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I am Brian Joseph Johns...

by Brian Joseph Johns
200 Sherbourne Street Apt 701
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5A 3Z5
No disrespect but my love interest is not a Filipino or Thai transgender person with all due respect. My love interest is really Mandarin Chinese and she's a lady with whom I've been in a relationship prior (during 2005-2006).

That's a wonderful first statement in a post. Certainly makes me sound a homophobic or even intolerant neither of which I am. I completely support the LGBTQ community, marriage rights and even the right to have and raise children.

I don't agree with a cult though who are so focused upon protecting blood that they'd prevent someone from being in a relationship with someone of a different culture. For this reason I'm not a member of any form of Christianity or Scientology for that matter. I mean its alright to believe that for yourself, but to go out of your way to enforce it for other people? So this cult are against my being/having been in a relationship with someone Mandarin Chinese because I'm Caucasian, and this cult believes that it is wrong to mix blood. Failing blood, they attempt to utilize love/hate ideology of which I am not a part despite my belief in Taoism.

There's a lot of that in Toronto by the way and likely in other places in Canada that needs to be exposed to the light of day and the press. As a matter of fact, I'm Buddhist and Taoist and that's the truth though I am not a pure devout in either case. I'm not a Gnostic at all and never will be.

When you wake up and go outside only to be harassed and stalked by a cult in Toronto, Ontario, Canada who believe that they mind control or even possess other people with what they call the holy spirit, you have to make statements like that to clarify your identity.

Unfortunately this cult believes that if you're wearing the shade black and you give away secrets related to your life, you lose those secrets to someone else who keeps them secret better than you did.

So identity theft nowadays is a social cult who use colours to symbolize the fact that they'll work against you to steal what you don't keep secret. That sounds like a cult to me.

So my name is Brian Joseph Johns. I don't work for the city (Toronto). I don't work for the country (Canada). Instead I am abused in what appears to be a social cult operating in Canada with a lot of presence in Toronto.

Their main weapon? Stealing and swapping people's identities. That means the reputation that you build yourself that they obtain by spying on you illegally. So this is a cult that has been for years stealing from me (,,,

As a result of this cult's stalking, I no longer have trust for anyone in Canada or Toronto because most people seem to be a part of this cult and few are courageous enough to stand against it (I'm the only person of which I'm aware that actually does stand against it).

What this cult does is that it swaps identities between people who live in the same vicinity/building or residence. If you're single, they force you to carry the baggage of one of your neighbours while giving your baggage to one of your neighbours.

I'm not American by the way. I'm Canadian. I'm not the rapper Snow by the way (Darren O'Brien, a guy whom I went to school with that was friends with pretty much all of my childhood bullies like Bryant Thompson and Kevin Gross). This cult often try to swap my identity with his identity as well, despite my never having been a rapper and the fact that I'm not a Hell's Angel nor do I have a brother that is a Hell's Angel that shot up a bar at Finch and Leslie with a shotgun. I also didn't grow up in Allenbury Gardens though I did have friends from there. As a matter of fact, I'd love to sit down with the RCMP some time and play connect the dots, perhaps helping them to piece together the interconnectedness of things. Might help them alot, though I'm fairly certain that this cult will have discredited me enough by that point that I might be regarded as being mentally ill or mentally unstable.

I tend to deal with and side with the RCMP too much to get involved in Hell's Angel's type things. Maybe its the Hell's Angel's or Bloods or another gang involved in this activity? Ironically the Police ignore it and even take part in this identity swapping nonsense. Perhaps they're following the plot of the movie A Scanner Darkly as I pointed out in a prior post? I'm not schizophrenic by the way with all due respect to people who suffer from that illness.

The problem is with this social gang is that they use other people as their substitutes/garbage bags. For instance, in my area this cult/criminal gang on a regular basis steals anything good that I produce and gives it to the credit of their membership. Meanwhile they make it a game of trying to pile their shit onto me. So they steal a person's good while dumping their bad onto their theft victim. They do this under the guise of swapping identities. That is for the day they'll treat you as if you were someone else, usually based upon how you respond to abuse from them. So if you respond in a bad way, they'll assume you to be possessed by someone else other than yourself. They'll try to figure out who that person most likely is and give you their garbage.

