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I buried a few of the prior posts, a they were disorganized and fresh in terms of being filled with my emotional response to abuse and harassment from my neighbours and the local representation of the cult I've been describing.

I've still the core information, times and details but I'd much rather clean up its presentation. As I've stated before, my core motivation for even working on putting together such an intel package is related to efforts of this cult, and how I see they affect the lives of others and myself.

I started investigating them initially simply because they got in my way and I knew inherently that what they were doing in that regard was a violation of my rights, and in some of their methods, outright illegal.

I always give the benefit of the doubt and when I'm not seeing evidence for this sort of thing damaging the lives of others or affecting my own life, I often put it on hold. The progress in connecting up everything from 1999 until now in terms of membership and events has become staggering and very revealing and I am certain that this intel will be very useful in unhinging the stranglehold that this cult has over the city, country and possibly the world. That's not grandeur but more so insight. Generally once a threat to peace and society emerges, it generally thwarts progress until it has a name. Once it is recognized and named, it usually is readily dismantled (the Nazi regime for example).

The core method of this cult is to bull bait others into charging like a bull every time they see the colour red. Ie, in reaction to some form of abuse to which they've been sensitized whether it be verbal or symbolic in some way. The cult members attempt to in a hidden manner provoke the victim into attacking the cult, so as to gain the Casus Belli (public support) of doing the same thing to the victim. its a form of character assassination and often involves making someone look good, by using the accomplishments of other people to fuel that impression, while someone is painted as the contrasting bad in opposition to that person. The further that you get away from equilibrium, the more extreme the activity becomes with the danger of victims actually becoming like the cult that is trying to harm them. To all victims of this please be advised and aware that you don't become the monster for which you hunt.

For example, a long time ago someone injures you purposely. The wound heals but is sore from time to time. An abusive ideology whom has targeted you takes it upon themselves to purposely aggravate that wound every once in a while. You react to the fact that it is sore and that these people are aggravating it purposely. To others who know nothing of that prior wound, it will seem that you're over reacting. Be careful in the fact that even in knowing that you're right, that you do not become the aggressor as a result of the abusive people knowing the great wrong that they're doing to you and getting away with it. So aggressive reaction can damage everything for which you've worked. Don't let such scumbags take that away from you. Eventually as you clear the dust so that others can understand how others are preying upon those aspects of your life, the public will come to support you more so than this abusive cult and hopefully by that time, despite their worst efforts, to you they'll not exist.

There's a difference between the kind of people who hurt others as a reaction to what they feel to be a hurt perpetrated against them versus the kind of people who hurt others just to wind up chaos so they can stand back and watch it spiral out of control.

Its not your responsibility to forgive them at all, however if you do want to exist while that sort of thing is going and and for it not to be so damaging to you, forgive yourself and forget about them. They're digging their own metaphorical grave. The thing is when you're digging your own grave you're mostly not aware of that fact until you lose sight of the rest of the world because your view is obscured by the dirt around you. By that point its usually too late. That's the position the membership of this cult are ultimately face with though they won't see it coming until its too late. The only difference between what they do to other people and what will rend them defenseless is the fact that the people who take them down will have mercy, which unfortunately this cult will never learn to fully appreciate. If you can rile and radicalize others without conscience to the point of murder, whether that be self murder or the mass murder of others, chances are you lack some core values that you'll never be capable of understanding. As more people become familiar with your methods, your power will wane ever so more until you have none over anyone. I'd say its more a dismal future for yourselves that do that sort of thing than it is for your victims.

Its calmed down a bit here and I'll continue my work until once again this cult once again goes on attack, at which point I'll continue to dismantle them just to get them out of our way. I have other things I like focusing on that are about personal progress, self sufficiency and contribution to the world around me using whatever wisdom or abilities I've learned along the way.

I am not being mind controlled or possessed by anyone. My love interest is still Mandarin Chinese and I doubt very much I'll budge on that issue as I'm ready to remain single for the rest of my mortal life rather than jumping into a relationship out of the fear of being alone. I have no involvement with the polygamy or polyandry. I don't support polygamy whatsoever, but when it comes to how a Woman chooses to spend her time and how she chooses to share her intimacy with her partners, that's her freedom and choice. Its her body and she's the one who will ultimately have to live with the consequences, both good and bad. I've never been a Womanizer nor have I ever defined my masculinity as a measurement of how many Women I could bed. I can't stand Women who don't like to kiss and I could never be in a relationship with a Woman who couldn't keep the same boyfriend for more than a day. Sex is not love, but it sure is fun though it is not a substitute for love. I don't love everyone with whom I've had sex but I certainly would only have sex with a Woman that I love.

I think this cult are more about using Women as rewards for people who defend this cult and polygamy or community polyandry. As I stated before, there was actually an entire underground rampant with crack cocaine fueled prostitution in this area for twenty years until they were brought down in 2007 by the work of the Toronto Police Services, the OPP and RCMP. As people become more comfortable and the time passes, more and more people forget those times and the risk of them making a return increases as there are many people who want that and profited from that. This cult I've outlined seems to be very supportive of that and using Women in that way, as a sort of daily reward guaranteeing the people who defend this cult a night of meaningless companionship and gratification. So I for one do not support that, and have never taken part in that sort of an activity (knowingly) and for that matter, never would. If I deserve any rewards of that kind, I'd leave that in the care of the Women for whom I care and protect but ultimately any recognition in that regard must come from the Woman I love because I do that sort of thing all for her and Women like her, because I appreciate Women for much more than just what I see, kinky fantasies and all.

