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Lets Talk About Bullying And This Cult's Methodology

Bullying has recently has come to the spotlight once again though the issue seems to be skirting the larger group bullying phenomenon unfortunately.

I was a bullying victim throughout my childhood though beyond my teenage years I never gave it much weight beyond that. It affected my life for certain and very negatively as well.

In fact I have a friend from childhood who knows me very well to this end and how often I was a bullied as well. In fact in a number of situations I protected that person despite my small size.

The picture on the left is me when I was around eleven years old. I was the kind of person who was a fan of the Muppet Movie soundtrack until I was 13 years old, after which I started listening to more popular music of the day. So I was definitely not in the "bully" crowd and quite honestly I'd forgotten and forgiven for most of anything that I'd experienced in that regard many years ago. I was considered a nerd for most of my youth and I am quite proud of that fact and that was in a time when it wasn't fashionable to be a nerd (early late 1970s to the early 1980s). My reputation and childhood was pretty tame in that regard.

I guess that's why years later in my 30s I'd run into the kind of people who steal other people's history and past. That is, if they were a bully when they were young, their friends would assist them in trying to steal the history of someone else in order to cover up their past in that regard.

So the identity of being a bullying victim and even a nerd slowly grew in value as a result. What happened from there from what I can fathom is that many people started stealing the histories of their former school mates. That is, swapping their identities with their bullying victims though I'm hard pressed to wonder if it was the bullies that were doing this rather than others who wanted to stir up trouble. Remember, I said that I had long forgiven my bullies for their transgressions against me, but when groups of people in Toronto started stalking and harassing me as part of their means to steal my history and background from me to give to someone else, that's when the problems really began. This is the sort of thing that is still going on today. In fact, I'm still bullied by people whom I have no knowledge of who bring up the names of my former bullies from school. That is, my immediate neighbours who seem to have gone digging into my history and past for the purposes of stealing my identity to give to someone else.

The number of names as well that they've brought up is actually quite scary when combined with the other stalking activities conducted by this cult. For instance, one of my first bullies, a man by the name of Bryant Thompson is someone they've brought up repeatedly. In addition someone named Andrew Klemiss (I'm not sure if that's the spelling). In the case of Bryant Thompson, I was physically attacked by him close to when that picture above was taken. That happens when you're a kid. I understand that but for a group of people to come along and to actually contrive a conspiracy whereby they steal the identity of their former bullying victims or someone else does that in their place, there's something wrong and that's precisely what this cult has been doing. Not to mention they also harass me for the activities of those people. So Bryant Thompson was a friend of a group from a nearby low income project known as Allenbury Gardens up near Fairview Mall in Toronto. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against low income housing as prior to where my family lived at that time, we were in low income housing ourselves and my parents worked their asses of to be able to move and afford a home and a mortgage on Lisburn Crescent. Darren O'Brien was actually a part of the group that would frequently bully me, though he had a modicum of honour and wouldn't take part in it and I think once or twice he actually told his friends to leave me alone. So I have a bit of respect for him for those reasons. He eventually became the rapper Snow with the hit song: Informer. I was never friends with him, we just had a comfortable respect for one another. Later on in my life though his friends/circle were the first people to attempt identity swaps, between myself and him despite the fact that I'd never been involved in his circle whatsoever. I'm guessing that from that point on, that that same circle of miscreants and goofs found it so easy that they began swapping my identity with others in their group too. Like Bryant Thompson. Kevin Gross (another person who assaulted me in a shopping mall with a bunch of his friends while I had a witness). So every one of my former bullies was taking over my identity thanks to this scumbag group of goofs that would do such a thing, and that's the truth.

From there things got much worse because their friends would remember a different past than my friends and while I've never asked for a reconciliation of the truth in these matters, if I did I'm certain that it would start a war of "he said this - she said that" and it would come down to who stood up for who and what the witnesses said and how many of course. One of the things I noticed about the people doing this theft of a person's past was that they would attempt to disconnect the victim's friends one at a time. Anyone who'd known the victim whose identity they were stealing. So for the last few years I'd been harassed about someone named Steve Vitale, which was the name of a guitar player I'd jammed with a few times at the age of 13 (I was an aspiring keyboard player at that time much like my Father). Steve Vitale was the local Eddie Van Halen of guitar players and jamming with him was my first ever experience jamming with other musicians. He lived on a street named Shaughnessy Blvd. So locally this cult had been harassing me about someone with the exact same name nearly forty years later (I just turned 51 years old by the way). Let me remind you that this is in a building in which I don't know anyone. I don't socialize with anyone in here and never really have except for one of the neighbours who's a member of the LGBTQ community who is a good neighour and the closest thing I have to a friend in here. I'm heterosexual myself but I don't see the contradiction in being friends with anyone regardless of their sexual orientation.

