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Absolut's Response To Hate From The Westboro Baptist Church...

While reading a review of the top stories from George Takei's web presence, I came upon an article involving the notorious Westboro Baptist Church, a group reknowned for their vocal hate in the United States. Of course there are no hate speech laws in the United States as they've embraced freedom of speech as one of their highest values. It appears that the WBC's most recent attacks targeted the Vodka producer Absolut. Read the article on George Takei's site as it is a gem as was Absolut's response. I love Vodka by the way and drink it on occasion. Responsibly of course.

One of the statements in Absolut's press release about the matter stated: We're not going to negatively comment on other people, other groups and their believes, but we are certainly going to talk about our values and our beliefs.
I can certainly agree with this statement where it involves a large company that has a customer base with which to appeal and appease. After all if every big company that got targeted by hate groups or stalkers or the various social phenomena that litter society they'd quickly polarize themselves out of business. Likely that's the goal of such groups in the first place. An attack tactic referred to as bifurcation. Taking something and dividing it in half until you reach a point where it can no longer be divided as a result of being so small.

Shhhh! Digital Media is not a big company. In fact, it is run by one person. Every story and pretty much all of the content that appears on Shhhh! Digital Media is produced by myself. I do use some 3rd party 3D modelling and artwork occasionally which I credit but beyond that all of the content produced for the site originates from myself. Chances are if it was the kind of thing that was geared towards profit, I'd hire artists all of the time. I'd love nothing more than to work with an artist in terms of the final character design or even settings from my books and stories.

I am not wealthy and in fact its quite the opposite. I started Shhhh! Digital Media having received community housing after being homeless for 8 years which was mostly the result of having been targeted by hate groups much like the WBC though my place of residence is in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I have no substance abuse issues and in fact I don't use, buy or sell narcotics at all. I don't even smoke cigarettes. I've never been a part of any hate group myself nor am I an ex-con or felon that has done anything that would put me in the sights of such a group. So I have to do what is right to defend myself and what I believe and that always never involves violence, though I am well prepared to defend my rights as such if ever threatened in that way (though a slightly out of shape being 50 years old).

Before ending up homeless as a result of this hate group, had worked in computers hardware (as a technician at Compuserve Ltd in Markham, Canada), software (as a programmer), a professional musician (having gigged nearly full time for two years), a furniture mover, as an ice cream scooper and as a Furniture Stripper and Junior Cabinet maker. I had been interested in writing since I was young, and even was selected from fifteen hundred other students to take part in an extra-curricular creative writing program at eleven years old. While homeless for 8 years I worked every day (except weekends) for five of those years. So I've never really been a slouch though I've had rough times that have likely arisen as a result of these hate groups and stalkers. I'm not a pedophile or responsible for any crime that would put me in the sights of such people except perhaps for being vocal on a few issues and standing up to gangs I'd encountered in the Shelter System. I was even dealing with the Federal Police tackling related issues before I became homeless so I have a sense of patriotism as well and have never held racist or homophobic views in my life. Its more likely that I was targeted by some form of criminal gang or a variety of hate groups. My love interest is Mandarin Chinese and I would fight to the death to defend my right to feel that way about someone of a different culture. After all, I'm Caucasian. The Woman in question isn't someone that I don't know. After all, I'd been in a relationship with her for nearly a year and a half before this cult began stalking her. We broke up in order to protect her. I won't ever recant my affection for her nor change my mind even if it means going to my grave single.

Shhhh! Digital Media is just about all that I have left. So when I come under attack by such groups or people in Toronto, I must use my Shhhh! Digital Media platform to expose and express what is happening in that regard.

I have no qualm with anyone's beliefs as long as in their application of those beliefs they don't violate the human rights of myself or others, according to Canada's Human Rights Act or the United Nations Universal Declaration Of Human Rights.

In fact, I get abuse by hate groups on both sides of the fence. From Caucasians like myself and from African, Jamaican and Caribbean Canadians despite the fact that I am not a hater as I've said. For just about everything I accomplish this hate group attempts to force me to pay for the blood of someone they refer to as Tanzanian. So for whatever unknown reason, I am indebted to someone Tanzanian whose blood is superior to my own according to this cult and gives me the ability to be creative. When one of these hate groups subsides, the other takes over the abuse and I'm situated directly in between these groups in my community and the most ironic thing is that the Toronto Police Service does absolutely nothing about it despite being fully aware of what's going on.

The hate groups responsible for these attacks never treat me as my own identity (Brian Joseph Johns). Instead they assign the identity of someone else who they believe deserves the punishment that they give to me. So in other words, I'm taking someone else's abuse which apparently is supposed to be their punishment and have been for nearly two decades. As I've stated in other posts, the members of this cult believe that they are mind controlling me and other people and as I said, the Police make no effort to interfere or investigate. In fact, they use their sirens to taunt me when I'm being harassed like some kind of psy-ops program. I am not against the Police at all, but when they behave like that I disgusts me.

So I agree with Absolut's approach one hundred percent and they handled the situation the best way that they could. It would be much different if Absolut was run by one person who was continuously attacked by a cult. Perhaps Absolut or any other company that underwent such treatment might not exist today and perhaps years later that person might be dead and Absolut's recipes would be in the hands of the very people who conducted that abuse, having stolen and taken over the Absolut recipe and process.

So that is the threat posed by the cult of which I speak and that is what I face and as I've said, unfortunately it is assisted by some people in the infrastructure and the system who misuse their access to resources to assist such hate groups in the theft of their victim's life, history and property.

Skåls Absolut. Great product and may we live in a world where everyone can enjoy it without fighting about race, culture, religion or sexual orientation. It breaks my heart to see this happening in the city in which I grew up and where I still live to this day in Regent Park: Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

I'm sure having exposed this, we'll see many people dancing to dodge the accusation until the heat subsides and then it will return to the way it was before someone pointed the light at it.

My attitude is that my product is pretty good, meaning my content. Much of it certainly is the best of me and what I believe to be the concept of Shhhh! Digital Media. However, I'm not going to dance trying to avoid losing customers or readers just because I don't want to call them for exactly what they are and that for which they're responsible. My product has value and to tell you the truth, if people like that don't want to read it or use it, that's alright because they're not worth being allowed to use my product or read my content with an attitude like that.

My readers and my customers are my ambassadors. I don't want arse-holes for ambassadors.

Toronto is my city of birth, and it really hurts to be stalked and abused the residents of my home city. Especially where what they're doing is a violation of the Canadian Human Rights Act. I'm not being controlled nor am I possessed by anyone else but myself, Brian Joseph Johns. Just because my love interest is Mandarin Chinese does not mean that I am somehow not myself.

Regardless, here's what I believe:

I believe in Women's rights around the world.

I believe that being a Man does not mean being a bully.

I believe any mixed (or unmixed) culture relationship is perfectly fine so long as it involves consenting adults.

I believe in LGBTQ rights and marriage.

I believe that everyone has a right to their own beliefs and religion so long as the application of that religion does not infringe upon someone else's Human Rights.

I believe in preserving the environment and the life within.

I believe that love and hate are not the same thing.

I believe that if you do the crime, that you should do the time. No substitutions.

I believe that the only person that should fuel a person's life is that person themselves. In doing so others will help that person reach the sky.

I believe that encouragement should be expressed where deserved and needed.

I believe that disdain, discipline or constructive critique should be expressed where needed.

Identity theft and identity swapping should be considered one of the worst crimes committed against an individual as it denies them entirely of their being.

I believe in kisses that last three days (sorry, borrowed that one from a Kevin Costner movie).

Brian Joseph Johns

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