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More Harassment...

 Well the same cult are trying to force me onto the blue team. I guess I revealed too much about their cult. I'm not a Hell's Angel nor am I a member of the Salvation Army. I'm certainly not on the blue team and never will be nor will I ever be used to fuel the life of someone on the blue team.

So in the last post I revealed more about their methodology than any other post if you want to know how this cult works.

I'm not a Mormon by the way. I'm not a Roman Catholic either. I'm not a Jehovah's Witness either. I'm an Agnostic Atheist Buddhist Taoist.

I don't ever say the opposite of what I mean. I say what I mean. Sincerity before polarity is my saying by the way.

So they're basically racists against my love interest being Mandarin Chinese though in tonight's harassment I protected a variety of Women from my past who'd been similarly damaged by this cult.

One was Jennifer, a Police Officer's daughter who I'd dated in 2001/2002 in Toronto where I live in Ontario, Canada.

They have a full time harasser in the apartment next door to mine (apartment 702). I live in apartment 701 in 200 Sherbourne Street. There is also a full time harasser in apartment 605 as well. Their goal seems to be to keep me on the side of the Mormon, Scientology, Jehovah's Witnesses or Roman Catholic religions though quite honestly I'm not a member of any of them. Nor am I a member of the Salvation Army.

They're part of a cult who are literally in the business of harassing their victims 24/7. They also have an in with the people that decide who gets apartments in this building which indicates there's a large degree of corruption in the selection process. Likely that was used to position the cult members so close to my apartment here so they'd have access to harassing me. Again the Police seem to ignore it so I deal directly with the RCMP in terms of the intelligence I deliver with regard to the activities of this cult. That goes right back to 2003/2004 by the way.

I think they're trying to swap my identity with anyone who is a member of their cult though quite honestly I'm not a member of their cult at all and not a Rose or a Gun. I'm also not a member of Bloods which seem to be quite prominent around here. I'm not Italian. I'm not Irish. I'm not Polish. I'm not Jamaican. I'm not African. I mean no disrespect. I'm not a Black Zionist either as I'm certainly not Anti-Jewish at all. I have friends that are Jewish and my first two girlfriends in life are Jewish.

So this cult are concerned with keeping me either on the blue team or a part of Prince Hall, though I'm not a member of Prince Hall either. This cult are racists against mixed culture relationships involving Caucasian people and Chinese people and will do just about anything to prevent them. They seem to want to keep me on the Mormon side of the fence because they want me to pay for Mormon's crimes against African and Jamaican people by swapping my identity with someone who has a fetish for people of those cultures despite the fact that my love interest is Mandarin Chinese.

So often this cult swap my identity with that of Ron Silk and an Irish guy named Clarence who both have fetishes relating to people of African and Jamaican descent which is great if that's what find attractive about a person. We all have different tastes.  This cult regard people on that side of the fence to be on the "blue" team which is a team made up of mostly bullies and oppressive people who swap the definition of love and hate as I've explained in the prior post. Probably Hell's Angels or the equivalent racist group on the African/Jamaican side of the fence as they seem to work together against people who aren't racist or blood centric and who are or have been in a relationship with someone Chinese. In other words they don't like Caucasian people being with Chinese people.

This is a big problem in Toronto with me at least, though this cult often finds other people whom they don't harass on those grounds. A racist group nonetheless with racists on two sides of the fence. They use colours to symbolize what is acceptable insofar as blood mixing is concerned.

Also they force you to pay for other people's blood whom they consider to be superior.

So I reveal all of the secrets to the methodology of their operation. I don't do love hate or blood and fire which is another part of the foundation of their ideology though of no relation to Japan love/hate. Its more of a local Rosicrucian thing linked to Roman Catholicism or other religions that utilize it similarly on the blue team. They actually regard themselves as being on the brown blue team. They're scum because that violates the Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and the Human Rights Act of Canada, so I guess they've foregone their own Canadian citizenship being the racists that they are.

