Tuesday, November 27, 2018

$1,092,000 To Support 10 Harassers For 7 Years

by Brian Joseph Johns
So after the beating of the last two days, I've started working on other things like once again programming in honour of Lady Ada Lovelace who died on this day in 1852. For those of you who don't know, she's considered the worlds first computer programmer having worked with Charles Babbage who developed the Difference Engine, a very simple mechanical computer powered by steam in the 1800s.

I've also been working on getting a new chapter up for A Lady's Prerogative Book II: Wounded Aerth as well in addition to working on a musical theme composition for The Butterfly Dragon and keeping myself perky and youthful by admiring (scantily clad) Women, all while defending the rights of the LGBTQ community.

One of the most recent attacks by my neighbours involved them trying to turn the tables and make me appear more like the Culdar Rath of A Lady's Prerogative (who equate to being "bad guys" to put it simply). The Sanctum in A Lady's Prerogative represents all of humanity and is close to the United Nations and is at least partly modeled after the Roman Catholic Church in terms of the secrets it guards, though the Sanctum is not of any one religion or denomination. In fact it is a fairly accurate representation of everyone, having people of just about every different form of mysticism and science working under the same roof without breaking out into internal spats over whose beliefs are right or wrong. Yes, it does include a Jewish sect as well as it does a post Coptic Egyptian Sect though these two forms of mysticism do not fight and in fact sometimes work together.

So much of the abuse I receive is related to trying to make me appear to contradict the nature of what I write because this cult believes that if they can do that, they can steal it from me, their logic being that if I am not myself when I write, then how can I take the credit for what I do? So often this involves giving people the impression of me being a member of whatever particular religion the person whom they are stealing what I accomplish for their credit is a member. So they're using me to power someone else's life while keeping my existence completely hidden so that I cannot benefit from my own efforts while they steal them from me.

So here's my defense and this is going to pretty much explain the situation. First of all, I'm not Mormon. I'm an Atheist Agnostic Buddhist Taoist and that is the truth. I have been since 2007 and that doesn't change no matter the religion of anyone in my family. In fact, I don't know of anyone in my family who is the same religion at all. I don't force my religion upon anyone and I certainly wouldn't try to erase someone's existence and replace it with someone else's or try to force a belief onto someone that wasn't theirs.

Secondly, everything I explain about what I've experienced over the years is truth. Its not my imagination. Its not a video game or movie though I love both of those forms of experience and expression. I express what is truth while this cult steals it from me and essentially keeps me non-existent. Worse, if I stick up for or advertise for other people, I get attacked as well so often I cannot advertise the efforts of others, because this cult sees that as "blood sucking". I have a different theory, its because this cult wants to make their victims appear selfish and self involved. If someone shares the spotlight, they aren't selfish so when I do share in that regard, they attack me because they want people to be under the impression that I'm selfish. Nobody will help you if they think that you're selfish or a narcissist. In fact most of the abuses this cult perpetrates against other people they transfer the blame to their victims. Something which sorely needs investigation.

The Tax Cost Of Keeping Just 10 Stalkers And Harassers Housed For 7 Years

Here's another statistic. It has cost tax payers 1 million dollars so far to keep just 10 of my local harassers alive and fed for the time that I've lived in this building. That's calculated from the market price for each unit in 200 Sherbourne Street with an average of about $900 per unit for a single bedroom and that's a modest price estimation. My unit is a bachelor apartment and its market value is about $780 though I receive subsidy that lowers my actual rent substantially for which I am very grateful.

Average social service payments for adults are around $400 a month give or take $50. So when you multiply that out it comes to:

Average unit monthly market price rental:

Average monthly social assistance:


x10 people:

x12 Months:

x7 years (April 2012 until now):

So it cost over a million dollars as of April 2019 (five months from now) to support just 10 of my harassers who during that time did nothing but harass me in shifts day and night.

You can do a lot with a million dollars and I'm sure that if everyone had to answer to their investors, there would be hell to pay for this fiasco because in the 7 years that my harassers abused me they accomplished nothing nor made any efforts themselves to contribute to this world. Just constant abuse and then constant attempts to steal whatever I accomplished to attribute it to other people while erasing my existence in both my own community and home country of Canada.

So what did they produce?

Abuse. Harassment. Hate. Nothing.

During that time because of stalking and abuse from this cult by far more than 10 people, I haven't been able to work or have a normal life like everyone else in this city (Toronto) and country. So what did it cost to keep me alive and what did I do during that time?

The Tax Cost Keeping Me Housed For 7 Years

My living expenses have fluctuated over the years but I'll calculate what I received from social assistance and what I produced during that time. I'll go with the average for social assistance though it is $50 dollars more currently than what I get.

Average unit monthly market price rental:

Average monthly social assistance:


x1 Person (and a Cat and some Snails):

x12 Months:

x7 Years

So about $100K to keep me alive during that period of time from April 2012 until April 2019.

