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Investment, Spending and Bad Habits...

What would I do with a large investment into my company Shhhh! Digital Media or its content properties?

I've written on the Shhh! Digital Media About section that I'd never accept an investment or a buyout attempt for any price, as I'd never want to see my characters' path and future end up dictated by another's agenda which differs from my own agenda. I don't really have a price though that doesn't mean that I wouldn't accept such an offer despite the fact that it may never happen and I'm not living my life depending upon such a possibility. I'd certainly never rule it out under certain conditions.

I mean, would you sell your children to another family? You reared and raised them from their birth and from that time they've developed into wonderful people, reflecting a little bit of yourself, their life experience and their own innate being to achieve such stature. With characters in a book its a little bit different as the only place that they exist in flesh and blood is within the writer. To sell my characters would be like selling my children (I don't have any children other than my book characters and a fur baby).

I write what I write to share, though I want to prosper from my efforts though I've never given much thought to getting "rich" with them. I mean I live by pretty scarce means. I live in a reasonable bachelor apartment in downtown Toronto. Cosy though it could use a few improvements I appreciate having a roof over my head if only because I am experienced with living without one. So my living expenses are few and the biggest one of them is my communications bills IE phone, internet and television and even they are meager by any standards.

I live month to month on a tight budget which I regularly draw up in a spreadsheet that includes my grocery lists, my bills expenses, cleaning kit and entertainment money all of which I manage to wrap up in a neat and tidy budget from month to month. I don't rely on alcohol or narcotics, though I do enjoy a few drinks every once in a while. I'm not a gambler and in fact have never been in a Casino. I sometimes play slot machines on my phone for short spurts of amusement. So the truth is I have no financial risk associated with any of my lifestyle or habits and that's not to discredit those who do but rather to distinguish my boundaries.

The evidence suggests that my productivity at Shhhh! Digital Media and the notoriety of some of what I write seem to attract some attention and potentially could be valuable to people who took over my identity from me to defraud investors out of their investment money or something of that nature while doing so dirtying the repute of my name and my content. The truth is that I've never taken investment money from anyone much less defrauded anyone of their investment.

I've never shopped my content professionally to others seeking investment or synergy of any kind other than what I already give with my content. Seeing as I don't profit from it at all (in fact it costs me in order to produce it), I'm sharing it because I believe in it.

So I'm going to answer the hypothetical question of what would I do if I suddenly was given control over a large sum of money. I'll answer this as honestly as I can even if it poses risks to how people might have perceived me in the first place.

I'd Buy A Condominium and/or Small Bungalo

First of all, I'd probably look to relocate to a different area within my city or just outside of this city where I could find peace in order to continue to pursue content production. With money being no object in such a situation I'd still likely choose a modest place, possibly a small Condo with access to  gym facilities and a pool and that would do me fine. I don't smoke so I'm not a risk to other Condo owners investments. I don't smoke cannabis but recently I've been looking at some of the recently legalized cannabis products looking for a way to try them without smoking as a means to ingest for my own personal experimentation. I'm not a spring Rooster as I've smoked cannabis prior in my life, I just don't feel that putting something into my body via smoke is how I want to treat my body. I completely support the legalization movement and always have so long as it respects the rights of cannabis abstainers. That doesn't seem to be a problem though as we head on into the future in Canada. I also would look at a bungalo. In fact there's a bungalo in Scarborough that I'd have bought years ago if I'd had the money. I'd likely try to buy that particular one as it has every element that I like and need not to mention its meager size and peacefulness.

I'd Build A New Content And Production Pipeline

In fact, I'd likely buy two or three separate computers and build a small content production network which would facilitate a variety of processes such as:

  • Writing and Editing (which doesn't require much computing power)
  • 3D and 2D imaging and graphics rendering (requires considerable CPU and GPU power)
  • Music composition (requires modest CPU power and possibly hardware investment such as A/D D/A conversion and MIDI controllers as I am a piano and keyboard player)
  • Gaming and Modding (an area of story telling which I'd explored in the distant past being an early modder for games such as Doom, Doom2, Duke Nukem 3D in addition to Morrowind and more recently Skyrim SE all of which requires moderately powered hardware).
  • Video shooting space with green screen (modest hardware requirements and perhaps switching/mixing hardware with chroma key)
  • Coding, Programming and application development (moderate hardware requirements including mobile devices and other computers as target platforms for testing) An area of importance as I already run much of my content production with software I've developed in house, that I've not released before. In fact, I have a number of programs that are ready for deployment that I'm retargeting for mobile platforms as a possible future investment.

