Thursday, December 13, 2018

About Being Stalked And Harassed...

by Brian Joseph Johns
The cult responsible for this stalking and harassing in Toronto (in my case specifically in Regent Park) try to claim that my victimization in this way is actually the result of me being possessed by someone else who is harassed.

In other words, I'm not being harassed at all according to this cult. I'm just experiencing what others are experiencing so when I go outside the stalking cult make a great effort to turn the tables upon me in order to make it appear like I am a stalker rather than being stalked.

So they're claiming that my protesting the stalking and harassment is the result of me being possessed or mind controlled by another person who is being stalked and harassed in the same way.

Just to give you perspective on the nature of this cult, they literally believe that some people don't have their own mind or "soul" (or spirit as they refer to it). In other words, they're the only people who can be stalked and harassed. When it is someone else other than themselves they take it from the victim, then claim that the victim is possessed by a real stalking victim which is nonsense.

I am not pretending to be a stalking victim to pay for someone else's blood. Fuck that! (Pardon my language, I rarely swear unless I'm upset but I'm going to leave this in because I'm really upset about this whole situation).

That's how this cult steal from other people what they accomplish. Its because their cult forces other people to pay for their blood if you live in their vicinity, the members of this cult. That is, in order to be considered alive, I have to pay for their blood by carrying the weight of the burden of one of their members. So by me protesting being abuse, they're assuming that I'm just paying for their blood by pretending to be someone else who is being stalked and harassed.

This is a cult that steals people's identities. They operate using the symbolism of the colours blue and brown or red and brown quite often, much like gang colours in a criminal gang and they do this in Toronto despite the fact that Canada has laws against using colour in this way, which is discriminatory.

So this cult steals my victimization and applies it to the lives of other people just the same way they steal anything that I create and apply it to the lives of other people, while applying a life that doesn't apply to my own in terms of lifestyle. I don't hire prostitutes. I'm not a pimp. I've never driven for an escort service in my life. That would most likely be Eugene Francois. I'm not him. I've never used crack cocaine in my life, nor cocaine or heroin for that matter. I've never been to prison or jail at all and that's because I kept my tail clean for my whole life by being mindful of my choices and paying for my mistakes.

By abusing me so much this cult wants to make me appear intolerant and incapable of leniency. They're part of a cult of people who try to harden men up as part of a rite of passage or something of that nature. To make men more "blue". I'm not a member of that cult at all. I'm a Canadian who at this moment in time would much rather live in China, Korea, Thailand, Japan, Europe or Israel. I bet there would be a lot less anti-Jewish sentiment in those places. Despite the fact that I am not Jewish I still have no acceptance of the anti-Jewish attitude in which hate clubs against Jewish people try to destroy the character of people who defend Asian or Jewish rights. I actually used to be pretty active in the human rights defending department and I'd rarely if at all bias any particular culture or religion. I'd try to speak up when and where I could for everyone until this cult got involved. They make defending human rights into a scoring game, counting how many times you defending one group of people versus another. They literally turn it into a social city wide game. If you don't bias in the direction that they want you to bias, they'll abuse you.

They even take this a step further. You can have a girlfriend of one culture, but you must balance your affection for every other culture by being similarly intimate with other people of other different cultures. If you don't, then this cult will assume that you owe them something. So we're putting cultural and religious quotas on our relationships now for which we'll be indebted if we aren't in balance? Well being monogamous and all, I generally don't aim at having more than one girlfriend at a time. If I want to be intimate with someone and you're not happy about what culture that person is, then truly fuck you you true goof. I'm not a member of any religion or ideology that has any right to do such a thing to a person.

Me protecting my right to feel the way that I do about someone who is Mandarin Chinese is my right and hers too. I'm protecting that for us both. Just because I'm Caucasian doesn't mean that there is anything wrong with such a relationship you truly racist scum fucks! (Getting creative with the language). That's not the Canada that I grew up in and in fact, that's not Canada at all. Did your cult swap country identities with another country? Whatever country it is I'm glad that I didn't grow up in it but it sure sucks to live in it now. Its a good thing that I don't believe in that stuff. Swapping identities I mean. So as a Canadian I have a responsibility to ensure that this nonsense doesn't continue if not for myself, for those who follow.

