Monday, November 26, 2018

Good Trip To Food Bank

Went to the food bank today (November 26, 2018 at 10:10 AM) and it was a reasonably good trip there. I experienced a little bit of harassment which was likely intended on getting me to either rant or express aspects of my life, which a cult believes to be either me remembering someone else's life or me being possessed by someone else. Regardless of what my post here says, I'd like to say thank you to the food bank and to the people who donate food and those who accept the opportunity to volunteer to those in need. It is a life saver for certain and allows us a modicum of dignity despite lack of finances that are not always of our own doing. Some people who are very ambitious to work are kept from doing so if only because of the existence of abusive cults in society today. That does not mean that they are not entitled to their own dignity.

So in other words, the harassment always begins with an accusation that is intended to target someone else, but is directed at me. If I or someone else answers for it, they assume me to be possessed by that person. Often the things that this cult choose to harass in that way are things similar to the aspects of their victim's life between the intended target and the victim who then answers.

Its very difficult to explain but I'll give it a try. Suppose that you have aspects to your own history that are close enough to someone else's that it could be easily mixed up who is who when others remember aspects of either person's life. So in order to test which of the two people you are, they accuse you of something for which the other was responsible though the accusation may not be bad or good in nature. It could be either but most often it is usually something burdensome. So in order to clarify who you are, you answer for that thing in a way that differentiates you from that other person that the cult is trying to mix you up with.

By answering to it, sometimes this cult will believe that you were possessed by this person and anything you've said during the time they make that supposition, they credit to that person rather than yourself. Now every time they dig another person from you that way, they continue with another person with whom they assume that you're linked similarly. For the whole time, they're taking your good and bad and allocating it to others while essentially removing you from the picture. Their ideology works in such a way that if you don't carry the burden of your own bad, then how can you be yourself? This cult actually steals and eradicates the identities of people they play using this ideology despite the fact that it often involves secret aspects to their victims' lives that are of a personal rather than legal issue. So this cult removes your identity by way of removing your history from you life event by life event. They actually believe that what you don't keep secret, you lose and what you keep secret defines you. So they're trying to empty you of your good, in order to leave you with anything bad of your own as part of an aggressive conversion to their religion or ideology. Its all about them trying to create in some cases bad situations that they know you'll keep secret so they can steal your good situations from you because most people will advertise their good rather than their bad. As well they tend to sort people out by love and hate or other dualistic simplifications of humanity despite the fact that the greatest strength of humanity (and most life) is that we can think in abstract terms that distinguish us from computers ie being only able to think in terms of yes and no, on and off etc.

In addition, the cult want you to be linked to one person, and with you they make that one person with whom you're linked a sort of competition for who gets the carry the good and who carries the bad between you. Pending the end of such a competition which is signaled when you distinguish yourself from the other, determines what you're left with of yourself. In other words, if you use your own life to clarify your distinct identity from this other person, you lose everything you've revealed, only keeping what you've kept secret of yourself. For this cult its about cleaning out all of the good of a person while leaving them with the bad of both people and it goes quite far. Actually they use it as pressure tactics to prevent you from standing against their cult. So if you reveal the secrets of their methods, they'll likely try to erase you in this manner or replace your real identity and history with that of someone else.

So while I was at the food bank, that seemed to be the goal at least in part. I chose to share a lot of my good rather than my bad, though I used my good to distinguish myself though without making anyone appear lesser. Perhaps it is again this Egyptology cult that I've been exposing that puts a person through their interpretation of the Egyptian underworld whereby they weigh a person's soul. If their soul is heavier than the weight of a special feather from a special bird in the underworld, the person's soul is devoured by Ammit, a crocodilian Goddess of the underworld essentially relating to their erasing from existence in the real world and the underworld. Ie being erased from having existed at all akin to Damnation Memoriae, which was a practice used by the Roman Catholic church to deal with those who betrayed the church.

So the more good you reveal in public and the more bad and complaining you reveal in private, the more they profit because they charge you a price for carrying the complaining or the bad that you say after they abuse you. So this weekend's abuse was considerable on the part of local harassers and that is part of how this cult milks their victims.

I spoke out against Police and Government corruption. I spoke out against stalking groups. I spoke out against abusive religions that use these means to subject their victims to such abuse for exceptionally long periods of time (25 to 30 years in my case). Most of this I expressed in privacy after much harassment though it wasn't really private as someone else heard it just as I heard the harassment and responded to it. I was particularly angry about the fact that Government clerks at Wellesley Social Services got away with harassing me about a friend who'd undergone an operation to remove a brain tumor and therapy from thereon in. I was also particularly angry about the fact that on several occasions Police have even taken part in this harassment despite the fact that I have a pretty clean criminal record. I've always made up for my wrong and quite honestly whenever wronged I've always given others a chance before pursuing reparations or justice. I've made my share of mistakes but I've always made up for them and none of my mistakes were of malice intent.

So this weekend after much harassment I said that I'd never give anyone another chance who wronged me based upon the amount of harassment I'd experienced. I also stated that the Police who take part in such harassment should be held accountable. If I was such an Officer and I was witness to such activities, I'd blow the whistle in the rare case that they were acting of malice intent against an innocent person, though we live in a society where the onus of proof lies on the accuser, not the defendant. That is, we're innocent until proven guilty and not the other way around (guilty until proven innocent). So I have nothing of that regard for which I'm guilty. I think that this cult holds that every confession they get from someone is a prize. In that way they're scumbags, law enforcement or not and most aren't (law enforcement not scumbags) because they ruin the lives of innocent people and often transfer the crimes of others to such victims to protect real criminals. They do this using the ideology of love and hate to bounce their victim around back and forth between two extremes and if that's their greatest secret, consider it lost for good because they don't make good people better. They destroy the lives of the innocent to protect their friends. That's about it.