What did I do and produce during that time?

I produced a total of 23 blogs and websites, a percentage of them were gripes sites (almost like this one is slowly becoming) as a means to explain the abuse I was receiving from my neighbours and people in the community. Some of those sites became very popular despite their meager beginnings.

For instance the blog from which I grew, Poetry, Fiction, Software, Graphics, Music had a total of 19724 visits over 6 years so far. This is the site that started it all for me from the point I had received housing after being homeless for 8 years after having worked for a movie production called Ferretina for 3.5 years.

Its the place from where I grew The Butterfly Dragon first having published it late May of 2012. I also published A Lady's Prerogative there as well. I wrote a number of articles and provided a huge list of the people to whom I'm grateful for their inspiration over the years. It kept me alive during the worst of times. As well I published some of my musical compositions there which are hosted on my crappy youtube channel as I don't have very good video equipment nor much experience shooting video but I was a seasoned musician in my day though I've never been limited to one lane in life.

I don't play guitar but I do play keyboard good enough to pass off as a real acoustic and sometimes even electric. I wrote this piece with that in mind though remember that the track I recorded wasn't a real guitar. The guitar line is played on a midi keyboard and is a VST synth:

I wrote this piece inspired around the character Mila with the same idea in mind. A mellow acoustic guitar piece though the track was recorded by live takes playing the guitar part on a midi keyboard:

So I am not a guitar player at all. I could probably strum three chords, but I'm a piano and keyboard player at heart and always have been. Like my Father. You should hear these pieces when I play them on a piano. They exact same arrangement but with a completely different sound and feel.

This is a combination of a piece of music I wrote for the Butterfly Dragon as a concept piece and them for Ai Yuanlin Ying aka The Butterfly Dragon. I also created this 3D animation and the characters in the animation that accompanies the piece that I composed. I've since been working on a new arrangement of the theme that will include Alicia's and Weltherwithsp's theme. Keep in mind that this was an early concept (three years old) and that the character designs have changed drastically since that time.

This is an ambient piece I composed which admittedly relies on as many loop tracks as it does actual tracks I recorded by playing keyboard. I always compose first with a keyboard or piano in order to flesh out a melody and motif, the two most important elements of any piece of music. This one is less cheesy than first two ballads and more modern sounding as well. The vocal track was a prerecorded vocal that came with the software I used. I'd love to be able to say that I knew the Woman who produced the vocals because she sounds very expressive.

I have a few other pieces though I won't showcase them here as they're alright but not quite as well etched as what I've shown you so far. Still very amateur though considering most of this was produced by one person. I am fortunately though to have used some work from other 3D artists such as Ai Mei and Wilmap Digital Creations, both of whom are very talented and up and coming artists etching out their own path.

So Poetry, Fiction, Software, Graphics, Music eventually spawned Tales Of The Sanctum and The Butterfly Dragon web site. They were my first attempt to expand my two flagship creative properties into their own site where I'd produce short stories and novellas for each as often as I could between other things I attempted to accomplish in the physical world rather than the cyber world. Both sites now automatically redirect to Shhhh! Digital Media, my company site which I've been running for about a year and a half now between being a volunteer spy/not-so-secret-agent and occasional activist. What can I say, life's busy sometimes though its much nicer have my own roof over my own head versus having been homeless for 8 years.

I started some of my books from the shelter system as well (A Lady's Prerogative, Stories From The End and Moving On were all started in Heyworth House) where I worked by myself and independently often while abused or harassed by others trying to bull bait me into harsh reaction. There were some good people there though but as I said in previous posts, its mostly about people trying to dump the responsibility for their own misgivings onto others without being detected or even outright stealing the identity and history of an unsuspecting victim like myself.

Delphi Tidbits is a coding blog as I used to be a professional computer programmer too.  So I thought it would be a good idea in attempt to share some of my knowledge to help other programmers seeing as I've learned so much from others as well and much of that knowledge is transferable to other fields as well. Its not extensive but its something I worked on and still add to from time to time.

Biomagnetism Info is a blog I created to combat the worst of activity by stalkers and harassers without using the context of a gripe blog. It actually is scientific in nature with accredited references and citations. I researched this extensively using my own knowledge and that of actual closely related scientific research. This is likely very important in the steps towards discovering the methods that some stalkers use to radicalize some victims to explosive reactions and even in some cases mass murder. I tried to couple it with my personal experiences while remaining objective which was tough because when you experience an episode brought on by the abuse of what I call the abusive cult, you are operating with blinders and can only see in tunnel vision, rather than the whole picture. So this reveals a large part of the cult's methodology and may in turn lead to a scientific discovery that biomagnetic collectivism exists and is used strategically by this abusive group ideology that has quite a presence in my building of residence including illegal surveillance of my computer by neighbours. They're likely connected to a criminal gang as well and use the symbolism of colours extensively much as I've described in prior posts.

