Friday, November 23, 2018

Delivering My Income Reporting Statement

A good start to the day though a night of literally battling bed bugs for most of the night as I have for a few nights. No metaphor being used, I am literally referring to the actual insect rather than a person who harasses you about your secrets, usually a neighbour or passerby.

This morning was quiet for the most part though at 12:30 PM I had to deliver my income reporting statement to Wellesley Social Services And Employment so that I can receive next month's cheque in about a week.

So on my way there it was pretty tame in terms of harassment and when I say harassment, I mean people harassing me about what other people do, especially in my building of residence. So the harassment is always about someone else's activities thought treating or talking to me as if it pertained to me. That's because this crazy cult believe that the person in question they are trying to harass is driving me like a car. Ie another completely different person occupying my body, from their body. Somewhat like remote controlling a person. In fact, they believe they can look out right through a victim's eyes like they do with some advanced robots used for exploration (telepresence).

So basically this cult believes that there is no Brian Joseph Johns but instead that this cult's religion has replaced the persona or spirit in my body with another person's. This is an ideology gaining ground in many places unfortunately (including the shelter system where I was treated for years as if I was someone else). Hence this is why the cult members steal my efforts and credit them to other people.

So when I got to the counter at Wellesley Social Services, the harassment came from people working behind the counter of a Government agency. So even some employees of a Government agency are members of this cult and forego their oaths and bonds, harassing the occasional client like myself whom they believe to be possessed or controlled by another person. Almost always this cult operates in two extremes. One that is racially biased towards Caucasian people, the other racially biased towards African or Caribbean people. So they cover both extremes and this describes how they abuse victims like myself. Essentially to the members of this cult, Brian Joseph Johns doesn't exist. They think that my body is inhabited by someone else's mind or persona despite the fact that I'm pretty consistent with being myself, but as I've stated in another post, I don't chase consistency in that fashion because if you do, you're literally giving up your consciousness and running on autopilot, which means you're not really experiencing life and taking part in it. This cult actually prefers it that way, because they believe that they can get in and take over your body.

I have no problem with anyone believing anything really, because that's subjective and doesn't involve action on their part. It just involves their belief and notions and even opinions. We all have a right to them. The problem is that this cult put those beliefs into action in violation of the human rights of others and that's what makes this wrong. Using two diametrically opposed concepts to pit people against one another or even in attempt to control them.

So this cult believe that I am possessed or controlled by someone who uses crack cocaine, heroin or another narcotic of that nature. In fact, part of their harassment is that I have to prove it to them that I don't by saying something that contradicts the nature of the people who do. This corrupt cult often does these kinds of things around the time that it is of importance that I have my own identity. Like today I got a form in the mail letting me know that my housing subsidy is being evaluated. In other words they're evaluating as to whether I should continue to receive my housing subsidy in 200 Sherbourne Street in apartment 701 which is a yearly occurrence. I've been through it many times already. The problem is that when this happens, this imply that they will be switching my identity on paper and on database with that of someone else based upon my consistency with my own identity.

This same cult has done this to me before at Riverdale Salvation Army in 2007 when I was supposed to receive housing initially. In fact, everyone else in the shelter at that time got housing except for myself and one other person. I was in fact treated as if I was someone completely different from my own identity. In fact I was treated as if I had a crack cocaine habit and I was a pimp despite the fact that neither is the case. So they at that time had swapped my identity with that of someone else and used that swapping of identity as justification not to give me housing while likely the other person with whom my identity was swapped received housing. As I said everyone else in the shelter got housing except for myself, including many who did at the time have crack cocaine problems. I'm not saying that they don't deserve the same chances at housing that everyone else does. I'm saying that I didn't get a chance at housing because this cult swapped my identity with that of someone else who did have a problem with crack cocaine. In fact, I've never used it in my life.

So whenever I was behaving good according to their concept of "good", I was possessed by someone of their religion or ideology that they looked up to. Whenever I behaved in a way that was contradictory to the nature of their religion and ideology, I was possessed by someone addicted to crack cocaine. In other words, they completely removed my real life identity from this consideration and replaced it with someone else's. It's very difficult to explain unless you've experienced this first hand. A very big and bad cult in Toronto that does these sorts of things to people like myself.

