Monday, November 19, 2018

Monday November 19, 2018 - Foodbank Trip

Thank you very much to the food bank today. I made a trip to the St. Bartholomew's food bank at 10 AM this morning and arrived around 10:15 AM. I am always very grateful for the food and sustenance that I receive from the food bank and always express that sentiment every time I am there verbally, sincerely and with confidence.

There was a bit of angst at the food bank between two other people there who seemed to have a conflict which to them wasn't trivial (as it so often is with the people involved in conflict). So I spoke to them and advised them that its best to solve problems of that nature with words. I also advised them that when faced with such conflict you are making choices at that moment that will certainly affect the rest of your life. If you make a bad choice, it can certainly have dire consequences upon you (ie if you resort to violence that could result in imprisonment or parole). There are few if any conflicts that are worthy of such a sacrifice, and those that are rarely occur in this society. Most of the human rights defining situations (but not all) have been fought for in prior generations. It is possible to resolve trivial conflict with words alone and not to have the consequences for acting out of order affect the rest of one's life. Perhaps with conflict, when others attempt to bull bait someone into reaction that is what they are trying to do. To remove your consciousness from the decision making process and leaving it to the "fight or flight" aspect of your being, which will in most cases make the wrong choice unless it is a life or death situation. Regardless, once you fall to such reaction you are giving up the greatest benefit we have and that's our rational mind. The rational mind has more likelihood to solve problems without conflict or violence while retaining the principles of society's virtues (such as human rights). So I did my best to resolve such a situation without making anyone the bad person in their conflict. The question is, does the choice that one makes in a single morning of a day in a person's life have to have such dire consequences for the rest of their life? In such a case unless it challenges some core values with regard to human rights, there are no trivial issues worthy of such a sacrifice. Likewise, revenge for such conflict has no place afterwards.

I am not trying to paint myself as a complete angel there to be the example of a righteous or good human being as I've made my share of mistakes in life as well. The difference is that I learn from my mistakes and I'd rarely give up the opportunity to learn from my mistakes by making someone else carry the burden for them. I've paid for every one directly or indirectly throughout my life and always kept my life karma's balance so that I've invested a lot in society and humanity rather than being constantly in its debt. The only danger of being as such is that there are people who will steal your identity and being based upon an idea or concept that the you that inhabits your body is not the real you.

There are ideologies who play a social game of taking a person's identity whereby if you are not consistent with your prior words or actions, you are not yourself now, or you weren't yourself whenever you said or did those things for which consistency is being tested.

Just as advice, don't fall for this ploy because it is an illusion and a trap. If you spend all of your time thinking about being consistent with your past self then you are not spending any time being conscious right now. Nobody is perfectly consistent with their own past because as time progresses we learn and change. If your mind's energy is spent being consistent from day to day with regard to your past self, then you are no longer conscious today. You are a carbon copy of your past self and introducing nothing new in your life despite your having learned much, even between then and now. There are some exceptions to this concept because some aspects of your consistency indicate your sense of morality and your adherence to your ideals. If you find yourself trying to be consistent with these ideals then perhaps they aren't so natural for they're taking up time and your front line conscious mind in trying to retain the illusion of consistency. I myself personally would advise anyone to remove such filters to one's behavior and go with the flow and the moment without giving up your rational mind. That way, you're not chasing the illusion of consistency with your own past because quite honestly, nobody can take it from you just by being more the part of your past self than you are today. Some may try, but ultimately they will fail for the long haul because it is not inherent to them and the pressure of being consistent with someone else's past means that they are giving up their consciousness in order to retain that illusion while you have no such pressure or illusion to maintain and are therefore free to think and be as you please. If you even go one further to explain this to others, then you are saving them the time of learning this for themselves and ultimately helping them to become even more conscious.

Regardless of what religion you believe or whether you believe in a God or not, consciousness and freewill are the greatest gifts we have in our existence. Peace certainly begins with the enlightenment of all to this fact and keep in mind that peace is not the opposite of war. Consider peace as the middle balancing point to some other unnamed dichotomy whereby either extreme (war or utopia) could be equally detrimental. In achieving peace that does not mean that you have to give up your physical or even competitive hobbies, such as sports or martial arts because the competitor in those activities is actually you. You're really competing against yourself and as a result by working with others, your improving yourself often both physically and mentally (and sometimes spiritually).

The only reason that I could even begin to eloquate these ideas are because I am currently benefiting from my consciousness and my rational mind, without the interference of hormones and the reactive mind. That's why it appears so different from some of my other rants you'd find here on this personal blog site of mine. Some might argue that its a sign that I'm a different person or persona from the other posts, but that's nonsense but I am not going to pursue chasing the consistency of that idea. The only difference is that when you are currently under attack and your hormones put you close to being in fight or flight syndrome, you're more likely to take on a defensive and anxious stance with regard to your verbal posture. So you could say that I'm exactly the same guy who writes A Lady's Prerogative and The Butterfly Dragon and the other stuff I write at because that's who I am and always have been, but even that person learns and grows too.

