Monday, October 22, 2018

Wanna Know A Bit More About Me?

Brian Joseph Johns
After my last post, I think that anyone who wants to take over my identity might have a bit of a tough time doing so seeing as how blatantly honest I am, especially with regard to certain issues but the truth is that despite the fact that I live impoverished in the Regent Park area of Toronto, that there are many people out there who seem to want my own identity more than their own and for me to have someone else's. If I didn't know any better I'd say that these people are playing the movie: A Scanner Darkly (based upon a Philip K. Dick novel of the same name) as if it was real life and happening here in Regent Park. In fact they seem to have a fixation with that one and The Matrix for its tech savvy pseudo Gnostic allegory and likely because it promotes the idea that we're all walking around with other people connected to our brains that are driving our bodies around and giving us directions in order to safely navigate the Matrix.

It is the clash of those who live in a make believe society versus those who live in reality, with blue representing make believe and red representing reality. I thought the series was good and that the first movie hit upon themes that have been explored for thousands of years in Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Jainism, Kabbalah and to some degree Christianity. The irony of it is that the Matrix is a movie and make believe and we're living in reality. I find it ironic that the device that would initiate us to the concepts in the Matrix would be make believe and that many people would prefer to play as if we were living in the Matrix movie, or A Scanner Darkly versus their own reality. Once again its a case of the red pill versus the blue pill.

The blue pill can be fun if you're adventurous while being well grounded. Make believe can be fun for couples or single persons alike (I enjoy it) but I'm hopelessly devoted to the red pill. Not because I don't enjoy make believe. Not at all. Because I'd rather find that real mystery that enshrouds the reality in which we live. Movies and the worlds they represent much like are like television and video games are like Star Trek's holodeck. An illusion created by us and our technology to spice up what some people see as the limits of reality, especially for those whose patience for transcendence is limited. Getting lost in the illusion we've created versus the hidden mysteries of the actual reality. Its not a case of one or the other but more so an exploration of both.

The problem is that many people are lost in a concept where they're worshiping and placing emphasis on the illusion and symbol rather than what it represents. How we define and use colours is a good example of this concept as to many people colour symbolism is the be all end all of things. In fact, if you can bully someone into colour symbolism, you can control them and that's how many people abuse the symbol of colour socially. I'm not talking necessarily about the symbol of colour representing physical attributes of different cultures, but rather concepts that are forced upon us by those of us who really don't care about human rights or individuality. Their excuse for doing so is that it makes good hate.

What is good hate anyway? Probably the hate exhibited by the team you're on versus others, as you're not on the receiving end but rather on the giving end, which when it comes to hate seems to be the preferred state of being. I doubt that many of the people who like it that way would be able to handle being subjected to hate for long periods without the risk of suicide or perhaps violence in some regard. Funny how other people can't seem to take what they're so able to dish out and so that burden often lay with those who can handle it with little regard for their comfort.

What I find ironic is that with enough people who detract from the dictionary definition of hate that such a group of people could rewrite the events around them simply by regarding everything as being its dictionary opposite, and that is something that quite often happens with such groups going to great lengths to ensure that their side of the fence is completely reversed in terms of the historical definition according to dictionaries and what not. I mean, if you come upon a large group of people and you present yourself and sincere and kind, if those people are being the opposite, what's to stop them from regardling love and meaning hate, and hate as meaning love? So when they recall to someone else your qualities, they speak of you as being a hater, rather than a lover and that's because they regard hate as being love (and love as being hate).

To people that do not understand this rape of reality and truth, they might believe that you are actually a hater by the dictionary definition, especially if they're not aware of this reversal of polarity as it exists in some places of society. That is why I say sincerity before polarity.

Have you ever played musical chairs? What if you played musical chairs and what was at stake were our persona and identities. So each round, another identity is taken away, and by the time the music stops, we must successfully grasp at another persona and identity that is until there's only on left for two people. There are groups of people who do play as such with other people's identities and persona, trying to wear them as their own while denying the real owner of their own identity.