So my point is that this cult seem to pick through their victim's lives one by one and disconnect their victim from their own past using multiple stalkers to do so including the victim's neighbours. As I've said, my neighbours in the neigbhouring apartments harass me every single day and night. Sometimes about Steve Vitale. Sometimes about Bryant Thompson. Sometimes about Kevin Gross. Sometimes about Snow (Darren O'Brien). Sometimes about Ronald Silk. Sometimes about other people as well.

Ironically, many of my former bullies ended up with jobs in a union and the ones who did, it is often their burden about which I'm harassed. That doesn't include the stuff about the hell's angels and other things of that nature with which I have nothing to do. As I've said, since about 2000 I've practically been in bed with the Federal Police, and even have given them some of the intel related to this harassment and certainly the infrastructure of the gang doing it though I refrain from giving names. In fact as I type this I'm literally being harassed by my immediate neighbours in apartment 702 and quite often but not always, apartment 605. I think their goal is to attempt to turn the tables on me, and to try to make me appear like a bully in their place. So their goal is harassing their victim until their victim behaves in such a way that would convince others that they are the bully and that is the precise method of how they swap identities with the bullying victim and the bully. They just take the same two people decades later and abuse the bullying victim to the point that they start to sound like the bully more than the original bully did. Keep in mind that these are issues that I'd long since forgotten about. So this cult came along and stirred it up purposely so they could do this kind of a thing.

Stealing a victim's identity doesn't stop there. Because I'm a writer (not very successful financially writer) this cult attempts often to steal my identity because my books seem to have an underground following at which is my official website as I publish my books free for the most part in order to raise awareness for charities I support. In fact this cult attempts to swap my identity with another childhood friend of mine who is also an author (much more successful than am I) named Rob Tozer despite the fact we write very different genres though I'd love to co-write something in the future and have plans to draw up a draft proposal to do so. In this case though I want to hang onto my own identity. I'm not a member of any ideology that does that sort of thing and I never would be.

In fact, the only real recourse I've had so far to this cult's activities is to post gripes online and where their activities are more serious, I report them to the Federal Police. This seems to be possibly be a sort of gang/gangster thing though without the violence (thankfully) so far. It is connected with someone in Jane and Finch as well, because this group swaps the two communities with each other on a daily basis as I mentioned in a prior post. That is, what goes on there is transferred to be carried as our burden in Regent Park, while what goes on here is transferred to be carried in Jane and Finch. My guess is that's how they keep their garbage concealed from law enforcement, who using investigative techniques would likely track it down pretty quickly.

I'm not a spy or secret agent or anything of that nature at all. In fact, this problem got in my way otherwise I'd have not noticed it, so I began voluntarily providing intel to the authorities in order to stop it. Because the gangs or cult involved seems to possess technology that allows them to spy on a person's computer and even apartment, its far safer for me to make my efforts in this way public. In other words if something happened to me as a result of being found out by this cult to be an informant, hunter and collector there would be indication of motive. By making my efforts public knowledge, I'm ensuring that someone will always know what I was up to in that regard so that if something does happen to me, there's recourse and a trail. This cult and gang possess some pretty hardcore technology for spying on other people and they aren't part of the authorities. More likely they're part of a gang protected around here that existed before the urban renewal resulted in the removal of their homes and they were relocated to this corner of Regent Park.

In fact, this cult uses their spying capabilities to steal the identity of the person providing intel to the authorities. That is on a number of occasions they've attempted to steal my identity and to give it to members of their gang to wear as camouflage while I'm given the identity of a drug addict and prostitute customer (neither of which are the case).

The stalking is nothing new and I've been experiencing that for years from even before 2000 (say as early as 1998? possibly earlier though 1998 was when I began to recognize a pattern to people's rudeness or abuse). I believe that it was from that time that the cult were trying to steal my identity and apply it to someone else. Possibly they first were trying to swap John Penny's and my identity (John Penny was a friend and former roommate who lived at 59 Shandon Avenue with myself and my other roommates). Shandon Av was where I was living when I was beaten nearly to death and left for dead on Terraview Av spurring my Mother to write: Thank You For Not Killing My Son. The attack happened around 1991/1992.

From that point in 1998 as well the cult had likely been trying to swap my identity with that of another former roommate Ron Silk. In fact, this cult seemed to be doing this regularly with a variety of people essentially denying me my own identity without me even knowing. As time progressed the abuse and stalking got more aggressive, like this cult were trying to turn me into a bully.

Later, in 2001 ->2004 I'd experienced a lot of anger issues resulting from the stalking and they'd been exhibited at my workplace once or twice at Ferretina. So it became apparent that this cult were literally trying to abuse me to the point where I became a bully, likely so they could swap my identity with one of my past bullies or someone else. Fortunately around that time I'd been in close communications with the Federal Police (on both sides of the Canadian/US border by the way) with regard to another serious issue, which I think might have deterred the stalkers but not by much.