Seeing as I've produced most of the starting content for what eventually became Shhhh! Digital Media on a meager Compaq Laptop running Windows Vista years ago, my upgrades would still be meager. Probably in the ball park of five thousand dollars total. Maybe a little bit more if I went for a Music Workstation Keyboard and Tricaster. My current content pipeline is modest consisting of two networked computers, both of which I control from one workstation that acts as computation engine while the other is a sort of file server with audio/video mix down capabilities. The setup is cheap but effective and tuned perfectly the way that I like it. So changing my content pipeline would probably present little difficulty. I've worked on projects developing content pipelines and networking strategies for managing large quantities of files for film production, so I'm already familiar with the challenges.

One area that I'd like to grow into is developing Youtube content and a Shhhh! Digital Media channel on Youtube. It would complement the existing content of the web site, possibly introducing animated graphics for all of the characters with news and updates related to the content. I'd also hire or provide audio book versions of all the Butterfly Dragon and A Lady's Prerogative content, something I've already considered doing a couple times.

So what's stopping me?

I've said before that I have a cult of stalkers and harassers who literally believe that from one moment to the next I become possessed by other people from whom I receive my skills or abilities. In other words, they believe that I don't possess the life experiences that I already have and that when I think or do something of a different nature each day, that it comes from someone else externally who is of course possessing me, perhaps like having a hand up my ass puppeteering me.

The more that I learn about what they're doing the more I understand it though I completely am against it and always will be. You see this cult believes that there are people and cultures with superior blood to that of the rest of us. The cult believes that anytime one of us achieves something nominal, that we are being possessed or mind controlled by the people with the superior blood. In fact this cult makes it into a daily game of stealing the output of the people whom they think that they're controlling in this matter.

So if I write a bunch of chapters to my books, they make it a competition of seeing who they're going to give credit to from their cult. Because they believe that if you produce it that it came from their blood, so they should get the full credit for everything that you accomplish. I believe that means they also rip off investors by those means as well. By tricking them into believing that what one person outputs in their efforts are actually the productive aspects of another person (who is the fraudster and the person they're attempt to build up by stealing other people's content to give to their credit).

I believe that this cult finds victims and uses them to power their lives and kind of traps their victim in that kind of situation for the rest of their life, giving them little or nothing in return for what they steal from the victim. That's what this cult has been doing to me for years without interference by the Police and they had been doing this long before I wrote ALP2, so I didn't "manifest" them into doing that sort of thing to people. They seem to be big on the whole idea "blood paid", which to them means they believe that everyone in their proximity that produces anything owes this cult the credit for it. In essence its a form of extortion. If you don't pay them they'll just harass you forever.

So my hurdles are not so much personal obstacles that come from within. In fact, I have no such obstacles at all. My biggest hurdles are those created by this cult. I don't speak the opposite of what I intend. I'm not a part of anything like that either. So my explanation is exactly as I intended it and the truth as I'm sure many people already know.

Regardless I still continue to strive. As I've said before, its their bad Karma not mine.

My personal struggles relate to anxiety and depression that is my responsibility to take care of those issues so that they don't interfere with my life or the lives of others. So in the midst of such a cult its a bit more difficult dealing with people of that nature for they're pretty darn abusive and persistent. If you ask them to cease the abuse, they disregard your request and sometimes even increase it. The most I can do is take responsibility for how I respond to this sort of abuse. The rest is their issues to deal with and their responsibility. I'm a Buddhist and Taoist but this cult seems geared towards forcing me into another religious belief that would grant them the right and power to abuse other people without interference. I am not a member of anything of that sort as I've stated a number of times.

So this post isn't an appeal for investment, its an explanation of how I budget myself both before and after having money.

Just so nobody else tries to steal my identity as having posted this, I'll leave my full contact information on this post. My picture is at the top. I'll leave a recent photo at the bottom as well.

Thanks for reading this and enjoy

I've had better days. Brian Joseph Johns.
Brian Joseph Johns

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