I'd advise you to ignore the rumours this cult generate for that is how they remove their own garbage. So their members are notorious so far that I've seen for things like luring young Women into sexual encounters (usually in exchange for narcotics) and then taking those activities and applying them to someone else's life, hence removing their responsibility and literally harassing someone else for the weight of those activities. I have no involvement in narcotics whatsoever and I don't trick Women into acts of sexual gratitude in exchange for narcotics or anything for that matter. In fact, I haven't had a sexual encounter with a partner of any kind for 8.5 years and that's not begging for some help in that issue, because quite honestly I don't actively pursue it. As I said, I don't want just anyone. I want to be with a very specific lady (who is Mandarin Chinese as I've stated many times). This cult are against mixed culture relationships of that kind and utilize the symbolism of colours to keep people on their side of the fence which is decidedly racist. I don't mean that they're against mixed culture relationships and leave other people alone about being in such relationships. I mean they're against mixed culture relationship and try to prevent others from engaging in such relationships that break their rules in relation to the symbolism of colours. They're an active racist group and gaining more ground in Canada, and they're made up of a wide variety of cultures ironically. Not to mention they limit their victims according to their ancestry much like a Caste system. Because of my biological father's repute this cult are trying to limit my life options according to that ancestry while disconnecting me from the Man who actually raised me. Their idiom appears to be that if you want to do something in life, it must be in your blood ancestry. If it isn't, forget it.

So they've very much been trying to apply that as a limiting factor to my life despite the fact that as a hobby, I've investigatively pieced together more information and intel about their cult than I believe is currently in existence in the archives of any Police force in the country despite the fact that I have no Police or investigative training, and I have a bunch of receipts from the intelligence community that have received that information. So despite the apparent limits of my ancestry, I've likely uncovered a lot of game changing intel about this cult in Canada. I would warn Canadians, that this movement will result in a dystopian state more so than the current Government will. They're already spying illegally on Canadians per capita more so than the Government and what it receives intel wise by outsourcing the collection of local intelligence to neighbour state intelligence agencies. In other words, this grass roots movement is spying on more Canadians than the Canadian Government has access to by buying intellgence about Canadian citizens from the United States and other intelligence sources.

So a grass roots movement that warns everyone about how the Government is going to bring in the mark of the beast, big brother and what not is actually doing those things themselves. I'd highly recommend people to stick with the devil they know.

My ancestors never worked in computers nor did they create the first software management systems for a major international airport as interns when they were 17, nor am I aware that any were writers, piano players with a solid background in music theory nor did they have knowledge of vector calculus and applied geometry (both classical and fractal) and were voracious readers of the topics of both science and mysticism with a good solid understanding of most of the world's religions. Nor do any of them that I know of had correspondence with world leaders and elected officials for their part participating in due process and the growth of our society. Does that mean that I should have all of those things struck from my own history and records just because they're not supported in my blood line or ancestry? I mean from the implications of this cult they imply that my biological father was involved in prostitution and heroin, in the cheap motels along Kingston Road. For the simple fact that I have no involvement in any of that lifestyle, there are two possibilities.

The first is that there is no correlation between blood, ancestry and ability. We're all free of the chains created by the actions of our ancestors at the same time not benefiting from them as well. Each generation creates its own epitaph. We learn from the people who inspire us, like our parents, teachers, family and friends whether they're related to us or not along with our own drive and motivation to learn and apply our skills and talents to good (or bad) use in the world.

The second possibility is that those rumours about my biological father were lies and that he had no involvement in anything of that ilk, and had skills or aptitudes similar to my own and that we are all bound and shackled to our ancestors whether we like it or not. If we benefit from the accomplishments of our ancestors by riding on their coat tails, then we'd better be prepared to carry the weight of their infamy and mistakes too.

I tend to believe in the first possibility, though I believe that my biological father wasn't involved in those things he's rumoured to have taken part. Besides that, I don't solely define my father as being the man who provided the biological matter for me to exist. Its the man who raised me with values and virtues that are the foundation of who I am and what I am about and my perseverance through thick and thin. My family never raised me cast aside my feelings for someone because their culture was off limits to my own and I'd abandon any family who had such (lack of) values.

I honestly believe that love and hate are not the same thing, and they they are as they are defined historically as well that there is nothing wrong with any sort of mixed culture relationship of any cultures or genders so long as it involves consenting adults.

We all have a say in how tradition is transformed by our current and future generations. I'd never give up my free will to the confines of a tradition that did not allow me to introduce my beliefs, views and insights into that tradition in order for it to grow and continue into the future in the same way by future generations. I'd be willing to bet that the best traditions are all that way and somewhat malleable too by the generations to come.

Brian Joseph Johns

I am not Donald Sebastien Desrosiers or Jake N. and I am not a member of Prince Hall or the Jehovah's Witnesses. In fact, I stand nothing to benefit by the way of supporting religion as I am a (non-devout) Buddhist and Taoist. I believe in everybody's right to believe as they choose and that we all have the right to practice our religion where we do not violate the Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and the Human Rights Act of Canada and the United Nations by the application of our beliefs.

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