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More Abuse And Harassment From The Local Cult - More Exposed About Them

Hi, I'm Brian Joseph Johns. This is my personal and gripe blog though if not for the existence of an abusive cult in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, I'd probably post nothing but speculation which might get a little boring and even pretentious for some. I'd certainly turtle back into my feelings that the world is full of innocence and that most people have only the best of intentions and often the best of outcomes resulting from the application of their intentions.

Today I'm going to deal with truth, essentially to reestablish it within the context of my struggles, though truth does only exhibit fact and it is for the interpreter to crunch these facts in such a way that it reconstructs an accurate picture of the past. I'm going to deal specifically with two issues that have recently come into question about myself and my own history.

I'm 51 years old now and in order to clarify, I'm not from Nova Scotia nor have I ever been. Back when I was 17 or so years old, I'd moved out from home just after my family had moved to Edge Cliff Golfway in Flemington Park. A few weeks later my parent's place was robbed (with no signs of a break in) and that was about a week after I'd lost my apartment keys. After having losing my apartment keys I was kicked out of home after not getting along with my parents as I'd started wanting to experience different things in life that I hadn't. I'd been a nerd for most of my life and suddenly I'd been getting attention as a result of having dyed my hair and having an earring. So I'd not been on good terms with my parents at that and it was very difficult for them even before they'd had their apartment stolen from. After all, my parents were musicians and the entirety of their musical studio and equipment had been taken from them. I suspect that that theft is connected with the stalkers from whom I'm receiving trouble.

Around that time, I knew of a group of people who'd hang out with someone named Faber, who was rumored to be a part of a hate club of some form though I'd never really found out the truth in that matter. What I did learn is that Faber and a number of other people had broken into the home of a member of the LGBTQ community in Fleminton Park, threatening to beat the person up for flirting with him. Faber and his "troop" used to live and hang out in a certain part of Flemington Park where I had a friend of mine (a guitar player named Joel who is from the Far East of Asia). He lived in the same circuit of apartments where some of Faber's friends lived, and at the time I'd assumed that he might have taken part in the attack upon the member of the LGBTQ community. So in order to blow the whistle on the attack years later (in 2001/2002), when telling the story of this thing to other people (in Ferretina where it was probably recorded/monitored knowing the fact that there was some pretty serious trouble involved) I told it, putting myself in the place of Joel as I personally knew that he wasn't homophobic at all. It turns out that he didn't take part in the attack at all, so my sacrifice was all for nought in that regard. Unfortunately instead of an investigation into this occurring, it turned into a stalker club thing and many people believing that I'd sided with the culture community rather than the LGBTQ community, when in fact, I have no grudge against either.

I used to go regularly to Twilight Zone on 185 Richmond Ave when I was 17 as it was an all ages dance club that went until 7 am in the morning. More than half of the people in the circle with which I'd hang around were all members of the LGBTQ community (at that point they weren't referred to so politically correct). We used to dance there for hours and then travel to various other clubs in the downtown circuit, sometimes including St. Charles which was a prominent Gay Bar on Yonge Street. I wasn't Gay myself but the club did used to play a lot of great dance and goth music from that time on Thursday night. So I never really was homophobic nor did I ever have a motive to attack someone for being Gay. I have lots of proof for that though I'd say that this cult are trying to erase my history as well. I'll get directly into who they might be in a second. I want to open up some of their dirty laundry just to give you an idea of how they operate.

So that situation and the fact that I'd claimed to be a part of the attack, and then about faced and claimed not even to be a part of it is what drew the ire from this cult. Unfortunately the people involved would likely never speak the truth in this matter, for to do so would be to incriminate themselves but the fact is that I've never taken part in any attack of any sort whatsoever, especially where it involves breaking the law. So my self sacrifice actually ended up making things worse though at the time I was protecting someone who I felt needed the protection. So if anyone is stalking me for those reasons they're stalking an innocent person but from what I gather of this cult, they're not really too good themselves but we'll get to that eventually. We have a lot of ground to cover tonight and some pretty serious allegations with which to deal against them.

So the second issue has to do with back taxes, ironically from the early to mid 1990s. When I working in the summers for a moving company, I worked for owner operators. That is I worked directly for the drivers and they'd have a time sheet and pay card system whereby I'd have to put my social insurance number and sign my name so they could claim it as paid labour for which they'd receive a credit on their taxes. I absolutely had no problem doing that whatsoever.