So this has happened many times since 2007 though that was the first time I became officially aware of it. These people in Toronto that do this steal other people's identities and their reputations, though their social reputations rather than their official identity, though I have reason to believe that they circumvent the system to also swap a person's official identity as well.

An example is that two people in a given area at a given time have a reputation amongst other people in the community if they're seen publicly and take part in being social. Those two people might have very different reputations depending upon their life style. The cult trade those reputations as their known by the public between the two people so that one is the other person and they do so according to concepts like love and hate. One person is the love side and the other person is the hate side. Failing that, they might do this according to blood or cultural heritage so this cult is a racist cult in some sense and when they do so according to blood they usually mean something like Cane and Abel (which essentially means someone violent and someone peace ie love and hate though using lineage rather than behavior as the determinant of one's membership). These two sides are often represented by shades (black and white) or colours (red and blue, red and brown, blue and brown etc).

The members of this cult actually play their victims like a game of ping pong, back and forth between these two extremes and with each side of which they are poised, they could either lose their own identity and the credit for their own accomplishments or they could end up elevated. This actually is what is behind the radicalization that is resulting in violent attacks as a small percentage of the victims respond to years of victimization of this kind by exploding. There have been various degrees of this seen on the news as well. So some might respond with angry outbursts while others will plan revenge for months in advance accumulating weapons and then going on a killing spree.

So the people who do this to these victims are literally stealing from these people or radicalizing them to the point that they become killers and mass murderers which in my books and I'd imagine many other people's would make this cult the real killers. Most of the victims of such acts are often innocent and not involved in the activity of this cult. That's why I don't believe in God, the Devil or Jesus Christ at all or Allah or Mohammed and that's not to say that everyone who does is a part of such an abusive ideology.

So this cult use their victims as "cows" to fuel their lives. That is what I'm saying here might be going to the credit of a guy named Terence who this cult seems to love and who is undoubtedly a member or protected by them. When I write my stories on Shhhh! Digital Media this cult steals them and credits them to their cult members. Maybe Terence. Maybe Jake N(?). Maybe Ron Silk. Maybe Ray Sare. Maybe Eugene Francois. Maybe many others. The point is that the efforts that I make towards my progress are stolen by others and credited to completely different people while other people's identities are attributed to mine and a few times that has happened it has damaged my life profusely, setting me back years every time it does.

So on my way back the harassment got a little bit worse but I dealt with it by declaring my independence from this cult by stating my differences in belief. I'm a Buddhist and a Taoist. I'm not a member of Christianity at all. Nor am I a member of the Salvation Army. I became Buddhist and Taoist in 2007 after experiencing this cult's tactics to their fullest and recognizing them for what they are. Yet nothing had been done about it, so I continue to whittle away at them until they're exposed fully.

On my way home from Wellesley Social Services and Employment place, I stopped in at the Allen Gardens Greenhouse building in Allen Gardens park to visit my turtles. Yes, that's right. The turtles that I used to hand feed myself in 2006 whenever I'd visit my girlfriend at that time, who is Mandarin Chinese by the way. So while I was in the building there was a bit of harassment and efforts to pit me on the side of hate versus love. Some people who were particularly trying to cast the French side as being the love side (I'm actually Welsh, French, Spanish and Cree). So this cult often pit those cultures one against another because they're blood purists. That is they believe that mixing culture in a relationship is wrong. So they try to pit a person's multiple origins one against the other in this regard. I'd have away with all of them if I thought it would result in this cult leaving me alone and repairing my relationship with my Mandarin Chinese love interest that was destroyed as a result of stalking by this cult, because they believed that I should be with someone Welsh, French, Spanish or Cree being the racists that they are. So me being Caucasian and in a relationship with someone Mandarin Chinese was wrong, so they stalked her when they found out who she was. We broke up to protect her just before she went to her yearly visit to China. At that time she took the turtles that I used to hand feed with her to Allen Gardens and gave them to the Gardens as a gift. That's the only link that I have left to her. That place is like a temple to me in that regard and now this cult have invaded that place too.

