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Thank You...

I'd like to say a big thank you to the St. Bartholemew's Food Bank. Food banks were visited more than 1.1 million times in March 2018 by people from a variety of walks of life. Thanks for being there when I needed you.

Brian Joseph Johns

Thursday, April 11, 2019

The Control Game...

I'm Brian Joseph Johns.
I have no problems in accepting the 
responsibility for my own words and 
actions hence I present my real name and 
face with just about everything 
that I publish online.
Hi again. Back from my last gripe with much better spirits and so this time I'm going to try to explain how stalking groups operate in Regent Park, Toronto and other Provinces throughout Canada, or at least the ones that I encounter in my daily life.

First of all, there are likely different groups operating in this capacity throughout North America and not all of them are doing it for the same reasons.

For instance, some are related to cause stalking which might be related to personal secrets about their stalking victim, such as their online activities if those activities are deemed illegal or immoral by members of such stalking groups.

Those groups include those who keep an eye on suspected paedophiles or sexual predators, especially those who prey upon the very young.

Those groups are often acting at a protective capacity of the younger members of society and therefore most often don't target those who fall outside of their strict criteria. These groups often assist local authorities with complex online investigations involving online sexual predators or suspected paedophilia and even human and sexual trafficking. They generally do not become active against anyone unless they're tipped off about the activities of a person of interest. In most cases they'll make an educated evaluation of their suspect and act accordingly based upon evidence supporting any accusations made against such a suspect.

There are groups also such as PETA who will engage in campaigns against people who mistreat animals and formally investigate situations where the rights of animals are being violated. Again, they will not act against a solitary individual on the basis of a simple accusation without a formal investigation into the matter and they do have an extensive support network that assists them in such investigations.

There are groups who assist in investigations involving alimony and child support cases, especially those involving spousal or child abuse. These networks assist formal investigations and sometimes even supply legal firms with intelligence regarding the life and actions of a suspected "dead beat" or "abusive" parent or spouse. Once again, this group does not take action easily against anyone on the basis of an accusation and will only go into action after a formal investigation of their own.

There are groups also who are made up of the underground network, a collective of people often impoverished and many times with connections to narcotics and illegal trade (gray and black market) that work collectively to gain control of the communities in which they operate, competing against law enforcement and law abiding citizens, often using the symbolism of colours much like criminal gangs do in other parts and against the symbolism of colours utilized by civic society and the Government and infrastructure. These groups generally protect all illegal activity collectively that can happen in an area, including piracy, contraband tobacco and goods, narcotics distribution, prostitution, loan sharking and any other activities that operate beneath the table and are considered illegal or used for money laundering. These groups operate outside of the law but occasionally will assist one of the other aforementioned groups in their investigations, in uneasy and informal alliances.

There are groups much like this underground who are more likely a part of the bigger operators, who have money and have achieved a degree of success and independence in both criminal activity and legal enterprise who rely on the underground for the propagation of their illegal businesses. They often remain little known to the underground and most often operate through several layers of go betweens, who are very good at being discrete and who know the value of not drawing attention.

There are groups that are made up of the followers of a set of beliefs or religion(s) that all operate under the same or similar dogma, who work together to further their goals within any given community in which they operate. They too utilize a system of the symbolism of colours as well, and that is often how they coordinate without communication or preplanning. Some of these groups are against the rule of law and some support it. Some try to setup the ideal implementation of the rules of their religion in the communities where they operate, including polygamy and polyandry (implemented through prostitution) and in some rare cases, child marriage. This has been proven legally inside of Canada and the United States in the case of Warren Jeffs and the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints and has been speculated to have similar underground setups in highly populated urban centers throughout North America as well and by ideologies who sympathize with groups like the FLDS. Other examples would be groups who oppose the use of pharmaceuticals or the transfusion of blood, who try to force their beliefs onto other in the areas where they operate. Some of these people employ identity theft or identity swapping in order to get around the negative publicity their ideologies bring, especially if those ideologies avert paying taxes or taking part in the vote. In other words, the membership to these ideologies wants the benefit of their ideology without having to deal with the negative social repercussions. So instead, they apply their identity to other innocent people outside of their ideology or belief who often are mistreated by the public in their place. This is one example of what could be interpreted as group stalking but I'll talk more about that later.

Within these groups there are people who operate according to a symbolism of colours once again, who will actually use aspects of their collective beliefs and this colour and shade symbolism to literally erase people from existence. Some such people follow the template of mythological belief systems such as Egyptian mythology and the Egyptian Book Of The Dead to implement such systems in society beneath the civic rule of law as part of the underground groups described above. Some of these groups use colour symbolism to steal aspects of a person's history and transfer them to another person, even swapping the two people in such a case. Their belief is that if they treat the victims of such a swapping as if they are completely someone else, the rest of society will buy it that it has actually occurred. In doing so, they essentially utilize illusion more so than anything.

