Saturday, November 24, 2018

More About Harassment From Government Workers At Wellesley Place

Brian Joseph Johns
It's Saturday and my harassers have literally been going around the clock with abuse directed at me. I've spent most of the day in bed depressed as a result but thankfully not feeling suicidal or anything. Besides that. I won't let myself feel that way. So because of their abuse I thought I'd go one forward and reveal more about the details about which the people behind the counter at Wellesley Place harassed. This harassment occurred on Friday November 23, 2018 at approximately 1:00 PM when I arrived to deliver my income reporting statement.

When I wrote the one of the last chapters of the first draft for my book The Butterfly Dragon II: What Different Eyes See, I wrote a long lecture that was delivered by one of the star supporting characters of the series, Bryce Maxwell. Bryce Maxwell is a Professor of Physics and one of Alicia Westin's heroes. She eventually befriends him and he ends up like a mentor to her. So near the end of this book, he delivers a short lecture.

In the lecture he talks about a form of Cancer, a dormant type of brain tumor called GBM (glioblastoma multiforme). So its a tumor that can affect someone's brain though it generally is inactive though must be watched carefully once detected.

Some of the harassment directed randomly into the public while I was in the lineup to deliver my income reporting statement made use of the nickname Blue Dog. That is actually the online nickname of a friend of mine and it is (or used to be) his email. He's a guy with whom I'd been friend for years though since the Ferretina disaster and becoming homeless I lost contact with him (as well as many others as likely planned by this cult). I'd gotten in contact with him about a year ago on facebook and we spoke over the phone. As it turns out he'd had a brain tumor and surgery to remove it. I'd never revealed this information to anyone around here in Regent Park as I don't know anyone well enough to socialize and I'd never reveal the personal aspects of my friends' lives unless it was with people who knew them.

So that nickname was used several times in very obviously targeted harassment by the people actually working for the Government and behind the counter at that time that I delivered my income reporting statement. Not my social worker, but the clerks working the counter. So they were harassing me about bluedog because of the fact that I'd written a lecture for a character in my book that dealt with a similar or the same form of Cancer my friend had contracted and for which he'd received surgery as his nickname was Blue Dog. I'd kept that part out of my earlier post as that was a bit sensitive. So because I didn't react to that particular harassment when I delivered my income reporting statements, the cult in Regent Park then treated me as if I was someone else other than myself. So they were using that to measure me and this cult that conducts this harassment (yes, they're an abusive religion in Canada where such abuse is actually a violation of the Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and the Canadian Human Rights Act, and this was coming from Government employees against a client and in regards to personal matters related to my friends private health information). I am not a member of any cult that reverses the definitions of love and hate by the way. I say what I mean and mean what I say. So since that incident I've been harassed by my neighbours continuously for the weekend so far because my neighbours are members of this harassment cult.

Just to let you know, I'm not a Roman Catholic nor am I a member of any form of Christianity at all and I never ever will be based upon how I'm treated by members of that religion. I'm not a Scientologist. I'm not a Muslim. I mean no disrespect to anyone on the basis of religion but my rights have been infringed once too often by abusive members of other religions.

I think that what this cult is also trying to do is to link me to piracy because when I was much younger and hanging out with this friend, I had been into BBS systems via modem. At that time I probably downloaded all of five or six things that could be considered pirated just to try them. I used to do that sort of thing, and then if I like the software, I'd go out and buy it. I was never really a pirate though that reputation stuck to me. I am certainly not going to carry that burden for anyone at all. I'm not a rose and most people in this cult use roses as their personal garbage bags. I'm not a Freemason either. Never would be though I did petition them for membership at one point. I've long since changed my mind about becoming a member especially based around the harassment I've experienced over the last twenty to thirty years. So no go there.

Besides, some groups of that nature test people by subjecting them to abuse constantly and if they can't maintain a positive attitude they consider that a fail, and will keep subjecting their prospect to the same abuse until they pass by maintaining a positive attitude even while being abused. Sorry but that's nothing that I want to be a part of at all. Sounds more like sadomasochism to me and I'm not a masochist or a sadist for that matter. It seems to me that's an aspect of an abusive religion and certainly not one that I'd ever join. I'm a Buddhist and a Taoist and have been since 2007.

Cults like this one use abuse and then quiet to ping-pong their victims back and forth emotionally as a means to control them. As a matter of fact this cult is notorious for having done that exact thing to Women during the late 1960s and 1970s. So I'm not about to keep the secrets of any group that does that sort of thing to people and quite honestly, in this building that I live at 200 Sherbourne Street in apartment 701, its rampant and out of control, not to mention that the harassers combine efforts with like I said, behind the counter Government workers against clients like myself. I don't think Doug Ford's changes are going to do a damned thing quite honestly except hurt people who are victims of this sort of thing. Keep in mind I don't use, buy or sell narcotics. I do infrequently buy cannabis from the Ontario Cannabis Store but that's no different really than buying a bottle of wine to have with your dinner and despite the fact that I'm relying on the social safety net, that doesn't mean that I am forbidden from finding a little bit of enjoyment in my cuisine or culinary tastes.

So this is exactly the sort of thing that used to happen while I was in the shelter system and this is precisely how this cult goes about swapping identities between its victims just so they can steal what one of their victim's accomplishes and credit that to one of their cult members. The same group by the way that is anti-Jewish too. Very much so and that's not a sentiment that I share with them whatsoever despite not being Jewish myself. Despite not believing in the Old Testament or the New Testament, I really admire the stories of Moses, King Solomon and King David. I think they're stories from which there's something to learn.

So unless Mr. Ford decides that he's going to get the Ombudsman involved and evaluate the built-in corruption that has been inherent in both the shelter system, low income housing and the social safety net of social assistance, I think that his changes will ultimately fall flat on their face and likely protect the abusive people in both the system and their client allies who are no better than a criminal street gang and gang bullies.

To use a sports metaphor for Doug, if civil servants can get away with harassing me about the personal information related to friend's Cancer operation to extract a brain tumor, then I guess nothing is out of bounds really, not to mention get their allies who are my neighbours to conduct abusive harassment for the whole weekend just before pay day. They were probably thinking that I'd do or say nothing about it and then that by the time pay day rolled around I'd feel good and forget about it. As a matter of fact, if this sort of abuse and stalking didn't exist, I'd have a job and likely be paying a mortgage rather than being a punching bag for a bunch of abusive people who seem to be protected by the system. I don't hate anyone and I'm not a racist either. I'd like to see justice though on this entire issue.

Brian Joseph Johns

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