Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Possibly Taking Place In An Alcohol Study...

I happened across a study recently for which I should qualify as it relates to alcohol consumption and stress. I'd have to say that I never feel stressed when drinking, though it is not quite an escape so much as it is a method of relaxation and enjoyment. Thankfully I'm not dependent upon it.

Actually I was a cigarette smoker for twenty seven years until I quit at the age of 43. I'm fifty now so it was a little more than seven years ago. At the time, I quit cold turkey and literally quit on a dime. One moment I was a smoker and the next I wasn't because I made a choice.

In fact, I even bought a full pack of cigarettes at the time which I did not unwrap ever. I kept them on me so that I'd always have a choice and so that I had to make the choice not to smoke every moment of every day. Two months later, I threw the pack of cigarettes out and was done with cigarette smoking for good.

Since that time my lungs have improved immensely and my body feels great, er... much better than it did not to mention that I don't smell like a chimney everywhere I go. So my sense of will power is pretty good, seeing as tobacco is one of the most difficult and addicting substances to quit.

That's not bad considering that at 32-33 years old, I was doing 150 closed fist push-ups a day (on my knuckles as I'd learnt in particular classes I'd studied prior). I did those every day and was able to do push-ups on my head for a number of years beyond that. In fact, I was dating the daughter of a Police Officer at the time. We went to a Halloween party at her family's house, and in the midst of a number of Police Officers and Paramedics (off duty) I did a bunch of headstand push-ups, so I have witnesses my look at me attitude at the time. In fact, I even did her Halloween makeup for her costume and it turned out amazing though she is a work of art to begin with. She is an amazing Woman and I hope that she's doing well and having a good life. How's that for kissing arse? ;-)

So fortunately I've never had problems with addiction, though I have and sometimes still am obsessive when it comes to certain things. I'm hoping that whatever I can contribute to this study helps the researchers. Not to mention there's compensation involved as well, and I could use the money. Sure beats selling my kidneys on the black market. Besides, they're reserved as I opted for them to be donated upon my cessation. Until then I'll try to keep them in working order.

Brian Joseph Johns

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