For instance, in some colour and shade symbolism, those who wear black believe that anything revealed by other people becomes their property as long as they keep it secret. If you reveal it, you lose it, even if it is a part of your being. This belief extends to a person's abilities and talents or aspects of their history both good and bad. If you speak it or write somewhere and someone else hears it or reads it, this cult believe that the person who wrote it or spoke it loses it, and that it becomes the property of everyone else who reads it or hears it and keeps it secret. So in essence using this belief, this ideology convinces others that they shouldn't share verbally or otherwise and that if you do, you can lose your identity and history as a result. All according to the symbolism of colours and this ideology's beliefs. The problem isn't so much that this actually does happen, because it doesn't. The problem is that if enough people believe it and act on it, you'll no longer be treated by many people as if you are yourself. In other words, socially, you'll be treated as if you are completely someone else different regardless of what it says on your identification. As a matter of fact, if you reveal your identitifcation to anyone, that person will become you according to this ideology's beliefs. Its irrelevant that this is certainly not the case and has no foundation in science or reality, but socially if enough people act upon this, then you'll be treated as if you are literally not yourself. If they believe that you are more someone else, then you'll be treated as if you're that person. In fact, this ideology makes it into a daily competitive game, whereby your body is like a chair in the game musical chairs that is being played by the members of this ideology.

The game is that they measure your response to situations and conversation in such a way to see if it favours you being someone else. So in order to make this illusion seem real, the members of this ideology only need to know the names of a few people from your life, a few situations that have happened in your life, and someone else who has similar events in their life so that when you're confronted about the situations from your life, it sounds to everyone else like you're reacting to the situations from the other person's life. So its an illusion that this ideology has built up into a competition to remove your social identity from you and give you someone else's. This is likely an aspect of what many people regard as group stalking because this involves many different similarities to what people describe about the activity. In fact, being a group stalking target might be the result of a person's identity having been swapped with that of someone else and therefore their being regarded as being responsible for the actions of that person, in their place. This is the sort of thing that I often run into when I step out into the community and I'm often treated as being someone else more so than myself. Also this might be an attack upon the religion of other people, especially religion that involves collective consciousness as a means to break it down competitively to further someone else's religion in a social competition. Though I am at least partly a Buddhist, I do not believe in collective consciousness at all. I believe in independent consciousness.

So just because I follow much of what the diamond sutra teaches, that does not mean that I am a believer in collective consciousness. I have good objective reasoning to back up my beliefs in this regard but still, I respect the fact that it is my belief and nobody else's unless they so choose to believe as such. The most simple objective evidence of this is the fact that if I were a part of a collective consciousness, then I'd claim not to be myself unless I was giving credit to people that inspired me at some point in time. If I was indeed someone else, then I would use their name rather than my own. If I was a collective of consciousness, then I'd likely use the term we rather than I, much like the Borg do in Star Trek. I would be incapable of anything that I can do and I likely have a much different set of habits too. I don't speak in opposites at all ie the colour blue doesn't mean a polarity reversal to me. I say what I mean and mean what I say. Sincerity before polarity, not to mention that I believe in gravity, the only force that isn't integrated into Quantum Physics. As I said, such ideologies often operate by defining a special symbolism to colours that represents changes to what a person says and does in terms of its intent. The colour blue to this ideology means exactly that. It means that love means hate and hate means love. Up means down and left means right. So I truly don't define the colour blue as meaning that or any other colour for that matter. In fact, I don't symbolize anything as defining that. I truly and simply say what I mean and mean what I say. I truly meant everything that I said today as well. So this ideology of the blue team operates that way. Again, I am not a member of any such team that operate that way. That's another method of their modus operandi that benefits them in harming their victims. If everything a person says means the opposite, and that person says they are not a member of such a religion or ideology, then as far as such an ideololgy is concerned they believe it to be meant as the opposite. Its a way of taking away someone's freedom of expression, by completely reversing it to its opposite.

In this way, such an ideology could completely ruin a person. For instance I often state that my love interest is Mandarin Chinese and that's the complete truth. Helen Yi Chen is the most incredible Woman I've ever known and been with in a relationship and that's high praise because I consider myself to have mostly been in relationships with great Women, though we were not always great together. So in stating such a thing, am I stating the opposite of what I mean? No. Have I suddenly lost my own history as a result? No. If you end up having to spend your life arguing and debating such a thing against people who'd deny you your own identity, then I suppose you have lost your identity in a sense and certainly your freedom.