In fact they're so racist that I'd literally cut my own blood off to be with the Woman I love who is Mandarin Chinese as I've mentioned before. As I've said they're literally a cult in Toronto that forces me onto that side of the fence. So I don't reverse polarity and I'm not a member of their cult. Far too racist for my liking. They literally are trying to force me to be with someone African or Jamaican. So this is a racist cult who are likely trying to use this approach to make me seem racist by my resistance to being forced and with regard to the fact that my love interest is Mandarin Chinese. So they'll do whatever they can to prevent such a relationship and then attempt to force me to be with someone African or Jamaican knowing my resistance will make me seem racist when I'm not. Its another manipulation. If they can get enough of a reaction from me after abusing me they'll imply that I'm on the blue team (which I'm not and never will be) which means that whatever I say means the opposite.

They're trying to put the identity of someone who received fellatio from someone African or Jamaican or Haitian fairly recently. Quite honestly I've never received fellatio from someone of that those cultures at all. So they're trying to attribute someone else's identity with mine so they can attribute my identity with them. They often do this with a person named Ronald Silk who lived at Shandon Avenue in the 1990s with a bunch of us renting the house. At that time he was in a relationship with an African or Jamaican lady who seemed nice. She had a child as well though he didn't spend too much time around there with her. So this cult is trying to swap history with mine and from that time. He's called Celtic King Ron on Facebook. This cult generally tries to manipulate others into appearing racist by using similar means, essentially forcing upon them an identity that is not theirs that often involves them being with someone whom they never were. So this cult want people to think that my real love interest is brown skinned versus the reality of the situation which is that my love interest is Mandarin Chinese. My family even gets in on this as well, and quite honestly I'd cut them off too for doing so. I think that's how some families disconnect themselves from other family members especially if those family members aren't blood centric like they are. They have other abuse their victim until the victim breaks ties themselves, so that it looks like the problem of the abuse victim rather than the family. So this cult are really racists against people who are Caucasian and who get into relationships with Chinese, Japanese or Korean Women because to this cult that means that such a person is breaking Christian African/Caribbean blood. So its a racist cult. They don't want the bad publicity though for what they do to their victims so they abuse their victims until their victim breaks ties with their own family rather than their family breaking ties with them. Not to mention this cult treats me like everything I feel about my love interest comes from my family and their blood and lives including what I write in The Butterfly Dragon, having some nephews who studied martial arts. In other words they want me to pay for their blood and to have others believe that what I write comes from them, when in fact I started writing the Butterfly Dragon years ago. Early 2012 though I'd written initial drafts of the idea as early as when I was 13 years old. I even remember letting my Father read the story which was narrated by a Dragon who told a story about a bee who mistook an empty can of pop for a flower and tried to pollinate it, while ignoring a real flower. This took place in the field which is an integral part of my first Butterfly Dragon book The Butterfly Dragon I: Heroes Of Our Own. My Father's name is David by the way. This cult tried to swap him with another Man who plays guitar that my Mother is currently with who is likely a Mormon or Jehovah's Witness and whom this cult want to force me to be a part of such a religion. As I've said, I'm an Agnostic Atheist Buddhist Taoist.

I guess they wanted to distract me from programming in order to keep blue in their territory where hate means love and love means hate. I'm not a member of any such cult and never will be. Not blood centric either and I'd cut anyone out of my life who'd stop me from being with someone because they were Chinese. That's grounds for permanent removal from my life regardless of the consequences. I say what I mean and mean what I say. I'm not a member of any cult that operates according to the symbolism of colours except for Taoism which does have symbolism of that nature but is certainly not racist. Early Confucianist Taoism used to have no distinction between fiction and lying, therefore creating fiction for a long time was banned in China during the dynasties. Eventually they developed a system of colours that they could wear that would indicate to the Taoist spirits/Gods that they weren't lying but were in fact "playing" or "pretending" as long as they wore certain colours to indicate that. This was an early tradition that is generally not extensively used in the same manner anymore as colours are used for artistic and expressive symbolism in Chinese theatre and movies similarly to how colour is used in other parts of the world in similarly expressive media.

So this cult knows bits and pieces of aspects of Taoism and Buddhism, enough to trick someone else into contradicting their own religion in order to have a different religion rule over their victim in terms of "law". As I've said, I don't believe in any form of Christianity at all. I gave up on it in 2007 and quite honestly I'd been an atheist up until 2002 when I thought I'd give Christianity a chance. That was the biggest mistake I've made in my life. Never again. I've effectively been a Buddhist for most of my life without even knowing it with the exception that I wasn't a vegetarian until around 2004 when I started to try veganism on and off and have been since then, switching diets to meet my protein requirements and limited budget. Every once in a while I break my meat fast and have chicken or fish though it is getting rarer and rarer (no pun intended).

