mindful of whether these rights are being adhered to and people from this cult in situations where they have power over the future of others definitely abuse that power to cause harm to their victims or even steal bits and pieces of their lives. They abuse their victims because they know that nobody wants to be around someone who is miserable and negative all of the time. Also to them the colour blue means a flipping of the polarity of words. That is being negative is being positive. Being hateful is being loving. Being loving is being hateful. So they do everything to the opposite in order to get away with abusing their victims. Also if their victims react with hostility towards them, they're actually sharing their palette with the cult members.

If the cult members abusing you are members of Prince Hall, they regard love and hate as being the same thing. So you only have to respond to them in any extreme to share your palette with them. Love or hate. In fact for them its a game of milking people by bouncing them around between two extremes, often love and hate in order to draw reactions from their victim that garner an extreme response from their victims either way, in which case the victim is sharing their palette with the cult member who abuses them. That's akin to rewarding someone for their abuse of you.

Also if you are a compassionate person it does this cult no good. They'd rather have people hate them. It makes you look unselfish too and they want you to appear selfish so that others ignore you while your having your life dismantled by this cult. They'd rather you become insensitive to poverty and outcasts so that one of their members can come along at a later date and appear like a savior, so that power is in their hands. They don't want someone else outside of their cult to be the person that helps others. They spend too much time oppressing others for someone else to come along and to try and fix things, when the reason they're oppressing and abusing others is so they can make someone else who looks great in the public eye that is a member of their cult who will fix all of the problems this cult made in the first place. Its an investment into a future figurehead who will come along and look like the bees knees to everyone. So if you happen to be compassionate yourself and they don't want you to have a good reputation, they'll begin abusing you until you take on a negative view point even if that takes years.

I'm fighting for the freedom to feel how you want to feel, rather than someone trying to force a particular mood upon you to suit their goals. I love life and appreciate everything. I just wont put up with abuse.

I'm not Italian nor am I Irish by the way with all due respect. I'm certainly not a member of Prince Hall, so I'm not Prince Machiavelli. I'm revealing truth not to cause in fighting but to enlighten. The cult causes infighting by pitting people against one another. I'm also not a Hell's Angel and never have been. I'm a Buddhist and Taoist. My identity or religion doesn't change every time I get new mail, or every time I change my clothes. In fact, they never change unless I choose and I've only made that choice once in my life to change religions but never to change identities. I promise that no matter what, I won't join the blue team, especially if this is how it treats its members. Fuck 'em. I am also not a member of any blood centric ideology that forces the concept of proper cultural mixing upon their victim. I'm Caucasian and my love interest and past lover is Mandarin Chinese. That's not going to change for anyone. I'm not a Police Officer by the way. I'd never impersonate an Officer of the law. I do provide intel to the Federal Police about this issue and others. In fact, I have nothing to do with the Police really and the only thing that I have to do with Heyworth House is that I am a former resident. I left Heyworth House in 2012 after being homeless for almost 8 years (just two months short of 8 years). Heyworth House is practically the capital and proving grounds of this cult.

This cult builds figureheads to lead them and they don't believe in freedom whatsoever. They practically trap and enslave their victims, so they're not good people at all. The figureheads they build are people, whom they wind up to fight each other like rock 'em sock 'em robots. Each of these figureheads represents their eidos or way of doing things and people wind them up to see them fight one another. The people who are co-opted into this spectacle aren't free quite often, though many of them might believe themselves to be. They're just being used as puppets by this cult who tried to do the same thing to myself as well until I started revealing the secrets to how they operate. I guess you can't have such great control over a person who reveals your secrets.

So this is a competition of people who try to build other people into skyscrapers as they sometimes refer to them. It is like a competition of these cults who believe themselves to be masonic builders or alchemists of people. They're trying to construct a person to stand above everyone else and the way that they do this is by stealing the best parts of other people's lives and applying them to the person they're trying to build so that it makes them appear bigger than life, when in fact they are people just like everyone else. This cult believes that their victims have no abilities or talents except for what their cult transfer to them by spirit or soul or blood (recall the section above on holy spirit). That is they believe that their victim's life begins when they get their hands on their victim. They're kind of like Doctor Frankenstein in a sense. Trying to make a whole person from bits and pieces of other people. At some point in history these same people might have referred to themselves as alchemists because the secret was that they were really trying to turn people into gold, not metal.