So the heavier and more burdensome that identity, the fewer people there will be who are willing to take it from you and this is what pushes us to our social limit of what is acceptable. I mean the way some groups of people operate is that if they outnumber other people, they essentially can write the truth as being their recollection of events despite whether that is the real truth or a contrived truth to suit the version of reality they want to project. So if they like something that you do and they outnumber you and your friends, there's a chance that such a group could take it from you and regard it as having started with them. Add in the ambiguity of such groups' concepts of identity and how they can be taken so easily from other people and you've got a challenge. My attitude towards such activities might sound a little bit dismal, but that's only because I've lived it from the victim end. I mean I wish we did create our own reality because if we did, I'd be using my creative properties to earn money for myself and to raise more money for causes in which I believe. I'd also be living a pretty decent love life with a driven and equally creative Woman, in many different meaningful ways.

I suppose if we could create our own reality, there'd be people from these groups that would likely take that away from you as their own. For instance by this reversal of love and hate (polarity reversals) imagine the kind of havoc that would wreak upon someone who believes that they're manifesting their own reality if all of the sudden all of the positive they attempted to manifest came back to them and the others for whom they'd wished good, as the diametrical opposite? These are big secrets of this ideologies modus operandi by the way, and I give them to you as a heads up. I mean I would think that by some of my erotic tastes that if I was manifesting reality that I'd probably be having a very healthy partnership and sex life as well as that is not the be all end all to relationships but it is a very important language by which you communicate your love for your partner. So if you went about trying to manifest such a passionate relationship with someone who you'd consider your soul mate, what would happen if others stole the impression of that manifestation as coming from you and instead made it appear to be coming from someone else nearby in your proximity for their benefit, then the same group gives you the identity and manifestation of a completely different person whose tastes are nothing like yours whatsoever. In fact this ideology weaponizes people to use that as an attack against those who they perceive to be "New Agers" or other Pagan religions. Personally I like being a Pagan, but I don't like having my efforts at manifesting some form of good reversed to their diametrical opposite or ending up with the manifestations of someone else whose ideals and tastes I abhor if not only because they constructed such a manifestation purposely knowing that it would be cruel to do so to their victim.

I guess the one way that you can really cause havoc to such people is by revealing their truth, and that's precisely what I do at least in terms of the abuses that result from this ideology trying to reverse polarity upon everyone else. As I've said, I'm not a member of any such religion. I'm actually a Buddhist and Taoist, and that does not mean that I think that Buddhism or Taoism is perfect, though I do believe that they're perfect for me. So when I say that my love interest is Mandarin Chinese, I am not stating the opposite of Mandarin Chinese. Is there even an opposite? I don't think so. Perhaps there are people who reverse cultural boundaries around the poles of African versus Asia or something of that nature. I don't and that's what counts, but if you have enough people that go against you and your version of reality (despite it being the absolute truth) those people can make your life miserable if you let them as they're trying to turn your love life into a racial battle. I'm Caucasian and with green eyes even but for some reason its not alright for me to be in a mixed culture relationship with an older Woman who is Mandarin Chinese.

So I'd advise to keep your wits about you lest you end up manifesting the exact opposite of what you want in your life just because a bunch of people don't want it for you or want to make you suffer. I guess there's one truth in the midst of all of this and that is: secrets are finite, and there's not many left for such a group who acts in that way.

I'm not anti-Hermetic by the way but I'm not a big supporter of the Kybalion as I've seen many people use it for extraordinarily abusive means the result of them finding out about it and within a short period of time misusing it against others as a means of control and manipulation. I guess in that respect its kind of like finding a gun and suddenly having the power to affect or even destroy the lives of others without having the discipline and experience that teachers you why you don't take lives. I'm not a Rose or a Gun by the way and I am really against using people as storage containers for ammunition to "shoot" other people so as to create a burden for them and to destroy their lives.