I never went to Church unless for a wedding or a funeral and even those were sparse. Again as I've said, people in my community try to swap my identity with others in order to keep me in their religion which as I've said, I'll never join. The most abusive and life stealing leeches of people I've ever seen who are racists that violate the Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and the Canadian Human Rights Act regularly, and then get away with it by claiming polarity is reversed so that anything they say means the opposite. When other people say something they don't agree with, they attempt to force a polarity reversal upon them so that it reverses the context of what they say to mean the opposite.

So they're really racists against people from the Far East of Asia especially those who marry white (Caucasian) men because it breaks the cult's racist rules about mixing colour and blood and quite honestly the purple team is just as racist. The definition for purple is that love and hate are the same thing. That's what purple means. It doesn't mean mixing red and blue blood. They're very much against that and this is a racist cult in Canada and likely in other parts of North America that is backed up by both Caucasian people and African/Jamaican/Caribbean people who are opposed to mixed culture relationships that break their rules. They're never held accountable for their abuse of others and when they have someone like myself they abuse me alot for whatever reason. I'm not actually sure why?

My love interest is a Mandarin Chinese lady with whom I was in a relationship years ago. This cult started stalking her in order to break up the relationship because it was breaking their blood with me. So they harassed her and we broke up before she went to visit China in order to protect her from their abuse and stalking. Meanwhile the cult tried to give others the impression that I was a Mormon or Fundamentalist Latter Day Saint when in fact I've never been a member of that religion and never would be. I believe that someone of that religion stole my identity at some point in time about ten years ago give or take a year. There's a load of people who are members of this cult in Toronto who are trying to keep this covered up. I think that I had a wealthy benefactor outside of this religion that I didn't know about but that they did, and that they stole my identity in order to fool this benefactor and likely rip them off for a large sum of money. That's the only explanation as to why they're going through all of this trouble to keep this hidden not to mention that after Ferretina, I ended up homeless for 8 years, and two situations involving large sums of money came to my opportunity if I chose to help Women get that money by arguing for it at a bank on their behalf. In one case it was $50K and in another case it was $180K. So there was evidence that I had a secret benefactor that someone knew about and that person was corrupt or a criminal and tried to secretly rip them off while keeping them under the impression that it was me.

There were efforts to give others the impression that I had a crack cocaine habit (I never have used crack cocaine in my life). Likewise heroin or some other similar hard narcotic. Meanwhile I never had any such habit and even only occasionally used cannabis sparingly much the same as I drink, sparingly and infrequently. So this cult were trying to give someone a much different impression of me than the truth. What I surmised is that I did have a benefactor and that this cult tried to rip them off and possibly did, and wanted them to think that it was me, and that I had a drug habit and that I spent all of whatever money it was on drugs. Quite honestly I've never received any money from a benefactor and when asked to argue at a bank for those large sums of money, I turned it down because that's not something that I'd do for anyone really. It seemed fishy. Not because I was a bank robber or took part in the Lufthansa heist or anything like that. I have no problems with banks at all, except having enough identification to use them. Ironically I signed up for a bank account in 2004, a CIBC bank though when I had applied for the account I left my paperwork in a duffle bag. I went to work on a temp moving job and all of my banking paper work was stolen at that time. I years later reopened the same account at Parliament and Carlton. Then the bank mysteriously closed it and required me to reopen another account. I passed on that because of the problem it caused interrupting my banking like that. Then a year after I'd let it close, I received a new banking card and authorization mysteriously. So someone was playing with me. Organized crime or as I said, this scumbag cult who found out about my benefactor and tried to rip them off. In fact while I was in the shelter system I tried numerous times to remain in contact with the RCMP. I did call them once and get a hold of my original contact letting them know that I'd been living at the 110 Edward Street shelter. Not long after that, I was physically attacked by a Hell's Angel with a metal pipe who attempted to assault a Woman with whom I was speaking. I protected her and then defended myself against this guy (his name is Harley which is likely a nickname). So he attempted to hit me several times with a metal pipe with witnesses to this occurrence. He had about six other people with him otherwise I would have disarmed him and likely pummeled him in self defense. So after he'd attacked me he threatened me that if I spoke to Police that he knew who I was and that he'd mess up my family. So I with a large wound on my arm I couldn't even go to hospital because I'd have to report it if I did. So I tried my best to patch it up and despite that, it took a day and a half to completely stop bleeding. The shelter did nothing about it either. I don't know if they were upset with me speaking with the RCMP (maybe they found out) and decided to send me a message not to bring the Federal Police into the situation. Ironically 110 Edward Street was demolished a year after that.