Some people of this ilk even believe that they are controlling their victim, via possession or mind control. At night members of this ideology engage a large scale effort to transfer their essence to other people. This is when their game of musical chairs takes place. The following day is when they evaluate who ended up with what persona that they believe jumped from body to body. So based upon your behavior or responses to their stalking is how they regard which spirit or persona you ended up with. In fact, you might even end up with many of them. So much of their stalking is about finding these spirits or personas that have body jumped in their nightly game of musical chairs, that happens all over the world.

What's worse, is that if they believe that you've been swapped with someone who is targeted by one of the other groups I mentioned above, you could actually end up on the radar of those groups. So just by it being assumed that you have become occupied or possessed by a spirit or persona that is being hunted by the group that hunts sexual predators, you could end up on their radar as a result. Likewise if it is assumed you've become possessed by someone involved in prostitution, or in dealing narcotics. You suddenly become a target of the associated groups or are treated as if you are a part of that life.

This is most likely what most people regard as group stalking though there is a bit more to it than that. I'll talk about that some other time but for now I'd much rather get back to the things that I, Brian Joseph Johns love to do and that's write novels, write software, write music, create graphics, stretch and exercise at bit to keep my body at least a little bit fit, find a way to make this a self supporting means of existence and occasionally play video games or watch movies on the side.

Brian Joseph Johns

200 Sherbourne Street #701
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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About Me

Me at age 11 
care of childhood friend 
Robert Tozer
My name is Brian Joseph Johns. I was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Me at 50 years of age.
I am currently aged 51 and living in downtown Toronto at 200 Sherbourne Street in apartment 701 from where I currently work, vote and file taxes at my home office like every good citizen. I do also collect social benefits from time to time in order to survive and even use local foodbanks as well. I am very grateful for the social system as I am for the opportunity that capital entrepreneurship and employment through the workforce brings.

Wages should always reflect the rise of the cost of living because that's the money that eventually circulates through the economy by way of consumer spending.

I am the owner and creator of Shhhh! Digital Media at

I am the writer of the A Lady's Prerogative series of books, the Butterfly Dragon series of books both of which are a constant work in progress.

Stories From The End too is a work in progress that I often abandon for months at a time only to return to it for a few weeks.

I also develop software and compose music as well as I am a former professional musician and still a keyboardist and piano player much like my Father.

I don't really know anyone in the building or area in which I live and have lived for approximately seven years, though I do engage in friendly conversation from time to time with those of a like mind and spirit.

Social and group stalking seems to be a big problem in the area as is identity theft unfortunately. Don't get me wrong though, there are some great businesses and community members in the area who'd like to see positive growth but unfortunately this abusive social stalking movement seems to be the biggest hurdle for the area and likely much of the city.

There are many voices in the midst of this darkness that shine and perhaps bring forth a new optimism for a better future and brighter social attitude.

None of my stories or books are based upon anyone from the area, and at most some are inspired by people's whose lives I have found personally inspiring from my early past though any similarities between my books and anyone else's life is purely coincidence.

I use my writing to assist in bringing positive attention to the community and the city in general but unfortunately that seems often to backfire on me as a result of abusive stalking. I believe that there is a social movement that literally steals the online identity and content of their victims, separating their online identity from their in person identity so that they may attribute a person's online achievements to other people of their choosing rather than the actual person responsible. In this sense, it is a form of identity theft, and that's exactly of what I've become a victim though it also includes stealing your real life identity as well and often swapping it with that of another person. Its like this cult plays a giant game of musical chairs with people's identities, one in which you have to win in order to retain your own identity. Actually the closest metaphor for this cult is that they're quite like the Borg from Star Trek and their form of identity theft is much like assimilation.

When victimized by such a group, they siphon from your life to the credit of someone else's life, often while giving you the life output of other people that is often very burdensome. Such people even believe that they are swapping your soul or spirit with that of another person and this movement has even gone so far as to regard this as the complete replacement of a person's identity.

It is unfortunate to watch my home city be consumed by such a movement and to see the victims of this cult labeled as complainers or conspiracy buffs or any other label to discredit them.

So regardless of what anyone says or does, nobody is controlling or possessing me. I don't believe any religion or belief system that operates in such a way and never will. I will however keep on writing and doing everything I can to stand in the way of this sort of activity.