So ironically I said that I'd never forgive someone for another transgression against myself ever again. There'd be no "one chance" because of the abuse I'd experienced from harassers and quite honestly that's a lot of people. Ironically the Police made changes to their shoplifter rules saying they'd have leniency for first time offenders. When I was very young, I tried to leave a store with an IG-88 figure from Star Wars and I got caught by security in Fairview Mall. The only other person who knew this was Scott Maple who was with me at the time and completely innocent and the security team at the Bay (there used to be a Bay or Simpson's in Fairview Mall). So that was something I'd never done but the security let me go and told me never to do it again, which I didn't though I didn't need them to tell me. I'm glad that I got caught because if I hadn't, then every time my friend bought a Star Wars figure and I didn't have the money to pay for one, I might have tried to steal one without really seeing the wrong for what it was. I thought that it was wrong that some people have parents who can afford toys for their kids and some people don't. But life doesn't work that way though that doesn't make me a thief nor do I believe that you should take things only if you don't get caught.

So that's basically how this cult operates, fighting over which side of the love side and which side is the hate side, and playing people's earliest secrets. I'm not a member of Christianity by the way at all. The only thing that I admire about Christianity is that it advocates that people should use the sins of others to elevate themselves and oppress others. That's probably the bottom line of Christianity. We all make our mistakes and sometimes bad choices and we ultimately pay for them. Some of us willingly and some of us try to evade instead putting our wrong doing into the laps of others. I'll never believe in Christianity though because much of the abuse I've experienced came from those siding with it and often for things I'd not done. This cult believes that if you react to the sins or crimes of others, you've bought them, but in exchange you get the credit for their good. So for this very corrupt social cult its has turned into a means to milk innocent people, keep them jobless for years while dumping the sins and crimes of others who are gainfully employed onto them, essentially using them as substitutes. That's corruption and that's how some people use the system for which they work. It depends upon whose hands its in because the system is only as good as the people who work for it. Likewise any company with private data pertaining to others. So the system and sometimes companies will use these people who they've ejected from the system as their garbage bags to carry their crimes and sins in exchange for protection. So I'll likely never be able to have a job again in my life, but I'll always be protected as long as I carry the weight and burden of the sins and crimes of others. Maybe Doug Ford might try to transform the system with policies but ultimately nothing will change because it isn't policy that needs changing. Its an intense investigation into the corruption that allows such a way of doing things to exist and the fact that the people pulling the strings are doing so according to religion rather than ethics and the rule of law and the ideas of a secular society. So I can't take part in society until I confess my sins before Jesus Christ, in whom I do not even believe despite the fact that has no place in our system of law and the fact that I'm a Buddhist and a Taoist. Our system only favours one religion and wrongly so when it should be secular and independent of religion always because in the future, as reflected in population growth and active participation in the system, if we do operate in a way that reflects religion, our system will slowly take on policy that reflects religious views and rules that completely contradict our current ideals in Canadian law, statutes and human rights. Our system will reflect the predominant religion of the population rather than having policies that are equal and irrespective of any religion.

The worst part is that Canada right now is populated largely by a people who will literally erase the existence of some people like myself and very much in violation of human rights around the world. Amnesty International would do nothing about this and there seems to be no oversight here with regard to human rights and we're supposed to be one of the most developed countries in the world.

In fact, everything that I'm saying right now is being credited to other people. Everyone but myself by my own neighbours despite the fact that my name is Brian Joseph Johns and completely irrespective of my history. It would likely be much more different if I was a Jehovah's Witness and possibly Scientologists who are likely a part of a group of religions that are conducting this sort of corruption in addition to others taking part in it.

Corruption works like this: suppose you have an internet connection and you use it for your daily internet usage, perhaps web browsing, some work related activities for many and what not. Sometimes you might use it for gaming, while other times you might use it for humour or other activities to (adult content not withstanding). Imagine those activities were monitored at your ISP by actual admins who are of a particular religion and they used your internet activities to pressure you if your religion was not the same as theirs. So in other words, if you're like me, single and check out Japanese related erotica (not involving minors ever) for which you aren't required to answer to anyone as an adult, and your ISP monitors your internet. They know that you're not a member of the religion of the admin who can filter your web browsing activity and know much more about you than they rightly should. Knowing that you are not a member of their religion they use this information to steal your identity or to swap your identity with that of someone else online who uses the same internet provider. So the admin can secretly share this information with others of the same religion despite their contract (which usually states to the contradictory) or in the case of some, an insurance bond which is issued in case the admin divulges information in violation of the company's policy resulting in a lawsuit, the admin's liability is covered up to the amount for which they're insured. The same for Government workers who work with clients from the public. If you are not bondable, you can't work for them so once that trust is violated, that is that.

So corruption is a group of people who use their access to the private information of clients to further the goals of their religion or ideology in contradiction to the Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and the Human Rights Act and the Canadian Criminal Code. When you have a section of Government, private industry and the public sector who are encompass the same collective ideology in that regard and who utilize their access to private data to further the goals of their religion or ideology that is corruption.

Canada currently lacks oversight with regard to this aspect of the system. People like myself who become victim of this kind of thing and who speak out, mentioning specific religions who take part in this sort of thing are often hushed or kept hidden or like in my case, they're even erased from existence and used as a power source to power the lives of those considered to be "living" rather than erases or dead or non-existent. I'd likely have never spoken out against something of this nature had I not known of its existence by being subjected to it. Unfortunately where I live in Regent Park its a big problem not to mention that this cult have ganged up on me to literally steal everything that I produce that is good, while often ladening me with everything of theirs that is bad, then abusing me for that burden. This cult is made up of people who are at least a small to medium part of the system, some public and private companies and a bit of infrastructure.