Gold is a metaphor referring to a person who is not corrupted and very malleable (like gold). So alchemists weren't trying to work on making gold from lead (there probably were a great many who were doing just that) but were in fact trying to transform people in terms of their spirit/psyche. Colours of course played a big part in this as well as they symbolize different aspects of this process and the ingredients used in the process of alchemy. That's a Gnostic secret by the way that they've indicated can result in decapitation if you reveal that. Its like one of their prize secrets, so much so that they would kill people in order to keep it and Gnostics chose decapitation and the prize form of punishment because they believe that it killed the soul. So that such a person could not reveal their secrets from beyond the grave and for the horror it brought about in the populace, who would then fall into line and not reveal anything about their arts. I should know, I researched this fifteen years ago through a variety of lectures from actual practitioners of Gnosticism (which were stolen from me when my laptop computer was stolen in 2007). Prior to that when I was 14 I read several Gnostic texts that I'd found through older periodicals at the Toronto Reference Library. So I've been looking into this for some time seeing as I'm 51 years old now and have been a victim of stalking and abuse of this nature for about 27 years. As I've said, I'm not a Gnostic. I'm not a member of any love/hate or blood/fire based religion or cult. I'll do whatever is legally necessary to bring this cult down but I suspect that revealing enough information will achieve those goals. Perhaps not in my lifetime but not long after my death. Once we're free of that tyranny Human kind will spread into the stars and likely very rapidly. The challenges that define our strengths as human beings will no longer be artificially and socially constructed by ideologies that use religion for control of others, but will result from the real life challenges that we face in colonizing other planets and star systems. Our beliefs will transform from being oppressive to being enlightening because any group that's had control over a religion on the face of the Earth has without a doubt used it for control and power rather than the enlightenment of the populace. Enlightened people are good consumers too. Business should be asking itself how to be successful in the age of global enlightenment, where people see through the veil and see reality for what it really is unless at that point we're in a complete social system of support, though I doubt it. I suspect that we'll have both and benefit from the best of both worlds.

I'm not a rose either and I certainly wouldn't want to dump anything garbage wise into someone else's lap. Revealing injustice or truth isn't dumping garbage. Its like protest. Its not meant to be the burden of others and to be weaponized. Its meant as a signpost in people's lives. If you ignore a signpost and later find yourself in the midst of turmoil that you could have averted had you paid attention to that signpost, chances are you'll pay better attention in the future.

People need to understand that in order for them to be happy, that doesn't mean that someone else has to be unhappy. In order to be right, someone else doesn't have to be wrong. In other words the prime motivation for being right shouldn't be in order to make someone else wrong. I mean Sir Isaac Newton who explained gravity in such a way that we could put it to work for ourselves in complex engineering didn't make everyone else wrong by his theory of gravity, unless of course you believed that things worked in the exact opposite way. So for one person to be happy does not mean that we need one person to be sad. Even Taoism doesn't work that way despite the impression that many people may have of it and other forms of dualism. I'm a Taoist and I'd say that most people don't understand the true nature of dualism and I'm not even going to try to explain because it isn't something that can be. It must be learned and experienced and I'm not saying that in order to have power over others by knowing something that I withhold from them.

I am Brian Joseph Johns and this is

Brian Joseph Johns

200 Sherbourne Street #701
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5A 3Z5



Thursday, December 6, 2018

More Abuse And Stalking But Always Grateful For The Food

Firstly, I am not a member of the "blue" team. I say exactly what I mean and mean exactly what I say. I'll never be on the "blue" team as forcing a person into taking such a constraint or filter on their communications is a violation of the Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and the Human Rights Act.

I went out to the food bank today. Saint Bartholomew's once again after a night of abuse and harassment from my neighbours. Keep in mind that I don't use crack cocaine or any illegal narcotics. I do on occasion use cannabis but do so infrequently and of course I buy it from the Ontario Cannabis Store. So my posts aren't related to anything even close to substance abuse or withdrawal there from.

