Tuesday, October 30, 2018

A Strange Night...

Brian Joseph Johns
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Well it was a strange night on Monday (Tuesday October 29, 2018) for certain and that's a vast improvement though there still was a bit of harassment from neighbours and others likely trying to steal or swap my identity according to their definitions for colours. Think of the movie The Player and the troupe that follows Richard E. Grant's character everywhere he goes trying to extrapolate "floating essences" from people and objects using nothing more than the symbolism of colours and you've got the picture. A great movie if you haven't seen it.

So I spent the night a little more inspired than usual, working on and recording several tracks of musical concepts for The Butterfly Dragon which I may use for future projects. I have Heylyn's Theme down and worked on a bridge made up of Weltherwithsp's theme, a brooding piece of much misplaced energy and then flowed into what will eventually become Alicia's theme.

Ironically all the while I worked on it, I was harassed by my neighbour in the next apartment who once again seems to believe that anything that other people do in a creative context is the result of the blood of superior people or cultures. So if you don't have this special culture or blood according to this belief, you cannot take the credit for your own efforts. Instead you must pay others for the rental price of their blood or spirit, which I'll never do. I also remembered that their problems or beliefs were not mine and hence nothing I have to carry for them. So I managed to work through that even while confronted by verbal harassment while I was in mid session doing a take on a track and still managed to get the tracks and arrangement done.

I listened to the results a few times and liked what I heard enough to keep it. Writing music can be that way at least for myself. Its like working on a sketch, which you pull out of your drawers every once in a while to fine tune and before too long you've given it everything you can hoping that it will hold up and keep it together. I hadn't played keyboard or piano for about eight months so my hands were naturally rusty, not to mention the fact that my keyboard hardware isn't the best in the touch sensitivity. So most of my initial tracks took several takes and a bit of cleaning up in the track editor. Surprisingly I only had to quantize one track if only to clean up a few pre-bar boundary anticipated notes.

When my payday rolled around, I managed to get my bills paid and buy some tools for the next level of story telling and presentation for Shhhh! Digital Media. I also bought a few toys too for myself.

I managed to get up early today (Tuesday October 30, 2018) and get some food and amenities at Dollarama to finish my shopping. Surprisingly I forwent my usual dinner and drinks routine and ended up not buying any booze. Not for any special reason like abstinence but rather for considerations of budget and the fact that one of the tools I purchased was listed in American dollars while I had thought it to be Canadian dollars so I ended up paying a bit extra but a large sum of the money went to charity so it all worked out good.

Yesterday for most of the day I worked on the new chapters for A Lady's Prerogative Book II: Wounded Aerth which was a big milestone considering I'd not added to nor edited the story since 2014. The changes really help flesh out the story of West View and Shaela's and Evan's efforts against the Strange Inquisitors.

Today's outing was a little bit fraught with my stalker's psi-ops tricks or attempts to "freak me out" though I kept calm. There was certainly an effort to swap my identity with that of someone else in the building. Every time I mention that my love interest is Mandarin Chinese, this cult tries to find someone else with whom they swap my identity. Often this is a person who too has a Mandarin Chinese love interest because this cult does not want it known for some reason that I exist or that I exist and my real life love interest is Mandarin Chinese. For some reason that's against the rules for myself despite the fact that I'm not a member of any religion that operates that way. I'm not on the blue team for certain and never will be. As a matter of fact I think that this cult is purposely trying to keep me "cool" or "cold" as a means to disconnect me from Chinese culture and perhaps force me in another direction. I can't be too sure if its Roman Catholics trying to subject me to Damnatio Memoriae, or if I'm just being shunned and disconnected by Jehovah's Witnesses or Scientologists. I'm not a member of any of those religions so I can't see why any of them would spend effort in those directions. They often attempt to swap my identity with people of a variety of cultures with which they associate the colours brown blue. Some of these cultures are Italian, Irish, African, Jamaican, Polish and Dutch to name a few. I'm not sure of why anyone would want to do that. I certainly have nothing against anyone on the basis of culture but it is a violation of my rights for anyone to change or swap my identity with that of someone else. Despite the fact that my love interest is Mandarin Chinese and she's someone with whom I've been in a relationship, I've still not had sexual contact with a partner of any kind for the last 8.5 years (if you don't count two kisses). When I make my mind I'd pretty hard to sway. It could also be that I'm damaged goods, not that good to look at or that this cult around me is literally trying to steal my existence from me, including stalking anyone who gets close to me that is not a part of their cult. That's actually why said Mandarin Chinese lady and I had to part ways. Because she was at risk of stalking from this cult, so our parting ways was to protect her.

So for the next little while I'll be working on a mix of writing, composing and coding. Hopefully I can get much closer to the finale of Wounded Aerth before midnight on Halloween. Ironically despite how long a book Wounded Aerth is, it is still shorter than The Butterfly Dragon I: Heroes Of Our Own, though I consider Wounded Aerth to be my most epic worthy piece of writing to date. In fact, it validates in plot and scale what the first book did for introducing the characters. I feel the first book lacked a bit in story line that made it to the final product and that it was redeemed by Wounded Aerth which really gets into the nitty gritty of the main characters.

Brian Joseph Johns

Monday, October 22, 2018

Wanna Know A Bit More About Me?

Brian Joseph Johns
After my last post, I think that anyone who wants to take over my identity might have a bit of a tough time doing so seeing as how blatantly honest I am, especially with regard to certain issues but the truth is that despite the fact that I live impoverished in the Regent Park area of Toronto, that there are many people out there who seem to want my own identity more than their own and for me to have someone else's. If I didn't know any better I'd say that these people are playing the movie: A Scanner Darkly (based upon a Philip K. Dick novel of the same name) as if it was real life and happening here in Regent Park. In fact they seem to have a fixation with that one and The Matrix for its tech savvy pseudo Gnostic allegory and likely because it promotes the idea that we're all walking around with other people connected to our brains that are driving our bodies around and giving us directions in order to safely navigate the Matrix.

It is the clash of those who live in a make believe society versus those who live in reality, with blue representing make believe and red representing reality. I thought the series was good and that the first movie hit upon themes that have been explored for thousands of years in Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Jainism, Kabbalah and to some degree Christianity. The irony of it is that the Matrix is a movie and make believe and we're living in reality. I find it ironic that the device that would initiate us to the concepts in the Matrix would be make believe and that many people would prefer to play as if we were living in the Matrix movie, or A Scanner Darkly versus their own reality. Once again its a case of the red pill versus the blue pill.

The blue pill can be fun if you're adventurous while being well grounded. Make believe can be fun for couples or single persons alike (I enjoy it) but I'm hopelessly devoted to the red pill. Not because I don't enjoy make believe. Not at all. Because I'd rather find that real mystery that enshrouds the reality in which we live. Movies and the worlds they represent much like are like television and video games are like Star Trek's holodeck. An illusion created by us and our technology to spice up what some people see as the limits of reality, especially for those whose patience for transcendence is limited. Getting lost in the illusion we've created versus the hidden mysteries of the actual reality. Its not a case of one or the other but more so an exploration of both.

The problem is that many people are lost in a concept where they're worshiping and placing emphasis on the illusion and symbol rather than what it represents. How we define and use colours is a good example of this concept as to many people colour symbolism is the be all end all of things. In fact, if you can bully someone into colour symbolism, you can control them and that's how many people abuse the symbol of colour socially. I'm not talking necessarily about the symbol of colour representing physical attributes of different cultures, but rather concepts that are forced upon us by those of us who really don't care about human rights or individuality. Their excuse for doing so is that it makes good hate.

What is good hate anyway? Probably the hate exhibited by the team you're on versus others, as you're not on the receiving end but rather on the giving end, which when it comes to hate seems to be the preferred state of being. I doubt that many of the people who like it that way would be able to handle being subjected to hate for long periods without the risk of suicide or perhaps violence in some regard. Funny how other people can't seem to take what they're so able to dish out and so that burden often lay with those who can handle it with little regard for their comfort.

What I find ironic is that with enough people who detract from the dictionary definition of hate that such a group of people could rewrite the events around them simply by regarding everything as being its dictionary opposite, and that is something that quite often happens with such groups going to great lengths to ensure that their side of the fence is completely reversed in terms of the historical definition according to dictionaries and what not. I mean, if you come upon a large group of people and you present yourself and sincere and kind, if those people are being the opposite, what's to stop them from regardling love and meaning hate, and hate as meaning love? So when they recall to someone else your qualities, they speak of you as being a hater, rather than a lover and that's because they regard hate as being love (and love as being hate).

To people that do not understand this rape of reality and truth, they might believe that you are actually a hater by the dictionary definition, especially if they're not aware of this reversal of polarity as it exists in some places of society. That is why I say sincerity before polarity.