So as long as this corruption exists, people like myself who are creative but victimized by this cult will likely never succeed or even be considered to be alive in society again. So I'll just be used to power the lives of the people who are members of this cult that live around me. What compounds this situation is that I'm 51 years old and refuse to give up having been forced from a good job into the shelter system for 8 years of homelessness, and then into low income housing where I similarly have been a food source for my neighbours and the members of this cult despite the fact that even during my homelessness I worked for the majority of that 8 years. Having been housed for a total of 8 years now (as of April of 2019) I've worked trying to build my life and career in many ways only to have my efforts stolen from me from under my feet nearly constantly while this cult uses me as their garbage bag and "gun" or "rose". If you protest this sort of treatment, they call it complaining and you're penalized by their religion or ideology for doing so. Not to mention that any protests that I make to this sort of treatment they attribute to originating from someone else. In other words, I'm denied my own words and existence by the membership of this cult because they believe that everything that I say is the result of someone else's "blood", which of course I have to pay for. Usually its someone whom they believe is of "superior" blood or heritage to my own while I believe that we're all equal and that it depends upon what you do with yourself that determines how you progress in the absence of corruption of this nature. I'm not American. I'm still Canadian and I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I don't sort myself out by colours of which I use to delimit the team of which I'm a part. In fact, in Canada we have the Human Rights Act which prohibits that. It doesn't state specifically that colours refer to the colour of a person's skin but in fact means anything about which colours could be applied to a person to discriminate against them, including but not limited to their eye colour (mine are green), their skin colour (I'm Caucasian), their clothing colour, the colours of things they interact with, the colour of the party logo for which they vote etc. So with this corrupt cult running rampant, Canada from my point of view is running high on human rights abuses. Just because there's only one person protesting it doesn't mean that its not happening or any less relevant. What the cult members are doing is that when I protest, they're claiming that it is coming from someone else and often on the basis of race or blood. In other words they're taking what I express from me and crediting it to someone else as if I'm speaking for them, not for myself. Sometimes its people around here. Sometimes its movie stars (quite often ironically people like Tom Cruise though not limited to). I'm not a Scientologist at all. I'm a Buddhist and a Taoist. I'm not Roman Catholic either yet somehow in Canada I'm literally being erased by a cult who are literally devouring my life and nobody except for myself is doing a thing about it.

I've written many letters for Amnesty International on behalf of the rights of others yet when my rights are being violated, nobody responds to to action. Instead the credit for my efforts are given to other people from my own past. There needs to be investigation into this but I fear that it might never happen, meaning Canada is falling deeper and deeper into human rights abuses.

The way that this cult gets around this sort of thing? They simply sort people out by who is the love side and who is the hate side. So they're claiming I am the hate side in Canada, and the rest of Canada is the love side. If I complain about corruption in the Government in that regard, then the Government is the love side and I'm the hate side. I'm not a member of any religion or ideology that operates by love/hate ideology or blood and fire ideology. I don't believe in Jesus Christ. I don't believe in Cane and Abel either quite honestly.

So much of this abuse occurs around the time that I am going to receive a cheque or payment for social assistance which is loaded onto a banking/credit card issued by the Government. Usually the cult doing this ramp up their abuse knowing that by the time payday comes around, I'll likely be relieved to have money to pay my bills (of which $200 will go to my phone bill leaving me with $150 from social assistance and $50 from my tax rebate cheque). I spend those on food, sometimes software for my home business which I use to run Shhhh! Digital Media, sometimes games as I am a gamer but never play during days as I prefer to do something to earn what I receive from tax payers, though many gamers do good for the world raising money for charity or bringing awareness to world issues through their channels, and sometimes a couple of bottles of wine to have with my dinner as I love to cook. Recently I've started using cannabis too though I'd prefer not to smoke it, but rather take it by other means. I get that legally by the way too, buying it from the Ontario Cannabis Store. I don't use anything else but often I'm abused and harassed by people who do and are trying to abuse me to the point of reacting harshly against them. Regardless its an abusive religion and cult who do this to others and as I've said, they steal what other people accomplish to power the lives of their cult members. I just happen to be such a victim. I'm not on the blue team and I'm not a blue rose or in fact a rose at all. I'm not a Freemason or a Gnostic. I'm not a Scientologist either. I'm not a Police Officer. I'm not a character from Marvel or DC or any other fictional universe other than my own. I'm not a figure from history or religion or myth (these are all of what this cult tries to swap my identity). I am Brian Joseph Johns and this cult are literally trying to deny me that. I'd never join such an abusive cult and never will but I will expose them for what they are.

Why is it that so many people leave the city? Why is it that many people leave the country? Why is it that this cult seems to target creative people whom they believe they're mind controlling or possessing into being creative? The cult even steals the creative and intellectual properties of their victims before they can afford to register those properties with agencies that can protect them. If this cult is spying on me illegally while I write or create anything, and I can barely afford to protect my own creative properties, then what am I to do? Leave the city? Country? Perhaps this cult chases Canada's most important resource from the country to other places, often the United States or just outside of cities like Toronto where they'll likely not be subject to such illegal spying or harassment by stalking groups.

Canada's businesses that rely on their intellectual property likely generate about 1/3 of the total revenue (GNP/GDP) versus resource extraction (including real estate) and produce. Those three areas of revenue provide the majority of jobs and tax revenue which pays for the existence of every union and infrastructure job that exists, which in turn generate more tax revenue. When the country cannibalizes a third of its revenue source, that's dangerous for the economy. I'm not saying that my abuse will result in the collapse of the economy, but symbolically speaking on a larger scale, if this is happening with other people unbeknownst to them that's troubling not to mention the fact that its not right whether it happens to only one person or a million people. It is clear that Canada needs some form of investigatory service that can protect us from corruption of that nature and from corruption of the system as I've described. I mean if even one person can be treated as if they don't exist and have their life's works stolen from them, then that's a sign of serious problems. If it can happen to one person like myself, then it is likely happening to more people though it seems to me that this cult are swapping my identity with that of other people on the basis of race, so that what I express helps them while allowing the violation of my rights and theft of my creative properties to continue just because I'm Caucasian and my love interest is Mandarin Chinese. I'm not Italian. I'm not Irish. I'm not Polish. I'm not African. I'm not Jamaican. I'm not Caribbean. I'm not South American. I'm not Saudi Arabian. I only say so because this cult are trying to swap my identity with others of those cultures who are symbolically represented by the colours blue and brown in order to credit what I say to those people while attributing a completely different lifestyle to my own to myself. So I'm fuelling the lives of other people while being pushed down further and further while Canadians are watching and doing nothing about it.