I created a mountain of artwork for The Butterfly Dragon and A Lady's Prerogative most of which is on my hard drive though some of it is up on the sites that I've created and slowly over the years it has improved as have the concepts for both books though I have many other books in the works, just not so much accompanying art work and planning as The Butterfly Dragon and A Lady's Prerogative.

A few years ago I opened Shhhh! Digital Media for the purpose of publishing software that I had written. The flagship product that I attempted to sell from my site was called Shhhh! For Windows, an innovative and unique Password and Account Manager application. It didn't sell well even though I arranged to donate money to the Sick Kids hospital for every unit sold. Unfortunately nobody bought it but likely many downloaded it as I offered it as donation-ware, probably a big mistake at the time. The software package itself has come a long way since that time as I continued developing it long after I took it down. I still use version 1 of the software myself and sometimes modify it and tune it.

I've recently (within the last six months) started working on version 2 which will be multi-platform and include a very simplified interface and a lot more features. I have plans to give the computer version away from free but the mobile versions will be priced accordingly and will interact with the computer versions allowing a number of unique features.

I've never had problems with the software crashing or from bugs as I patched all bugs as I found them immediately. Its actually one of the most stable software applications I use not to mention it has a tiny memory and CPU footprint despite the fact that it remains resident as a tray icon. I'm quite proud of it.

Using Shhhh! Digital Media as my web platform I've even expanded to support a variety of charities for whom I advocate on Shhhh! Digital Media:

Sick Kids Foundation
Help research that provides cures and support treatment for sick children.

The Cancer Research Institute
The Princess Margaret Foundation
Cancer Research organizations that combine the expertise of many different research firms and Universities to find innovative treatments and cures for Cancer.

United Nations Fund
United Way Worldwide
Two organizations whose contribution of expertise, human and financial resources and volunteer efforts provide humanitarian solutions to real world problems the entire world over. These charities operate world wide.

The Reeve Foundation
The Reeve Foundation provides programs for research, uniting Scientists and Specialists from many different fields to find treatments for spinal cord injury translating them into therapies and support programs.

The Heart And Stroke Foundation
For over 60 years, Heart & Stroke has been dedicated to fighting heart disease and stroke. Our work has saved thousands of lives and improved the lives of millions of others.

The ALS Society Of BC
ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease) is a progressive neuromuscular disease in which nerve cells die and leave voluntary muscles paralyzed. The ALS society provides a variety of programs to combat this disease and help those with it to survive.

Muscular Dystrophy Canada
Muscular Dystrophy Canada’s mission is to enhance the lives of those affected by neuromuscular disorders by continually working to provide ongoing support and resources while relentlessly searching for a cure through well-funded research.

Humane Society International
The Humane Society protects the health, lives and rights of animals the world over, ensuring that they too have a voice in this world. We are interdependent upon the complex web of life this entire planet over for our mutual survival. This is a world wide charity.

The Global Foodbanking Network
Ensuring that people the world over have enough food day to day in order to survive and lead healthy lives. This is a world wide charity.

The model for what may become the Encyclopedia Galactica, a complete reference and record of history, events and knowledge of humanity and its journey beyond. It is the encyclopedia of all that we know, what we surmise that we've known and will learn in the future. Yes, Wikipedia is a charitable organization of great importance. If you enjoy what I am doing here then please take the time to donate to Wikipedia. Surprisingly only 1% of Wikipedia's users donate yet the site serves pages to millions every day.

Humble Bundle
A video gaming storefront benefiting a vast variety of different Charities in the United States and United Kingdom (hopefully soon to be expanded to include other areas of the world?). By software their software bundles and choose which Charity your money benefits and how much of your money benefits that Charity

Most of these charities are mentioned after or prior to every book, encouraging the reader to donate something as I provide my books for free. I did at one point publish my books on Amazon and despite how much I love Amazon, I wrongly chose to publish without putting protection on my books to prevent copying. I ultimately chose to pull them down and then started publishing them free though asking my readers to support the charities represented by the books. I thought that in the future there might be a way to balance between earning a living by writing, supporting charities I believe in.

There have been a lot of bumpy rides on this path. For one, my neighbours are literally part of this cult and criminal gang and spy illegally on my apartment and computer for the purposes of theft of what I accomplish. That is what I accomplish, they take and give credit to completely different people. My neighbours also dump the responsibility for their piracy onto me so that others who steal from me justify doing so based upon the fact that they believe that I'm pirating software, movies and what not. If I do download anything online, I usually buy it if it has a price associated with it. If I enjoy it I'll hunt it down and buy it to support the artists. This is the case with anything. I don't download movies and if I do, it might be on a rare occasion something erotic. I have a membership at a Japanese site that sells movies and makes sure that the producers and performers make their money which is just and fair. I buy my software mostly from Steam, UBISoft, GoG, Humble Bundle, Epic, Origin and other online retailers. I don't pirate software or games at all.