Have you ever played musical chairs? What if you played musical chairs and what was at stake were our persona and identities. So each round, another identity is taken away, and by the time the music stops, we must successfully grasp at another persona and identity that is until there's only on left for two people. There are groups of people who do play as such with other people's identities and persona, trying to wear them as their own while denying the real owner of their own identity.

So the heavier and more burdensome that identity, the fewer people there will be who are willing to take it from you and this is what pushes us to our social limit of what is acceptable. I mean the way some groups of people operate is that if they outnumber other people, they essentially can write the truth as being their recollection of events despite whether that is the real truth or a contrived truth to suit the version of reality they want to project. So if they like something that you do and they outnumber you and your friends, there's a chance that such a group could take it from you and regard it as having started with them. Add in the ambiguity of such groups' concepts of identity and how they can be taken so easily from other people and you've got a challenge. My attitude towards such activities might sound a little bit dismal, but that's only because I've lived it from the victim end. I mean I wish we did create our own reality because if we did, I'd be using my creative properties to earn money for myself and to raise more money for causes in which I believe. I'd also be living a pretty decent love life with a driven and equally creative Woman, in many different meaningful ways.

I suppose if we could create our own reality, there'd be people from these groups that would likely take that away from you as their own. For instance by this reversal of love and hate (polarity reversals) imagine the kind of havoc that would wreak upon someone who believes that they're manifesting their own reality if all of the sudden all of the positive they attempted to manifest came back to them and the others for whom they'd wished good, as the diametrical opposite? These are big secrets of this ideologies modus operandi by the way, and I give them to you as a heads up. I mean I would think that by some of my erotic tastes that if I was manifesting reality that I'd probably be having a very healthy partnership and sex life as well as that is not the be all end all to relationships but it is a very important language by which you communicate your love for your partner. So if you went about trying to manifest such a passionate relationship with someone who you'd consider your soul mate, what would happen if others stole the impression of that manifestation as coming from you and instead made it appear to be coming from someone else nearby in your proximity for their benefit, then the same group gives you the identity and manifestation of a completely different person whose tastes are nothing like yours whatsoever. In fact this ideology weaponizes people to use that as an attack against those who they perceive to be "New Agers" or other Pagan religions. Personally I like being a Pagan, but I don't like having my efforts at manifesting some form of good reversed to their diametrical opposite or ending up with the manifestations of someone else whose ideals and tastes I abhor if not only because they constructed such a manifestation purposely knowing that it would be cruel to do so to their victim.

I guess the one way that you can really cause havoc to such people is by revealing their truth, and that's precisely what I do at least in terms of the abuses that result from this ideology trying to reverse polarity upon everyone else. As I've said, I'm not a member of any such religion. I'm actually a Buddhist and Taoist, and that does not mean that I think that Buddhism or Taoism is perfect, though I do believe that they're perfect for me. So when I say that my love interest is Mandarin Chinese, I am not stating the opposite of Mandarin Chinese. Is there even an opposite? I don't think so. Perhaps there are people who reverse cultural boundaries around the poles of African versus Asia or something of that nature. I don't and that's what counts, but if you have enough people that go against you and your version of reality (despite it being the absolute truth) those people can make your life miserable if you let them as they're trying to turn your love life into a racial battle. I'm Caucasian and with green eyes even but for some reason its not alright for me to be in a mixed culture relationship with an older Woman who is Mandarin Chinese.

So I'd advise to keep your wits about you lest you end up manifesting the exact opposite of what you want in your life just because a bunch of people don't want it for you or want to make you suffer. I guess there's one truth in the midst of all of this and that is: secrets are finite, and there's not many left for such a group who acts in that way.

I'm not anti-Hermetic by the way but I'm not a big supporter of the Kybalion as I've seen many people use it for extraordinarily abusive means the result of them finding out about it and within a short period of time misusing it against others as a means of control and manipulation. I guess in that respect its kind of like finding a gun and suddenly having the power to affect or even destroy the lives of others without having the discipline and experience that teachers you why you don't take lives. I'm not a Rose or a Gun by the way and I am really against using people as storage containers for ammunition to "shoot" other people so as to create a burden for them and to destroy their lives.

Many of the people who utilize love and hate or blood and fire are using and abusing dualism as per the Kybalion in order to manipulate others, much like what Empedocles had to say about love and strife ideology (which he claimed gave a person god like powers). That's because hateful expression in one's being slowly escalates the imbalance of hormones like cortisol that can result in anxious and angry behavior. So what happens when a large group of people all at once begin building up hormones like cortisol while dampening their balancing serotonin and dopamine? They become a weapon against the innocent people they attempt to affect. What would happen if a group of people purposely tried to cultivate feelings of hopelessness and suicidal thoughts in themselves? There's a risk one or more of them might hurt themselves but they could also attempt to hit another person with those hormones because the nervous system that signals the production of hormones in our body operates via electrochemical signaling.

If you know anything about electricity, you know that when an electrical current flows through a conductor (like the human body which is made up of 75% water, a great conductor), that it produces a magnetic field. Now consider that the magnetic field produced by the human nervous system contains all of the information flying around in our body about how much of what hormones to produce, our breathing, our heart beat, the cognitive processes of our brains and a variety of other perceptual information. So our nervous system is like a broadcaster of WIFI in a sense though this occurs at an incredibly tiny field strength, barely enough to measure and perceive, though it is both measurable and perceivable.

When that biomagnetic field crosses over the body of another person, if flows through the body. Magnetic fields produce an electrical current whenever they pass through a conductor (like the human body). So here's this electrical current that has all of the information encoded into it from the body that emitted it as a magnetic field. Not so bad as most of us try to cultivate a healthy life style and body, so that would indicate that the information content of our biomagnetic field is healthy for people of the roughly same size and weight.

So we have a group of people who practice drudging up hatred and hopelessness within their body (which results in the production of hormones). These people who do this practice hitting other people with this combined group magnetic field in attempt to cause that person's body to produce all of the bad or imbalanced hormones in order to cause that person emotional stress, an anxiety attack or even dangerous levels of depression. Not to mention that the same people who do this sort of thing attack their victim after projecting this biomagnetic field onto their victim. In the case of someone who is extremely depressed and whose body has just been triggered into producing hormones that result in melancholy or extreme depression, there might be a serious suicide risk. One could even argue that such people might even practice doing as such as a means of murder. I mean if you've suddenly been hit with the electrical nervous system encoding that is telling your body to produce enough hormones for the bodies of however many people take part in such an attack, there's a good chance that you'll be in serious risk of suicide. For such a group that hit you with those feelings by affecting your hormone production, if they began verbally abusing you, there`s a good chance that if you were depressed and hopeless enough that you might try to kill yourself. For the group doing this sort of thing, it essentially would be undetectable murder. There are people who attempt such things by the way and some of them refer to this as murder craft.

On the other end of the scale, pushing a person's anxiety level through the rough and then having a group of people rile them up could be a possible risk of extreme violence.

I've said this before but one of the reasons that I did become a Buddhist and Taoist was because they take this aspect of bodily energy very seriously. In fact to the cultures of the Far East Of Asia this is one of the foundations of life, healthy living and medical treatment. Some of the methods that I've learned in coping with such abuse came directly from the Far East Of Asia and have been immensely effective at protecting myself from such efforts. I would offer the best advice for anyone ever experiencing such a phenomenon would be to always regard any feelings that you have that appear extreme and pull you away from being centered, with caution. The more extreme to one side, the more extreme to the other side. So the greater the ecstasy the greater the pain. One usually accompanies and follows the other shortly thereafter. Don't take either extremity too seriously remember that what you are feeling is an illusion, no matter how good or bad. So don't make extreme decisions when in either of those states as a result of unnatural hormone production that resulted from people who practice doing such a thing to you. People who are really serious about bodily energy and Chi, will help you achieve balance rather than extremity because balance and calm is where you are most consciously awake and at peace of mind.

If you are experiencing harmful effects to your body that play with your emotions to either extreme, don't feel guilty if you over react and most of all, don't hurt yourself.

Brian Joseph Johns


Bodily Pleasure, Porn, Masturbation And Identity...

In this article I'm speaking the truth as I don't speak in opposites, no matter what colour(s) I wear or what they mean. Sincerity before polarity has always been my motto and this post is certainly no different in that regard.

Now that I've got your attention. How do you feel about those topics versus the actual activities that they represent?

For most people it is a hidden guilty pleasure. That is something that they might deny profusely yet engage in at some point in time. I mean when it comes to our private intimate time whether it involves a partner or not, do we really have to answer to anyone?

I believe that we don't unless of course it is violating the law in some way, especially if it involves the exploitation of a minor or something of that form then it is the business of others. In any other case it really is nobody else's business but your own. Unfortunately we happen to live in a time when there are a great many people who believe that it is their (religious?) duty to stand against such things, despite the fact that within the Bible, you'll find incest, sodomy, bigamy, polygamy, polyandry, murder, infanticide, fratricide, matricide, patricide, prostitution, decapitation and many other forms of sex and violence yet masturbation is a sin. Slavery and prostitution aren't even dealt with as "sins" within the Bible, yet if you engage in selfish self pleasure, you're likely going to hell. There seems to be a slight bit of a problem there in terms of the morality of that entire concept.