When I am able to talk about politics they believe I'm possessed by a politician (the Prime Minister even). When I talk about science I'm yet again possessed by someone else (a Scientist). Yet in this equation I'm never allowed my own identity as I'm somehow not able to think of my own accord and perhaps to keep others under the impression that I have something to prove. Yes, I do. I'm proving that I am myself and that nobody is controlling me and that I don't play guitar and I'm not from Nova Scotia and that this cult are dangerous thieves of other people's lives. I'm also not Schizophrenic nor a member of Prince Hall or a gun or a rose.

The members  of this cult use this form of harassment as a form of alchemy in which they believe they're imbuing their victim with a form of mental illness. I'm not saying that mental illness doesn't exist (I'm not a Scientologist nor a member of any ideology that believes Psychology is a sham), but I am saying that this cult use group stalking and harassment as a means to damage their victim's psyche by repeated harassment likely because they're trying to force them to be eligible for income under the ODSP Act of Ontario, especially if their victim has revealed a lot of their secrets as I have and will continue to do. I am perfectly capable of working myself and the only hurdle to my being able to work is being stalked and harassed. I have an active ODSP application because if I lose my social assistance, it will be right back to the shelter system for me again despite the fact that I am and was perfectly capable of work and would have much rather earned my own way rather than be stalked by an abusive cult whom I'm going to see are investigated by the law. So the only reason that I'm applying for ODSP isn't because I'm mentally ill. Its because I could potentially lose my housing because I'm harassed by this corrupt cult in the community who seem to have representation in the system, private and public business and infrastructure and whom likely make up a single or conglomeration of like religions or ideologies and possibly even organized crime. They're harassing me in attempt to provoke a reaction which makes me seem a racist or violates Canada's anti-hate laws in order to silence me despite the fact that I'm not racist, and I'm certainly not anti-Jewish (I have friends on Facebook that I grew up with that are Jewish not to mention that my first two girlfriends in life are Jewish). So this cult basically prevented me from earning my own way and are trying to cycle me over to the ODSP system so that what I've revealed about them will be written off as mental illness rather than being officially investigated. I'm sorry Mr. Ford, but unless you deal specifically with issues of this nature your changes to the Social Assistance system will fall flat on their face.

The cult will use this situation in two ways to hurt me. One they will if I continue with my application then claim that the person writing this post is different from the person making my application because it would be fraud to apply knowingly for assistance when you are not eligible under their guidelines. That's basically how this cult operate. They setup situations that force you to contradict yourself from your past in some way, and using that distinction they steal the identity side you contradict and credit that to other people. This method of stealing a person's identity is actually known in science and math as bifurcation. In this context around what I'm describing it means progressively or regressively subdividing a person's life choices or events based around some dualistic criteria, that is criteria whose end result can only be one of two possibilities. The discarded possibility is then accredited to one of the cult members often based upon the concept of social polarity, a concept discussed in the Kybalion which is a hermetic teaching often abused by this cult for their own purposes. Polarity means that depending upon the situation, a word or phrase may be defined as it is historically or to the diametrical opposite, whichever benefits the cult more so using these means. Often colours are used to signify the state of polarity to these cult members. Blue often means a polarity reversal, that is to this cult the colour blue means that everything they say or do has the opposite intent or context. If they're loving to someone, it means they're really being hateful and vice versa. The cult use polarity to ensure their own best outcome at the expense of truth.

The cult does this because according to society a person shares what is on their personal palette in terms of their day's activities and life history with those they love and share nothing with those they hate. If polarity is reversed, it becomes the opposite context. That is that people share with those they hate, and share nothing with those they love. The motives for reversing polarity are a few. For one, if a person has more bad on them than good, they can be used as a "gun" to load other people with that bad just by treating them hatefully. If a person has more good on them, then they can be milked like a cow by being abused by cult members until the victim reacts hatefully against the cult members, essentially sharing their good with the cult members while not sharing anything with those that they love. The cult use the context of polarity to their advantage always. So they'll attempt to force their victim onto the blue team in order to benefit from this definition for the colour blue and according to whatever is on the victim's palette. Once again, that's a huge secret and insight into how they operate in public. So their harassment of me is often motivated by those purposes or just to damage me in terms of my own psyche and psychological stability whenever I reveal too much about their modus operandi. That is just one aspect of how this cult uses love and hate in that regard in combination with polarity reversals. Blood and fire also can be used with polarity as well sometimes to reverse blood and fire themselves. Blood means retaining the secrets or burden according to like blood, ie family, culture, religion etc. Fire means abandoning carrying any burden while not benefiting from any of the good associated with that particular definition for blood. So when the two are reversed they once again take on the opposite context. Further, blood itself in terms of culture can be reversed too as it often is between two different cultures. So China is often reversed by this cult with Africa. Japan is often reversed by this cult with Saudi Arabia (it is interesting to note that in Japanese O' Sama means great god). There are other similar swappings too as well. So when I claim that my love interest is Mandarin Chinese, this cult reverses it with Africa so that others believe that my love interest is African though she truly is not and I mean that with all due respect. All of this circulates and is defined around the symbolism of colours which act as the cult's primary means of communication in order to remain in synchronization with one another. Talking about gravity breaks any polarity reversals while talking about anti-gravity is often a masked means by which this cult express the fact that polarity is reversed. Likewise the flow of the direction of time can be used to communicate or denote polarity. Time progressing forward from cause to effect means that polarity is normal while traveling back in time means the polarity is reversed.