Harley is a FLDS member from what I knew. He was married to his cousin. He was also hired by Mohammed Bashir to fix a claim from a moving job that I'd worked on for Mackie Movers in which a pharmaceutical device from a factory was damaged. They'd claimed the damages to be in excess of $10K, yet Mohammed Bashir I later found out managed to hire Harley who was a welder, to fix the damage for $50. So I smelled another scam. Mohammed Bashir would later work with several others to label me as a pimp, crack dealer and an attempt to make it seem like I was involved in the sex trade industry on River Street in an attempt to clean his own involvement in that regard onto someone else. I was even told indirectly by two other Muslims who'd emigrated from Afghanistan to buy the store on River Street called Aryan Market, that he was an evil man. I think that they got wind of what he did to me and knew details that they couldn't reveal. There's a long connection between this and other situations during my homelessness to set me up in compromising circumstances. I kept my RCMP contact up to speed on what was going on for most of it as best I could.

For a few years I lost contact with them and by that time the person with whom I'd been dealing transferred, which created some intense problems in continuity of my intel and once again I was pretty much isolated. I'm actually surprised I lived through that considering what I later found out.

So I didn't make contact with them for a long time again up until around 2012 when I had the means to do so from what I thought was a private connection which apparently was monitored by someone. So they knew that I had resumed contact with the RCMP. They quickly began a similar program of stalking and harassment that I'd experienced while in the shelter system as well. So this continued from 2012 until now. So I don't know who to speak to about this sort of thing though I still deliver intel to the Feds. The Police pretty much steer clear of the whole thing including anyone who harasses me so I suspect this is pretty big but not so big that I'm afraid of taking it on. I made the Woman that I claim to love a promise though I don't need to promise to be dedicated to her and to getting this cult and organized crime exposed and out of my way so that I can continue my life freely. I'm not remembering someone else's past. I'm remembering my own and recalling every detail to which I have witnesses that will attest to that truth should they still be alive.

Mohammded Bashir's brother in law is or was an admin for Health Ontario, meaning he had access to my data including my health history and records. I don't know for certain if this access was misused to change anything about my record or health history. I've encountered lots of situations where significant changes to my past have been changed. For instance my blood type is no longer blood type AB+ but now A+ despite the fact that I tested my own blood type with an Eldon card kit twice and it came up AB+ in both cases. My blood type had been recorded as A+ with Canadian Blood Services. When I told them that it was wrong and that I had witnesses to the fact of what it had been, they asked me for a written list of people who knew my prior blood type. I refused seeing as I'd rather protect them as I believe that this cult were trying to erase me. This might sound paranoid or even far fetched but this is truth. Not a movie. Not a video game. Truth that I experienced in real life.

I have records of most of my communications with the Federal Police as well, not to mention that when I contacted them, in some cases I sent copies to an alternate address just to verify the information didn't get disregarded or disappear. The RCMP are pretty efficient and I've always received receipts from them when the intel was worthy of evaluation. Something of credibility on my part is that I've never asked for money or sought reward in doing so. So this wasn't about making money by turning someone else in. This is about the possibility that a group was possibly infiltrating infrastructure while another group may have possibly been building up an alternate system based around theocratic rule, that would operate as an underground hidden within the current system and communities throughout Canada, including hidden polygamy which was implemented through prostitution. Even in Regent Park there had been a sizable FLDS population in the community. Since the urban renewal this has likely been largely reduced. Since the 2006/2007 Guns and Gangs Vice Squad operations in Regent Park, they've effectively eliminated the majority of street prostitution that was fueled by an economy built on the distribution and sale of crack cocaine. That all occurred while I was living close by in the shelter system and in some cases very close to the actual operations themselves without knowing. As I said, when Riverdale Salvation Army closed, I didn't receive housing along with one other resident (Attila). It actually took five years before I received housing and as I said, during that time my identity was stolen from me and I was labeled as someone involved in crack cocaine and as being a pimp. This was kept in place by the same cult no matter how hard I fought it despite the fact that I am not a member of any such thing. In fact I vote and file taxes like most Canadians and I am not against the Government or the system, but I am against corruption. I'm not a Hell's Angel or a member of any gang myself though I'm certain there are those who are trying to keep people under that impression that I am and to keep me on the lawless side of the fence rather than the lawful side of the fence. The same people who oppose me being with someone Mandarin Chinese. Quite honestly they don't have any bearing in my life and I'd cut them off from my life in a second if I thought it would make possible my relationship with said lady. She's an Opera singer too.