Not to mention the fact that there are people in society who elect themselves to police this concept of sin in others even where it violates the law or a person's Human Rights most of whom seem to be above the law. What is it that drives people to embrace idea that a special "Church Police" should exist that in a country where representation, due process and the rule of law are among the most prominent deciding factors in the direction of said society?

I am not speaking purely at my own frustration and experience with such people, as I'm certain that there many people who likely find their privacy compromised by such zealots. One of my main reasons for speaking on this matter is the question how did we come to the idea that the body and anything pleasurable is an instrument of sin and the devil? I mean when you consider that the entirety of the blame for the downfall of human kind was placed squarely upon the shoulders of Women, then it should become a little clear that there is an underlying theme at play here that is more likely about power and oppression than anything else.

It starts with the idea that right from the get go, we're in the bad books with our creator and as such we have to earn our way back into the good books according to some rules he set down for us. Whereby accepting that whole premise really enslaves humanity to paying for crimes that were ultimately blamed upon the first Woman. The instruments of our reproduction are also culprits, leading the way to sinful deeds that despite their being the ultimate source of life, are somehow connected with being bad. Another debt whereby we're born in sin, and of course to one that if you subscribe you'll be ever enslaved paying that debt for which the only way you can be freed is by accepting another facet of that belief as your savior.

So what about all of the indigenous people around the world who were born into completely different set of faiths and beliefs that treated Women with reverence and equality while preserving the balance of nature? Its ironic that these people had a religion forced upon them that immediately put them in debt with their creator and was the front line in the battle for the new world and colonialism and the enslavement of the existing population. That might sound a little bit extreme or even zealous, but certainly no more so than the opposite side of the spectrum that spurred it.

The idea that we are immediately indebted upon birth for no fault of our own, and that we ultimately haven't the full say of how we use our bodies seems a little circumspect to me as that is a form of real control and enslavement of people. This is something of which Women have long been aware but were seldom backed up to acquire their own rights until as recently as the last hundred and fifty hundred years while their reproductive and erogenous zones were considered one of the sources of "sin". One of the most conspicuous forms of violation there are is when someone is denied the rights of their own body. That when we engage in the pleasures of the body with or without a partner that we are somehow committing a spiritual crime. Yet slavery and prostitution are completely alright and not even counted as "sins" according to the same belief.

What about the reasoning behind why self pleasure is considered a sin by many religions? It really depends upon the religion itself and the current stance that many religions have taken with regard to the issue. For instance some Western religions (Christianity) regard it as one of the worst sins that one can commit, as it is selfish excess taking for granted and the means of the creation of another human life.

Some other Western and Eastern (Catholic Christianity and Islam) religions believe that the production of semen and the orgasm itself is the expelling of "soul stuff" ie the spirit component of human consciousness and life and that when we do so without a partner or with a partner and without procreation that we are condemning this "soul stuff" to exist without a body to inhabit and therefore causing it to temporarily inhabit the bodies of different living human beings.

Other Eastern religions regard it as a distraction to the path of enlightenment as it is of the flesh and therefore keeping our existence confined to Samsara (in Buddhism otherwise known as the reincarnation cycle).

Other Eastern religions (Taoism in particular) and Judaism regard it as imbalanced (masturbation) in terms of the the blocking and the releasing of bodily energy, which is responsible for life. According to Taoism the body will recover this energy fairly quickly in some schools of thought while some of the more traditional views are that the body must recover this energy from outside sources, that replenish the balance through active diet and exercise. In terms of sex between partners, Taoism regards it as alright because both bodies are balancing the energy needs of both parties (Yin Yang energy) and that it can be healthy for the body in balance.

In yet other beliefs like Wicca, the human body and its wonderful senses are considered blessings and that human beings should spend much time enjoying that aspect of our being, either alone or (preferably) with a partner.

Some beliefs also regard that sexuality and orgasm is a means of the release of accumulated stress and that it is quite healthy for the body, as during such experiences a person's body produces many anti-carcinogens not to mention endorphins, dopamine and serotonin which are what give a person that feeling of being "high" from sex or exercise. In this sense it could become an addiction in much the same way that narcotics that cause the body to produce excess levels of dopamine which could be dangerous in cases that involve clinical depression because if someone becomes reliant upon masturbation to produce dopamine which makes them feel good, situations where they do not have access to such a solution will be very difficult for them.

In situations involving a relationship where one partner is ignoring the other sexually as a result of masturbation hence seeking other means of sexual fulfillment, I can say from personal experience that this is and can be very damaging to any romantic relationship as it leaves one partner in the dark with respect to one of the most important aspects of a relationship. A single person might not consider it an alternative to a healthy social and sex life but if that is not possible for some given reason then there is nothing wrong with it as it is perfectly healthy and the only problem there seems to be is the attitude of people who believe that Women were the downfall of humankind. I myself don't tend to believe that at all, nor do I believe that I was born as the result of sin. After all, I'm a Buddhist and Taoist. No matter what circumstances led to my procreation it was a miracle.

So what else would cause other people to police masturbation and sensuality as if it were illegal to some underground hood? Well for one thing there are groups that operate on a pseudo barter system, whereby a person's identity and output in life is a form of currency to others. In other words, if you could "purchase" the impression of being someone else or being responsible for whatever their output or accomplishments were, you might be more attractive to someone as a romantic or just sex partner than you would otherwise. In some groups in certain communities they keep people like "cows", as sources of their social output, to use to fuel their own lives and often those "cows" are rewarded with one night of companionship with a member of their preferred sex. If someone doesn't play along with that reward scheme, that undermines their entire barter system economy that relies on people that these groups label as "cows" whom they use to fuel their lives and quite often dispose of their "crap".

I've never been a part of any such thing myself, but I often have my output stolen from me as if I was a "cow" to fuel the lives of others and often without any kind of compensation, considering that much of the best of me I share freely at Shhhh! Digital Media through my books and stories (some of which have seemed to cause an underground stir and sensation). I myself haven't engaged in a sexual relationship or any kind of companionship for more than eight years. Anything of that nature and I'm literally dancing by myself. So in such cases, there are people that believe that if you do, it undermines their underground barter system economy by doing so as they believe that you're taking the rewards without paying for them if you catch my drift. To tell you the truth I had no idea that such a thing existed until fairly recently, though it is something which I'd never take part in myself.

In addition and somewhat ironically, the girlfriend with which I was partnered years ago where I took my sexuality to masturbation rather than sharing my affection had been in a relationship sometime before that with someone who was involved in making adult film content. I personally have nothing against that at all as long as it involves consenting adults who are fully aware of what is happening in terms of the production and where and how it will be distributed and/or sold.

Sometime after breaking up with said Woman (whom was a trained and certified professional and had no involvement with adult entertainment herself), I began experiencing the efforts of a group of people whom attempted to swap my identity with his. In fact, I'd noticed that a group was doing the same thing with some of my other prior girlfriends and even my former friends. They were taking the worst of repute and giving it to me, while taking the best of my repute and accomplishment and giving it to them. This is a group that has been doing this in Toronto for some time and with many people involved. Almost as if they were erasing me by taking everything good from me and then piling every thing from others' lives onto me. This was also in the midst of 8 years of homelessness where many people tried to apply an identity and impression that was not my own, including trying to give others the impression that I'd been to prison before, was a pimp and had cocaine or crack cocaine addiction issues despite the fact that none of that has ever been a part of my life. Ironic too that this all occurred during and sometime after being at the lowest point of my life.

So recently (this past weekend) I was feeling very frisky having been single and alone for more than eight years. Its not like I've ever been a womanizer, misogynistic or promiscuous and I've never had drinking and driving charges in my life. In fact for most of my life I've been a Gentleman if not a bit shy who has had his identity stolen many times to fuel the lives of others, being given the identities of others that did not apply. What I'm trying to say is that there's no good justification for forcing me into living single and impoverished while my books and efforts are used to fuel the lives of people who are almost always much better off than myself and whom give nothing in return (though I would never ask).

So this weekend, feeling very frisky I decided to venture out into the world of adult entertainment online, which I do occasionally when I feel that way. I find myself most attracted to hypnosis and sometimes Japanese Hentai type fetish things, though of a more romantic and adult nature (ie I'm not a fan of things focused around young school girls or anything of that nature). I'm more into the situational role play, that could be in an adult movie just as it might be couple role play for a night's romantic interlude. In terms of physical features, I always notice a Woman's face first and it is the most erogenous and beautiful part of her. I tend to like Women with smaller breasts and most often leggy Women who like wearing pantyhose (something that is quite a turn on for myself). Much of the entertainment I peruse is Japanese because they seem to have the market cornered on hypnosis related role play, and they seem to have a firm grasp of what turns me on, though I don't like humiliation, torture, severe bondage or tentacles (sorry Doctor Zoidberg) but that doesn't change the fact that the Woman whom is the object of my affection is Mandarin Chinese.

