Sunday, November 18, 2018

Peaceful For About Four Days

Well it was peaceful in terms of harassment for about four days, then on Saturday (Nov 17, 2018) evening the harassment started back up again.

I started from my neighbours in apartment 702 and then 605 who are the usual perpetrators with regard to this harassment.

The illusion that they try to sell to other people is that when I'm being peaceful, its that I'm possessed by a shelter worker named Osama, whose blood they believe to be superior. Its actually a racist cult in Toronto in Regent Park who believes that certain cultures are superior to others.

So I'm peaceful when I'm not being harassed and abused by my neighbours (naturally). When I state my professed beliefs and those beliefs contradict their own, they then begin their harassment. In other words, they begin harassing me as soon as I declare that my love interest is Mandarin Chinese, or that my religion is Buddhism and Taoism. I don't believe in god or the devil or jesus christ for that matter or allah or mohammed. I mean no disrespect by those statements but that's the truth.

To most of this cult god is just a group of people. A collective. Likewise satan or the devil. So they want you to profess your belief in god, because they believe their collective is god and the devil. Most of the people involved in this nonsense are racists as I've said and many of them try to put the burden of their activities onto others like myself and then call us complainers when we protest that. They're also anti-Jewish (very much so) which is something I'm not.

Their motives for harassment are because they treat their victims like cows. That is they steal what the victim produces by abusing them to the point of their complaining (which is in fact protesting).

So they're racist because my love interest is Mandarin Chinese and I'm Caucasian. Its that simple and this cult divides people up according to the symbolism of colours. Red and blue most often, with orange and brown and green thrown in to symbolize other aspects of our being despite the fact that in Canada this is a violation of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Human Rights Act.

The cult uses a lot of means to trick others into buying a different impression of you. For instance they often use petitions that I sign as an indication of my sidedness when it comes to my love interest. This cult wants people to believe that my love interest is Aboriginal and quite honestly she's not. I've actually never met someone of that culture with whom I've been in a serious relationship so that would be pretty much impossible. The cult tries purposely to force me onto what they refer to as the blue brown team, which quite honestly I am not a member and never would be because I don't operate on the symbolism of colours. I mean I'm not a scientologist or anything like that with all due respect. The colours of my eyes or the clothing that I wear has no bearing on my consciousness or what I'm allowed to think. Sorry, but I'm completely free and I don't let people loop me into that kind of nonsensical ideology that utilizes the symbolism of colours to limit your thinking and your human rights. Besides it completely violates Canadian law and I vote and file my taxes and always have.

So they let me have a break for about four days before they began their attacks against me once again. How nice of them.

I have a theory that this cult are actually the people responsible for radicalizing others in society. That is, a very small percentage of the people that this cult target in this manner end up becoming psychotic or plan out a revenge attack as a result of this sort of abuse by the membership of this cult, though ironically the Police seem to ignore it completely.

I usually share my intelligence with regard to the activities of this gang and cult with the RCMP fairly regularly, especially if I notice a change in their pattern.

Another thing I've noticed is that this cult try to dump their activities onto their victims as substitutes. That is this cult has tried several times to paint me as being responsible for their crimes which is nonsense.

I live in 200 Sherbourne Street in apartment 701 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The cult in this building who conduct the harassment try to swap the community with the community of Jane and Finch. That is, anything that goes on there as a result of the residents in that community is carried by the community here (or better put by people like myself whom this cult use as their garbage bags). Likewise the cult give Jane and Finch whatever goes on in this community and that keeps everything pretty well hidden from prying eyes and the authorities. So that's their method of keeping themselves hidden.

This cult use the colour blue as a sort of symbolism to indicate they're either lying about what they say (that is whatever they say they actually mean the exact opposite) or that their abuse means love. That's actually how they burden others with their garbage, by defining blue that way. I'm not on the blue team at all and I only say what I mean and not the opposite of what I mean. This is how they use people as weapons. They refer to it as using someone as a "gun", and this generally applies to their ideas and concepts of roses. Roses are people they use as their garbage containers. They use the garbage they load up their roses with as ammunition to hit other people with that garbage.

So they started really getting back up to speed with their harassment last night in the evening some time and they've been going all night ever since. Oh well. It was nice while it lasted.

I'm not a member of any religion or belief system that operates around love and hate or blood and fire. As I've stated, my love interest is Mandarin Chinese and I'll never change my mind on that tune.

I actually have a Steam account as well, where I'm listed as Writer - SHHHHDIGITALCOM under the username madcanadianeh. In addition, I'm the writer of A Lady's Prerogative and The Butterfly Dragon and many other works of fiction on The motives for this cult's abuse of me include their attempts to steal what I create there and elsewhere. They're thieves and abusers not to mention, racists.

I'm heterosexual as well but I completely support the LGBTQ community, marriage and parenthood.

This cult often fights over which side of the fence you have to side with in order to avoid being tagged a "hater". Either siding on the basis of culture, or the LGBTQ community. So in essence this cult holds people hostage with the threat of hate and abuse, if they don't choose one or the other which just seems very wrong to me. What ends up happening is that the two sides often play their victim between, and this really reflects bad on both communities. I find it ironic that they do this to me who has been a strong advocate for culture and the LGBTQ community but I guess there's racists and haters in every pocket of society unfortunately. I think that what offends them the most is that because I'm Caucasian that my love interest should not be someone Mandarin Chinese as that breaks blood as far as this cult is concerned.