There was at one point after a job a bit of joking around whereby someone laughed and used a false Social Insurance Number number and signature. I told them that it would likely catch up with them and they laughed it off. Someone that guy talked into doing the same thing from what I'd heard ended up getting caught for it and even serving time in jail as well. That would through the grapevine by the way and eventually I found out though I had no reason to worry because I'd always used my SIN number and my name and signature. Not to mention that I'd filed taxes every year without problems even until now.

So I believe that this cult hint at something of that nature because they want me to think that they're after me for something of that nature when in fact my taxes and books are in great shape. I don't do things of that nature but as I've said about this cult in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, they do not to mention that they attempt to put the burden for everything that they do in that regard onto their victim. So if they commit a crime or violate someone else's rights, they put that burden and impression onto one of their victims, so that their victims are then treated as if they were responsible for what the cult members did to other people. So they never do the time for their own crimes. They often make their victims do the crime for their time but nobody investigates them because there's something corrupt in the system right now that protects this cult unfortunately.

So around the time of Ferretina I'd spent a lot of time in the community getting to know people. I used to hang out at a place called Rocket Fuel, which was a great little coffee shop and artists retreat that is very difficult to describe. I found it quite enticing and loved hanging around there despite the fact that at that point my psyche was pretty much destroyed as a result of harassment and abuse, ironically because this cult assumed me to be a bully. They were actually trying to make me appear as such by stalking and abusing me to the point that I'd blow up, sometimes at other people who were my friends. So this is a method by which this cult assassinates the character of their victims. They abuse and stalk their victim until their victim becomes very reactive and mean, and often they try to direct that person to attack the most peaceful and withdrawn people. They did that with myself often trying to wind me up to attack John Marshall, a coworker at Ferretina.

So by the time I'd started frequenting Rocket Fuel, I was a mess and seriously lacked confidence and was trying to regain my confidence despite the abuse and harassment often around me during 2001-2004. As it turns out, Ferretina is strongly connected with a secret society based around Egyptian folklore. In fact the whole story is a cleverly and sometimes not so cleverly hidden allegory for the struggles of people in society who are members of such an ideology. The story itself is actually similar in some points to that of Moses though it takes place moreso in the war times of WWII, with a group of Rats being led by a rat named Ratsputin, who possibly represents the Bolshevik party of Russia though its been so long that I cannot remember for certain. So there was a lot to this story and it was very obviously connected to something Egyptian in nature.

As it turned out, Rocket Fuel was actually the business cover for the Hermetic Order Of The Golden Dawn who had a temple in the basement of Rocket Fuel. They were a good spot and very obviously trying to transform the community with positive activity and goodness rather than with abusive and bible thumping rhetoric designed to strike the fear of god into people. I think that they were eventually brought down by an African racist group who assumed that if this was a secret society based around Egyptian folklore, that it should be run by Africans and that they should have no interaction with Jewish people as the Egyptians considered them to be slaves.

I never spoke about the Hermetic Order Of The Golden Dawn or the fact that I knew that there was a temple there in the basement of the business. I think that it was found out by other means and other people with a much more serious religious agenda on their front page who were probably anti-Masonic and any other secret society they could find.

Rocket Fuel was still there up until I lost my job at Ferretina in 2004 and eventually fell into homelessness. I suspect that whomever was trying to harm Rocket Fuel had likely given them the impression that I was out to get them, which I wasn't at all nor have I ever been.

So by the time I had arrived in the shelter system, there were a lot of setups waiting for me as part of the effort to destroy my life. First dealt with taking away every opportunity that my allies had planned despite the fact that I'd fallen into homelessness.

For instance, because I was an experienced mover, there had been an opportunity to work at El Cheapo Movers which was my very first temp assignment that I'd received from Andrea Valentini at LabourLink. I'd worked many moving jobs over the course of my life, mostly during the summers as I loved to get paid to work out. I had a good thing going when it came to that. During the winters I'd work computer gigs until the summer and then work moving against to get into great shape.

So I was well known in the moving industry for this reason and I likely could have gotten a job anywhere that did moving at that time, though I didn't know the companies. So after working my first temp gig, I found out that there was an opportunity as dispatcher for that company that required a very experienced mover (which I was). As it turned out, the person with whom I worked on the job, a member of the LGBTQ community named Toby got the job instead despite having no moving experience. I was a good sport about it though and congratulated him. He'd been a worker/installer for Bell at one point who'd fallen into substance abuse issues which resulted in him losing his job. A sad story really as that is a long way to fall down. I knew because in working for Ferretina I had been a programmer/technical consultant on an animated feature film before becoming homeless. Good money to no money is very difficult. Thankfully I had and still have no substance abuse issues.