These posts are responses and protest to harassment from a local group of abusive people who occupy Regent Park in Toronto, though I've experienced it in other parts of the city as well. I actually hadn't been harassed for some time at St. Bartholomew's so this was the first time in a while.

Not to mention, one of my neighbours actually showed up at the food bank and is likely a party to the harassment and the plan they'd setup. He's an older man about 55, with a mostly friendly demeanor though there is something about him that I don't trust. He's about 5'7" tall with a white beard and often wears a black jacket and toque during the winter. He drives a scooter. Him and I rarely have any problems and I don't see him all too often but he is connected to this in some way, along with others who are against my being with someone Mandarin Chinese. So they're mostly racists against mixing certain cultures in relationships with whom I want nothing to do.

This is the same cult that has been harassing me for years and it likely has gang connections to the Hell's Angels and Bloods as I only ran into them for the first time at Ferretina Film Productions Ltd (my employer had been an associate producer for the movie The Hell's Angels which was made in 1969). I'd worked there from March 2001 until March 2004 after which I became homeless despite numerous attempts to get on my feet, and with the assistance of a former Victim Liaison Officer of the OPP. You see, as chance would have it and unbeknownst to me, I'd been working for a company that had received investment to the tune of $250K that had allegedly come from the Lufthansa Heist of 1978.

Actually around that time I'd been communicating online with someone who referred to themselves as Magic Adriana ( who seemed to have knowledge of this situation though I was never quite sure if that was from the legal side of the fence or the criminal side of the fence. I'd been in contact with the RCMP around that time and shortly thereafter with the FBI (in 2003/2004) so I wasn't really worried though I suspect that Magic Adriana was likely more on the criminal side of things, though that person kept that aspect of themselves well hidden. They could have been keeping an eye on me for whatever criminal element was involved and close by of which I was unaware.

Magic Adriana did however send me a series of five photos of different Women, claiming to be each one. Many of the Women in those pictures I'd meet one at a time through my travels in the shelter system, so that aspect was likely setup in advance and coordinated with either clients or employees of the shelter system. Ironically one of the Women in the pictures was with me at one point during a meeting with the RCMP. She'd been brought by them, which had indicated that they were aware of my communications with Magic Adriana, which is good. So that Woman knew one of my RCMP contacts. I think that upon getting the Federal Police involved, that this cult took it personally because the years from 2001 until 2004 were pretty darn bad, but not so nearly as bad as the ones between 2004 and now.

From that point onward the harassment I'd experienced came mostly from Caucasian racists and African/Caribbean racists who'd make it a game of bouncing their victims around between their two extremist sides. I'm Caucasian and I get harassed by members from both sides of that fence on a regular basis. They are people who try to make others unhappy or miserable so the cult members themselves have the right to be happy and positive. They generally divide people up according to simple dualistic terms, often trying to pit them one against the other. They tend to do this to me as an attack on Yin Yang which is an important aspect of Taoism as I am a Buddhist and Taoist.

They're basically racists who'd force relationships according to the colour symbolism they apply to blood while preventing relationships that break their rules. For instance, you can't mix people who are red blooded and blue blooded according to this cult. So there's specific rules that this cult enforce when ensuring that people don't procreate with the wrong people in terms of culture. A sort of fear of having babies with five arms or three legs. This is a real ideology in Canada by the way of which I am not a member nor have I ever been. It is connected with criminal gangs as well who combine it with the symbolism of gang colours. Actually using this form of dualism and the symbol of colours is a means by which this cult milk people that they refer to as "cows".


A bovine cow has a hide of black and white.
Hence the term used by many cults that refer
to people as "cows". Its related to the colors of
clothing that they wear and represents one who
both gives and receives.
That's how criminal gangs milk people whom they refer to as "COWS" meaning people they milk on occasion to fuel their lives. The term COW actually means someone who wears black and white simultaneously, in reference to a bovine cow pictured right. Milking a person is difficult to explain but I'll give it my best attempt to explain what motivates this cult and how it operates.