This cult steal the things you accomplish as you create/achieve them. Its very difficult to explain how they do this, yet suffice it to say that they do.

Likewise, I am not a member of the Salvation Army nor associated with it in ANY way other than having stayed there years ago during a homeless period that stretched 8 years. Also, I don't and have never really been a guitar player. I'm a keyboard and piano player. The cult keep on swapping my identity with that of other people who play guitar. Maybe because they want other people to believe that I play guitar or they want to give me the identity of a specific guitar player, like Eugene Francois or something of that nature who I'm not.

This isn't whining by the way. Its truth. I don't believe in god or the devil or jesus christ for that matter. I don't believe in allah or mohammed either with all due respect.

I am not a jehovah's witness and never will be. Nor am I a mormon nor will I ever be. Likewise scientology or gnosticism. Likewise any other ideology operating in Canada that steals the output of its citizens and erases them from existence.

Oh, and I'm not a robot either.

I guess the members of this cult hear me treating my Cat so good that they want others to believe that I'm a complainer or something of that nature, so they stalk me and abuse me knowing that eventually I'll have had enough of it and start complaining, which is really just myself protesting their abuse.

Anyway, no more creative stuff. I don't want anyone to steal it so I'll just keep it to myself.

Despite the fact that gnosticism is actually quite old, in this day and age it is nothing more than the rebranding of Nazism. Nazism actually arose from gnosticism.

So the way this cult works is that when you're a creative person like say a writer, or content creator of some form, this cult try to steal from you the impression of whatever you're creating as being a part of their life (the cult members). So when I write, they try to take it from me as I write it to fuel their lives. Then later they attempt to accuse me of taking it from them because it was a part of their life.

Even your spare time activities such as watching movies or playing video games, this cult will try to take them, meaning the plot and all to fuel their life as crazy as it sounds. That means that whatever comes from a person, by way of their own creation or what they watch or experience is stolen by this cult and used to fuel the lives of their members.

Then their members try to dump their garbage and social burden onto the person they used as a fuel source for their life. The more they do this and get away with it the more they know they'll aggravate their victim which might cause them to protest it which this cult calls "complaining". Often how they refer to Jewish people as well because this cult used this exact method to stigmatize members of the Jewish community in the same way. So they're basically a hate group. Not a love group. A hate group.

Regardless of this, thank you to the food bank at 275 Bleecker Street that I managed to get to and back. I don't think that makes me Doctor Strange though...

I mean, just because I'm the Chinese sign of the Goat, doesn't mean that I'm Baphomet (a figure deified by the Knight's Templar and central to Hermeticism). I think that this cult tries to elevate someone to that position as a sort of symbolic stand-in or figurehead. Much the same way they try to elevate someone as the figurehead for a bunch of people who worship King Tut in the west end of the city. Believe as you choose, but don't make others choose your belief. After all, we're all free.

Apparently this cult has been swapping my identity with that of Darren O'Brien (aka the rapper Snow) for years. I mean decades. Both people in Toronto amongst whom I'd number my friends though not any more. I don't trust anyone in Toronto or Canada for that matter and I'd recommend the same of others elsewhere. Toronto is no longer run by the rule of law but by the rule of colours. That is, a cult is running the show and everything about them is symbolized through colours, much like any criminal gang. So there really is no more law in Toronto insofar as I've seen. Its just a bunch of gang bullies running the city according to the symbolism of colours. Through this gang they've been swapping people's identities and stealing the identities of other people to fuel their lives.

By fueling a person's life, I mean that any creative endeavor undertaken by a victim of this cult is stolen from them and applied to the life of someone else. Even the movies you watch or if you play video games. The narrative, plot and characters from those mediums is taken from you and given to the members of this cult as if those fictional occurrences happened to them.