There were many other similar situations where I feel that I could have possibly been short changed by this cult. A few involving situations where they wanted me to go to a bank to argue for money from the teller so that they could dispense the money to a (beautiful) Woman whom would pretend to be my girlfriend. So it appeared to be some kind of a scam linked to possible benefactors I'd had that this cult were trying to rip off. I don't think that the Women were involved, I think that whomever put them up to it was doing so in order to get at that money. So they'd known that I had worked for Ferretina and that someone famous or rich or both was acting as a hidden benefactor for me. So the corrupt elements of the shelter system who'd found this out were secretly trying to steal money from that benefactor.

They also could have been trying to paint me like a bank robber on the bank's security cameras. This detail I had no idea about which was later revealed in an article that $250K of investment money in Ferretina came directly from the proceeds of crime, specifically the Lufthansa Heist at JFK Airport in New York in 1974. So maybe they were trying to paint me like a bank robber in order to associate me with the receivers of the investment money or the investors themselves who were undoubtedly Mafia themselves.

So there's the possibility that a real member of the Hermetic Order Of The Golden Dawn might have assumed that I betrayed them when in fact I hadn't even spoken about them until recently. I am certainly not saying that they rob banks. They're more about personal and spiritual growth more so than anything with a bit of mysticism thrown in for good measure and atmosphere. I suspect that Andrea Valentini may be connected to them though I don't think that she had any sort of ill against me and was legitimately trying to help.

I suspect that a group of people in the shelter system ganged up on me in attempt to steal my life from me and attempt to put the identity of someone else onto me. This cult seems to believe me possessed by a number of different people but never myself despite the fact that I use only knowledge and skills that I have.

I think also that there was some kind of "plan" that somebody had before I started this whole thing. Like I was supposed to get through this and get to a good or happy ending, ie end up with the love of my life and a great job opportunity or something of that nature that this cult has withdrawn and is trying to steal it from me and give it to someone else.

This also applies to what I release on which is my own company and website. An attempt to rebuild despite the abuse of this cult.

So ever since I've been in the shelter system this cult has been stealing things from my life, and then putting the blame for things onto me that have nothing to do with myself. I am not a security guard by the way.

The cult are mostly a group of people within my building and the Greater Toronto Area who stalk and harass me, some of them around the clock (as they are doing right now as a type this). They often attempt to label me with someone else's identity so that if I say or do anything good or notable, they steal it and give it to the credit the other person.

While I was working for the temp agency a number of interesting things happened. I befriended a few different Justices Of The Peace. I used to have breakfast with one of them every morning before I started work for the day. Another one was an Opera singer (no relation to my real life love interest who is Mandarin Chinese and a lady) who was friends with my friend Toby. So that was a little bit different. The temp job that I worked required me to have a background check which was not a problem as I have no criminal record. I did that and turned it in to the Toronto Police Service building on Bay Street and about two weeks later I was no longer working for the place that I`d needed a background check for, which puzzled me as I have no criminal record or background that would prevent me for working in such environments and around the vulnerable. That was the first time I suspected that my identity may have been swapped with someone else's for the background check. Beyond that though I didn't give it that much consideration. Opportunities came and went very quickly and most often the efforts by others were geared towards trying to make me appear a crack cocaine dealer and a pimp despite the fact that I was neither. So these are attempts by this cult whose identity I'm slowly uncovering and the more I do, the more I'll reveal. So I don't use cocaine or crack cocaine or heroin or anything of that nature for certain. I do occasionally drink and I do occasionally use cannabis legally.

The African and Caribbean racist side of this cult want there to be conflict and constantly abuse their victims. When they're done, the other side, White supremacists and racists start harassing their victim. So extremism on both sides of the racist fence, who take turns abusing their victim. They also seem like they're focused on trying to force me to be a part of Prince Hall (who are also racist in the sense that they're against mixing the blood of two different cultures, ie they're blood purists whose purple means love and hate are the same thing rather than it meaning red and blue blood mixed. So they're racists against mixing culture in a relationship.

They also try to hide the garbage of their members of their victims. For instance they have someone who lives out at Jane and Finch whom they often attempt to apply their identity to mine, so that I'm abused for things related to their life and their praised for the things related to my life. I never get praised. So this cult purposely puts the burden of other people onto me who never do anything good. They're basically just weapons for this cult. The members of this cult also try to put piracy onto me as well despite the fact that I'm not a pirate. Usually this is the piracy from someone else that is a member of their cult that is on the purple team.

