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Brian Joseph Johns
Well the latest twist in the local abuse by a cult in my community is quite ironic and seems to be supported by the Toronto Police Service as well in addition to several gangs in the area. So I've decided to open this up a little bit more in terms of some information that has not been made public.

First of all, there is a war going on whereby the law and the lawless sides of society in Toronto fight over their membership for the day. This is something that occurs every day and involves the Police too who utilize the symbolism of colours just like criminal gangs do who are also involved in this as well in Regent Park.

When they feel like sharing their "Police" presence to clean off criminal involvement, they'll let their flashers and sirens fly in the appropriate areas, turning them off when they don't want to cover a specific area, I guess leaving it in the hands of the criminal underground. So just by the proxy of your living location you can be forced onto that side of the fence. I love Toronto, but I think that many elements of Toronto are purposely playing the love/hate game trying to paint innocent people as enemies of the city, while others who do nothing to stop this activity are praised as its saints, and that involves criminal gangs and the distribution of narcotics to the area without the interference of Police.

I'm not an anti-authority kind of guy. In fact, as a volunteer I provide intel to the Federal Police on a lot of this issue and this ever growing dynamic in the city and have for some time.

The means by which I'm played between the two sides of this battle is that the criminal side tries to label me as being a bank robber, a reputation which I've inherited in two ways. The first, is by having worked for Ferretina Film Productions Ltd. which according to revelations by a self admitted Ex Mob Capo named Dominick Cicale received investment money whose origins came from the proceeds of crime. Specifically the 1974 Lufthansa Heist at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York, New York. These allegations are covered in his book.

After working for Ferretina up until 2004 and actually providing intel to the RCMP and FBI around that time, I lost my job at Ferretina and became homeless for 8 years. During that time and unbeknownst to me I was played both by a criminal organization freely operating in Toronto and by their sympathizers working directly within infrastructure. The way that I was played was that I was labeled as someone attempting to run from the law, which I wasn't. Actually I had been providing intelligence up until that point. I still have receipts from the latest intel I've provided to the Feds.

One of the aspects of their motives for me running from the law was that I was a bank robber, possibly either connected to the source of that Ferretina investment or later as another bank robber, which of course I've never robbed a bank in my life.

During my trip through the homeless shelter system I encountered someone who really was a former bank robber who'd been shot by RCMP during the heist which took place years ago in Halifax, Nova Scotia from what I recall of his account. His name was Keith. He was a man of contradictions having been an Aircraft Mechanic for the Royal Canadian Air Force, which means that he'd sworn an oath to protect the Queen and the country. He was also a member of a secret society of some form whose oath began:

Should you share these secrets which you've been given, you shall be buried at low tide up to your waist so that your soul knows no peace.

I was never able to determine the full nature of that secret society though I suspected possibilities such as the Knight's Templar or possibly even the Klu Klux Klan. For the record Keith never exhibited racist tendencies. Given the nature of the oath, I'd suspect that it was tightly bound with Maritime locations, possibly even pertaining to a secret society made up of the ancestry of Pirates.

He was a good man at the point that I met his despite his prior run in with RCMP, which I abhorred of him as well seeing as I support the work of the RCMP and always have. Usually when Canada takes a hit internally for some form of wrong doing, it is almost always with certainty that the RCMP will step forward and take the blame despite often having nothing to do with such situations. In other words, it often takes the role of blame so as to save Canada face.