I've defended human rights on many occasions even writing several letters to two different Prime Ministers on the issue and having received replies from their offices. I actually defended Women's rights and those of the LGBTQ community as well. By doing so, this cult then tried to take away my manhood much the same way they tried to take away my identity when I was in a relationship with someone of a culture they disagreed. Because she is Mandarin Chinese (between 2005-2006).

So this country is full of scumbags like this now. If I make a statement of protest about this, I often have my identity stolen from me and my words are then credited to someone else. Is this a scientology trick? I know that they regularly play musical chairs with people's identities as part of their instructional workshops, so is this them or another similar ideology bringing that aspect into someone else's life illegally. I'm not a Scientologist at all. Nor am I a member of Christianity. Or Islam. I mean no disrespect by those statements but its the truth.

I'm not a member of Prince Hall either. Too racist for me as I've explained. Red and blue are used symbolically to define either love and hate or two different types of blood (that sums up love/hate and blood/fire in a nutshell). Those on the red and blue team believe that you shouldn't mix red and blue whatever it may mean. Those who mix red and blue are considered to be the Purple team (which ironically is red and blue mixed) which generally delineates Prince Hall which is supposed to be about liberation and freedom. The Purple team on the other hand denotes that red and blue mixed means: love and hate are the same thing. It doesn't mean red blood and blue blood because they're against the cultural mixing of blood. The colours of blood come from the colours on our countries' flags or by any other cultural cliché often perpetuated by racist groups, who quite honestly prey upon cliché. In other words, racism. Hey, if you yourself would prefer to stick to your own culture in terms of your relationships, that's cool if you feel that way for yourself. Really you can't make that decision for other people. So that's where they're violating the rights of other people. Unfortunately if you go outside of this paradigm you'll be targeted by groups like this and when you speak out like I often do, you'll be labeled as being crazy, or possibly they'll come up with some other far fetched idea of which they try to fool the populace into believing, like their victim is actually possessed and being mind controlled by their cult members. So whatever the victim expresses is actually the way the cult member whom they're possessed by feels. Talk about taking away a person's voice!

So that's where I am with this cult and believe me, Canada or at least Toronto is being run by such an ideology despite what people might say to the contrary. For crying out loud people! Stand up to them!

Don't let these scumbags take away your identity and swap it with someone else's!

That's how they get around defending the rights of people they believe don't or shouldn't have rights (like members of the LGBTQ community) which would indicate it is also likely homophobic too.

If you're heterosexual and you stand up for the rights of those in the LGBTQ community, this cult will take away your identity and give you the identity of someone from the LGBTQ community because "you're not sticking up for your own". "You're not being a team player" in other words as they often put it.

By taking away your identity when you stick up for the rights of others, human rights are NOT progressing at all because you're losing your right to your own individual identity. So human rights aren't progressing or recessing. They're at a stand still in such a case. The point of any rights is that there should be no condition for receiving those rights. Taking away the identity of someone and forcing another different identity onto them in order to explain their standing up for someone outside of their "team" is another violation of rights and an unjust condition to ensuring the rights of other people.

I am urging people not to allow that to happen. Don't allow anyone to take away your identity or to swap it with someone else's. Don't be a part of anything that makes you earn your own identity on a daily basis. It isn't a currency by the way. Its yours. If someone holds you hostage for your identity while you defend the rights of others who are "outside of your team", stand up to them! Don't let anyone do that. If you think that existing human rights were forged only by people whose idiom was: stand up only for your own, you're sorely mistaken. Those rights were gotten by people of different identities and origins standing up for one another despite their differences. If you have to put a stipulation onto someone that if they stand up for you, that they must be you, then you're an obstacle to what is right. That simple.