I don't have a Playstation. I don't have an X-Box. I do have a Nintendo Wii though I don't use it as often as I used to. Great for exercise though.

My total expenditures for games in on average between $0 dollars and $40 every month. I spend about 20 hours a week gaming and about 50 or 60 hours working on things related to the books, software development, graphic arts and composition. If I had more money I'd for certain hire artists as I have some ideas I'd like to explore though without that kind of capital I can't really afford it.

I have plans to expand into other media as well including game development which has always been in my sights, but I want story and story telling to be of utmost importance with meaningful characters and character development.

So that's how the roughly $99,120 invested in me by tax payers has been spent so far for the last 7 years.

That doesn't include the fact that I have also provided intel to the Federal Police with regard to a number of issues regarding the activities of the gang I've described not to mention the fact that I've written directly to a variety of world leaders as part of my prior activism and support of human rights. I even have two letters for which I received replies from the Office Of The Prime Minister from two different Prime Ministers of Canada. I've reduced my activism as a result of the members of this cult stealing what I do in that regard and won't continue until groups like Amnesty International start addressing these occurrences within the borders of Canada. Likewise I want to see the Government and Police start to investigate these activities as well as they attack producer of creative and intellectual property like myself.

So while I've been abused and harassed by the cult members, which costs tax payers $1,092,000 over 7 years to support ten of them, which is about the number within the building who harass me at once and pretty much constantly while for what I produced it cost tax payers $99,120. I can't imagine how much I'd have accomplished without the harassment. Some religions believe that abuse and torment results in great accomplishment. I'm not a member of any such religion and never would be. Especially one so racist as to prevent mixed culture relationships between Caucasian persons and Chinese persons.

So a pretty good deal and value for tax payers with the only burden being the fact that as a result of harassment by my neighbours and members of the community who are part of this cult, that my rants sometimes can be quite burdensome though that could be remedied by the authorities very easily by investigating such persons who take part in stalking and harassment.

My harassers on the other hand have produced nothing that I have seen or have been made aware and most of them absolutely do nothing at all while harassing or at any other time except consume food and very rarely go out and buy groceries. So because of the abuse of this cult which doesn't stop when I go outside, I cannot work a job out and about in the city like everyone else. In fact, I don't even have the same rights as other people despite the fact that I vote and file my taxes.

During the 7 years, I even worked for a landscaping company at Woodbine Av and Gerrard St for about four months, deducting my earnings from my social assistance and claiming my earnings on my taxes. So technically speaking it cost tax payers even less than $99,120 to support me. I don't use crack cocaine or cocaine or heroin and never have, so substance abuse is not and never has been an issue with me despite what this cult might try to imply to the contradictory.

I estimate that there are a lot more people operating this way and who are getting away with it merely by claiming that their abuse and hate means love, which means they're dumping their garbage onto those they abuse because the way society works is that we share with those we love, and we withhold from those we don't love (or hate if you're not a member of Prince Hall). In the case of Prince Hall, we share with those that we love or hate because they're considered the same thing. So if you have more bad upon you, and you are on the blue team, if you abuse someone verbally you're sharing your bad with them. That means that they'll be treated as if they were responsible for whatever your bad was. If you had more good on you, then they'll share in that good. So by swapping polarity (using the symbolism of the colour blue, the cult are trying to get away with dumping their lack of effort onto their victim (me in this case) by abusing me which means love to them. So the very argument I pit against them could wind up right in my lap and that's their most common tactic and how they get away with devouring a million dollars of tax payer money every 7 years for 10 of them while doing literally nothing but abusing others. That's how this cult actually make people into "guns".

I don't know if Doug Ford's plan takes all of this into consideration. I mean I'll always sound like the bad guy to this cult because that's how they've played me for years. Bull baiting someone into charging at them like a bull in anger which makes them appear the victim and the bull appear the aggressor (though I'm a Scorpio).

This cult are very good at crossing swords or turning the tables so to speak. I don't want anyone to lose their housing, even my abusers and harassers. I just want them to stop abusing me. Their crap is not my responsibility and the fact that they only abuse means that they have no conscience about what they do to their victims. I wonder if I hadn't been abused by this cult for so long if I'd be self sustaining and independent by now, possibly even successful? Very abusive people. I'm sure that their tab will arrive soon enough.

If I lose my housing, my works will continue as I'll still have access to them though I won't have a place for my computer. I'd be forced to access my sites from internet cafes to post updates. I'd also have to get a laptop in order to keep working on the site. I'm not banking on losing my place but I'm preparing for it as if I could.