So through association it somehow became a part of my repute as a result of my becoming involved in that man's life for a somewhat short period. During my homelessness stint, he'd received a job and housing as a superintendent and custodian of low income housing in the Keele Street and Finch Avenue area of Toronto. The place he got had several bedrooms allowing for him to rent them, which he did one to myself. I had been working for a furniture delivery and assembly company at the time (I rarely was without work during my homelessness) which allowed me to pay for my room, for which I never once missed a payment. There was also involvement in what appeared to be Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints in the area, a hidden sect of this religion in the West End of Toronto much like there had been in Regent Park (and still is). They are certainly the sworn enemies of the RCMP and the rule of law, more siding with the idea that it is alright for them to engage in both child marriage and polygamy despite Canadian law. In Regent Park, the means by which they skirted the legality was by the use of prostitutes or Women who'd been reduced to street work of that nature to pay for an addiction of some form (most often crack cocaine). These aren't things in which I was involved, this is actual intel that I'd gathered. By the way, I never once asked for or received money for any intel I'd provided and still do not. Not even once. I considered it my duty as a citizen of Canada. At the time I was a resident of Keith's place at Keele Street and Finch Avenue I had been seeing the Mandarin Chinese lady of whom I often speak so fondly. We were still at the height of our relationship together, though social stalking of her had begun to grow much like it had for myself in prior years.

Eventually due mostly to Keith's excessive drinking, we became at odds with one another and on one such occasion we came to the conclusion that it would be better if I'd left the apartment for good and returned to the shelter system, from where I could continue working. I did just that, packing my things and returning to the shelter system no more than three months after having taken up residence at Keith's place.

Upon my return to the same shelter I'd left to accept the room at Keiths, Riverdale Salvation Army at Broadview Avenue and Gerrard Street just south of Gerrard I'd found out that Keith had made a visit to the shelter at some point during my stay at his apartment and told them that I'd been killed in a hit and run accident. I didn't think much of it at the time, assuming it to be a case of mistaken identity.

So during my stay in the shelter system and within this particular situation, a group of people made up of those with employment in infrastructure made efforts to ensure that my residence remained a secret on the grounds that they believed me to be a fugitive, which I wasn't. In fact, even during that situation I had been in contact with the Federal Police once or twice trying to reconnect to my contact from 2004. I also had a bank account, had replaced my identification and even had gone through a vulnerable sector check through the Police for working with those with special needs. There seemed to be no problem in any of those areas so this rumour of my being a fugitive is just that. A rumour.

Unfortunately and unbeknownst to me, I was still kept hidden from the authorities and from the Feds, despite the fact that I had contacted them numerous times under my own name. So there was something abreast to keep me on the lawless side of the fence and likely trying to squeeze me into association with the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints despite the fact that I am not a Mormon and never have been. I certainly do not support child marriage nor do I support polygamy and never would I in either case.

This gang's effort switched to breaking me apart from my Mandarin Chinese girlfriend at the time because being with her would have contradicted they change in identity or background that this cult were preparing for me though I did not at the time suspect anything of that nature because I had no idea that I was branded as a fugitive on the run (which of course was nonsense just to force me into association with the FLDS likely in substitution for someone else who was a real member). At that time I also was not aware that Ferretina allegedly received investment money originating from the proceeds of crime (the Lufthansa Heist). This all occurred during the summer of 2006.

Fast forward to now (November 2018) where I've had housing in Regent Park since April 19, 2012 at 200 Sherbourne Street in Toronto, Ontario, Canada without any problems from the law while in fact I've made extensive contact with the Federal Police and even the Toronto Police Services Sex Crimes unit to provide intelligence to them both, once again without receiving anything for doing so. In every case I used my full name, address, email and phone number as well so that I could be contacted for follow up by the Federal Police or Toronto Police Service should the need arise. I have records of this fact as well along with receipts.

Within my place of residence I live in the midst of what appears to be the remnants of some members of the local branch of the FLDS post urban renewal as the area in Regent Park has been demolished and many new residences and high rises replace what was leveled in the area. During that project, the former residence were relocated to various low income residences across the city, this building being one such place. There seems to be one or two prominent members of the FLDS or a related ideology who have residence in the building and whose lives seem to be intertwined with mine despite the fact that I do not know these people whatsoever. Add to that the Police seem to be working to the ends to keep me in association despite my lack thereof. This also seems to be connected to a prominent Outlaw Motorcycle Gang with a strong presence in Toronto despite the fact once again that I have no such affiliation with any such gang or group. If I did, it would certainly have been a great risk to my life to provide intel against such organizations operating within Regent Park while having membership to such organizations.