First of all this cult believes that certain people don't have a real mind or persona. That they're like the chairs in a game of musical chairs. That is they can be occupied by any disembodied consciousness or spirit as they sometimes call it and that their abilities are determined by the abilities of that disembodied consciousness or spirit. In other words this cult believes that some people don't have a mind of their own. They believe that the mind of such persons comes from them, who of course have superior blood than every other culture in the world and make others pay for merely living in their presence.

From day to day this cult believes that some people (amongst whom I number) become possessed by a different spirit or combinations of different spirits every day. They believe that such people don't have their own consciousness or soul because they believe that they can steal people's soul simply by using the symbolism of colours and tricking a person into revealing their secrets. If you don't have any personal secrets from your own life, then this cult believe and will treat you as if you have no soul or consciousness of your own. You're just a dead husk walking around without consciousness or a soul as your driving force. Once you've been labeled that way by this cult you've pretty much been downgraded from being a citizen with rights to an "object" or "thing" without any rights whatsoever as observed by all in society who follow their ways. Right now as it stands that seems to be a lot of people and that's precisely how they treat you. Like you don't have a mind of your own and that anything you accomplish is the result of the spirits by which your body becomes possessed from day to day.

Your Palette

So during the course of every day you might produce good in the world, bad in the world or both in varying degrees by way of your words and actions. Now imagine that all of these efforts (good and bad) become a part of your being. They accumulate and paint a picture of you and your life and your attitude towards the world and others. Consider also that these efforts and events from your life are things that specifically happened to or were created by you. I often refer to them as being your palette. A collection of all of the good and bad things you've etched upon the world in one way or another. Either willingly or accidentally.

So if you have a lot of good in your palette, that has value in terms of how others view or perceive you akin to your reputation. If you have a lot of bad on your palette, that can prove a burden to you and affect you negatively because your reputation will likely be a bad one. So these are the things that over time have less and less effect upon your life, though they do present a picture of you to others. Obviously in achieving some form of good, your repute and how people perceive you is going to be much better than if you have a lot of bad on your palette.

This palette is something that this cult attempts to steal from its victims to apply to other people's lives. That means that this cult is literally trying to steal a person's life history to replace someone else's life history, usually that of someone in their cult whose choices weren't so good or who was a victim of circumstance. Regardless, this cult considers it open game on whomever they victimize by these means. So they'll steal your life's history if it is better than that of their own. They steal this from other people by a variety of different means.

Taking Your Palette 

Taking From You By The Symbolism Of Colours

The first and most simple means that this cult steal the histories of other people is by the symbolism of colours. Everything on your palette can be associated with one or more colours while shades like white or black symbolize whether you're receiving and keeping secret (black) or exposing, sharing and otherwise revealing (white). How that manifests itself is that the cult members upon seeing you wearing those colours or shades regard you as either leaking your palette (if you happen to be wearing white) or are receiving from other people (if you happen to be wearing black. If you happen to be wearing red with white for instance, it might mean that you're losing everything associated with the colour red. For instance if you donated money or volunteered for the United Way, the cult might consider that you've lost all of that effort and that it is being caught by someone else wearing red and black. Regardless, to this cult you've somehow lost having done that while someone else has received it and is being treated by other cult members as if they'd donated to the charity themselves. That's just one example.

On the other hand, they could have committed a crime that has fallen off of them and is now part of the palette and reputation of someone else unlucky enough to have been wearing black at that time. The cult members will then stalk and harass the person who "caught" the criminal activity just by wearing the shade black as if they'd done those things themselves. All of that works by the symbolism of colours. It only becomes a burden if their cult members choose to stalk and harass a person based upon what they've inherited through colour symbolism from the palettes of other people. So essentially they're setting the weight of any burden and they don't do it according to a greater moral compass. In fact, there's a chance that you could be mistreated more for picking your nose or even masturbation than you might be mistreated for actual rape or murder. So this cult sets the weight of any burden by the fact that they're the ones who stalk and abuse others.