So I partook of that kind of online entertainment this weekend, and low and behold I started experiencing harassment from my neighbours as if they knew what I was checking out. I have no guilty conscience when it comes to that sort of thing at all as I don't feel that Women owe god or humanity anything with regard to the original sin, nor do I believe that our bodies are instruments of the devil and sources of sin. I have a theory and that is that people of that ilk are so vocal when it comes to sin because they don't want lovers thinking about each other, or the object of their affection. They want lovers thinking about them and that's because they want to share in whatever pleasures a couple (or a solitary person) experiences without suffering the consequences of "sin" according to the confines of their religion or belief. So in a way its a form of rape that occurs through the walls of residence between the abusive people who start such distraction and harassment against those who are in the privacy of their own apartment doing their own thing, with or without a partner.

In fact, they don't want other people who aren't burdened by the guilt of sexuality to be able to choose their own sexual partners, but instead would rather their sex partners be forced upon them according to the rules of blood, culture and their religion. In other words its wrong that because I'm Caucasian that my love interest is Mandarin Chinese, but if my love interest was another different culture that said religion found more acceptable me being with, it would be alright. In my case and because I am absolutely against their violation of others' rights and privacy, they instead try to take it from me by harassment and abuse when they suspect that I am being frisky.

Funny, but I have no qualms at all speaking about such a topic and I don't feel the slightest bit embarrassed about it either because this is something that needs to be confronted not just for myself but for others for whom this is a problem. I mean if my neighbours were doing the wild thing, I'd never start abusing or harassing them because I wanted to be a "through the wall, uninvited unicorn" (unicorn I believe is slang for a third person in a sexual encounter). I'm only into one on one in the same living space and privately, not involving others not to mention I'm not the kind of person that is into last minute hookups. I like getting to know my potential love interest for a while before anything happens and certainly if it is going to involve anything kinky, like role play it would be something that would be discussed (though likely not planned) in advance and only with mutual consent.

So I have a feeling that there are probably many other people out there who experience the same thing from their local branch of this cult and that makes speaking out about this topic necessary. At fifty years old, intimacy (albeit with a loving partner or by oneself) is of a particularly high value to myself and because it doesn't happen often that makes more important to speak out about such things. Meanwhile the same cult are using my life to fuel their lives and once again giving nothing in return for what they take. As I said, they're using me as a "cow", and I don't say that as being anyone else but myself. I'm Brian Joseph Johns just to be clear.

So over the weekend and today there were a few stabs and attacks to do with my lifestyle and past (someone made reference to a power plant company for which my ex-girlfriend used to work as if to open up some woulds). I can only hope that she is alright, especially after my neglect of her (meaning not giving her the attention, both in terms of effort in the relationship and intimately that she deserved from someone who loved her). Regardless, my love interest is Mandarin Chinese and I will not change that for anyone.

So if you happen to be up in the air on this issue, don't let other people make up your mind for you. If you enjoy it and it makes you feel good, then there's nothing wrong with it but be prepared to be "policed" by zealots and nut-bars who feel they were put on the planet to do "god's" work, keeping Women indebted to a society that degrades them and takes away rights related to their bodies and minds while keeping their role in terms of their own pleasure relegated to procreation only. I have a feeling that god is of our ancestor's invention rather than our ancestors being invented by him. Another irony is that god the creator is a man, yet it is Women who carry a newborn in their body for nine months while in ancient history the men either disappeared to make as many copies of themselves with other Women as possible, or the good ones stuck around and worked together with the Woman to provide a safe environment for a baby to grow healthily. Like I always say, sincerity before polarity. I say what I mean and mean what I say. I mean I hope that my friends didn't put me through something like this expecting that I would somehow show up happy when they reintroduced me to a past lover and then tried to help me rebuild. I wouldn't accept nor would I be willing to forgive for what I experienced over the last twenty years, especially the sabotage of my relationship with someone Mandarin Chinese. Especially those people who believed that I was being "mind controlled" or "possessed" for all these years. Now that I know how you operate, I'd say the question is, what am I going to do with that knowledge.

Enough for now.

Brian Joseph Johns

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Investment, Spending and Bad Habits...

What would I do with a large investment into my company Shhhh! Digital Media or its content properties?

I've written on the Shhh! Digital Media About section that I'd never accept an investment or a buyout attempt for any price, as I'd never want to see my characters' path and future end up dictated by another's agenda which differs from my own agenda. I don't really have a price though that doesn't mean that I wouldn't accept such an offer despite the fact that it may never happen and I'm not living my life depending upon such a possibility. I'd certainly never rule it out under certain conditions.

I mean, would you sell your children to another family? You reared and raised them from their birth and from that time they've developed into wonderful people, reflecting a little bit of yourself, their life experience and their own innate being to achieve such stature. With characters in a book its a little bit different as the only place that they exist in flesh and blood is within the writer. To sell my characters would be like selling my children (I don't have any children other than my book characters and a fur baby).

I write what I write to share, though I want to prosper from my efforts though I've never given much thought to getting "rich" with them. I mean I live by pretty scarce means. I live in a reasonable bachelor apartment in downtown Toronto. Cosy though it could use a few improvements I appreciate having a roof over my head if only because I am experienced with living without one. So my living expenses are few and the biggest one of them is my communications bills IE phone, internet and television and even they are meager by any standards.

I live month to month on a tight budget which I regularly draw up in a spreadsheet that includes my grocery lists, my bills expenses, cleaning kit and entertainment money all of which I manage to wrap up in a neat and tidy budget from month to month. I don't rely on alcohol or narcotics, though I do enjoy a few drinks every once in a while. I'm not a gambler and in fact have never been in a Casino. I sometimes play slot machines on my phone for short spurts of amusement. So the truth is I have no financial risk associated with any of my lifestyle or habits and that's not to discredit those who do but rather to distinguish my boundaries.

The evidence suggests that my productivity at Shhhh! Digital Media and the notoriety of some of what I write seem to attract some attention and potentially could be valuable to people who took over my identity from me to defraud investors out of their investment money or something of that nature while doing so dirtying the repute of my name and my content. The truth is that I've never taken investment money from anyone much less defrauded anyone of their investment.

I've never shopped my content professionally to others seeking investment or synergy of any kind other than what I already give with my content. Seeing as I don't profit from it at all (in fact it costs me in order to produce it), I'm sharing it because I believe in it.

So I'm going to answer the hypothetical question of what would I do if I suddenly was given control over a large sum of money. I'll answer this as honestly as I can even if it poses risks to how people might have perceived me in the first place.

I'd Buy A Condominium and/or Small Bungalo

First of all, I'd probably look to relocate to a different area within my city or just outside of this city where I could find peace in order to continue to pursue content production. With money being no object in such a situation I'd still likely choose a modest place, possibly a small Condo with access to  gym facilities and a pool and that would do me fine. I don't smoke so I'm not a risk to other Condo owners investments. I don't smoke cannabis but recently I've been looking at some of the recently legalized cannabis products looking for a way to try them without smoking as a means to ingest for my own personal experimentation. I'm not a spring Rooster as I've smoked cannabis prior in my life, I just don't feel that putting something into my body via smoke is how I want to treat my body. I completely support the legalization movement and always have so long as it respects the rights of cannabis abstainers. That doesn't seem to be a problem though as we head on into the future in Canada. I also would look at a bungalo. In fact there's a bungalo in Scarborough that I'd have bought years ago if I'd had the money. I'd likely try to buy that particular one as it has every element that I like and need not to mention its meager size and peacefulness.

I'd Build A New Content And Production Pipeline

In fact, I'd likely buy two or three separate computers and build a small content production network which would facilitate a variety of processes such as:

  • Writing and Editing (which doesn't require much computing power)
  • 3D and 2D imaging and graphics rendering (requires considerable CPU and GPU power)
  • Music composition (requires modest CPU power and possibly hardware investment such as A/D D/A conversion and MIDI controllers as I am a piano and keyboard player)
  • Gaming and Modding (an area of story telling which I'd explored in the distant past being an early modder for games such as Doom, Doom2, Duke Nukem 3D in addition to Morrowind and more recently Skyrim SE all of which requires moderately powered hardware).
  • Video shooting space with green screen (modest hardware requirements and perhaps switching/mixing hardware with chroma key)
  • Coding, Programming and application development (moderate hardware requirements including mobile devices and other computers as target platforms for testing) An area of importance as I already run much of my content production with software I've developed in house, that I've not released before. In fact, I have a number of programs that are ready for deployment that I'm retargeting for mobile platforms as a possible future investment.