They've even tried to apply the identity of someone named Shane, who literally slapped one of my friends from Riverdale Salvation Army (John Paul Young). John Paul Young now lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia in a Salvation Army housing unit having been homeless from roughly the same time I'd become homeless in 2004. They've tried to claim that when I'm appreciable or of acceptable character I'm possessed by one of the security guards from Riverdale at that time, a guy named Rob who work(ed) for Forensic, a Security company in Toronto. Rob is what I'd regard as the ideal Christian and should be the poster boy for Christianity or for a good human being for that matter, but I am no longer a member of Christianity and I am not Rob with all due respect to Rob.

They've also tried to swap my identity with a shelter worker named Osama, who was a pretty nice guy and good worker, though I have reason to believe that he was in on the identity swapping that resulted in my not receiving housing in June of 2007 not to mention that one of his friends, Mike who works for Heyworth House was in on another similar attempt at identity swapping my identity with someone else's once again who was involved in dealing crack cocaine and a pimp. As well, with Bobby, an ex-resident (I'm assuming) of Heyworth House who actually assaulted me while I was a resident there. I didn't press charges for his sake, not because I have anything to fear from the law. He even tried to steal my identity and give others the impression that it was him dealing with Federal Police, upon information given him by someone who'd stolen my personal journal, wallet (with identification) and cellular phone, which I did report to the Police. So this is an organized cult or gang who misuse their access to system resources to steal other people's identities or outright swap them with that of other people. So up until this point they believe that when I am relatively stress free from stalking and harassment from this cult that the reason that I'm so peaceful and sharing is because I'm possessed by one of their cult members. So they use that justification to steal my efforts from me and give them to someone else's credit, most often a member of their cult.

So when I got back it wasn't too bad but as I've said there are lots of people who are in on this and yet they never have to answer for it though I could lose my place as a result, or even I could lose my social assistance and end up back out on the street despite the fact that I regularly make effort. The only reason that I don't work is because of stalking and social abuse conducted by this cult. Unfortunately in order to ensure that I don't become a casualty of this cult, I have been forced to apply for ODSP despite the problem not being my mental health but the fact that this cult and its activities are not held libel by law or any action on the part of the human rights commission. I guess we'll just stand by idly until a few hundred more people are killed as a result of social radicalization by this cult. Fortunately I've been one of the luckier ones have been a victim of this for many years, but never having resorted to violence. The members of this cult though do try to steer things in that direction, not to mention the fact that this cult is also the source of the anti-Jewish ideology that is taking hold of society. I have friends on all sides of the cultural fence who'd be willing to back me up. Just none in Toronto as most of them have moved away. Maybe they moved to get away from this abusive cult?

Much of their activity is geared towards making their victim appear to be in a constant state of contradiction with regard to their form of duality. They use this as a means to justify stealing from the victim. After all, if you aren't yourself then how can you take credit for anything that you accomplish or produce? Contradiction is the key means this cult use to imply that their victim is not themselves. As well their abuse and harassment serves to make their victim appear like a "complainer", which is actually how they refer to Jewish people quite often. As a matter of fact, they use this same method to discredit Jewish people using that cliche or stigma.

Its like this cult considers their victims to be "dead" and that you cannot have life unless you accept Christ as your savior. So in other words, this cult is an aggressive conversion cult trying aggressively to convert me to Christianity which I will never do. In other words, until I accept Christ, they'll consider me not to be alive. That might not sound bad to some people, but that means an entire social circle of people are operating under the assumption that you don't exist and stealing from you what you create or accomplish because of that. I'm not on the blue team. I don't say the opposite of what I mean and never have. I'm speaking directly and candidly on this issue as myself, Brian Joseph Johns. I don't mean to sound like a grump around the holiday season but I don't believe in Santa either as I'm sure this cult would imply that I'd be punished for complaining about being abused and stalked by this cult. I'm still the guy who wrote Bryce Maxwell's speech in the ending of What Different Eyes See just as much as I am the guy who wrote directly to the Prime Minister of Canada in support of Women rights (more than once).

The cult members in my building constantly attempt to associate me with people that live here with whom I have nothing to do. Most often these are people involved in activities far from my lifestyle. I don't believe that I'm better, the problem is that they're forcing me into their group or circle despite the fact that I have nothing to do with them at all. Someone named Karen in here who is (or was) a neighbour with whom I have nothing to do. As I've said in previous posts, I'm not a Hell's Angel/KKK or a member of the FLDS. I'm not a member of any African/Caribbean racist group either. By the way, those two sides of the fence are practically in bed together against everyone else who has balanced attitudes towards culture. They are polarizing everyone. When you stand against one side, the other side attacks you. They don't want there to be peace because they cannot profit or gain any ground when there is.