The cult around that time and even now attempt to swap my identity with someone I worked with in 2001 name TJ. TJ didn't work at Ferretina beyond 2001 as the project had closed shop and opened under different management and financing. I continued working for the project beyond that until 2004. TJ is often referred to as "sweet", which is his nickname or secret handle by which some people secretly refer to him. I'm guessing that because he has a Spanish girlfriend/Wife that this cult uses any attention I direct towards Spanish Women as an indication that I am TJ or being possessed or controlled by him. Not to mention, TJ studied Martial Arts (more so developing his own than formal study). I studied Goju Jujitsu Ryu just down the street from Ferretina while working at the project in addition to having other formal training (including most recently Aikido). I actually prior to being stalked used to be quite adamant about keeping myself in shape. When you're stalked and abused you tend to stay indoors more often and going out to a public gym or even the local Dojo or Dojang (Tae Kwon Do) is out of the question as the stalking gets to be a bit much. Not to mention the fact that the scumbags that do the stalking steal your identity. If you take any extracurricular activities, they steal it as if it was them going rather than you. In other words this cult treat you like you don't exist at all. Hence why I volunteer providing intel to the Federal Police about them. In Roman Catholicism they call this sort of treatment Damnatio Memoraie. It is akin to shunning and dis-fellowshipping (Jehovah's Witnesses) and disconnection (Scientology). I'm not a Roman Catholic, Jehovah's Witness or Scientologist. In fact I'm not a member of any form of Western religion. I'm a Buddhist and Taoist and have been since early 2007. I'm Caucasian despite Buddhism and Taoism being predominantly Eastern religions.

One other of the more peaceful people who worked at Ferretina named John Marshall was a good friend who left the company on January 25 2003. Whenever I'm peaceful, the cult often accuse me of trying to be John Marshall, though I've been a peaceful person for my whole life. In fact this cult even tried to imply that I was Frank Avianca, the prime driving force and the Director behind the Ferretina project, which I am not. I'm not Italian or Sicilian with all due respect. I'd say that this cult ruin their victims and they certain ruined me and still are. They seem to believe that they mind control other people through something they refer to as the holy spirit, which of course I believe to be nonsense. They affect people emotionally via their repeated abuse. That's about it. In fact, I'd say that this cult are largely responsible for the rash of violent mass murder attacks, as their abuse seems to be geared towards radicalization though violence is probably the outcome in a very small percentage of cases. Because the abuse is delivered by groups of people rather than organized religion, it is very easy to cover up as the people involved just deny any sort of involvement and really, each person in this cult provide a small piece of the overall harassment and abuse. So it involves a lot of people in that regard and there aren't modern laws to cover collectivism as the legal system is not effective against such a threat especially where it involves organized radicalization whereby that is likely the outcome in a very small percentage of cases. I'm the writer of A Lady's Prerogative and The Butterfly Dragon and everything you see at

By the way, I was in a relationship with someone named Lillian up until 2000 and that is not my love interest with all due respect. In fact my love interest isn't blond at all. She's Mandarin Chinese and brunette and older than myself. I'm 51 years old.

I don't believe in god or the devil or jesus christ or allah or mohammed. Not at all. I'm not looking to become a Freemason like I was before. I'm not a Rosicrucian. I'm not a gun. I'm not a Gnostic and never will be. I don't believe in being a part of any group that employs constant abuse to a person and never would be. Hate is not love and love is not hate. I'm also not a member of any ideology that pits positivity versus negativity either. Just another means of polarization of people and a way that some people use to avoid the responsibility for their own actions, instead lumping them onto others who they've abused so that they take up a negative attitude. I'd never be a part of any such thing.

In essence this cult are basically nazis as a form of gnosticism. Actually Adolf Hitler was a black lodge gnostic. They make it a competition between two people over a dualistic paradigm. So they try to take the best from one person and transfer it to another person by abusing one of the people, so that one of them is negative and the other is positive or a whole host of other diametrically opposed symbols that represent the two sides with which each person sides. Often the cult has a group of people around the person they`re trying to milk who abuse that person constantly in order to transfer their good to the more positive person. Also this form of transferring this cult believes is also "blood". So I'm guessing that the people around me are trying to help the other person because they're abusive all of the time. So in essence they're trying to take the best of me and transfer it to someone else while taking the worst of them and trying to transfer it to me. That's the symbolism of black and white to this cult by the way. They round it off with colours, for instance red black white or blue black white. Red and blue in those situations have different meanings depending upon what each are defined as. Blue is often a polarity reversal. So in other words blue black white means that someone being hateful is actually being loving and it could also be blue blood. Red could either mean love or blood from what I gather. I'm not really a member of either because as I've said, I'm not a gnostic. I think that the abuse this cult subjects me to is about aggressive conversion. So they might be trying to convert me to a very specific ideology, and employ the abuse to steer me in that direction away from other ideologies. Quite honestly I don't want to be a part of their ideology whatsoever.

Brian Joseph Johns

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