Further, anything that is of a dualistic nature can be flipped in this way. For instance direction can be polarity reversed with up becoming down, top becoming bottom, north becoming south, east becoming west etc. So with my living truly at the top of my building when polarity is reversed this cult will express it as me living at the bottom of my building. If I live south of Dundas Street, then when polarity is reversed I'll live north of Dundas Street. If I live on the west side of Sherbourne Street then in a polarity reversal it will become the east side of Sherbourne. If I'm 51 years of age, it could mean that I'm 15 years of age in a polarity reversal. The cult use this in very sneaky ways to steal everything from their victim(s). I should know, I've been a victim of this for a long time and that isn't just victim mentality. I don't profit from being a victim like some other people do so there's literally no benefit to me being a victim other than truthfully fighting for my rights.

Another thing about this cult is that according to what you do during the course of a day determines whether you are carrying burden for yourself and others, or others are carrying your burden. So if you're working, according to this cult your palette of activity and history, good or bad is put onto those who don't work. That is another definition for blue. If you're smart or strong, then your palette falls upon those less so than you (I think that measure is largely assumed). So depending upon what is on your palette it is of benefit or detriment to those around you and of this cult. Often this cult want the good to end up with those of similar blood (family, culture or religion) while those with more bad burden on their palette would be forced onto those outside of family, culture or religion when it comes to blood and fire. So when you're like me and your love interest is Mandarin Chinese and you're Caucasian, the cult will always try to flip it so that the members of the Chinese community are burdened by the worst this cult can dump onto you while the cult will almost always certainly steal anything related to your good for those of family, similar culture or religion. With my religion being Buddhism and Taoist, this cult forces someone else's identity onto mine so that it appears falsely that I am a member of their religion (often a form of Christianity like Jehovah's Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventists, Roman Catholics or similar). For this cult its a game of manipulating their victim based upon what they project will be produced by their victim over the course of a day so as to dump the worst onto other cultures and the best onto those of the like. Because my love interest falls outside of my cultural group this cult always tries to ensure that culture only ends up with my worst rather than what I'd much rather share with her and that is my best. So in that sense its a racist cult too.

Abuse and harassment conducted by this cult is almost always meant to distract their victim from productive work of any kind, but most often computer work as this cult defines work as work that results in hardship or sweat rather than a physical or mental challenge geared towards the furthering of one's legitimate earning potential and eventuality. So often if your work doesn't make you sweat, this cult don't regard it as work leaving many who work in other fields treated as if they're not working. This again is a part of some religion's ideas and notions about the nature of work and often targeting those who work with computers. One reason is because this cult are against simulation. They see it as a violation of one of the Commandments in particular version of the Bible where it goes: Thou shalt not render a graven image of that which is in the heavens or upon the Earth. They seem to interpret that as: thou shalt not run simulations of anything in our universe. Some even take it farther and impose that artists shouldn't draw pictures or create any sort of art representing things that exist. Some even claim that it means don't modify the genetics of living things. Rather than pursue some sort of legal means to limit these applications the cult instead target people who take part in them, violating their rights outside of the law and due process despite the fact that religion has no place in law. The coincidence between the judicial system and the Book Of Judges and the Book Of Kings is mostly due to the fact that in terms of the model of the judiciary that it was well thought out in those books just as the Republic was well thought out by Plato and Socrates long before actual working examples of a working Republic were in operation. In other words the coincidences of our judiciary system being close to that of some things mentioned in religion is mostly due to philosophy rather than theocracy and border around such ideas as human rights, such as the Jewish people being the first self freed slaves, having freed themselves from slavery by the Egyptians and then as Gypsies being forced to come up with a system and doctrine in which to govern their society by a Man who likely was very intelligent and wise with regard to these issues and the pressures put upon him to help liberate his people. Once again, this is not specifically a favouring of a particular flavour or religion but due to the fact that the basic principals match just about any strongly worded rights accord throughout human history. If our Governing principles are not kept secular, then every religion will expect exceptions to accommodate their religion despite the fact that not every religion recognizes the rule of law and human rights as their core set of fundamental values. Religion is personal. It is a personal yardstick through which one should evaluate their own progress in society and their spiritual journey and has little to do with governance. The work religion does in a communal sense should always be for the benefit of people without infringing upon the rights of the populace or violating the law of the land. If you believe that the Sun is actually a living being that oversees our daily life, then so be it. If you force upon others rules that you believe were sent down to you by this living Sun, then you're violating the rights of others as they have the right to their own beliefs. Belief and religion is personal, not a gang with which to smite others of contradicting views.

Most of the people who subject their victim to this sort of abuse are trying to load the internet up with their hatred so that they can use their victim as a gun, and so that other people on the internet will think of the victim as a source for misery. The cult members in fact believe that they are mind controlling their victim and that their victim has no consciousness of their own. For that they're scumbags and the worst kind of human beings there are because they really violate their victim's rights. My harassers literally go 24/7 in shifts meanwhile they're doing nothing but lying in bed all day verbally abusing their neighbour in groups around their victim. Many of them too rely upon Social Assistance, yet they do little except abuse other people, especially when they see someone else trying to become self sufficient. In fact my neighbours constantly try to swap my identity with members of their cult from either named Jane or from Jane Street, from Flemington Park or a variety of other areas. They abuse me to the point that they are attempting to get reactions from me that sound equally abusive because this cult's strategy is to swap identities with their victims. So they attempt to make their victims responsible for their crimes. They want their victim's reaction to make them indistinguishable from the perpetrators. So I don't live at Jane and Finch. I don't even know anyone there but this cult obviously want to swap my identity with someone there. I often resort to calling them goofs because of their abuse of others and it is quite applicable and I'm not on the blue team at all. I say what I mean and mean what I say. I've never been to prison or jail but from what I know that's something pretty bad that is like saying, I'm not playing. I mean business. I am going to come at you legally and that's precisely what I mean though I'm not bull baiting them. They're trying to bull bait me into losing my cool and purely reacting. I'm not on the brown team at all because I don't do things by colours. It is a violation of the Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and the Human Rights Act of Canada. Likewise I'm not Irish, and I've never had hepatitus in my life. I think that another person with whom they trying to swap my identity was an Irish person who had hepatitus who also claimed to be a gnostic and had a short girlfriend (who truly was either African or Jamaican). So this cult are and have been trying to swap my identity with that person or someone else's. Meanwhile I've never had hepatitus in my life and I'm not a gnostic nor will I ever be especially if they abuse people like this cult do. I'm convinced that this cult are behind the radicalization of people who've responded with violence or even mass murder in the last two decades. They tend to fight with other people which colour means love and which colour means hate. They often fight over this definition with other colours preferring red or brown to mean hate, and blue to mean love (because it will mean a polarity reversal and that means that they've dumped all of their garbage onto whomever they've abused). So if blue means love, then they're really trying to dump all of their garbage onto me as an attack against me in order to hit the culture of my love interest because she's Chinese and this cult are racists against Chinese people (not African people). They're also very much anti-Jewish and I'm not saying that trying to stir up trouble. I'm expressing the truth.