Taking From You By Abusing You About Your Own Burdens

The second means of milking their victims involves the concept that if you don't carry the weight for your own mistakes, then how can you take the credit for your own good? So in order to milk someone and steal their good efforts, one only needs to make their corresponding mistakes, sins or other weight very burdensome. In fact, more burdensome than the victim is willing to carry in which case they'll lose the good thing associated with the bad thing to other people who can keep the bad thing a secret better than the victim. Generally the cult keep the secret very well because they don't abuse each other. They only abuse the people that they want to milk. That is they only abuse the people from whom they want to take something.

Taking From You By Swapping Your Identity With Someone Else's

This third method involves the cult members swapping your identity with that of someone from your own past or history. That is they find a point in your life where you were close to someone, perhaps friend or acquaintance. Usually the person that they pick to receive this swapping from your life is someone who is a member of their cult or an ally of it. The cult remember a completely reversed version of reality whereby you are the other person and the other person is you. So everyone regards you as being that other person with whom you've become swapped at that point in time. You essentially inherit their history from that point. If the cult members are particularly nasty, they'll keep track of you and give everything else from your life beyond that point to the person with whom your history has become swapped.

So using these three methods the cult can use your life to power someone else's while leaving you with their garbage most often.

What you often find is that this cult will abuse you the most just after you've accomplished something good because they're literally trying to steal that accomplishment from you to apply to someone else's life. Meanwhile the cult will often try to apply someone else's life to the victim from whom they stole. So they're literally taking the best of a person and replacing it with the worst of someone from their cult. So the victim is often stalked and mistreated as if they were responsible for whatever the cult members have done.

Even when I reveal the methods of this cult, they will try to hide what I'm typing by giving it to the credit of one of their cult members. Usually that's someone from within the shelter system because that's quite often the farm team for this cult. They run things according to the rules of their cult and there is no oversight or Ombudsman. They essentially do what they want with whom they want, and will go to great lengths to discredit their victims when there's the risk of being exposed. Most often this involves the cult members trying to paint the victim as being mentally ill, or even attempting to abuse the victim so much that they actually exhibit symptoms of mental illness. That's basically the means by which they avert criminal investigation. Character assassination and identity theft basically.

Its more like being held hostage by a community in a city within your country. The rest of the country or world might be aware that something is going on, but they're kept in the dark from a distance. They're often given the impression that the victim is someone else completely different from who they physically are. The cult often give others the impression that their cult members are the victims, trying to turn the table on their real victims. Its like they keep a blackout of information leaving the area they do this sort of thing so that no information about it goes beyond a certain distance from the community or city. If anything ends up online, the cult then attempt to discredit the person's online account or they'll even steal the online identity of the victim, pretending to be the person who owns the victims social media and email accounts in order to keep the impression that the victim's are their cult members rather than the real physical victims. They might even attempt to paint the victim as being mentally ill or under the influence of crack cocaine, heroin or fentanyl despite the fact that most victims in my experience don't use narcotics. I occasionally use cannabis and sometimes drink, but infrequently.

The authorities so far as I've seen pretty much ignore what is going on in that regard unfortunately. I guess its very difficult to build a legal case against such a threat and this is likely going to continue to pose a threat into the future unfortunately until there is some intervention on the part of the law by way of a legal investigation.

While leaving the food bank today, someone behind me elicited a "slap", a loud slapping noise which they seem to have done a fair bit in recent times. It turns out to be two things. The first is this cult trying to swap my identity with that of someone who assaulted a friend of mine in 2004/2005. My friend John Paul Young (who ironically was a key member of the new wave band Cardboard Brains) was assaulted while we were both residents at Riverdale Salvation Army in August of 2004. His assailant whose name is Shane, slapped him across the face. The assault thankfully didn't go beyond that. The cult to which I've referred though attempted to swap my identity with that of the assailant despite the fact that John Paul Young was my friend. This is a perfect example of the cult's ideology in action. They believe that I exhibit more likeness with Shane than I do other people from that time in Riverdale and hence they attribute that identity to myself rather than my real identity.

The second reason for the "slap" might have been as a form of attack that is often used by members of Prince Hall. This is a form of harassment and attack that involves getting a victim riled up enough so that when they're suddenly frightened by someone making a loud slapping sound, that sets them over the top and brings about a sudden anxiety or even anger attack. This cult believes that to be a form of mind control by the way. So I handled it pretty good though it was quite obvious that this cult had set this situation up in advance.