That's enough. I don't feel like doing this forever and I'm certainly not a part of their cult.

I believe that the cult today were alluding to plans to hook me up with a Japanese Woman named Katrina (who is not my love interest by the way). I think that they believe me to be possessed by a guy named John Penny who was her boyfriend from the 1990s. John Penny had/has a goatee look that is a bit reminiscent of Jesus Christ, though it was me who was beat up and left for dead in the street on Terraview Av. So this cult had been trying to steal my identity from that night, and to put it onto someone else like John Penny or Ronald Silk, both of whom were there from that time. I think that their abuse is about character assassination. They even try to put the identity of my brother onto me (Darryl). So they aren't happy with me being myself. This is a cult who believes that they are mind controlling me which of course they're not. They're just abusive scumbags and goofs who have nothing better to do.

I'm absolutely not on the blue team and never will be. I'm not a member of any criminal gang and I think that most people on the blue team are abusive assholes. I mean how could one team have so many guys who are former spousal abusers and rapists? (I mean convictions). That's because they define the colour blue as meaning hate means love and love means hate, much like blue roses do. I'm not on any blue team at all. I love the colour, but I don't do this thing of colours like they do in Canada. Its illegal and violates the Human Rights Act not to mention the kind of people who do are quite honestly a bunch of goofs. Its to people like that I'd prefer to say what I mean and mean what I say rather than the opposite. Very abusive people. They also seem to be fixed upon the idea of making me into a pirate. Sorry, I'm not a pirate. Ironic that the Police notice this going on and do absolutely nothing to stop it. That's why I deal directly with the RCMP, especially when it comes to intelligence handling.

Probably this is this cult's effort to disconnect me from family and friends alike and likely to steal everything that they can from myself as well. As I said in the beginning.

I think that this cult does this so that I purposely disconnect from the things that are a part of my life, and as well so that I disconnect from people and groups that I've protected before. I never really had an attitude towards the variety of different religions at all but I get harassed and abused by this cult who often impersonate membership to various religions or ideologies so that I'll sound intolerant of them and other religions. So this cult abuse their victims in order to make their victims appear bullies. Nobody ever questions them about their abuse.

Not only that but they believe that they are mind controlling their victims. They actually believe that with this abuse they're giving me their blood and that they're inhabiting my body and driving me like a car.

I'm not a scientologist by the way and never will be no matter what.

I'm not a Freemason. I'm not a Rosicrucian. I'm not from Nova Scotia and have never been there. I don't believe in any form of Christianity at all. I'm not a Mormon or a Jehovah's Witness. I'm not a Seventh Day Adventist. I'm not a Gnostic. I'm not a member of any criminal gang and nobody is mind controlling me or possessing me. My love interest is NOT my sister in-law nor anyone in my family as I'm not incestuous at all. I don't believe in god or the devil and never will. Likewise Jesus Christ, Allah or Mohammed. I don't think that's hate. Its just my choice of beliefs. Most of all I'm not a pirate and I don't play guitar.

So this cult attacked me right after I posted the most recent post on hoping to make me the hate side and someone else in their cult the love side. Meanwhile I don't do love/hate or blood and fire because I'm not a Roman Catholic at all.

The truth is that this cult are a racist cult of blue bloods (they want everyone to be on the blue team though they're not Police Officers). They're against mixed culture relationships that don't meet their criteria and that's the case with myself because my love interest is Mandarin Chinese. They're purposely trying to force me onto the blue side of the fence in order to prevent me from being with someone who is Chinese. In addition, they're a cult that use me to power the lives of other members of their cult, like its a debt that I owe them when in fact I owe them nothing. In fact for all of the abuse they're given me they owe me for years to come. They've accumulated a lot of bad Karma by needlessly trying to make other people miserable.