Seeing as I've produced most of the starting content for what eventually became Shhhh! Digital Media on a meager Compaq Laptop running Windows Vista years ago, my upgrades would still be meager. Probably in the ball park of five thousand dollars total. Maybe a little bit more if I went for a Music Workstation Keyboard and Tricaster. My current content pipeline is modest consisting of two networked computers, both of which I control from one workstation that acts as computation engine while the other is a sort of file server with audio/video mix down capabilities. The setup is cheap but effective and tuned perfectly the way that I like it. So changing my content pipeline would probably present little difficulty. I've worked on projects developing content pipelines and networking strategies for managing large quantities of files for film production, so I'm already familiar with the challenges.

One area that I'd like to grow into is developing Youtube content and a Shhhh! Digital Media channel on Youtube. It would complement the existing content of the web site, possibly introducing animated graphics for all of the characters with news and updates related to the content. I'd also hire or provide audio book versions of all the Butterfly Dragon and A Lady's Prerogative content, something I've already considered doing a couple times.

So what's stopping me?

I've said before that I have a cult of stalkers and harassers who literally believe that from one moment to the next I become possessed by other people from whom I receive my skills or abilities. In other words, they believe that I don't possess the life experiences that I already have and that when I think or do something of a different nature each day, that it comes from someone else externally who is of course possessing me, perhaps like having a hand up my ass puppeteering me.

The more that I learn about what they're doing the more I understand it though I completely am against it and always will be. You see this cult believes that there are people and cultures with superior blood to that of the rest of us. The cult believes that anytime one of us achieves something nominal, that we are being possessed or mind controlled by the people with the superior blood. In fact this cult makes it into a daily game of stealing the output of the people whom they think that they're controlling in this matter.

So if I write a bunch of chapters to my books, they make it a competition of seeing who they're going to give credit to from their cult. Because they believe that if you produce it that it came from their blood, so they should get the full credit for everything that you accomplish. I believe that means they also rip off investors by those means as well. By tricking them into believing that what one person outputs in their efforts are actually the productive aspects of another person (who is the fraudster and the person they're attempt to build up by stealing other people's content to give to their credit).

I believe that this cult finds victims and uses them to power their lives and kind of traps their victim in that kind of situation for the rest of their life, giving them little or nothing in return for what they steal from the victim. That's what this cult has been doing to me for years without interference by the Police and they had been doing this long before I wrote ALP2, so I didn't "manifest" them into doing that sort of thing to people. They seem to be big on the whole idea "blood paid", which to them means they believe that everyone in their proximity that produces anything owes this cult the credit for it. In essence its a form of extortion. If you don't pay them they'll just harass you forever.

So my hurdles are not so much personal obstacles that come from within. In fact, I have no such obstacles at all. My biggest hurdles are those created by this cult. I don't speak the opposite of what I intend. I'm not a part of anything like that either. So my explanation is exactly as I intended it and the truth as I'm sure many people already know.

Regardless I still continue to strive. As I've said before, its their bad Karma not mine.

My personal struggles relate to anxiety and depression that is my responsibility to take care of those issues so that they don't interfere with my life or the lives of others. So in the midst of such a cult its a bit more difficult dealing with people of that nature for they're pretty darn abusive and persistent. If you ask them to cease the abuse, they disregard your request and sometimes even increase it. The most I can do is take responsibility for how I respond to this sort of abuse. The rest is their issues to deal with and their responsibility. I'm a Buddhist and Taoist but this cult seems geared towards forcing me into another religious belief that would grant them the right and power to abuse other people without interference. I am not a member of anything of that sort as I've stated a number of times.

So this post isn't an appeal for investment, its an explanation of how I budget myself both before and after having money.

Just so nobody else tries to steal my identity as having posted this, I'll leave my full contact information on this post. My picture is at the top. I'll leave a recent photo at the bottom as well.

Thanks for reading this and enjoy http://www.shhhhdigital.com

I've had better days. Brian Joseph Johns.
Brian Joseph Johns

200 Sherbourne Street Apartment 701
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5A 3Z5



Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Possibly Taking Place In An Alcohol Study...

I happened across a study recently for which I should qualify as it relates to alcohol consumption and stress. I'd have to say that I never feel stressed when drinking, though it is not quite an escape so much as it is a method of relaxation and enjoyment. Thankfully I'm not dependent upon it.

Actually I was a cigarette smoker for twenty seven years until I quit at the age of 43. I'm fifty now so it was a little more than seven years ago. At the time, I quit cold turkey and literally quit on a dime. One moment I was a smoker and the next I wasn't because I made a choice.

In fact, I even bought a full pack of cigarettes at the time which I did not unwrap ever. I kept them on me so that I'd always have a choice and so that I had to make the choice not to smoke every moment of every day. Two months later, I threw the pack of cigarettes out and was done with cigarette smoking for good.

Since that time my lungs have improved immensely and my body feels great, er... much better than it did not to mention that I don't smell like a chimney everywhere I go. So my sense of will power is pretty good, seeing as tobacco is one of the most difficult and addicting substances to quit.

That's not bad considering that at 32-33 years old, I was doing 150 closed fist push-ups a day (on my knuckles as I'd learnt in particular classes I'd studied prior). I did those every day and was able to do push-ups on my head for a number of years beyond that. In fact, I was dating the daughter of a Police Officer at the time. We went to a Halloween party at her family's house, and in the midst of a number of Police Officers and Paramedics (off duty) I did a bunch of headstand push-ups, so I have witnesses my look at me attitude at the time. In fact, I even did her Halloween makeup for her costume and it turned out amazing though she is a work of art to begin with. She is an amazing Woman and I hope that she's doing well and having a good life. How's that for kissing arse? ;-)

So fortunately I've never had problems with addiction, though I have and sometimes still am obsessive when it comes to certain things. I'm hoping that whatever I can contribute to this study helps the researchers. Not to mention there's compensation involved as well, and I could use the money. Sure beats selling my kidneys on the black market. Besides, they're reserved as I opted for them to be donated upon my cessation. Until then I'll try to keep them in working order.

Brian Joseph Johns

Thank you to the Food Bank!

Brian Joseph Johns
Thank you once again to Toronto's Food Bank system, whom I rely upon. Today I went to Our Lady Of Lourdes food bank at 275 Bleecker Street. I also use St. Bartholomew's and Allen Gardens as well and I'd like to thank both of them. I hope that I don't get harassed and abused too much by my stalkers for showing gratitude again.

Years ago I was a vegetarian (for about 7 years from late 2007 until 2015). At the time it was very difficult to afford living as a vegetarian so I began eating chicken and fish. My vegetarianism isn't really for religious reasons as much as it is for trying to protect wildlife, though I am a Buddhist and a Taoist. Maybe a few hundred thousand years ago it made sense for an early human kind to eat meat, as early humans were likely part of the food chain themselves for other larger mammalian predators. Nowadays with so many alternatives to meat, I feel there is little excuse but ultimately people have to make their own choices.

So many people dance on the meat issue for shallow reasons, such as trying to dodge being drawn into a religion of which they`re not a part (which I call religion dodging). For instance some people eat pork because it allows them not to be considered or associated with the Jewish or Islamic peoples, rather than eating it for nutritional factors.

For others there's more serious consideration when it comes to eating meat, for it might be part of their heritage and an integral part of their culture. This is certainly the case with many indigenous first nations, who've already experienced so much cultural rape in their life that expecting such a change from them is completely selfish, seeing as what most vegans and vegetarians know of nature and harmony therewith, to and by results from indigenous culture the world over.

Likewise with Chinese and Korean heritage and culture, food is considered more than just nourishment but in fact a form of medicine, and that includes meat, fish and poultry. Foods make up a the core medical treatment in many countries of the Far East of Asia, whereby these foods are considered to nourish or unblock energy in the body. So for the Far East of Asia these foods make up a core part of their diet and their cultural beliefs.

Lastly there's the traditional European and North American who were raised to have the meal at the end of the day, which usually includes fish, chicken, beef or pork, sometimes on a weekly schedule. For such people forced change is a threat to their world and culture as well, no differently than it is for anyone else for it stems from family traditions held by large groups of people for hundreds of years. So militantly trying to change their dietary habits is a sure way to make enemies of them.

For most people, when you give them to data and perhaps the health benefits of changing diet from a source that they recognize, they might be more willing to adjust or make those changes themselves. One step at a time.

For the last three months I've returned to my vegetarian diet, staying away from all meat and eggs, while still consuming milk. It seems to be a little bit better now as there's a lot of alternative sources of protein and dietary information for people making such a change.

I certainly don't make such a change because I'm being mind controlled or possessed by someone with "superior blood" to my own, into doing so. I made a choice and the one thing that I noticed about not eating meat was that you metabolize energy more efficiently and its easier to tone up (not bulk up) as well. Not to mention that after purging my intestines with a salt water flush (with cheap Himalayan Rock Salt), it completely changed many factors about my body. Now I flush once every month of two. So there's many reasons to do so.