Likewise they specifically attack me because they believe the blood of other people results in my writing of books like The Butterfly Dragon, A Lady's Prerogative or anything else that I write. So they believe that I should have to pay for their blood in that regard. So they believe that my writing of What Different Eyes See comes from one group of people while my writing of A Lady's Prerogative comes from another group of people, and as a group they attempt to force me to pay for their blood or use the symbolism of colours to take what I accomplish from me. Even my most recent letter through Amnesty International to the Prime Minister they believed came from the blood of a French person named Sebastien. A blond haired guy with curly hair and a few children with whom I used to work at Mackie Movers while I was homeless. This cult always attempts to find people they know who are connected to myself by association at some point in my past to give them the credit for anything that I accomplish because of their blood which in most cases they believe to be superior than my own.

In addition, while I was working for Labour Link I befriended a lady who had a child, a young girl. We became friends though I think that she wanted it to go a bit further than I did. I did however cook for her a few times and took care of her kid, bringing her to school a few times. This cult then tried to swap my identity with an ex-boyfriend of hers who apparently drove a motorcycle and was pretty mean from what I've heard though who knows the truth. So the cult tried to put his identity onto mine. The French person whom I'd known from working at Mackie Movers was living in the same complex she was, so he would be one of the people who'd be able to verify and distinguish my identity so it makes sense that this cult are trying to pit me against him, so that he'll deny knowing who I am. This cult really makes a mess of people's lives in that way.

That is precisely why I provide criminal intelligence to the Federal Police on this issue, because this is the sort of thing that corruption in society is made of. People who will misuse their access to resources to destroy someone's life or to steal their history while giving them the history and reputation of someone else. This ultimately accumulates and eventually results in people revolting and quite often misdirected violence. Ironically nobody is or has stepped up to the plate in my defense and for the most part I'm treated as if I don't exist. Again that might be Damnatio Memoraie, a Roman Catholic punishment executed against those who defy their religion that goes back to ancient Rome. It might be a cult of people thinking that they're an Egyptian secret society, trying to put me through the Egyptian underworld as depicted in the Egyptian Book Of The Dead. Being fed to Ammit, the devourer of the dead (which would be applied allegorically to mean a bunch of people who consume the history of a person so as to completely erase them having existed at all). This cult does think like that by the way worse though, they operate like that. They're likely not affiliated with any real secret society but rather a large group of miscreants that after 2000 decided that they'd make their own secret societies using the mythology of a variety of different sources to compete with the existing ones. Some of the membership of this cult have it in themselves to take over the lives and histories of real members of secret societies. That might sound a little conspiracy-ish but its actually quite true. A lot of people a part of this cult would go over obituaries looking for deceased members of secret societies whose relations or association they would take using information they'd garner in that way. Some of them would apply ideas related to Egyptology, using it to attack Jewish people on the grounds that the Egyptians were slave keepers of the Jewish people. In fact, many real secret societies and mystery schools that are founded on Egyptology do not operate that way in reality at all. In fact, they often form friendships with practitioners of Kabbalah and other forms of Jewish mysticism. So in these secret societies there were no hateful views towards Jewish people or even other religions. The main reason that this modern day cult abuses people is to create that. Conflict. I'm not a member of any secret society whatsoever but I've known many people who are and were.]

These stalking cults are more criminal gangs than anything and involve illegal spying networks and often the distribution of narcotics. Some believe themselves to be gnostics simply because of the impression of power they believe that being a gnostic will bring them. Like black lodge or white lodge etc. The power of collectivism basically. So they're bullies that like to operate in gangs and that's really what it comes down to and that's likely why their numbers have swelled in the last two decades. Bullies who want the protection of numbers. As I've stated before, Adolf Hitler was a black lodge gnostic. I'd never join such an ideology, though I may have researched it pretty extensively years ago. Something of that nature is operating in Toronto for certain and its literally destroying our society though many people are keeping that secret thinking they'll gain protection from such a cult by doing so.