The most plausible explanation is that I've had friends or acquaintance in the past of whose affiliations I was not familiar that could possibly be tied to both the FLDS and said Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs.

This would also explain what I'm experiencing and have observed with regard to the aggressive use of colour symbolism (often red, blue and brown) within Regent Park locally and by such gangs in competition with authority. One a few such occasions I've noticed gangs and authority synchronized in terms of the symbolism of colours, either leaving the area unprotected legally or stripped completely of gang activity for a short time as if they were in agreement to such alternating shifts.

Seeing as this same gang/cult in the area has made extensive efforts to ensure that I do not mingle socially in the community and that I don't volunteer or hold a job, I have remained housebound for the most part despite typically being an active person in terms of work and exercise. In fact, up until 2017 I was studying Aikido locally as well as working for a landscaping business in south east Toronto (for which I'd claimed my income both in terms of taxes and social assistance).

Thanks to my seeming imprisonment in my own living space, my social and sexual life extends to the internet which is the last bastion for any sort of sexuality I might hope to have seeing as I lack companionship as a result of these gangs and this cult. So most of my activity in that regard is quite honestly focused around Asian eroticism, something of which I'm quite fond seeing as my most fond memories are with my lost love interest who is as I've said Mandarin Chinese. During such forays onto the internet, my activities are certainly observed (illegally) and logged by civilians and possibly these gangs and said religion with the slight possibility that the Police are also observing as well. I have nothing to hide in that regard, but I find it disconcerting that such an effort would be taken and then to hide the fact that my love interest and former lover is a Mandarin Chinese lady who is actually older than myself even at my current age of 51.

To keep myself busy, I've been working on writing books as is commonly known they being The Butterfly Dragon series of books and A Lady's Prerogative series of books. In addition I've also been developing software (Shhhh! For Windows and more recently Shhhh! Multi-platform) and interactive media for my online company Shhhh! Digital Media.

What is most disconcerting is that there is indication that my neighbours who are possibly affiliated with these gangs and cult may be stealing through my internet anything I write or create and then giving the credit for those efforts to the members of their gang, without the interference of the Police or authorities.

Also of note is the fact that the people doing the eavesdropping seem to be taking what I write, even my relation to these events and giving them to the credit of other people from the shelter system or locally neighbours in my proximity. They often give the credit to someone named Bobby who was also a resident of the shelter system whom was not involved in the aforementioned situation but rather lived at Heyworth House during my stay there between September 2008 until April 2012. Ironically he has affiliation with a "blue rose" who has possible ties to the FLDS. So whenever I reveal things of this nature this cult literally credits them to people such as them while keeping my existence hidden, which is their way of siphoning the events of a person's life to make them "disappear". In some cases they refer to it as "milking a cow". Eugene Francois is another person whom they attempt to feed things related to my identity and life, often while trying to apply his identity to mine. Ironically, all of these people are members of the "purple" team in terms of colour symbolism despite the fact that I am not a member of that team, though I support mixed culture relationships of any gender and I do not regard love or hate as being the same thing (a common property of Prince Hall followers). Also I am not a member of Jehovah's Witnesses, whom are very much against the mixing of cultures in relationships.

I have already sent a good portion of this information to the Federal authorities having been in contact with them on an ongoing basis since 2004.

These accounts are truthful to the best of my knowledge and are situations in which I was present to collect such information. Anyone else that makes such claims who was not there physically I'd suggest that they are frauds who likely eavesdrop other people's communications in order to take over those aspects of a victim's life they monitor through such means. That seems to be a modus operandi of this gang and cult as well.

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Brian Joseph Johns

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