Not to mention with all of these changes to my health regimen, I think I just bought myself a bit of leeway to buy some cannabis, perhaps to cook with. We'll see, now that its legal. I don't think that I want to put anything into my body by smoking. We'll have to see.

Brian Joseph Johns

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

More Coding...

Just doing some more coding today, working on a project that I'd been planning for some time. I hadn't had much of a chance to work on it with all of the effort I'd been putting into What Different Eyes See and Wounded Aerth and in between, dealing with the cult harassment I've been subjected to quite often for many years now.

The new IDE and compiler (Embarcadero Delphi Tokyo 10.2) I'm working with is great as well. Recently the company changed their licensing scheme to allow for developers to use the full compiler target set, paying for the tools when the developer's revenues reach three thousand dollars. That's a great deal especially if your product sells well. It also puts it into the hands of those eager to learn.

Xamarin and Visual Studio is a pretty robust environment as well, though I'm a lot more proficient and familiar with Delphi's framework and work flow since Microsoft moved away from MFC. Some of the power and ambiguities of modern C++ can be a little bit of a steep learning curve as well, not to mention the compile times of C++ versus Pascal, especially on large projects. Combining the two on projects is a possibility seeing Delphi's modern build engine is powered by Microsoft Build not to mention that Delphi/C++ Builder compiles Visual C++ code pretty well.

Brian Joseph Johns

Friday, October 12, 2018

Absolut's Response To Hate From The Westboro Baptist Church...

While reading a review of the top stories from George Takei's web presence, I came upon an article involving the notorious Westboro Baptist Church, a group reknowned for their vocal hate in the United States. Of course there are no hate speech laws in the United States as they've embraced freedom of speech as one of their highest values. It appears that the WBC's most recent attacks targeted the Vodka producer Absolut. Read the article on George Takei's site as it is a gem as was Absolut's response. I love Vodka by the way and drink it on occasion. Responsibly of course.

One of the statements in Absolut's press release about the matter stated: We're not going to negatively comment on other people, other groups and their believes, but we are certainly going to talk about our values and our beliefs.
I can certainly agree with this statement where it involves a large company that has a customer base with which to appeal and appease. After all if every big company that got targeted by hate groups or stalkers or the various social phenomena that litter society they'd quickly polarize themselves out of business. Likely that's the goal of such groups in the first place. An attack tactic referred to as bifurcation. Taking something and dividing it in half until you reach a point where it can no longer be divided as a result of being so small.

Shhhh! Digital Media is not a big company. In fact, it is run by one person. Every story and pretty much all of the content that appears on Shhhh! Digital Media is produced by myself. I do use some 3rd party 3D modelling and artwork occasionally which I credit but beyond that all of the content produced for the site originates from myself. Chances are if it was the kind of thing that was geared towards profit, I'd hire artists all of the time. I'd love nothing more than to work with an artist in terms of the final character design or even settings from my books and stories.

I am not wealthy and in fact its quite the opposite. I started Shhhh! Digital Media having received community housing after being homeless for 8 years which was mostly the result of having been targeted by hate groups much like the WBC though my place of residence is in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I have no substance abuse issues and in fact I don't use, buy or sell narcotics at all. I don't even smoke cigarettes. I've never been a part of any hate group myself nor am I an ex-con or felon that has done anything that would put me in the sights of such a group. So I have to do what is right to defend myself and what I believe and that always never involves violence, though I am well prepared to defend my rights as such if ever threatened in that way (though a slightly out of shape being 50 years old).

Before ending up homeless as a result of this hate group, had worked in computers hardware (as a technician at Compuserve Ltd in Markham, Canada), software (as a programmer), a professional musician (having gigged nearly full time for two years), a furniture mover, as an ice cream scooper and as a Furniture Stripper and Junior Cabinet maker. I had been interested in writing since I was young, and even was selected from fifteen hundred other students to take part in an extra-curricular creative writing program at eleven years old. While homeless for 8 years I worked every day (except weekends) for five of those years. So I've never really been a slouch though I've had rough times that have likely arisen as a result of these hate groups and stalkers. I'm not a pedophile or responsible for any crime that would put me in the sights of such people except perhaps for being vocal on a few issues and standing up to gangs I'd encountered in the Shelter System. I was even dealing with the Federal Police tackling related issues before I became homeless so I have a sense of patriotism as well and have never held racist or homophobic views in my life. Its more likely that I was targeted by some form of criminal gang or a variety of hate groups. My love interest is Mandarin Chinese and I would fight to the death to defend my right to feel that way about someone of a different culture. After all, I'm Caucasian. The Woman in question isn't someone that I don't know. After all, I'd been in a relationship with her for nearly a year and a half before this cult began stalking her. We broke up in order to protect her. I won't ever recant my affection for her nor change my mind even if it means going to my grave single.

Shhhh! Digital Media is just about all that I have left. So when I come under attack by such groups or people in Toronto, I must use my Shhhh! Digital Media platform to expose and express what is happening in that regard.

I have no qualm with anyone's beliefs as long as in their application of those beliefs they don't violate the human rights of myself or others, according to Canada's Human Rights Act or the United Nations Universal Declaration Of Human Rights.

In fact, I get abuse by hate groups on both sides of the fence. From Caucasians like myself and from African, Jamaican and Caribbean Canadians despite the fact that I am not a hater as I've said. For just about everything I accomplish this hate group attempts to force me to pay for the blood of someone they refer to as Tanzanian. So for whatever unknown reason, I am indebted to someone Tanzanian whose blood is superior to my own according to this cult and gives me the ability to be creative. When one of these hate groups subsides, the other takes over the abuse and I'm situated directly in between these groups in my community and the most ironic thing is that the Toronto Police Service does absolutely nothing about it despite being fully aware of what's going on.

The hate groups responsible for these attacks never treat me as my own identity (Brian Joseph Johns). Instead they assign the identity of someone else who they believe deserves the punishment that they give to me. So in other words, I'm taking someone else's abuse which apparently is supposed to be their punishment and have been for nearly two decades. As I've stated in other posts, the members of this cult believe that they are mind controlling me and other people and as I said, the Police make no effort to interfere or investigate. In fact, they use their sirens to taunt me when I'm being harassed like some kind of psy-ops program. I am not against the Police at all, but when they behave like that I disgusts me.

So I agree with Absolut's approach one hundred percent and they handled the situation the best way that they could. It would be much different if Absolut was run by one person who was continuously attacked by a cult. Perhaps Absolut or any other company that underwent such treatment might not exist today and perhaps years later that person might be dead and Absolut's recipes would be in the hands of the very people who conducted that abuse, having stolen and taken over the Absolut recipe and process.

So that is the threat posed by the cult of which I speak and that is what I face and as I've said, unfortunately it is assisted by some people in the infrastructure and the system who misuse their access to resources to assist such hate groups in the theft of their victim's life, history and property.

Skåls Absolut. Great product and may we live in a world where everyone can enjoy it without fighting about race, culture, religion or sexual orientation. It breaks my heart to see this happening in the city in which I grew up and where I still live to this day in Regent Park: Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

I'm sure having exposed this, we'll see many people dancing to dodge the accusation until the heat subsides and then it will return to the way it was before someone pointed the light at it.

My attitude is that my product is pretty good, meaning my content. Much of it certainly is the best of me and what I believe to be the concept of Shhhh! Digital Media. However, I'm not going to dance trying to avoid losing customers or readers just because I don't want to call them for exactly what they are and that for which they're responsible. My product has value and to tell you the truth, if people like that don't want to read it or use it, that's alright because they're not worth being allowed to use my product or read my content with an attitude like that.

My readers and my customers are my ambassadors. I don't want arse-holes for ambassadors.

Toronto is my city of birth, and it really hurts to be stalked and abused the residents of my home city. Especially where what they're doing is a violation of the Canadian Human Rights Act. I'm not being controlled nor am I possessed by anyone else but myself, Brian Joseph Johns. Just because my love interest is Mandarin Chinese does not mean that I am somehow not myself.

Regardless, here's what I believe:

I believe in Women's rights around the world.

I believe that being a Man does not mean being a bully.

I believe any mixed (or unmixed) culture relationship is perfectly fine so long as it involves consenting adults.

I believe in LGBTQ rights and marriage.

I believe that everyone has a right to their own beliefs and religion so long as the application of that religion does not infringe upon someone else's Human Rights.

I believe in preserving the environment and the life within.

I believe that love and hate are not the same thing.

I believe that if you do the crime, that you should do the time. No substitutions.

I believe that the only person that should fuel a person's life is that person themselves. In doing so others will help that person reach the sky.

I believe that encouragement should be expressed where deserved and needed.

I believe that disdain, discipline or constructive critique should be expressed where needed.

Identity theft and identity swapping should be considered one of the worst crimes committed against an individual as it denies them entirely of their being.

I believe in kisses that last three days (sorry, borrowed that one from a Kevin Costner movie).