If you are going to be in a relationship with or marry someone Chinese, their parents will often check you out to make sure that you are worthy of being with their daughter and rightfully so. Its part of their tradition and they don't want trouble. Someone who is going to be loyal to them and earn a living. So this cult know that, and likely ruined my repute in order to prevent me from being with someone of that culture by making an incredible mess of my life through this situation knowing that I'd appear a liability rather than an asset to their daughter. Instead this cult wanted me to go out with a part Italian/Aboriginal Gemini girl named Annika with whom I did not get along nor do I have anything in common. So because of the net worth compared with my Chinese love interest this cult tried to paint me as a gold digger. They did just about everything they could to prevent me from having a job despite the fact that I am wholly capable of work and actually love working in a good environment. When I started trying to build my own business they sabotaged that as well via illegal spying on my computer, which I believe involved organized crime, possibly Italian Mafia and even the Hell's Angels. Frank Avianca, the director of Ferretina by the way was a co-producer for the 1969 movie, the Hell's Angels. He even told me a story that he actually shot one in the leg with a luger who tried to collect money from him forcibly. I assumed that Frank was just trying to be intimidating rather than taking it seriously though it was a funny story. Frank's lifelong best friend Tony Bruno did the music for it. I don't think that Frank was as much a criminal as he liked to dance the line between lawful and lawless, sometimes making a bridge between the two and certainly protecting both sides from each others claws. Insofar as the Lufthansa money allegations I have no knowledge of that nor did I have any knowledge that proceeds of crime may have been used to invest in the project. I distinctly remember though at that time suspecting counterfeit money based around the fact that there did seem to be an air of legal attention to the operation, which especially thickened when I started communicating with the Federal Police, both the RCMP and FBI. No video games, movies or make believe. The real deal.

So sometimes I wonder how much this harassment is about gas lighting me and from which side of the fence it originates. If I use didactic reasoning it would indicate that the people who are monitoring me are likely trying to keep the Federal Police away and are probably people who work directly for the Internet service provider. The means by which they'd keep me hidden from the RCMP or FBI would be by swapping file numbers in their computer system with that of another client. That has possibly been the case a few times with my TCHC file and could possibly have happened with my Bell records too because if the RCMP subpoenaed that information from Bell or the TCHC, they could easily give them another customer's file (once again client number swapping). That would give the impression to the RCMP that the person who'd given them intel was fraudulently using a wrong address and therefore discredit the intel. If they'd tried to follow up, they wouldn't have been able to track me down unless they came directly to the building. The dial up intercom system is a little wacky and they've even got me listed as Brian John. So if someone searches my last name, it won't show up unless they only search the name John, in which case they'll likely get twenty or thirty names on a tiny screen in which to manually find me. Even then there's no guarantee the buzzer works. So there seems to have been a large scale effort to keep me from communications with the RCMP and to prevent them from dealing directly with me. In fact anyone who tried to find me here would likely have a very difficult time. I suspect foul play in that regard as well. Seeing as the Police have kept away as well, there's likely even more to this than meets the eye. Perhaps any of them that attempt to make contact are similarly stalked? I've been harassed by few as well, so I tend to keep my communications with the RCMP as I've never been let down by them, if not just invisible to them as a result of this cult likely keeping me hidden. Most of my clerical records seem to lack key information that connects me with my own identity. My blood type being changed is just one example. I actually told my Mandarin Chinese love interest my blood type. So if she somehow had the contacts to find me by my name and blood type, they'd be different now meaning that she couldn't find me unless they correlated the identity of a A+ blood type with my exact name to my identity, which the hospital and Health care system should have the most recent address unless someone else changed it using my identity to do so while using the hospital. That's how serious this situation is in that regard. I'll never give up though as long as it takes.

Brian Joseph Johns

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