If I end up losing my housing and the cult members responsible for the abuse and harassment don't lose their housing, I'll appeal that through every legal channel I can (including the RCMP) and go completely public with the issue on Shhhh! Digital Media and every social media app I use, perhaps even appealing the Ontario Human Rights Commission and once again pursue the possibility that this harassment group actually qualifies as organized crime seeing as many of them attempt to put the blame for their activities related to crack cocaine and heroin onto victims like myself, despite the fact that I have no involvement nor have I ever used either of those narcotics nor cocaine.

Its kind of like guilt by demographics. I just happen to live in proximity to people for whom that is a problem and despite the fact that I support harm reduction (and always have) I seem to be used as a garbage bag by some, while they run around with the reputation resulting from my prior actions.

I'm not a Gnostic or Nazi or any ideology or hate group that trades identities between people at all though the members of this abusive cult make use of that means of operation every single day.

I hope that explains and justifies what it takes to keep me alive and going and with a roof over my head versus the people who harass and stalk me.

Canada is getting a lot of value from me at $99,120 for 7 years.

It costs Canada's tax payers $1,092,000 for 7 years to fund just 10 of my nearest harassers and stalkers.

In fact, for what I've produced over that period of time, it sounds more like slavery than anything though I am not a slave. There are some Egyptian based mystic ideologies locally that believe by having membership to such an ideology that they have the right to enslave Jewish people in this manner which is completely wrong for obvious reasons.

Though I am not Jewish myself, I certainly stand in defense of Jewish people on this issue because it completely misrepresents some Egyptian based secret societies and mystic groups who've had nothing but friendship and respect for the Jewish community and Jewish mysticism for a very long time.

My harassers are part of a cult that is using secret societies of that nature to protect crack cocaine and abusive gangs of harassers.

So I'm certainly not a slave. I'm more like a Ronin and pursuer of the Tao that votes, files taxes, respects the Crown and believes in a secular Government and the rule of law and the leniency of the heart. Myself and others would likely qualify me as one who liberates rather than oppresses.

I don't believe in as above, so below and as below, so above. No disrespect meant to Baphomet, a hermetic symbol that embodies that principle.

I'm actually Atheist, Agnostic, Buddhist and Taoist however, I don't shave my head. Its not a fashion statement to me, its a core belief and yardstick by which I measure myself and nobody else.

I am not possessed of or being controlled or puppeteered by anyone at all. Some will claim that my explanations and memories are not all from my own life but pilfered from the lives of others which is completely nonsense. I am not a member of any such ideology that would try to limit any human being by such means. Some people believe that we are all connected and that from that connection we can operate as one giant person. We each are allowed to take a bit from that one giant person to etch out a repute for ourselves which is composed of bits and pieces from a variety of different people's lives.

I am not nor have I ever been a member of any such ideology. In fact, once such an ideology has their latches upon you it is very difficult to separate yourself from them because they don't want people to become individuals. They want everyone to believe that your experiences and independence is drawn from them as a source rather than from your own life experiences and truth. They'll do everything they can to erase your individual self and replace it with the collective self, which means that you no longer distinguish your own past from that of others. You have to pay someone from every memory and experience you recall aloud or verbally despite the fact that those experiences happened within the reality of your life.

Consider it like a slush fund that was begotten by some mean people rounding up the lost in society and forcing them into association with such a collective, taking the content of those persons lives' and adding them to this slush fund. Then you are told that you can only withdraw so much at a time despite the fact that you contributed a large part to the fund versus others who contribute little or nothing. In fact, perhaps you were never a part of such a cult in the first place but a group of people who are found their way into your circle and then forced others into the impression that you were a part of their cult. That's where I am and I am currently doing everything I can to distinguish and separate myself from that cult, with my own life and actual history and reputation. I've never been a part of such a thing.

I'm not on the purple team at all and never have been though consider this form of the "purple" team a group who want to force others to segregate by blood and culture. So essentially they're racists and what they're doing is a form of aggressive conversion to their ideology and belief.

Because they don't distinguish between people, you'll likely never be regarded as being "yourself" as is the case with myself. Instead, to this cult I'm a mixture of their members and have no life history or existence of my own. According to them but very obviously I am pushing these keys and typing this and am able to conceive of the fact that I'm an individual capable of thought (Descartes anyone?). I am claiming distinction from the membership of this cult which means that I must be an individual rather than a part of the sum total of a collective. I can't be them if I'm fighting for my own independence from them. I have to be myself. There's no other explanation.

So that's one way to describe the harassers as well. They're a greedy collective that consumes people's lives and histories to become part of their sum collective in such a way that when you have an idea, they believe that it came from one of their members and they'll consequently try to steal it from you based upon a justification that is founded on the idea that some cultures are superior to others. Even in saying this, the cult would claim that I am not Brian Joseph Johns but am possessed by someone from their collective who is making me say these things, yet once again though I've clarified my individuality.