In addition this cult believes that when I'm being peaceful or quiet that I'm possessed by someone else who they believe to be that way, because they believe that I'm not that way ironically. That's actually how this cult steals a person's history from them. They abuse their victim until their victim seems mean. So you could be the nicest and most peaceful person in the world, but with this cult's abuse of you over years, eventually you'll blow up. While they've been doing this to you, they're trying to give someone else your peaceful repute. So they're actually stealing your history and reputation from you and giving it to someone else, or making the claim that the only reason that you're peaceful is because of someone else's blood or proximity to yourself.

Pretty bad when you think about it. When you're a victim of it most people just ignore you, likely thinking that your protest of that abuse is just you complaining and trying to make other people feel miserable when in fact, you're being abused non-stop by people who are miserable all of the time, and they're just putting it all on you so that when you vent it, it appears that you're the source of it.

They quite often attempt to swap my identity with that of friends from my past (Ron Silk, Rob Tozer and John Penny to name a few). I'm neither of these people. In addition this cult attempts to put the identity of a pedophile onto me as well. Maybe they're doing so in order to use me as a gun or because they're trying to convince other people that I've got a secret that needs protecting, so that everyone who protects that lie I'm indebted to. Kind of way of keeping you in eternal debt socially despite the fact that I'm not a pedophile. They've even tried swapping my identity with that of Paul Bernardo a few times as well just to give you an idea of the kind of filth these people are.

Likewise I am not a Gnostic at all and never have been. I am currently a vegetarian (I drink milk but I don't eat meat, chicken, fish or eggs) though I sometimes change my diet up based upon my protein requirements versus my carbohydrate intake.

This cult believe that I'm like an empath or vampire and that anything I'm capable of comes from other people's essence or blood. In other words, I don't have my own personality or even my own mind. That everything that I think or create comes from living in proximity to other people, whose essence causes me to create these things. This cult believe that people with blood type AB are this way naturally (ironally I have blood type AB but according to the Canadian Blood Services, my blood type has changed which is nonsense as I tested it with two Eldon card kits and got a positive on blood type AB both times). I actually used to be a regular blood donor until I'd been told that my blood type had changed. I returned to donate blood after testing it myself with Eldon Card kits, and told them that they had my blood type wrong. They then asked me for a list of all the people who knew my original blood type which I refused to give them. I'm not a Jehovah's Witness by the way nor am I a member of any religion that would defy me from donating my blood or from recieving a blood transfusion. This harassment cult seem to be very much against donating blood and blood transfusions as well. Fortunately my blood type is on record with the RCMP.

Here's something else that's a bit crazy about this cult. There was a rumour going around that I'm related to King Henry VIII (which I believe in bull caca). The rumour is that my family is descended either through the line of Catherine of Aragon or through one of King Henry's concubines (who apparently was Spanish as he had a fondness for Spanish Women according to legend). So this cult believes that every time I even so much as peep at a Spanish Woman, that is proof of my heritage being tied to King Henry VIII. I don't think that there's any legitimacy to such a claim and if there was, I'd have nothing to do with it because I'm disgusted by what I know of that Man's history.

Somebody knocked on my door today who claimed to be a workman checking up on some equipment that was apparently leaking on the roof (we have some kind of a solar heater for our water heating system which is pretty cool when you think about it). I guess the poor guy got called in from whatever he was doing for the day. He took a few rounds and spoke with some of the other tenants in the building about whether there was any water leaking into our apartments. When he did so, he was with a few people, some of whom appeared Spanish and particularly attractive (Women). It just so happened that I was playing Medieval II Total War, when he came by and I have to be a bit skeptical given the nature of the rumours that I'd heard that he wasn't there for some other reason related to those rumours, but I cannot be sure. Seemed like a nice enough guy and certainly sincere so I could be wrong. That's the kind of stuff my head gets filled with by this cult by the way. I suppose if I started believing something like that it wouldn't be too much longer after that I'd be locked up in a rubber room. That would be no different than thinking myself to be Napoleon because of having French heritage.

One last thing that I have to be concerned about is the possible presence of hidden cameras in my living space. I don't do anything that is worth watching, but I am aware that some cults do employ this sort of activity despite the legality. There just seems to be too many times where this cult shows up when I'm using a certain application on my computer or something of that nature. Again, I don't really have anything to hide but that's not the point. I'm entitled to my own privacy. This cult attempts to lure other people into breaking their privacy in order to gain the justification to do so to their victims. For instance, in the midst of a conversation with someone else, they'll suddenly harass a solitary victim thus attempting to get the victim to interrupt their private conversation so they have the justification to do the same thing to their victim. Ie a bastardization of the golden rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you except this cult mangles the golden rule to mean: trick others into doing unto you so that you have a right to do back unto them. I've never used hidden cameras for any purpose so there'd be no justification in doing the same thing to myself. It could be this cult wiping someone else's garbage onto me from someone else. That is, someone else did something of that nature to a victim and the cult then takes the blame for that and transfers it to someone else, and that person pays for it by being punished similarly as the cult employs upon the victim/substitute.

Brian Joseph Johns

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