The cult believe that if you're polite one day, and mean the next, that the polite person you were yesterday has left your body and gone to someone else's. So they treat you as if you've been mean your whole life rather than you just having a bad day. As a matter of fact, this cult often tries to abuse their victims into having a bad day so that they can steal the good or polite repute of the same victim a day or two later.

So this cult watch their victim for their good days, and attempt to steal their victim's identity at any point like that, and then try to put a different identity onto their victim. So that's why I'm quite often firm or sometimes even cynical. Its as a result of being treated this way for almost 25 years by a variety of different people who become less and less afraid of being caught as society seems to be accepting this cult's ideology more and more.

As it turns out, the slap was conducted by a resident of my own building and someone whom lives just down the hall from me on the (true) south end of the building on the 7th floor whereas I live on the (true) north end of the building. It was his first time at the food bank and he like anyone else of any religious denomination or those without a denomination have the right to use the food bank. So he obviously showed up in a coordinated manner as part of this cult's latest attack effort, as I said armed with a "slap".

I'd much rather spend my time doing things like writing and creating (and earning too) but when you're under attack by a cult of this nature, it is very difficult to do any of those things and most often members of society will treat you as if you don't have any rights whatsoever.

Consider this as the lengths by which this cult will go to make someone else look bad so that they can look good to everyone else. You'll only understand once you become a victim of them or in the rare circumstance that you recognize someone else's victimization in that regard.

This cult seems to believe that I'm being "mind controlled" by a Guyanese person named Bobby who was and possibly still is a resident of Heyworth House. They also believe that I am being mind controlled by his Transgender girlfriend whom is often referred to by them as "Gay Hate Son Of A Bitch" or "Gay Hate Marijuana". Those aren't names that I gave that person. They're hate names for someone who is considered a blue rose. That person considers hate to mean love and love to mean hate. That's how most of this cult operate. I completely support LGBTQ community, marriage and the right to have children as well so this isn't an issue related to prejudice or hate at all. This cult seem to idolize Bobby and this other person, even regarding Bobby as being King Tut. He's become elevated to be their figurehead and this cult believe that I'm being controlled by him or other members of their cult in which they are represented by the colour purple.

The colour purple to this cult is really defined as meaning: love and hate are the same thing, so love and hate mixed and that's because they regard red and blue to represent love and hate. They actually make it a competitive game each day to determine which one is love and which one is hate. if blue wins and you happen to be on the blue team, that means that if you're mean or hateful to someone you're essentially being loving to them and sharing things from your palette with them. If red wins, then you share your palette with those you treat lovingly and with affection. When red and blue are mixed and considered to be the same thing, then whether you treat someone with love or with hate, you'll share your palette with them. That's how colours are used by that ideology.

So they're under the impression that I'm being mind controlled by this Bobby person which of course is nonsense as he doesn't play piano and compose, he can't design and code software, he's not a graphic artist, he's not a poet to my knowledge, he's not a writer of novels and he's never formally studied martial arts. So this cult essentially attempt to use me to fuel his life or the life of his transgender girlfriend. Once again, this is not an issue of culture or gender at all. Its purely about the fact that this cult basically denies me my own identity having stolen it from me years ago, Between then and now they've allotted me a variety of different identities though I've always ultimately kept my own. Also with Bobby being regarded as King Tut, this cult implies that I'm a slave seeing as I support Israel and the Jewish people as I've personally seen them victimized by this cult as well, with the Jewish people being regarded as fake and that the real Jewish people are the so called "Black Zionists". They essentially believe that everyone living in Israel and the various Jewish people of the world are fakes and that the real Jewish people are African/Jamaican and that it about blood rather than religion.

Regardless of the circumstances, I am always grateful for the food and the food bank itself. These are tough times for a great many of us and the work of the food bank and those individuals and companies who donate their food will never go unappreciated.

Thank you

It is on the matters of this other issue a sad day in Canada. It really hurts me to see Canada slipping down this path.

Brian Joseph Johns

200 Sherbourne Street #701
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5A 3Z5