When it comes to people like myself, this cult steals the actual substance of my life and gives it to the credit of other people's lives while attempting to rewrite my history with a fictional version that has me as a guitar player, pimp, probably involved in crack cocaine or something of that nature despite the fact that I don't use cocaine, crack cocaine or any narcotics whatsoever.

As I've stated before, I do buy cannabis legally occasionally though I've never really been a frequent user of it historically. So cannabis is not my problem. Its stalkers that are my problem and likely have been from even before having worked on Ferretina. No, I'm not Italian, Sicilian or Irish and no, I'm not trying to capitalize on the press generated by Dominick Cicale's book or the fact that the production I worked on was linked to the Lufthansa Heist of 1976. After all, I'm not a bank robber, much less one who got shot during a robbery.

From what I've seen, this cult buries its victims, ie erases them from existence and from the way its set up, I'd bet that this cult has been in operation in Toronto for some time. I wonder how many people before myself this cult has done away with? I do hope that the RCMP are keeping an eye on this situation because it is definitely connected to some form of organized crime or a religious cult of some form who violate people's rights on a regular basis. They tend to sort people out according to love and hate or blood and fire. Hence they'll often pick one person they're going to abuse in order to make that person the "hate" side of the fence while they prop someone else to be the love side of the fence of force their victim onto the "Cane" side of the fence as in Cane and Abel, in which consequently I do not believe.

FYI, gangs like the Hell's Angels and Bloods consider Women members of the gang their property. That is they belong to the whole gang (usually for sex) and generally don't have many rights. Just something to think about before you go idolizing a way of life that you barely understand. I've never been a member of anything of that nature myself but I've been involuntarily close to it at various times throughout my life.

I likely won't be going to see family during this holiday season. A lot of this cult's disconnection or shunning is geared towards breaking ties with my family and its a lot more than I can handle. As well, this cult has been giving the credit to Rob Tozer every time I go to write something for one of my books. So I cannot even drum up my own positive publicity. This cult already steals it before I get anywhere with it so what's the point?

Not to mention that after being abused and harassed for the whole trip up to the food bank, I was still polite as I always am. I won't ever mistreat people who don't abuse me and even then, I'll never start conflict. So in being polite, I discovered that this cult who believe actually bet on whether I'm going to be polite or mean after the abusive walk to the food bank. As I've said, I'm not possessed or being controlled by anyone. I think that anyone after being stalked and abused for more than 25 years would likely respond in much the same way.

In addition, this blood centric cult believe that some people are emotional and energy vampires. That is this cult believe that I get my ability to write, from them and their members by absorbing their energy and abilities. They actually test for vampires of this kind by abusing them and they assume that you're a vampire of this kind if you become negative after their abuse. They actually believe that they've imbued you with some of themselves just through talking or verbal abuse. So this is actually a way they measure for vampires of that kind. So they believe that I can't write and that I have to absorb the ability to write from someone else. In fact they believe this of every person that is their enemy pretty much. So they won't let me have the credit for my own books: The Butterfly Dragon I: Heroes Of Our Own and A Lady's Prerogative I and II at So I've decided that I'm probably not going to put much more energy into writing any more. I guess I'll do what most of these cult members are doing. Collect social assistance and just ride out the rest of my life. I'm 51 now so I don't have too much time left fortunately. If I had known what I know now say thirty years ago, I'd have moved to Europe, Israel, China, Korea, Thailand or Japan. I feel really betrayed by my own country for what they did and I have no room in my heart for forgiveness. I did try to commit suicide twice as a result of this cult's actions. Once in 2000/2001 and once in 2002, both times unsuccessfully. Of course I wouldn't try that again but that lets you know how far this cult pushed me years ago. I'm Brian Joseph Johns and this is

Its like this cult believes that I'm a radio receiver for other people's thoughts and feelings and abilities, which is not the case at all.

They seem to be thinking that someone from Finch Avenue is mind controlling me. As I said, this cult are complete scumbags and goofs every single last one of them.

I suspect that I won't be doing much for

I'm not a freemason or a rosicrucian or a gnostic or a scientologist and I'd never pretend to be any of those things.

Brian Joseph Johns

200 Sherbourne Street #701
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5A 3Z5



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