There are some people who believe that making other people suffer leads to great works of art. I believe that people who think that way need to be subjected to the kind of abuse that leads to this suffering that results in great art. They always seem to be up for it happening to someone else but never themselves. Watch out too, because they'll attempt to flip the polarity so that very statement always works out in their benefit. Very abusive today likely because they want me to be the hate side or a complainer .They really don't like Jewish people and regard them as being complainers.They test for the presence of complainers by abusing their victim until they protest, which of course they refer to as complaining and they do this to Jewish people quite often in order to facilitate that very cliche and stigma. I'm not Jewish but that's not the point. The point is that they do something of this order in attempts to build a negative impression about Jewish people. Likewise this cult aren't too happy with Chinese people as well and as I've stated they certainly don't want me to be with someone Chinese. Its like they're keeping me trapped purposely to prevent me from being with whom I choose and preventing me from progressing by having a job or a business, yet they don't work themselves. They're harassing me because they believe that I'm possessed by someone else. How is it that you convince a cult to stop harassing you because they believe that you are possessed? I mean if they don't stop when you ask them to stop that would pretty much mean that they ignore anything a person has to say in that regard. Maybe like when a Woman says no, would that mean they'd keep going?

Another one of their tricks has been trying to force the identity of one of several other people from the building as my identity. One of them is a short Irish guy named Clarence who looks a bit like Loki from the Thor franchise of movies. Another, is a biafran person named Terence, who has some sort of involvement within this building as well. So what this racist cult do is they attempt to put the identities of these other people and then stalk and abuse me for their past sins or crimes. Might sound crazy but that's exactly what this cult does. Its like they steal your persona or reputation and then use it in a giant game of musical chairs where everyone does the same thing. By morning the cult assumes that you have one of the identities/personas that they pool in this giant game of theirs. So you earn your identity from the prior day by competing with others to see who is more consistent with yesterday's events. In other words if you are in some way inconsistent with your prior days words and actions, you aren't considered to be yourself. This cult treats you as if you are someone else,likely one of the personas/identities from their pool of people in that regard.

I believe that its actually a scientology thing and that the people abusing me are likely associated with or connected to scientology or a similarly related religion or social movement seeing as they often attempt to swap my identity with that of former scientologist Tom Cruise despite the fact that I've never been a scientologist nor will I ever be. In addition this cult attempts to swap my identity with that of a Guyanese guy named Bobby, whom this cult worship as being King Tut. In fact, this cult chases the association of Royalty and Royal blood in any way that they can, often leaving damaging and embarrassing consequences to other cultures and their Royalty. So King Tut is just one of a thousand different ways that this cult pursue the label of Emperor, King, Queen, Prince, Princess, Count, Duke, Earl etc. When they get on a run whereby they attempt such a thing, that's when I usually end up posting a rant here. So usually it occurs in real-time with what I write.

This is a cult that is very focused around using the symbolism of colours to brainwash or control others and many of their cult members do believe that they control others in this way. So defining what colours mean is always a big part of their harassment. It most often works in such a way whereby it forces the definitions of colours upon their victim, usually in accordance with the colours of what they're wearing, what colour their eyes are, what colour their hair and skin is etc. So the stalking is usually composed of people who follow that way of doing things, often saying something with regard to how certain colours are defined or something related to them being defined that way, like if you have blue eyes, and blue at that point means work or intelligence, then they might walk by you and say "hey, you're intelligent", which would be alluding to your eye color and because you have blue eyes and white eye whites, it would mean to this cult that you're leaking that intelligence all over others. That is this cult believes that aspects of your being escape you via the symbolism of colours and transfer to other people according to the colours that they're wearing and their consistency with how they're defined. So everything they say during a harassment session is usually associated with defining colours. If you as a person believe that whole thing, then you'll get sucked into it because it really poses no risk unless you believe it. That's the whole point, they're trying to trick you into believing it because if they do, that's already a good portion of your ability to think relegated to an automatic way of thinking that essentially programs people to behave like computers more so than free thinking beings. Being exposed to that use of colour symbolism all day and night can prove a hindrance as the people who do this most often socially isolate their victims. So that means that you'll be abused and harassed by multiple people almost every single hour of every day who believe that through the symbolism of colours and their biomagnetism that they are transferring their past crimes and sins (according to whatever religion it is they believe denotes a "sin") to you as a victim. Another group of people spends their time cleaning you off. Between the two sides of this believe you're caught in the middle. You don't ever actually end up with a social life as this cult completely isolates and destroys you in that regard. They literally believe that through these means they're remote controlling their victim(s). Once you're at that point this cult has already dehumanized you. I'd never join their cult and I'm certainly not their slave.