For some members of this cult its a form of social slavery and for membership to a "higher" group one must free themselves from it at which point they likely ascend to become a member of another group which is just another scam like the collective itself. I'd never join either group and quite honestly I am an individual and everything I've recalled on my sites is real (with the exception of the works of fiction I've written, all of which state to being a work of fiction).

So I don't steal or take things from other people's lives. In fact this cult does that with other people's creative and intellectual property and I'm possibly at risk for this by the membership of this cult.

This cult only have to sell their illusion to the lowest common denominator who will believe it so they are playing the ignorant for their own benefit. They believe that they are controlling other people into remembering parts of other people's lives. I can confirm every part of my life and my creative works as well.

Now I know from how I got here to this residence, who is directly involved with it because I ended up directly in the middle of its hottest spot in Toronto in Regent Park. I'll be sure to use that information accordingly to expose another level of this cult.

So right now I feel as bright as the big bang itself, which I believe spread light to every part of the universe at a time when there were no black holes in existence.

Just to clarify, I am not a Gnostic, nor am I a member of Prince Hall nor am I a Mormon or Jehovah's Witness or Scientologist for that matter. In fact I am not a member of any religion other than Buddhism and Taoism and as I stated, I don't have to shave my head to be a Buddhist. That's like saying that in order to be a pilot that you have to have a pilot's hat and that without one you can't be a pilot.

I'd say the biggest problem right now is that people put too much emphasis upon symbol rather than that for which a symbol stands.

I think that this cult believes that people like myself are just empty husks through which they channel their friends and fellow cult members and that anything produced by myself is actually the result of their lives and their friends. For this reason I believe the cult members to be nothing more than filth and scumbags for that is the lowest form of theft one can indignate upon their fellow human beings.

They seem to be referring to a few different people as Jesus Christ. For one, they refer to a friend of mine from some time ago named John Penny, who looked the part back then (1990s). He was in a relationship with someone named Katrina (who is Japanese and very attractive but don't mistake her as being my love interest). John Penny lived at 59 Shandon Avenue, an entire house that a few of my friends and I rented during the 1990s. Ronald Silk also lived there. Ian Philips. Karen Hudson. My brother Darryl. A friend of ours named Colin who now lives in England. A lady name Christine (a bit Celine Dion fan) who was dating another friend of ours named Jerry (from the Portuguese village in West Toronto). That was back when both John Penny and myself were working for the Prince Hotel in Toronto. He worked for the restaurants and catering while I worked for audio/visual services setting up banquet halls and meeting rooms. I was also a professional musician and computer technician at that point as well (1991). That wasn't long before I was beat up and left for dead on a street just around the corner from the house on Shandon Avenue on a street called Terraview which ran off of Victoria Park Avenue. That was the attack that left me dead for a small period of time where I was revived in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. My Mother wrote a letter to the Toronto Star and it was published on the front page of the Sunday Edition entitled: Thank You For Not Killing My Son. So I believe that this cult are trying to steal my identity and award it to someone else around here involved in crack cocaine. A character assassination hence the constant harassment. As I've said, its like they've been trying to remove me from my own past and remove my accomplishments and efforts from me to apply to someone else on a daily basis.

In addition, this cult also believe Osama Bin Laden to be Jesus Christ seem to be pressing the issue with me like I can somehow do something about that. In fact, they fight with other cultures for the identity of Jesus Christ on the basis of culture and even skin colour. These are my immediate neighbours and harassers next door that I've spoken about in this article and others. I'm not a membero of Christianity at all and I believe that everyone has a right to belief but not a right to force other people to believe any religion they don't want to. I have nothing against anyone on the basis of religion at all, but I certainly don't like being forced to believe a particular religion or to be forced into the membership of any either.

I'm also not a member of any blood centric or love/hate based religion or ideology. I'm also not from Nova Scotia nor have I ever been there before though I'd love to go. Though I did work for Videolink up until 2000, I haven't worked for them since though they are a good company. I do however use Lightwave which is a software of which they're authorized dealers. I'm actually using it today (Wednesday November 28, 2018) along with Delphi. Its very hard to work when you have the membership of this cult harassing you. Keep in mind they're not working at all. Just harassing and trying to ignite conflict.

I've never worked with anyone in this building and nobody in the building has anything to do with Shhhh! Digital Media or anything else which I've produced throughout my life. Also, I am a volunteer. I provide intel to the Federal Police about the activities of this gang locally on a volunteer basis. That is, I don't get paid for it and have never asked for a cent for doing it. The building to which I refer is 200 Sherbourne Street located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada where I live in apartment 701.

None of these posts by the way is made under the influence of any alcohol or narcotics. Consider it like the steam kettle effect of abuse. The more a person is abused or harassed without venting, the more likely they are to boil over so to speak. So these rants are heart felt pangs of pain from repeated mistreatment by an abusive cult that needs to be addressed legally.