They're trying to swap my identity with a variety of people named Terence as well and someone named Clarence despite the fact that I an not any of them. As I've said I'm Brian Joseph Johns. Cane I recently found out not only refers to Cane and Abel but also to King Tut because King Tut actually walked with a Cane. Often their cult is focused around King Tut though they aren't really members of any Egyptian based secret society but more so a group of people who are impersonating and creating their own using their abundant numbers and because they feel that they one up Jewish people by being represented by the culture that had Jewish people enslaved at one point. Again, they're anti-Jewish and trying to stir up conflict in this community and the world. They also want me to be French (possibly referring to someone named Eugene Francois) or they could mean the culture French though they are using the context in such a way that it is most detrimental and of course once again racist. They are basically  fighting with other people over the origin of Jesus Christ likely and trying once again to stir up conflict. I don't believe in Jesus Christ as I'm not a member of Christianity at all and because this cult seem to misrepresent their religion. I'm a Buddhist and Taoist and that is that. I don't believe in god or the devil because as I've said, most of the people around me who claim to believe in these things are actually the most abusive because at the end of the day they want hate to mean love because they want to unload all of their burden onto others by abusing them as I explained about how love and hate works.

Also they might be trying to impart their identity onto me so I'll describe myself. I am 6 feet tall. I weigh about 175 lbs. I am fairly fit for my age of 51. I have green eyes. I have dark salt and pepper hair. I'm Caucasian. I don't have a mustache or beard. I'm fairly thin. I'm the owner of Shhhh! Digital Media as well. Perhaps one of the reasons that this cult are trying to ruin me. Amazing that they're so well protected in Canada. I'd say that it says a lot about Canada's values. I'm not a Freemason. I'm not a Rosicrucian. I'm not a Gnostic. I'm not a Scientologist. I'm pretty much an Agnostic Atheist Buddhist and Taoist that believes ideologies like this one regard god as being a collective of people in which they are a part. Likewise the devil. So their collective impersonates god and the devil as depicted in various religions. So really even they don't believe in god or the devil. They're just symbolic figureheads for their brand of collectivism which they use to control other people and play god and the devil. They've likely never soul searched before in their lives. They're sadists that want to get away with their propensity for abusing other people by claiming that it really means love so they can dump their life's accumulated garbage onto those that they abuse. I'd rather deny any such people anything good that I've to share because I'll never reward true abuse.

I cannot begin to imagine how much Canada's outlook and GDP would improve if such people were held responsible for their abuse and oppression of other people in society. Imagine if they took responsibility for their own actions? I'd be free from this hell despite the fact that I didn't deserve to be a part of it in the first place. I did nothing worthy in my life of being subject to it. I mean, I'm not like some people and break into the living space town home of a member of the LGBTQ community and beat them up because they flirted with me and then put that blame onto people who were not even there. Further I'm not a member of any cult that would try to Police such an incident and then put as part of trying to get at the truth, subject a victim to nearly twenty years of abuse. Especially after all of the times I stuck up for other people. I'm not going to stick up for other people again though because nobody sticks up for myself. Why should I stick up for others if the fight for human rights excludes my own rights. As I've said before this is all linked back to Ferretina and likely some organized crime that was used to determine who would end up in "heaven" and who would end up in "hell". An evil cult in other words whose workings I'm not going to keep secret. I have nothing against people on the basis of their culture nor their sexual orientation and never have. I'm not a gun or a rose either. I'm not a member of Prince Hall and never will be. I'm not a Jehovah's Witness either. I'm not on the brown (lawless) side of the fence. Very abusive cult quite honestly who use the bible to hurt people and empower themselves like most people have used religion throughout most of history. As a weapon rather than for enlightenment. I don't believe in god or the devil or jesus christ or allah or mohammed or santa claus for that matter.

I'm not going to take the punishment for something that is not my responsibility. If you do the crime, you do the time. Its that simple. I'm Brian Joseph Johns and this is I will never become a member of Christianity at all. NEVER nor any western religion for that matter. Too barbaric for my liking.

I don't use, buy or sell narcotics. I don't hire prostitutes with all due respect to those Women. I am not a member of any cult that steals the credit for what other people accomplish. I don't believe that what applies to a person is what they keep secret. That's a method for the kind of people who likely were part of the Inquisition or something of that nature. Torture a person in order to obtain confessions of their prior sins. Sorry, I have nothing to confess for. I don't pay for other people's crimes. I also don't believe in the holy spirit. The reason why religion is not the ruling power is because it does not recognize the rights of people at all. I'm not a member of any blood centric ideology at all nor am I a hater and as a matter of fact I want nothing to do with western religion. Far too barbaric and corrupt for my liking. Its about having power over others really rather than spiritual enlightenment. Nor am I a member of any secret society and I'm not a member of the Salvation Army either. I'd rather not be associated with any ideology that gets away with abusing and stalking a solitary victim such as this one. I cannot believe that tax payer money paid my neighbours to harass me 24/7 for the last 8 years while I made just about every effort to get on my feet. Even if an opportunity comes my way as the resolve or test part of this cult, I swear that I will take it down. I mean this cult legally. I will take it down no matter the outcome.