Many of the people who utilize love and hate or blood and fire are using and abusing dualism as per the Kybalion in order to manipulate others, much like what Empedocles had to say about love and strife ideology (which he claimed gave a person god like powers). That's because hateful expression in one's being slowly escalates the imbalance of hormones like cortisol that can result in anxious and angry behavior. So what happens when a large group of people all at once begin building up hormones like cortisol while dampening their balancing serotonin and dopamine? They become a weapon against the innocent people they attempt to affect. What would happen if a group of people purposely tried to cultivate feelings of hopelessness and suicidal thoughts in themselves? There's a risk one or more of them might hurt themselves but they could also attempt to hit another person with those hormones because the nervous system that signals the production of hormones in our body operates via electrochemical signaling.

If you know anything about electricity, you know that when an electrical current flows through a conductor (like the human body which is made up of 75% water, a great conductor), that it produces a magnetic field. Now consider that the magnetic field produced by the human nervous system contains all of the information flying around in our body about how much of what hormones to produce, our breathing, our heart beat, the cognitive processes of our brains and a variety of other perceptual information. So our nervous system is like a broadcaster of WIFI in a sense though this occurs at an incredibly tiny field strength, barely enough to measure and perceive, though it is both measurable and perceivable.

When that biomagnetic field crosses over the body of another person, if flows through the body. Magnetic fields produce an electrical current whenever they pass through a conductor (like the human body). So here's this electrical current that has all of the information encoded into it from the body that emitted it as a magnetic field. Not so bad as most of us try to cultivate a healthy life style and body, so that would indicate that the information content of our biomagnetic field is healthy for people of the roughly same size and weight.

So we have a group of people who practice drudging up hatred and hopelessness within their body (which results in the production of hormones). These people who do this practice hitting other people with this combined group magnetic field in attempt to cause that person's body to produce all of the bad or imbalanced hormones in order to cause that person emotional stress, an anxiety attack or even dangerous levels of depression. Not to mention that the same people who do this sort of thing attack their victim after projecting this biomagnetic field onto their victim. In the case of someone who is extremely depressed and whose body has just been triggered into producing hormones that result in melancholy or extreme depression, there might be a serious suicide risk. One could even argue that such people might even practice doing as such as a means of murder. I mean if you've suddenly been hit with the electrical nervous system encoding that is telling your body to produce enough hormones for the bodies of however many people take part in such an attack, there's a good chance that you'll be in serious risk of suicide. For such a group that hit you with those feelings by affecting your hormone production, if they began verbally abusing you, there`s a good chance that if you were depressed and hopeless enough that you might try to kill yourself. For the group doing this sort of thing, it essentially would be undetectable murder. There are people who attempt such things by the way and some of them refer to this as murder craft.

On the other end of the scale, pushing a person's anxiety level through the rough and then having a group of people rile them up could be a possible risk of extreme violence.

I've said this before but one of the reasons that I did become a Buddhist and Taoist was because they take this aspect of bodily energy very seriously. In fact to the cultures of the Far East Of Asia this is one of the foundations of life, healthy living and medical treatment. Some of the methods that I've learned in coping with such abuse came directly from the Far East Of Asia and have been immensely effective at protecting myself from such efforts. I would offer the best advice for anyone ever experiencing such a phenomenon would be to always regard any feelings that you have that appear extreme and pull you away from being centered, with caution. The more extreme to one side, the more extreme to the other side. So the greater the ecstasy the greater the pain. One usually accompanies and follows the other shortly thereafter. Don't take either extremity too seriously remember that what you are feeling is an illusion, no matter how good or bad. So don't make extreme decisions when in either of those states as a result of unnatural hormone production that resulted from people who practice doing such a thing to you. People who are really serious about bodily energy and Chi, will help you achieve balance rather than extremity because balance and calm is where you are most consciously awake and at peace of mind.

If you are experiencing harmful effects to your body that play with your emotions to either extreme, don't feel guilty if you over react and most of all, don't hurt yourself.

Brian Joseph Johns

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