Likely this is the mysterious force behind drastic increases in the rash of violent attacks in the past two decades. Its like subway pushers. The harassers might not have been the instrument to the death of others, but they certainly gave the push that made the death possible.

In addition the cult members steal the online identity of their victim temporarily giving it to someone else. So in other words, I'm treated as someone completely different from my own efforts and accomplishments online as I'm sure this sort of thing might also happen with others as well. If you solely work online, then that essentially takes away every aspect of your life related to work and effort, which might be the goal of this cult. In addition, they're very ardent about hiding the fact that I'm a Buddhist and Taoist now, instead trying to force the impression of me being another completely different religion which is why I often have to clarify that fact online. Even when I clarify it in person, this cult assumes that I'm possessed by someone else or maybe even implies that I'm Schizophrenic and have multiple personality disorder which is not the case at all, with all due respect to people who do. Actually this cult use the symbolism of colours to indicate such transfers of identity between people. So I could literally walk by someone and then I'm treated as if I was that person rather than myself. In trying to explain this to others, I sound mentally ill which seems to be a means by which this cult discredits people who speak out against them.

Also they've been swapping my identity with another author who was a childhood friend of mine named Rob Tozer. So they're basically taking my identity and giving it to someone else based upon my chosen vocation and effort.

I'm not Roman Catholic. I'm not a Mormon. I'm not a Jehovah's Witness. I'm not a Fundamentalist Latter Day Saint. I'm not a Seventh Day Adventist. I'm not a Black Zionist (a very anti-Jewish group that thrives in this community). In fact I'm not a member of Christianity or Islam with all due respect. So the harassers are there to abuse me to the point that I seem off, so that when I defend my claims that they are trying to steal aspects of my life or even my creative and intellectual properties, I seem incredulous.

Its like gas lighting, which is a social activity designed usually enacted by criminal gangs to make someone appear mentally ill. The motives are usually related to attempts to prevent them from taking part on a Court Jury or from retaining ownership of their own Estate and affairs on the grounds of mental illness or delusion. So it is a communal activity whereby many people take part. Usually those who stand to benefit by doing so to such a victim.

There are criminal gangs around here who certainly have motives for doing so. In order to do this sort of thing they initiate the attack upon their victim as best they can without being detected. So for myself I never really got involved in other people's business unless it was absolutely wrong and I knew for certain that such a wrong thing was taking place. The cult started the harassment from the beginning likely more and more to garner hostile reactions from myself to make me appear a zealot, otherwise I would likely have not even been aware of what they were up to. So they started this war with me.

From there I began seeking legal means by which to shut them down. The more that I did, the more they would discredit me until it eventually became them stealing my identity and often swapping it with the identity of another person as a group and gang in the Regent Park area where it really surfaced.

In addition the cult tried always to keep me on the blue side of the fence despite the fact that I'm not in line with that side of things as they define it. Usually they define blue as meaning hate means love so they can get away with abusing their victims. Its how they dump their garbage onto someone. They reverse the definitions for love and hate, and when they abuse a person that means that whatever social burden was in the hands of the abuser now ends up in the hands and as part of the burden of the abused. It is purely a social activity that some refer to as "guns" and "roses". That is someone who mistreats you in those terms, is a "gun".

They've been trying to swap my identity with someone else's so that I take that person's punishment while they steal the credit for my writing. The cult in question are a racist cult in Toronto against me being in a relationship with someone who is Mandarin Chinese because I'm Caucasian. They want me to be on the purple/blue side of the fence in terms of their use of colour symbolism despite the legality of what they're doing which is a hate crime seeing as in the Canadian Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and the Human Rights Act, you aren't supposed to use colours for the purposes of discrimination. So by using the symbolism of colours in this way they're basically breaking Canadian law.

Because I'm the writer of A Lady's Prerogative Book II: Wounded Aerth they're trying to abuse me to the point that I seem like a Witch hunter, which I'm not. As I've said, this cult are very good at turning the tables on their victims. They make their victims responsible for their crimes. They're a gang in Regent Park that has support from a variety of people in the community and they're racists against Jewish people and Chinese people quite honestly.

Right now they're attempting to put the blame for the narcotics related activity onto me. Likely for me speaking out against harassment at a Government Office by clerks. My worker has never done anything of that nature so my qualms are not with the entire Government, only the members of an abusive ideology who are misusing access to system resources to further their goals and the goals of their ideology rather than the principles of due process.

So if those people wanted to get me back for speaking out, they might use people close to me in low income housing to attack me and discredit me. I've rarely spoken out against Government because I've never been harmed by someone abusing or harassing me in a Government office by Government employees. I vote and file taxes just the same as most people do.

This is a cult that fights over the symbolism of colours, often red, blue and brown. It is a racist group for certain and one of which I'm not a part. Sometimes it even involves participants who are part of the infrastructure unfortunately.