No to Frank Avianca's story about the bird and the cat. That was a story Frank at Ferretina used to tell me when he wanted to terrorize me or seem menacing. It has a few different allegorical meanings. For one it means that not everyone who treats you badly means you ill and not everyone who treats you well means you good. Secondly it can mean that if you tweet to happily too often when you're supposed to be miserable and down, that you'll attract the cat that will devour you. Well that's alright to me because I'm not in trouble with the law because I haven't really broken the law in a way that would put me in that kind of trouble (unless they've reopened the shoplifting incident from my childhood over the IG-88 figure). So I've been on the run for 42 years for that one and it looks like they've finally caught up with me for it. The truth is that I am not guilty for anything that would result in an investigation of that nature and like that would also defy my rights as an individual.

I mentioned that I knew of someone who'd broken into the apartment of a member of the LGBTQ community during the 1980s (actually a group of people). When I told the story at Ferretina I used myself because it would be easier to expose it that way without seeming like a "rat". I've never been homophobic in my life and would never take part in something of that nature. I have so many witnesses from my past who'd stand up for me in that regard that its almost laughable. I mean when I was 17 I used to go to all ages dance clubs, and occasionally sneak into some of the Gay clubs downtown (Dominoes was frequented by a large loyal Gay and Bisexual community at that point) despite the fact that I am heterosexual. One of my friends that I'd go with was bisexual and I had bisexual friends. I'm not going to dance because I'm worried that someone is going to imply that I took part in such a heinous crime. People that would use that to manipulate you are scumbags as much so as the real people who took part in that crime because they know the truth and would let someone else take the blame for it. That's when you really know people and who they are inside.

That's what I meant about two people having a similar history or being close enough to something that went down at around the same time. This cult in order to clean their friend off will attempt to find a substitute and that's likely what they did. I was a goth at the time they committed that crime (far earlier than most of my other friends by the way). I think that where they're drawing up a conclusion is that I had a mohawk for a short time while the real perpetrator as I understand it also had a mohawk but not at the same time. So this cult was likely trying to find a way to criminalize me because most of my bullies got jobs in unions, and I was essentially forced into homelessness. There's obviously corruption brewing big time. The reason for their abuse of me is likely trying to make me appear a hater of some form which I'm not. From what I know, the perpetrators were members of a notorious hate group at the time of which I was never a member. The people I knew who took part in that sort of thing, were never even really homophobic themselves, they just had bad judgment. This is something that took place at Flemington Park. Because of that situation and despite the fact that I had nothing to do with it, and because I knew people that did, it literally ruined my life. This cult literally stalking me were trying to provoke some form of hateful reaction from me to make me seem the part and in the meantime they got all the bullies from my life off the hook and even tried to swap my identity with theirs. I cannot begin to express how violated I feel as a result of that. I certainly am not going to keep their methods secret and I'll take the cult who tried to put this onto me down legally and I promise that I will no matter the outcome. I don't operate by blue love at all. Hate is not love to me. I say what I mean and mean what I say. I'm not going to accept someone else's garbage. As I said, if you did the crime you're going to do the time. That simple.

I'm not anyone else other than Brian Joseph Johns. If this cult were trying to cover something else up, they totally went about it the wrong way not to mention that it is wrong. Their blood isn't controlling me, and as a matter of fact I believe anyone like that who believes that they are mind controlling their victim via their blood are nothing but a bunch of Goofs!

I'm not John Marshall either with all due respect. I'm still a good person and peaceful for that matter but as I've said when this cult want to protect someone who is a member of a hate group and use someone else as a substitute for their actions, they often pit them in a situation with someone who is very peaceful while this cult abuse the crap of the person they're trying to label as being mean, ie to transfer that reputation from one person to another to use their victim as a substitute. Like saying, hey lets make this other guy go to jail for our crime, and then we'll have someone else go to jail for his crime. If he doesn't have any crimes, we'll set one up because that's how we build people in the fake Masonic builder business. We send them to jail and make them into meanies because meanies are real men. That's the truth. So they were trying to clean someone else off onto me so that they could use me as a substitute. Likely they had plans to build me in jail or something of that nature because as I've said this cult of complete Goofs and imbeciles operate, they believe that real men are mean and they harden up these real men in jail. Meanwhile society did an about face and said, who the hell are these people building men this way by sending them to jail as a rite of manhood? They're destroying the sensitivity of men and making generation after generation of people who are more geared to bullying their way through situations than they are able to use their brain and perhaps diplomacy. Brutes in other words because brutes can invoke fear which is a substitute for respect unfortunately in the minds of some people who have little tolerance. So perhaps at Ferretina they had that kind of a plan for myself. Kind of like mail order men, for the kind of Women who like mean and brutish men. It disturbs me to think that there are people out there that operate like that. I'm not a pilot by the way.

So this cult were likely planning that sort of thing for me. Probably they were going to substitute me for someone I knew in the past. Steve Vitale's name has come up often. Eugene Francois, an adult film maker and escort driver who pimped the Women that he drove around to their gigs on the side, also being arrested for hidden camera videos apparently taken in the Eaton's Centre in 2000/2001 though these are allegations and not proven in a court of law to my knowledge. That would make sense that he was someone whom this cult was trying to push onto my identity because they did try to label me as a crack dealer and pimp, and even may have used hidden cameras to violate my privacy as well at some point unbeknownst to me between 2000 and 2006. So I've had this goofball cult stalking me for some time despite the fact that I am not a criminal. Maybe they wanted to build me into a meanie and brute so I would be a good husband for the Police Officer's daughter I was dating in late 2001/2002 though I believe that she was of a better nature than that to put me through that not to mention that I was a good boyfriend for her. Peaceful. Fit. Smart. A lot of potential at that point. I even had plans to buy my Father's house and Anson Avenue when he was going to move and wanted to start a life with her there. That fell through thanks to Ferretina and other nonsense likely related to the fact that investment money from Ferretina allegedly came from the Lufthansa Heist, which probably put me in a bad situation seeing as I was working for them at the time that this allegedly occurred. Meanwhile I'm not a gangster or a hell's angel for that matter and was pretty worldly up until that experience.