My advice to others is that this group exploits the see-saw effect in people. That is they try to push their victims to the extremity of a dualistic paradigm, as being either really good or really bad. Really loving or really hateful. If you do managed to end up on the loving side of the fence, be careful because this cult often makes it a game of competing with truly loving behavior and attitude pitting it against a hateful and abusive attitude as being love. That is a polarity reversal so to speak. So if by the end of the day you've been truly and sincerely loving, that might be remembered as you being hateful and the most hateful people are remembered as being the most loving.

Often this group will single out one (or more) person(s) with whom to setup to diametical opposition in order to pit them against just about everyone.

Be mindful of this sort of thing and if you're a victim of it, try your best not to fall into the see-saw game with them. The see-saw game is whereby they try to get you to react with ever more extreme statements to their statements. This is about polarizing someone to either side of a two sided paradigm so that they can later take the best of you from you. Balance is key in this sort of attack but its very difficult when you're isolated and just about everyone gets involved in it. It is by these means that such an ideology believe they are controlling their victim.

In some cases this cult even believe that they're creating the characters in my books via their activity in this regard which once again is completely nuts. The cult believes that disembodied spirits jump from body to body imbuing the body they inhabit with the qualities possessed by the spirit that suddenly inhabited them. In some cases this cult believe that a single person can accumulate tens of these different spirits, all of which have different aspects to their being and affect the body in which they inhabit accordingly. So in this case the cult believes that the characters from my books come from the body jumping spirits, that the cult members spend most of the waking (and sleeping) hours chasing from body to body via hate and abuse of the people whose bodies they believe are inhabited by them. From my experience, it doesn't seem to matter whether you're a member of their religion or not. I'm not. I'm a Taoist and a Buddhist (albeit one that doesn't believe in collective consciousness). So to me the practice and the ideas of this cult are very unfamiliar and abusive.

Often such groups abuse their victim so aggressively and often that their victim might speak out against the abuse in ways that might broach hate speech. In such a case the cult then transfers the responsibility for that speech to areas where there aren't anti-hate speech laws and in addition to the victim losing their voice against social abuse, they often have to pay for this transfer of the responsibility for their words by giving credit for their positive efforts to the people who carry the weight of their speaking out against social abuse where it broaches hate speech. In this way it is sort of criminal extortion where the extortionists are not being addressed but the victim is losing the credit for their own positive efforts as a result. Even I've made posts which border on or may be very close to hate speech, however I always regard first human rights as defined by the United Nations and Canada's Human Rights laws. Likewise, I'll often speak out in defense of those whose rights are being squashed in this see-saw game. I've even been active for Amnesty International many years in a row for their Write For Rights event and other activism support, much of which I've given up as a result of social abuse. I found that I was doing everything to protect the rights of others yet my rights were never protected by anyone else.

I would advise that others who are victims of such activity to be careful not to be escalated to extremist attitudes by such a cult. I personally believe that this cult is responsible for many of the extremist mass murder attacks that have happened in the prior 20 years, most of which is likely a result of their see-saw methodology. Sort of a form of social radicalism set about by a group who believes they're weeding out those with the capacity for violence and animalistic behavior.

I believe in everyone's right to believe as they choose, but not in anyone's right to force others to believe what they choose for them. Belief is a personal thing and religion is a personal structure and measure of one's own spiritual progress. It is a yardstick by which one should measure themselves and not others. Measuring the progress of society with regard to social interaction and progress is the job of the Constitution, the Human Rights Act and the rule of law of which a local Government that follows the United Nations Human Rights mandate really have the final say through the rule of representation.

So be careful because you can be stalked and abused for years and then suddenly end up being swapped with the identity of a perpetrator of this sort of activity. This cult are notorious for trading identities with their victims and if you go so far as to point that out, they'll even make it appear that you do that same thing to others by taking your worst moments and making them the burden of others despite the fact that you would never do such a thing. I wouldn't but many times I've had it done for my by others, who leave me sounding like a complete hypocrite when I say that I believe that everyone should take and accept responsibility for their own words and actions. For this cult, taking responsibility for someone else's words and actions is a means by which they steal another person's output from them. Their logic is that if they carry the weight of your worst moments, then they should get the credit for your best moments. That's what motivates them to abuse people socially in order to create a reaction from their victim that this cult later on take over the responsibility for from you, so that they may steal something good of your accomplishments. In terms of the law books, this is known as criminal extortion. When it doesn't occur with money, its very difficult to prove legally but the law states doesn't regard that criminal extortion is applicant to money alone. It actually applies to anything that anyone implores of the victim of this crime.

My writing has little to do with these issues though sometimes I might take on a particular aspect of it through fiction in order to educate others if not to show them all sides of the equation.

Stay Safe And Be Well,

Brian Joseph Johns