I'd think that this cult does that sort of thing to people as an attempt to control them for real. I actually like role play in that regard in a relationship, but not in real life by random strangers. I think that there's actually nothing wrong with it when it involves consent. The version this cult uses doesn't involve consent at all, so they're already in the company of rapists. It involves them subjecting you to abuse and harassment based upon the definitions for colours in that regard. I have green eyes (amongst other colours) so this cult defines me as being a "slave" or being "mind controlled" on those grounds knowing that if they break that definition for green, they can go with a more racially charged definition of the colour based upon blood. In such a case it might be redefined as Italian, Irish, Jamaican or any other colour with green in the colour of its flag or that is associated with green symbolically. When that happens they force the identity of someone whose culture matches that definition for colours so that you are now treated as if you were that person. When that definition for the colour breaks by your contradiction of it, they move to the next one and so on and so on. As I've stated, its a racist cult and even in Canada this cult holds people hostage using these means.

I believe that it is also linked with Prince Hall and a form of Hermeticism that seeks to operate under the idiom: as above so below, and as below so above. That is they attempt to build someone for the top of society from the lowest point, and then attempt swap polarity in a daily competitive game the cult plays every day so that the bottom is at that point the top. In other words, so there's more incentive in making whatever happened at the lowest point in society into the ruling group, essentially trading places with the existing ruling group at the top. So they're treated as if they're at the lowest and the lowest are treated as if they're at the top. As above, so below. As below, so above. That's something quite often associated with a Hermetic symbol being that of Baphomet.

So quite often in this city (Toronto) it is fought for at that level at Heyworth House or one of the other coed homeless shelters in the city. Within those shelters and from the living population of ex-clients the cult attempts to elevate one person from this low to the explained height. It is usually decided in this regard based upon the person's blood, their ancestry and a bunch of other reasons (like being related to Royalty through your lineage) that sound more like conspiracy than anything. So with this ideology, you can literally be at the bottom or the top from either place. The lowest point in society or the highest. So naturally the membership of this cult are often searching for things to fuel the lives of the people they're trying to build in those means. My life seems to be a constant source for this cult to steal and give to the credit of the people they're trying to elevate at the expense of costing me my own identity while forcing me to have the identity of other people. So what I say or do is directly taken from me by my neighbours and attributed to one of these other individuals. Likely the rest of the world is given the impression that what I say, do and accomplish are coming from this other person rather than myself. So they're using my efforts to prop up someone else's life, usually one of the members of their cult whom they're trying to push to the top in that daily game I explained. This could also involve scientology who may be impersonating being members of those aforementioned secret societies in order to twist the impression others have with them.

So the people who get elevated in this way are often considered to be giant roses or guns. That is, they have been loaded up with social burden to the point of them becoming more like weapons than they are people. Being a weapon in this manner usually means that you're already considered a rose/blue rose that has been loaded up with this considerable burden. Being on the blue team means that when you act with hostility towards others, you're sharing with them that burden for which they'll be stalked and harassed as if they were responsible for it themselves. If they behave in a way that is consistent with the burden itself, they might even be considered to be more of the person whose burden it is than themselves. In other words, your sense of identity comes from what burden you carry for yourself and others. So if you reveal your own secrets to others, thats the same to this cult as losing your own identity and persona and giving it to whomever ends up with the burden of your secrets. If you had more burden that was related to good things rather than burdensome, then you also would be sharing that good. It works by whatever you have on your palette in that regard. This cult will use that symbolism of blue to milk you as if you were a cow. Of course, while milking you if you reveal your burdens and secrets this cult believe and will treat you as if you no longer are yourself. Your soul comes from whose burden you carry. So their game and focus will shift to trying to sneak different secrets onto you without being detected. The longer you have these secrets without contradicting them in some way, the more you're considered to be whomever is their source.

So there's a few of us who have ended up with this role for a great deal of time. I myself used to be a part of this without knowing. I think that in order to be propped up that way, that it is a requirement that you're a part of the blue team. If you're red, they consider you as a fuel source for their lives. I consider myself to really like the colour red, so this cult probably treats me as a fuel source for that reason. There are a few people whom this cult attempt to prop up to the top by the means I've described. I used to be one though I never accepted fuel from anyone else's life and never will. I am responsible for everything of which I'm capable as presented on So this cult of which I'm not a part assumes that everything in my life comes from someone else which is nonsense. The whole thing is a pyramid scheme that steals from people that way. So they attempt to use my output to fuel the lives of their members while making me carry the burden of their members, which they believe makes me more like them than myself. They believe that they become more like me than themselves if they keep my secrets. So spying on someone whom this cult is using in this manner is very important for them as it allows them to keep track of what there is to steal from their victim.

Brian Joseph Johns

200 Sherbourne Street #701
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5A 3Z5



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