I'm not American by the way nor is my love interest. In fact, this cult often tries to swap my identity with former rapper and Toronto celebrity Darren O'Brien aka Snow. I'm not Snow with all due respect.

The goal of this cult is to sort everyone out using the symbolism of colours to represent either love and hate or blood and fire. That's basically it. Absolutism at its most despicable. Adolf Hitler not only was a Gnostic but was also an absolutist. So this cult tends to sort people out according to the symbolism of colours that they define and they use that to gain control of communities across North America.

If you don't pick the right symbolism of colours, you lose your own identity as far as this cult is concerned and its transferred to someone else while you're given a surrogate identity that essentially fuels someone else's life. This cult constantly tries to swap my identity with its most favoured members while abusing me to the point that I react in such a way that makes me appear the bully. That's because nobody does anything about their bullying of me.

I'm not a member of any ideology that would mistreat men in order to turn them into "men". As I've mentioned before, there's a number of ideologies like that who fancy themselves to be like Masonic builders, building perfection in humanity but they're just bullies trying to dump their garbage onto those foolish enough to believe they're real. They're abusers. Real Masonic builders would never treat people in such a way.

The cult are and have been trying to dump the responsibility for something to do with crack cocaine from another part of the city onto me, and someone who was apparently a member of a secret society who broke their vows of silence. That person is/was named Keith and someone from whom I rented a room at one point. Not to discredit him but allegedly he took part in a robbery in Nova Scotia when he was much younger and was shot by an Officer of the RCMP. I think that this cult got me near him in attempt to remove my loyalty to the Federal Police by putting me near someone who had actually been shot by an Officer of the Federal Police during an armed robbery of a bank. Once again, I am not a bank robber nor have I ever taken part in any such crimes. This all likely comes from my having worked at Ferretina between 2001 and 2004, which according to allegations made by an ex-Mob Capo named Dominick Cicale, Ferretina received a $250K investment from the proceeds of the Lufthansa Heist of 1976. This is revealed in an expose book co-written by Cicale. Again, I have nothing to do with any of that except having worked at that company for nearly four years. As a matter of fact I had no idea about these allegations until recently not to mention that in between 2001 and 2004 I'd had direct contact with both the RCMP and FBI. I can't really say anything more.

So likely this is somehow connected to that in some way seeing as after leaving Ferretina I had trouble finding work and eventually ended up homeless for 8 years as a result. During my time homeless, a very corrupt ring of people kept my location hidden from the Federal Police so that I was actually quite vulnerable and susceptible to possible violence and backlash related to the investment money by organized crime. That is the truth and I am not remembering someone else's life.

So who knows. Maybe the gas lighting is related to that? It seems a little circumspect to me not to mention that the Police won't touch these gangs for some reason. Corruption maybe? Also there's been a lot of effort to swap my identity with known Hell's Angels for some reason despite the fact that I am not a member nor have I ever been a member.

One such identity swapping also insists on trying to imply my connection to a lady in this building (who may no longer live here) named Karen who has serious health issues despite the fact that I have nothing to do with anyone in this building and in fact I don't know anyone in here. A crack cocaine loyal gang seems to be attempting to dump their activities onto me despite never having used cocaine or crack cocaine myself. The gang actually believes that I'm possessed by one of their friends or gang members. Pretty convenient eh?

Is there a legal branch of the Police that I can actually call to get help with this situation? Apparently not so for.

The gangs involved are linked to Jane Street and Mississauga as the local harassers often make mention to those two locations in the Greater Toronto Area. Jane might also be a reference to someone of that first name (Jane).

As I've said, there doesn't seem to be any acting law around here. Its more run by this gang and possibly a religion like Jehovah's Witnesses or Mormons and another group tied to Islam who are strong supporters of polygamy. There were at one time strong connections to the FLDS as I'd mentioned in earlier posts. There is also a very strong anti-Jewish presence operating under the banner of Black Zionism as well. There is also a strong effort by this cult to give me the identity of someone they refer to only as "Tanzanian" despite the fact that I am neither African or Jamaican or Caribbean with all due respect. It could also be phonetic play on terms: Tans in Ian, referring to skin colour of a group of people who are siding with someone named Ian. This cult speaks often in those terms and riddles of that nature.

I have no involvement in any sort of racist group nor a criminal record. As a matter of fact, I've been directly contacted twice in the last six years to take part in jury duty which is a pretty good sign that my repute and record with the law is in very good standing thankfully.

The harassment as I've said could be attempts to sway me to one side or the other to a point of extremity that would harm having an objective view of society and its conflicts.

Well its been a difficult day already. I was up and working from 5:30AM and its now 3:30PM. I think that I'll go to sleep for a while and try to recover some energy.

Brian Joseph Johns

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