Friday, November 23, 2018

Further Logging Of Harassment

Once again there has been much more excessive harassment from my neighbours who have been trying to swap my identity with that of someone they'd consider a "purple rose". That is, someone who they use to pile all of their garbage onto and likely has affiliations with the FLDS of which I am not a member.

In fact, I am not a member of any religion other than Buddhism and Taoism. I am not a Roman Catholic either with all due respect. Also given the recent changes to social assistance by the Ontario elected Government, I am not "policing" other residents' lives whatsoever. In fact I'm being bullied by my neighbours and other residents of the Regent Park community, who often attempt to use me as a rose and load me up with local criminal activity despite the fact that I have such involvement in any such activity. So in that case they're attempting to use me as a substitute and as I've said this cult often swaps identities between their victim and one of their members.

In fact, I'm subject to their abuse and such activity has never been initiated on my part against them. It is always peaceful for a short span and they begin the harassment. As I've stated before they're both trying to dump the garbage of others onto me and to abuse me until I boil over like a kettle, so that I make posts like this. Their ideology operates that way and they charge a price for keeping my responses secret or use them in some form of love/hate blood and fire ideology often attempting to abuse me to the point that I become the hate side which they believe gives them the right to take any good I've accomplished.

As well, they've been trying to swap my identity with a former band manager of mine from when I was in my 20s named Ray Sare despite the fact that I have no involvement with him. Ray has more in common with Eugene Francois than he does with me. In fact when I was active with Amnesty International, this same cult would steal any effort that I made and credit it to Ray Sare. For that reason I ceased being active for them and only in the rarest of circumstances will I take part in anything of that nature. Most recently I signed and added my own words to a petition to the Prime Minister to intervene with regard to the sterilizing of Aboriginal Women. So this cult use Amnesty International as part of their harassment tactics as well.

Most of their motive for doing so is because my love interest is Mandarin Chinese and this cult is very blood centric, especially when it comes to mixed culture relationships. I'm Caucasian and they're against a mixed culture relationship of that nature making them a racist group. I'm sure that they'll "dance" to side step that accusation by trying to find an ally of theirs in a mixed culture relationship of a similar nature. They're racists for certain and they're trying to imprint me with someone else's identity. In fact they're trying to imprint me with the identity of someone who used to harass a spousal abuse victim whom they called a "cunt" on one occasion witnessed by myself. I was even assaulted physically when I demanded that this person apologize to the lady in question. This was years ago in 2005 at Cowan Avenue near King Street and Dufferin Avenue at Cowan Avenue where this lady lived. At that point Donald Sebastien Desrosiers might have tried to take my identity as he showed up shortly after the assault. That's the guy who claimed to be an undercover agent while I was in the shelter system. He said he was there to train me to become an undercover Officer though that training was going to consist of having me run across a crowded highway at night without stopping. So in other words he was trying to get killed without there being a connection to a possible murder. So the group harassing me are connected all the way back to that and other similar efforts.

Also they always try to keep me on the purple side of the fence despite the fact that I am not a member of any ideology that regards love and hate as being the same thing. In fact, I'm not a Jehovah's Witness or a member of Prince Hall at all. I believe there's nothing wrong with any sort of mixed culture relationship that involves consenting adults. I also believe in donating blood, though I've ceased that as Canadian Blood Services seems to have replaced my prior blood type with another despite the fact that I tested my blood type myself with an Eldon Card kit twice and came up with my original blood type (which was AB). I suspect a conspiracy to swap my identity with someone who is or was a Jehovah's Witness or a member of a religion that does not condone blood transfusions. Possibly they also want to give others the impression that I have a communicable disease such as Hepatitis or HIV, neither of which I've had throughout the course of my life whatsoever. So none of this is a case of me being an abusive and paranoid informant. Its a case of me being stalked and abused by a cult and criminal gang for some time, though that is not my motive for working with the Federal Police. The oppression isn't coming from me. Its coming from them towards me and others like me despite the fact that there is no real good motive for doing so except to steal my identity and to replace it with one of theirs. This activity is so bad that I absolutely cannot work anywhere in a public job or employment. Even traveling to a place of employment is a nightmare as I'm often stalked on the transit. Even volunteering was the case as I used to be quite active volunteering and gave that up after being stalked and abused on transit or on foot. Even my online participation and activism has been curbed as a result of stalking and abuse by this cult which likely involves organize crime more than anything leaving me to rely on social assistance in order to avoid falling into homelessness again where I spent 8 years of my life prior. That tends to harden you up a bit and I'm certain that this cult was involved in that as well. Hence my commitment to taking them out legally and with truthful information about them.

I live in Regent Park yet my neighbours are constantly trying to swap my identity with that of someone who lives at Jane Avenue and Finch Avenue despite the fact that I don't know anyone from that neck of the woods. As I've said this is a cult in Canada who from what I gather have existed for some time and who pit people against one another two at a time, leaving the one who loses such a competition with the bad of the two, and the other with the good of the two, and then continuing immediately with another similar competition ad infinitum until their victim dies. This is often symbolized with the shades black and white and often follows a motif similar to that of Cane and Abel (when this cult tries to apply a religious metaphor to it).

I am Caucasian though I am not Italian nor am I Irish with all due respect. Likewise I am not a member of any criminal gang nor involved in any criminal activity. I think the most conspicuous of my activities is that I occasionally since the legalization of cannabis have been using it infrequently to great effect as a stress reducer against the abuse of this cult. Prior to that the last time I'd used it was perhaps seven or eight years ago. Prior to that I'd used it infrequently. I've never used cocaine, heroin or crack cocaine. In fact, I don't even smoke cigarettes. I drink infrequently as well and do not rely on that whatsoever. I've never hired a prostitute in my life though I mean no disrespect to any Women involved in that lifestyle. I'm certain its not as glamorous as some might make it out to be. I believe that this cult are and have been trying to swap my identity with that of someone who is involved in that sort of lifestyle. Don't get me wrong, I believe that there's nothing wrong with consenting sexual partnerships and that sexuality is quite fun and healthy, but it is personal and should be respected in such a way seeing as it often (but not always) involves more than one person's privacy. I believe that this gang and cult are organized crime and qualify so under that definition according to the law. In fact, they likely have more membership than most traditional organized crime syndicates do as they are not limited to localized activity. I'd say that it is a serious problem and very prevalent in both the Toronto shelter system and low income housing. In fact both of those things are used by this cult to effectively destroy the lives of innocent people, essentially using them as substitutes for the blame of their prior activities.

I'd love to put more positive and grateful posts up but quite often I'm abused so much there's nothing really to say in this matter except that I'm grateful for having a roof over my head and food in my stomach and the fact that I've even got this computer that I can use as a tool to express myself and my creativity for my projects like Shhhh! Digital Media where I share the best of most that I have to share, pretty much asking for nothing in return except for my readers to support the world reknowned charities I've listed there. This isn't a case of being the cat and the bird, because I have nothing to hide. I'm not a felon, criminal or ex-con running from the law (ie a bird) so that if I tweet happily too much, I'll attract the attention of the cat who is going to eat me. Not likely. In fact I probably have more in common with the cat than I do the bird. So most of this harassment takes place in my place of residence from other residents in other apartments. I wonder if when the gavel comes down they'll be responsible for their lives and actions or if I'm the one who will solely have to pay the price for their harassment of me. Perhaps another case of Canadians punishing the victims rather than the perpetrators?

Brian Joseph Johns

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