Monday, November 26, 2018

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After a sleepless Saturday night I spent Sunday doing an extensive cleaning of my apartment including trashing my mattress and box-spring which were infested with bed bugs. This is something that baffled me as I'd cleaned extensively 3 months prior and found nothing of that sort. In fact it seems a little circumspect to me. The points that were infected were water logged, not to mention in places that no water could get to from any source. It actually looked as if someone had dragged my mattress through a mud puddle. Bizarre considering that they were spotless three months ago.

The good thing is that my apartment is setup much better now, though I am without a bed, so I'll be sleeping Japanese style for a while (which isn't so bad).

I've been harassed extensively for most of the weekend and its late Sunday/Early Monday so I thought I'd reveal a bunch more about how this cult operates.

If you live in a building or condominium high rise of some form, the cult as I've seen them have a belief whereby they treat everyone who lives in the same building as if they all draw their consciousness from the same pool. That is, they believe that according to blood type or culture, more those with more powerful blood actually control others with lesser blood. That's if you all live in the same building. So every day they believe that certain people aren't themselves but are possessed by their neighbours in the same building, or people they've known prior to living in their current living space. The cult believe that some cultures are superior and that they have more possibility of infecting the consciousness of other people with lesser blood/culture.

The blood type they believe this about is generally blood type AB. If you have blood type AB, they'll believe that you get your personality from other people if they find out. They believe that such people are literally vampires of others lives and that anything such a person creates comes from others in the same building. In fact, this cult socially will stalk such people and measure for the presence of such possession in those people even denying them opportunities or applying someone else's identity to them on that basis. There are many people who are members/sympathizers of this cult who will help them to do so as well. So you can literally lose your own identity to this cult when in this situation. They literally believe that such people have no souls and that's compounded by their views on sex. They believe that when you orgasm that you lose part of your soul and that it can be replaced by the souls of people living around you (they actually refer to this as spirit). So living in a building with people who believe this sort of nonsense is like roulette with your own identity because these cult members will literally believe that you are not yourself.

If you have an active sex life, or you masturbate the cult believes that you are giving away bits and pieces of your soul and that what you lose in that respect will be replaced by the souls of the people around you. Some of them believe that they're supposed to covert you to their religion in order to save your soul, so they see this whole process as being good, despite the fact that it is social abuse involving a non-consensual victim of conversion to their religion. So if you match any of the qualities that I've mentioned here in that regard, that's likely a motive that this cult will use to target you.

This cult will regularly test you to see if you are being more consistent with yourself or the lifestyle of someone else, and if you live near the kind of people who'd much rather have your life and reputation, they'll literally use this as a method to steal it from you while replacing your identity and reputation with that of another person. Possibly like how Scientology plays musical chairs with people's lives, though this cult is not limited to Scientology alone though they more than likely play a part in it.

So you can literally live somewhere and leave with someone else's identity and reputation. They run it like a competition and if you "lose" this competition you could end up with their trash while they steal your good. That's precisely what happened to me when I was living at Salvation Army when they closed. We were promised housing but myself and one other resident did not receive it when it closed in June 2007. Instead I ended up with the identity and reputation of being a crack dealer and user and pimp despite never having used or sold crack cocaine in my life and certainly never having been a pimp.

The same sort of thing is shaping up here in my building of residence though I am fighting it. Because I use cannabis legally, there may be effort from this cult to make it appear like I use crack cocaine which is nonsense. As a matter of fact I buy cannabis from the Ontario Cannabis Store. Before it became legal I hadn't used cannabis for seven years though I never really saw it as an "evil" drug. I use it infrequently even now. Be careful if you are in a similar situation with any of the ingredients I've described above. This cult will isolate and then attempt to steal everything from you, especially your identity. They play dirty too. In other words, they'll go to lengths that push the limits of what someone can get away with in such terms. Be careful.

So as I've said, they believe that they can take the characters that I write for my books A Lady's Prerogative and The Butterfly Dragon in addition to taking the credit for writing my books. They believe that it is their soul or spirit or blood that is responsible for what other people create and they'll even use that as a justification to steal what other people create. I'm not a member of any blood centric religion or ideology (such as Jehovah's Witnesses or Seventh Day Adventists) and as a matter of fact I don't believe in Christianity or Islam. I'm actually a Buddhist and Taoist.

For the month of December I'll even be going off my vegetarian diet to accommodate the holiday season. So likely I'll be eating chicken, fish and possibly pork for the holiday and in order to replenish my body's source of protein while cutting down on carbohydrates considerably. I think that when I change my diet like that, this cult believes thats a sign that someone else is possessing me and as I said, its a big game to them that my neighbours play around the clock. No kidding.

My love interest is still Mandarin Chinese and the same Woman. That hasn't changed one bit at all since I met her in 2005 and was in a relationship with her through 2006.

Brian Joseph Johns

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