Brian Joseph Johns

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The Importance Of The Carbon Tax


With the potential removal of the Carbon Tax on the Progressive Conservative party's agenda, perhaps now is the time we should ask of the Carbon Tax's real purpose and take it from there.

First of all, lets take a look at the operation model of the Conservatives versus the Liberals versus the New Democrats in order to understand how each implements policy that emerge as governance for this bares some importance to the issue at hand. Keep in mind that all of the parties are free to operate as they choose, but generally they all embody and follow an internal set of guiding principles that underline the philosophy of each. Keep in mind that this is not a criticism of any of the parties but an insight into how together these parties make up what we know as government and policy. I'll try to keep this as brief as possible and get to the point quickly rather than rambling for which I'm often known when writing.

The point that I am trying to make with regard to environmental policy does apply to the world as a whole.

Ironically, as I wrote this I was attacked verbally by people in my community in Regent Park from outside of my apartment building who began their usual harassment. It took me about an hour to throw it off and continue this article. I certainly don't believe the government is as much a threat as people often conjecture as are some dangerous socially bound ideologies, which are more likely to usher in a dystopian state than any government would. Maybe its a case of choosing between the devil you know versus the devil that you don't know.

Just to indicate my lack of bias, I voted Liberal in the Provincial elections and NDP in the city of Toronto Mayoral election and have no qualms with saying so. I certainly have no intent to sway people's voting more so as I'd like to have them realistically consider the issues. After all, I'm not a politician nor do I work for the city or government. In fact, as of this writing, I am collecting social assistance, applying for disability support while working as a struggling author and content producer. Its tough, but regardless I still try to do my part for society and my country. I am 50 years old as well and certainly not a member of any pyramid scheme. Oh, and I just spent the last three days sick in bed.

I've limited the descriptions to the four major political parties in Canada (specifically for the purposes of policies being considered in Ontario as of this writing). Keep in mind that these descriptions are somewhat simplified for the point I'm making here. As well, I'd like to point out that I do not feel that businesses are profit hungry narcissists wreaking havoc upon society. I believe that we are well beyond the era of believing that business is one of the world's evils. We've seen more movement towards the responsible enterprise of business world wide thanks to a generation of CEOs who've prioritized the responsibility of business and vocal consumers.


The Conservative model of operation is geared toward minimal interference of the government with regard to business, infrastructure, social policy and quite often taxation. This is a party that seeks to improve prosperity by keeping constraints and tarifs from business, so as to encourage growth by attracting new business looking for lower operating costs. Its spending policies are geared towards the reduction of the deficit so as to lower the total interest payments that the government must make on the debt, which in turn frees up money for other things like infrastructure and social programs, both of which are generally low on the list of priorities. Privatization of infrastructure and social programs are often an approaches taken by the Conservative party. Environmental policy is often a last priority if at all in the Conservative model.


The Liberal model of operation is geared towards government management and financing of infrastructure, health care and social policy as funded by taxation and by purchasing bonds which increase the deficit and the total interest payments. Infrastructure, healthcare and social policy often does better under these conditions improving the economy by the jobs created by infrastructure, healthcare and social policy which in turn draws business. Liberal governance dictates that business and industry that damages the environment should be penalized or taxed, so as to create an incentive for such business and industry to innovate in order to reduce environmental risks and damage. This generally matches to a lesser degree the measures proposed by the Green Party and their model of operation.

New Democrats

The New Democratic Party's model of operation is geared towards progressive change of the electoral system and some changes to how seats in the parliament are obtained and retained. In addition the New Democrats generally operate on a similar model of operation to the Liberals with regard to Infrastructure, healthcare and social policy, perhaps introducing some new approaches to financing and management of each area. Councillors and MPs have a more proactive responsibility in the instituting of the policies embraced by the New Democrats. Their environmental policy is again a balance between those of the Liberals and the Green Party, where penalties and taxation provide impetus for business and industry to innovate technology with the goal of eliminating environmentally damaging byproducts.

Green Party

The Green Party's model of operation prioritizes environmental policy and environment preserving initiatives. Every policy geared towards the implementation of business, infrastructure, healthcare, social safety net takes environmental issues under close examination and hence they are the front line with regard to how government policy and implementation affects environment.

How This All Fits Together

Realistically speaking our system is the combination of these parties and their representation in the City Council, Queen's Park and the House Of Commons. That is, the issues addressed by the system will largely be reflected by the parties and their representatives who have seats in any of these areas of government. Hypothetically speaking, a majority Conservative government will mean that the total voting power in Council, Queen's Park or the House Of Commons favours the Conservatives (as they have more representatives). This power of representation filters down through the other parties and their respective voting power in representing their model of operation. So the issues that you feel strongly about and that are represented by any particular party only have as much of a voice and voting power as there are representatives who've been elected/appointed.

When hotbed issues like human rights, healthcare, employment, justice, immigration, abortion or environment come up, the public voice tends to lend a lot of sway as some of these issues are critical when it comes to election time, as that is how the representatives have their seat in the first place. So their voice is only as potent as the people who go to the polls during election time. That's the first place where we have our say in how society is governed and how policies become reality though that is only the first step.

The next step is for people to be active when it comes to these issues. Speaking about them and expressing their views in support of or against any particular issue or policy, as that will affect how policies are created and how they're voted upon in Council/Queen's Park/House Of Commons. That might include being vocal at a rally. It might mean a protest. It might mean being active on social media. It might mean writing to your representative about those issues. Anything to express your support or stance against anything that is currently being considered for policy or about to undergo a vote by the representatives.

Where Carbon Tax (Or Any Issue) Fits In

The upcoming changes to the province's Carbon Tax policy are one such example of a hotbed issue as this has many potential outcomes depending upon how the policy is handled (ie whether the policy is eradicated or not).

This issue is more about how each party handles a particular issue according to their operation model. So in this case we have a majority Conservative government whose policy is to remove operating constraints to encourage business growth. The existing Carbon Tax is one such policy that is on the slate for removal.

The predominant argument for the removal of the Carbon Tax is that it was a cash cow for the former provincial Liberal government and that is really bares no relevance to environment as human civilization only accounts for a relatively small percentage of overall carbon production in the environment. The Carbon Tax is imposing undue cost and limits upon local business and industry which is having an adverse effect upon how other businesses might evaluate Ontario as being hospitable to new facilities and operations. That in turn generates more revenue and invigorates the economy in the short term by putting the burden of profit directly onto the environment itself.

Let's take a look at the reason for the existence of the Carbon Tax. First of all, when it comes to the environment and the detriment that careless industry causes to the environment, the symptoms of the damage don't usually show up for a very long time. We're talking in the ball park of anywhere from a hundred to three hundred years. Considering that the industrial revolution started in the eighteen hundreds, that would be about right. That would give human kind about two hundred years of ever growing production of carbon emissions through a variety of means from towering chimney stacks to automobiles and other fossil fuel reliant vehicles. Though there's a lot of debate on this issue, we are beginning to see the effects two hundred years later as their cause has accumulated and grown exponentially around the world. But we're in Canada. But Canada is a part of the world, so our smog and carbon output affects our neighbours' world as well as our own.

So for two hundred years, the price for the era of industrial growth and the profits they've yielded human kind have all been paid for by the environment. The resources that kick started this revolution as well as the emissions resulting from their processing and production essentially all comes from and goes to the environment, while we take the money we've created as a result of this enhanced production and make bigger cities, build more houses, make more babies and drive more cars. Meanwhile the very untainted environment from which we extract resources grows ever smaller, meaning that the trees that breath carbon dioxide and covert it into their trunk are disappearing. They essentially were our front lines for the defense against the ever advancing levels of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere and they're disappearing as a result of the demand for more real estate upon which to build industry which in turn produces more and more carbon.

So, someone said:

Hey! there is no apparent penalty to prevent industry from putting the weight of their profits onto the environment, which means as long as there is no penalty, they won't invest in ways to improve the efficiency of refining and reduce the carbon emissions which will affect us in the future and be a threat to the generations to come.

So the Carbon Tax was born out of the idea that the government could provide the negative impetus to industry to research ways to improve their efficiency and reduce exhaust in the way of carbon. After all, if they didn't, they wouldn't benefit from having reduced Carbon Tax. The government then could take the extra capital and invest it into researching environmentally friendly technologies and alternative fuel sources that would reduce or completely eliminate the threat to the environment imposed by industry, resource extraction and refining. Not to mention they could fund programs to reestablish deforested areas and renew the ability of the environment to deal with our exhaust naturally and through innovative means. This would work to benefit us in the present as well as the future generations. As well, it established a growing precedent by example that could affect positive change exponentially.

The Carbon Tax was one solution of a variety of different solutions but in the end it was a start to tackling this problem and taking the first step to relieve the environment of the burden of cost for our growth as a species. After all, we need it more than it needs us.