Our body produces hormones that keep us from being conscious when we are under stress or duress from outside sources or from illusory perceived sources (sources we believe to be real but are in fact a jumble of our thoughts and perception mixed up with our fears). So when you are experiencing heightened stress from any source, you are spending your consciousness dealing with it and leaving none to deal with your current reality. Its like you are behind the wheel of a car with very foggy windows while your passenger is fighting with you for control of the wheel. Nothing has changed outside of the car, but because you aren't able to see entirely accurately through the foggy windows, your relying on your fears of what obstacles could be in your path, and your "fight or flight" syndrome is the passenger grabbing at the wheel trying to take control of the car from your rational mind which in essence is the driver.

Further, some racist groups believe that certain cultures have better access to this rational mind than others and will go to great lengths to compete on these grounds by keeping a social illusion that one's being is better when around people of one culture versus another. So when there is something beneficial to be gained by claiming responsibility for one's words or actions in this manner, that's usually when you will see such ideologies reveal themselves. They only show up when there's something to be gained by giving other people the false impression that it is their ideology or culture that is responsible for the words or actions of a person rather than that person being responsible for their own consciousness. Actually, such ideologies employ the symbolism of colours to perpetuate this illusion and often prey upon people who they use to fuel their lives, while they do little or nothing themselves to earn their own sense of being in this regard. That is what I encounter almost all of the time, because I'm Caucasian and my love interest is Mandarin Chinese and there are great deal of people and ideologies who are poised against such a mixing of culture, and because they've created racist rules using the symbolism of colours to enforce such false ideas in the greater populace despite the fact that in Canada, we have laws against that.

So such persons are kind of like scavengers waiting for the opportunity to swoop in when they see something that they can lay claim to as if it were of their own saying or doing because they are looking to benefit not from what is said or done, but looking to benefit from the notoriety of having been the person who said or did it. In other words, they are trying to take someone else's efforts from them and lay claim to them as if it were them that took the risk themselves to challenge the notions of others beliefs by saying them or doing those things because they want the notoriety for themselves to be associated with a specific set of people, sometimes even a specific ideology or perhaps limited to a specific culture whom they believe to be superior. Again, chasing this illusion will eventually undermine their own efforts and betray their illusion of consciousness as they are literally spending their consciousness trying to maintain a lie. Its like a bunch of people fighting over being the center of attention, rather than encouraging the camera to zoom out and take in everyone. Most often when such people make such efforts, they're purposely trying to force conflict so that such a person whose efforts are up for grabs in this way is suddenly driving a car with a fogged wind shield and a passenger fighting for the control of the wheel. To the outside world this looks like an anxiety attack or fight or flight syndrome, and most often is inconsistent with the appearances of being in tough with one's own consciousness. That way, the camera can then be focused onto someone who had nothing to do with those words or actions rather than zooming the camera out to take into account everyone while leaving the efforts of a person in their own hands and credit. We live in a world whereby we are rewarded for our words and actions in such a way that we can survive so when our words and actions are taken from us, so is our means of survival.

You would never see people working or employed having their entire pay cheque up for grabs by someone else, essentially gambling it away just for appearing to be consistent with being the person responsible for certain work. Then why would such a thing happen to people whose progress depends upon their own ingenuity and motivated efforts that aren't employed or perhaps are self employed or even are building a future for themselves and prosperity for others? Most people that are a part of such an ideology would never put their pay cheque up for grabs in such a manner. Nor would they put their own identity up for grabs as well. They certainly do not mind gambling with someone else's livelihood or well being though which makes them hypocrites and inconsistent themselves, though it is never them that are the ones burdened with fighting to remain consistent, because you could say they're trying to take away the consciousness of others who are more motivated than themselves to pursue truth and prosperity, most often not just for themselves but for others as well.

Hence, I am often in conflict with people who'd attempt to take from me the fruits of my own labour and efforts and as long as I am engaged in such a conflict, the more I am giving up my own consciousness and my own chances at prosperity, which essentially are being taken to fuel someone else's life. Its kind of like a construction crew going to one job site and stealing all of the bricks from one house to build another. Perhaps the bricks that they are stealing are finely crafted by a construction crew who is passionate about what they do, so this other construction crew wants that impression about their building, so rather than craft the bricks themselves, they steal them from another construction crews job site. The building is just an allegory for someone's life. The construction crews are allegories for each person's efforts. So one construction crew taking from the job site of another is really one person or persons taking from the life of another to build their own lives, while leaving the person from whom they stole desolate and impoverished. Sometimes the construction crew that steals those bricks will take the garbage from the site they're working on and put it on the site they stole the bricks from. Perhaps one day when the construction crew that stole the bricks is at risk of being caught, they turn it into a competition rather than an investigation into injustices in order to draw the victim into gambling away their rightful accomplishments in life rather than the justice of receiving the credit for their due, which is the foundation to law by the way (according to Confucius, Solomon and Plato). There is also a Japanese saying to this effect though it escapes me who said it and I apologize for not remembering.

The point is that it seems to be a very fundamental concept to the foundation of law and morality. Everyone should receive their due, rather than: when in doubt about the origins of one's due, take the risk of gambling them away to someone not associated with their completion. In such a society groups of people would form up to steal the accomplishments of others and give them to people whom had nothing to do with their completion which is essentially corruption and eventually leads to social bitterness and rising social tension and eventually conflict.

Brian Joseph Johns

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