So I've got to turn in some paperwork today or tomorrow in order to keep my housing subsidy (I receive a housing subsidy from Housing Connections, a charity in the Toronto area that ensures livable rent pricing for those who cannot afford market price rent). That's the only way that I can afford to live in an apartment in downtown Toronto (just south of Dundas Street on the west side of Sherbourne Street at 200 in apartment 701). I love working but when you're stalked and abused it is impossible to work a normal gig, let alone work any other kind of work. That's because your stalkers will literally abuse you around the clock, whether you're out and about or at home. Believe me, I'm not a lazy person at all. My stalkers are though. Most of them.

So I'll have to worry that when I take in my paperwork to the TCHC (my low income landlord) that my identity isn't swapped with someone else's based upon what I've written here. Yes, there are people who see the good deeds and efforts of others as a form of currency that they'll readily steal from other people to inflate the reputation of other people on their team. As I've said, Toronto is rampant with that sort of thing.

I'm also trying to get a door code buzzer installed (I've actually been trying for about 7 years with little luck). The closest I've gotten to it so far is that they nearly got my name right: BRIAN JOHN though it might be listed as JOHN BRIAN. They seem to really want to keep my name as being John rather than Johns. I'm guessing that someone with whom they're swapping my identity is named John?

So the new and most recent Superintendent seems to be pretty cool, though I suspect that some of the others just ran into the same kind of hurdles that I've been running into in terms of claiming my own identity. So with my name being close, the punchline is that the code 1216 isn't right. In other words, when you buzz my code, I have no idea where the hell it rings. It could be anywhere. Maybe in the apartment of someone with the name John?

I figure that with having my name and the correct door code on the directory, I have a higher chance of old friends who personally know me dropping by and for all I know, I could have had many such visitors prior.

I think that this cult is trying to steal my identity and that it involves organized crime to such an extent that this effort might be going a little further than it would for most people. After all, I did work for Ferretina. They seem to be focused on keeping my identity falsely as a Jehovah's Witness which I am not. As I've said, I'm not a member of any form of Christianity at all. Not a Mormon either. No disrespect meant but that's the truth. Not a Hell's Angel or a member of Bloods or whatever other gangs there might be in the hood of Regent Park. They don't scare me either by the way but don't get the impression for a second that I'm some kind of tough guy, cause I'm not. I have a bit of Martial Arts training from many years ago (TaeKwonDo/Goju Ryu/Goju Jujitsu Ryu/Aikido) but I'm not a martial arts master or expert for certain in terms of physicality though I am fit for my age of 51.

Also, stay away from cults that steal your identity if you reveal information about yourself while wearing the shade black as that seems to be quite a problem too. I think that their idea is that if they can keep your secrets better than you can, that your secrets belong to them. In other words, you are whose secrets you keep. I don't believe in any such nonsense like that as well.

I think if you protest abuse this cult will try to label you as someone they call "complain". I get the impression that's actually referring to a friend of mine named John Paul Young who was also homeless around the same time as I, who is or was a victim of similar stalking and abuse and whom often like myself would become manic upon experiencing repeated abuse and stalking by the members this cult. That doesn't mean that him or myself are the same person. I hope that John Paul Young is alright.

I'd better get going before this cult thinks I'm possessed by Henry Hill though I'm not Irish or a bank robber, nor have I ever had Robert De Niro play me in a movie. Henry Hill was one of the gangsters involved in the Lufthansa Heist, allegedly from which $250K was invested in the Ferretina project that I'd worked on between 2001 and 2004, before becoming homeless for 8 years between 2004 and 2012. Coincidence? I think not. Was organized crime involved in throwing me into that loop for years? Either them or law enforcement despite the fact that I'm not a bank robber nor do I have criminal record. Is it right for any such group, organized crime or law enforcement to ruin you in such a way? I'm grateful that I've got my health at least. I don't believe in god or the devil at all though. I'm a Buddhist and a Taoist quite honestly and yes, my love interest is Mandarin Chinese but its unlikely that I'll ever be with her again thanks to this racist cult. So I guess the best that I can do is reveal their methods so that others can avoid the same fate.

You are yourself as I am myself.

Brian Joseph Johns

200 Sherbourne Street #701
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5A 3Z5



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