So the Carbon Tax exists as a front line for this issue and is perhaps one of the most innovative approaches. Future policies instead might change it to reward business that invests money into environmentally friendly technologies or furthering the efficiency of resource extraction and refining. As well it affects the fossil fuel industry and has likely been one of the most influential factors (next to informed consumers) to result in the growing development and deployment of vehicles operating on alternative environmentally friendly fuels. The potential growth for industry that embraces environmentally friendly technologies is staggering, as they will completely eliminate those who don't. That's likely why some industries who've made little effort to change are so much against these new industry startups.

Not to demonize the Conservatives, but three of the parties and their representatives agree that eliminating the Carbon Tax will be a big step backwards with regard to confronting our responsibility to ensure that future generations will have an environment to sustain. As I said, we need it more than it needs us. Perhaps we'd better start by appreciating it a bit more and taking measures to protect it.

Brian Joseph Johns



Wednesday, October 3, 2018

A Retorte In Defense Of My Prior Article...


I guess it had to do something with my post about Bob Guccioné on my web site at shhhhdigital.com (right here as luck would have it).

My guess is that there's a lot of people who see what Mr. Guccioné did as being exploitive of Women or outright wrong. I spent most of the day being abused by a segment of my community who conducted their abuse just outside of my apartment building and from some of the neighbouring apartments to my own as well. Perhaps they deserve a B+ for originality this time though this routine is quickly getting old. I mean I don't regard hate as meaning love (or blood for that matter) as I'm not a member of any ideology that would operate in such a way.

My Motives?

There are no ulterior motives to my writing the article which had actually started out as a tribute to fellow writer Terry Runté. I am not one for chasing droves of Women (its been 8 years and 4 months since my last physical and sexual relationship), and I tend not to objectify Women purely as sex objects though I do enjoy sexuality quite a bit being a Scorpio. In addition, my love interest is Mandarin Chinese. She is very beautiful and insanely funny as well as being a bit older than myself. A respectable age difference is not a big thing to me. Regardless here's my retorte to my harassers and anyone else that I offended with that article who sought other means to attack me.

First of all as I've said many times, I'm not Italian or Sicilian myself any more than I'm Australian, African or Jamaican. In saying so I intend no offense anymore than I'd be offended by someone declaring their ethnicity or country of origin as being different from mine. The point in a multicultural and multilateral world isn't that we have to give up our concept of geographical or cultural identity. It is that we have to accept and embrace everyone else's. In the same token as being a Man, I do not give up my own identity as such except occasionally in an attempt to understand the opposite sex a little better. Instead I accept and embrace Women. So I am very proud to be a Canadian Man, in a country made up of many cultures but ultimately I am myself rather than having someone else's identity thrust upon me. Oh, and I am perfectly alive.

I do admire what people like Mr. Guccioné and Hugh Hefner accomplished in terms of putting Women in charge of their bodies during a time when Women's rights still had a long way to go. Ultimately that was an uphill battle for them against the mores of society and the clergy of the time quite honestly. This isn't about getting a chance to peep at a Woman's privates and standing up for that right just in case of being rewarded with freebies or anything of that nature. Not being a member of Prince Hall myself, I do respect Rev. Jesse Jackson for allowing himself to be interviewed by Penthouse despite the fact that he'd taken a hard stance against both Penthouse and Playboy Magazine at the time.

What's The Case?

It's about a Woman being in charge of her own body and having the final say on whom she shares that aspect of her being with and under what terms and circumstances. That's a say that hasn't long existed for married Women as they were considered up until fairly recently the property of their husbands. The unwed Women would be the property of their respective families and most likely the Man of the house. In terms of the Women being the property of their husband this was referred to as coverture. This meant that a married Woman and her belongings were the property of her husband. There were variations on this concept though most of them pretty much adhering to the idea that a married Woman was the property of her husband.

Despite the fact that there is evidence to suggest that coverture was not as extreme as it may sound, it took a long time for a married Woman's rights to be reflected in written law. The practice started in the courts of the late Middle Ages in England and its abolition began around 1839 with the Married Women's Property Acts. Coverture was alleged used in court cases, both for and against Women up until 1972 in the United States. In Canada the situation was similarly changed under the Matrimonial Property Acts (see Woman And Property) which was passed in most provinces around the 1970s.


Marriage for most being a religious institution tends to regard Women as the property of Men as the scripture from whence Biblical passages are translated were written between 1500 to 2000 years ago were drawn up mostly from patriarchal societies. Essentially a time when Women in many parts of the world were subjugated and considered property of their family or community. So the original material from which the Ceremony and Sacrament of Marriage is drawn has a wide variety of origins and has changed a little in the twentieth century.

For instance, it was voted on September 12, 1922 by the Episcopal Church that the Woman's vow: "to love, cherish and obey" her husband should be changed to: "to love and to cherish". My research did not lead to any smoking gun that found the clergy guilty of the systematic mistreatment of Women with regard to Marriage, though there is much evidence that indicates that the subjugation and oppression of Women is a communal phenomenon often fuelled by a shared ideology. That would certainly be the case in Witch Trials in both Europe and Salem Massachusetts in which 75% to 85% of the accused were Women.

Many modern religions still regard and treat married Women as being the property of their husband, especially under patriarchal religions though this has and will likely continue to change under the pressure of Women's rights advocacy and activism. Television shows such as Escaping Polygamy (which details the efforts of Women seeking to escape the clutches of the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints) outline such ideologies boldly, while other equally oppressive ideologies seem to operate unscathed in terms of scrutiny against them. This would certainly be the case with the Jehovah's Witnesses and the Catholic Church (patriarchal religions with all male ruling committees). This is not about religion bashing as much as it is shoring up rights in some places where these issues should be applied. Once again, I have no ulterior motive in that regard despite the fact that I'm Buddhist and Taoist, though I am not a devout, I do take my beliefs seriously. We all have a right to our beliefs or the absence thereof where the application of those beliefs does not deny the rights of another person.

Bifurcation, Confidence And Education?

There are many feminists that would likely have my hyde for arguing Women's Rights using the history of Penthouse and Playboy Magazine as my itinerary. The rationale in doing so has more to do with unifying rather than separating Women according to vocation and level of Education. Two aspects that have long been used to divide Women, as Women have long been victims of the bifurcation that often divides us all. Shameless categorization of Women as different brands or flavours, according to hair colour, height, eye colour, chest size, hip size, young or old, eye wear, employed or not, educated or not, make-up or natural etc.

So to divide Women who've empowered themselves on two different grounds is counterproductive to how all Women should be treated throughout society. One group on the basis of their education and application of expertise and skills and another by taking charge of the power of their own body and sexuality but not necessarily giving all of it away. Exploitation in either case would be to take what either of these groups of Women have to offer without their fair and just due or even consent. In either case, their education, self confidence and having full control over their body and their sexuality are very much part of their negotiating skills. Recall I that I didn't just say sexuality and that I in fact said control of their own sexuality. That means the responsibility to maintain professionalism on the part of all negotiating. Being in charge of one's own sexuality does not give others the right to freely partake of it by a grab here or a pinch there. She has the final say about those boundaries as their negotiations should be no different than the negotiations of the educated and skilled Woman. That's because in either case, she's not selling her education or her body. She's selling herself and her ability to accomplish, because every Woman is unique.

Easy enough to say but difficult to do. So Women gaining charge of their own sexuality is a big part of their rights. Take a look at any country where Women don't have control of their body and sexuality and it is usually coupled with no education or voting rights as well.

How do Women with lesser education overcome fear of mingling with educated people? Self confidence. By being treated respectfully and no differently and by treating respectfully and no differently. That's enough to help any Women feeling ineptness with regard to knowledge or skills in which they feel they may be lacking.

Here's one example of how Hobbyist Seamstress Lisbeth G Clemens designed a quilt that conformed and proved a mathematical proof by Sir Roger Penrose on aperiodic tilings. Lisbeth is not a Mathematician but rather her knowledge of geometry is intuitive by nature and very much tied in with her talent for making quilts. Yet there is a distinct connection between her quilt and an abstract mathematical proof. Education gives us the means to speak the same language when communicating with others while investigating the nature of reality. It does not mean that we cannot comprehend or understand the phenomenon at play. The educated versus uneducated is yet another form of bifurcation to divide people. Remember that the first educational institutions were created and constructed by those without a formal education or accreditation. The instructors and lecturers who taught in them were mostly self taught or learned through meaningful discussion and debate with others of the same ilk. Education brings us standards with regard to skills acquired through formal instruction.

Anyway, its late and I'd better get some more rest. I'm going to need a lot of energy because I'm certain that I'll be attacked again tomorrow once enough people read this. Most likely it will be the kind of people who want to abuse me in order to make my demeanor appear different from the kind of person who'd have written this, so they can give the credit to someone else. However I'll try putting my name and my web site at the bottom of this to prevent that.

Stay Safe And Be Well,

Brian Joseph Johns


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