I think that they dropped me into the shelter system to try building me there or to dismantle me and to try and put other people's garbage onto me. I usually go through this once a month where this cult harasses me to the point that I have to explain this even though I did not know most of this until much more recently (as in the last 2 years). My neighbours seem to think that I'm remembering someone else's life which is nonsense. That would likely not be the case seeing as the Federal Police with whom I communicated at the time could likely verify that I was working there at the time and had spoken with them as well in 2003 and 2004. So no playing there. This is in Canada by the way, not the United States. This occurred out at Lakeshore Blvd and Royal York Road where the studio was between 2001 and 2004. Judging by the abuse that I undergo I'd say its organized crime and corruption involving both Mafia and probably corrupt elements of infrastructure though I cannot be sure. They're likely trying to gas light me so that any information I reveal is discredited as having
come from a lunatic or conspiracy theorist or something of that nature.

I noticed that they really turned up the heat last Friday so they planned for this whole attack over the weekend and today, knowing that I'd go to the food bank. This is the cult that uses colours extensively for symbolism and they believe that their hate and blood mind controls people. I'm not kidding. Police don't interfere with them so that tells you a great deal right there despite the fact what they're doing is in violation of the law. They're protected by corruption to tell the truth. I think that they chase their victims outside of the law so as to make them seem anti-Government rather than anti-corruption. I vote, file taxes and take part in the system in just about every way so I'm not anti-Government but I am certainly anti-corruption. Anti-corruption where I'm against people that work in unions get to dump their sins and crimes onto those who don't work because some people will keep victims trapped so they can use those people as their garbage bags, yours truly for instance.

Corruption where the public sees a problem and completely ignores it, despite the fact that it violates Human Rights code and the Charter Of Rights And Freedoms. Against groups like Soldiers from the Salvation Army who operate outside of the law stalking victims for their sins in violation of the law and sometimes even creating situations in which they entrap innocent people to use as substitutes for the crimes of their friends and community members.

Corruption where the members of a predominant gang or ideology in a community conspire to steal everything from one person. That is everything that they produce creatively and every bit of activism in which they take part for the credit of other people in the community who often have little or nothing at all to do with it. Likewise those who spy on the computers of others and steal their creative and intellectual property as this cult have done to me many times. In my own community I am not even regarded as being myself. I didn't grow up in this community and as a matter of fact have only lived down here since halfway through 2004 in the shelter system, then in TCHC housing from April 2012 until now (November 2018).

Meanwhile if you check my email, I've provided intel to the RCMP about the activities of such a criminal gang in this community that may be linked to radicalization and violence. I've provided intel to the Toronto Police Services Sex Crimes unit in protection of Women. I've been active with regard to Women's rights and the rights of the LGBTQ community in direct letters to two Prime Ministers both of whose offices sent me replies. So I'm not exactly lax in that area not to mention that I'm the person behind Shhhh! Digital Media There's big problems here in Regent Park in terms of an underground gang who ruin people's lives that need to be investigated and their protection from Police and other groups which most certainly involve corruption. I'm not a spy and I don't work for the Government at all. I provided intel to the Federal Police for free and as a volunteer. It seems the problem is a bit more involved than I anticipated but I'd say they're pretty much exposed now. It will be pretty hard to get the lid back on without raising the alarm.

By the way, I have no qualms with anyone and I don't hate anyone and for the most part I believe that most people are good in nature. I don't go out of my way hunting for other people's wrongs and as a matter of fact I don't often notice them unless I can recognize things that have harmed others I care about. It must sound like I am a constant complainer but I'm not. I'm constantly abused by my neighbours and it seems wrong, especially since the system works in such a way that protects them rather than myself. If I report it, I need a witness who is a security guard. If there's a security guard around, they won't harass me though in other places in the community I have been harassed by security guards too despite the fact that I am not guilty of any wrong doing. I believe as I've said that the cult in question has often swapped identities with myself.

So in order to prove that I am more myself than anyone else, I'm going to work on some coding and in particular some 3D related coding that will likely involve a bit of geometry and possibly some maths that would require a bit of knowledge into vectors, matrices and possibly even a differential solver. I probably won't do any gaming tonight though I do love to game but only after I've accomplished something worthy. This cult seems to be under the impression that they're controlling me but I doubt that they are programmers let alone have knowledge of geometry, vectors and matrices (not to be arrogant). Once again, I'm not a Mormon, nor am I a member of any form of Christianity at all. I'm not a Muslim nor am I a Scientologist. I'm an agnostic atheist Buddhist Taoist if I was going to put a label on my beliefs honestly. I'm certainly not a bully though I've been a victim of bullying throughout my whole life yet I've never resorted to violence to deal with it, with exception to one or two cases involving self defense but not attack. I'm not from the school of thought that being a mean brute makes one a man more so than being peaceful. As a matter of fact I find that those who follow such a mode of thinking often give up a good portion of their intelligence to accommodate their added brutishness. To me its like an animal puffing up its fur to look bigger when it encounters a possible threat. A defense that constantly assumes that all threats are of a violent nature and can be dealt with by scaring them into submission rather than by conscious reasoning. I'd rather have the conscious reasoning.

Anyway, I'm off to code. Consequently tomorrow is the anniversary of Lady Ada Lovelace's death. The daughter of Lord Byron, she was considered to be the very first programmer so its actually quite fitting that I choose to code tonight.

Brian Joseph Johns

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