So the policies of the Ontario Government are great and all when it comes to the possible changes to Social Assistance but ultimately any plans that happen at that level will mean little by the time they filter through this corruption to the people they're trying to help. What will happen is that the corrupt few will pick a few poster examples of people's lives they will help using these new changes while an entire other group of people will likely be damaged and suffer by those who will misuse these changes as weapons by their ideology. That's the biggest problem. I'll certainly have to watch my back but I knew that already. As I've said, the membership of this cult believe me possessed by someone else. They're out of their minds completely. They're a criminal gang for crying out loud masquerading as a religion or secret society. They believe they're mind controlling me into anything good that I say or do, simply because I have green eyes and mind control is represented by the colour green. Likewise they go by blood using the same form of symbolism. If you have brown eyes, then you have brown blood. If you have blue eyes, then you have blue blood. Likewise green, hence why they are always trying to imply that I'm Italian, Jamaican, Irish, Saudi Arabian or another culture whose blood can be symbolized via the colour green. They typically do this with everyone but people with very rare eye colours really go through hell as a result of this cult. Especially if you're living in poverty. That's why I'm trying to take this down legally. Its a racist cult and that's literally how they operate. The different sides of this blood centric extremism protect each other and they literally believe in blood purism. If you have more than one culture in your blood, you're a heretic or outcast of society and I kid you not. They'll force you to go with one cultural heritage from your portfolio for lack of a better word. Usually they'll force you to go with the one that will benefit them the most. Black zionism maybe? They're certainly anti-Jewish though I'm Buddhist and Taoist and Caucasian and my love interest is Mandarin Chinese. So as crazy as it sounds that's the nature of the beast in Toronto right now. They even go so far as to have spies in cars parked nearby the building who keep in communication with the spies on the interior of this building. That is people spying technologically on my computer. So those people relay information to the people in cars and they occasionally use horn signals to signal other people in the community who likely don't have computers or smart phones and who are just listening it.

I'm not trying to Police anyone. As a matter of fact I likely wouldn't have known about this cult had they not targeted myself. So currently they're trying to swap my identity with that of someone named Terence as I've said or Clarence, both of whom have some dealings in the building likely involving narcotics or possibly sexual activity with minors. Something of that nature and something they're trying to attach to me. I'm not a Police Officer or even undercover. I'd never lie about something like that. This cult believe that if I was, then they could steal my identity and they'd be treated like they were undercover officers or something of that nature and from my experience narcotics dealers use that impression as camouflage to cover and hide their activities. If they think you're providing intel against them to the Police, they'll just steal your identity and likely they have the help of some people in infrastructure to accomplish that goal as well. This is a serious issue that needs to be investigated formally. For this on a Friday night like tonight, its a game to them. They literally think that they're possessing or controlling someone else and they go so far as to spy on their victims in order to assess that better so they can score points and imply which team is more likely doing better at it. I'm not kidding. Until it is investigated there will likely be much more violence as a result of radicalization by this cult. Not radicalization in the traditional sense where someone joins a religion and is slowly convinced by the religion that they need to commit violence to purge the ills of society, but rather a group of people of a variety of backgrounds harassing a solitary person to the point of their violent explosion or a planned revenge against their harassers. I seem to be doing pretty good against it as I've never had a violent reaction against the activities of this cult but that doesn't mean that I want anything to do with it or that I agree with it or consent to it. I'd like to see them investigated officially. I'd like to see actual intelligence officers make contact with myself as I have plenty of information to give in this regard and would likely do much better in a different environment to do so than here, keeping a log which is inevitably being monitored by the cult itself. The cult's motive for harassing me so much is very obviously to discredit me and to make me appear mentally ill, possibly this much harassment and abuse will have that end result.

Yes, I am the guy who writes The Butterfly Dragon and A Lady's Prerogative on Everything on that site is of my creation and anything that isn't is credited in the About section. That shouldn't make a difference though, as nobody should be subjected to this sort of activity. Maybe its a bunch of people trying to make it happen like it says in one of the religious books, treating prophecy more like a script. As I said, that's one of the reasons why I don't believe in those religions. I am a Buddhist and a Taoist.

Brian Joseph Johns

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