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More Abuse And Stalking But Always Grateful For The Food

Firstly, I am not a member of the "blue" team. I say exactly what I mean and mean exactly what I say. I'll never be on the "blue" team as forcing a person into taking such a constraint or filter on their communications is a violation of the Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and the Human Rights Act.

I went out to the food bank today. Saint Bartholomew's once again after a night of abuse and harassment from my neighbours. Keep in mind that I don't use crack cocaine or any illegal narcotics. I do on occasion use cannabis but do so infrequently and of course I buy it from the Ontario Cannabis Store. So my posts aren't related to anything even close to substance abuse or withdrawal there from.

These posts are responses and protest to harassment from a local group of abusive people who occupy Regent Park in Toronto, though I've experienced it in other parts of the city as well. I actually hadn't been harassed for some time at St. Bartholomew's so this was the first time in a while.

Not to mention, one of my neighbours actually showed up at the food bank and is likely a party to the harassment and the plan they'd setup. He's an older man about 55, with a mostly friendly demeanor though there is something about him that I don't trust. He's about 5'7" tall with a white beard and often wears a black jacket and toque during the winter. He drives a scooter. Him and I rarely have any problems and I don't see him all too often but he is connected to this in some way, along with others who are against my being with someone Mandarin Chinese. So they're mostly racists against mixing certain cultures in relationships with whom I want nothing to do.

This is the same cult that has been harassing me for years and it likely has gang connections to the Hell's Angels and Bloods as I only ran into them for the first time at Ferretina Film Productions Ltd (my employer had been an associate producer for the movie The Hell's Angels which was made in 1969). I'd worked there from March 2001 until March 2004 after which I became homeless despite numerous attempts to get on my feet, and with the assistance of a former Victim Liaison Officer of the OPP. You see, as chance would have it and unbeknownst to me, I'd been working for a company that had received investment to the tune of $250K that had allegedly come from the Lufthansa Heist of 1978.

Actually around that time I'd been communicating online with someone who referred to themselves as Magic Adriana ( who seemed to have knowledge of this situation though I was never quite sure if that was from the legal side of the fence or the criminal side of the fence. I'd been in contact with the RCMP around that time and shortly thereafter with the FBI (in 2003/2004) so I wasn't really worried though I suspect that Magic Adriana was likely more on the criminal side of things, though that person kept that aspect of themselves well hidden. They could have been keeping an eye on me for whatever criminal element was involved and close by of which I was unaware.

Magic Adriana did however send me a series of five photos of different Women, claiming to be each one. Many of the Women in those pictures I'd meet one at a time through my travels in the shelter system, so that aspect was likely setup in advance and coordinated with either clients or employees of the shelter system. Ironically one of the Women in the pictures was with me at one point during a meeting with the RCMP. She'd been brought by them, which had indicated that they were aware of my communications with Magic Adriana, which is good. So that Woman knew one of my RCMP contacts. I think that upon getting the Federal Police involved, that this cult took it personally because the years from 2001 until 2004 were pretty darn bad, but not so nearly as bad as the ones between 2004 and now.

From that point onward the harassment I'd experienced came mostly from Caucasian racists and African/Caribbean racists who'd make it a game of bouncing their victims around between their two extremist sides. I'm Caucasian and I get harassed by members from both sides of that fence on a regular basis. They are people who try to make others unhappy or miserable so the cult members themselves have the right to be happy and positive. They generally divide people up according to simple dualistic terms, often trying to pit them one against the other. They tend to do this to me as an attack on Yin Yang which is an important aspect of Taoism as I am a Buddhist and Taoist.

They're basically racists who'd force relationships according to the colour symbolism they apply to blood while preventing relationships that break their rules. For instance, you can't mix people who are red blooded and blue blooded according to this cult. So there's specific rules that this cult enforce when ensuring that people don't procreate with the wrong people in terms of culture. A sort of fear of having babies with five arms or three legs. This is a real ideology in Canada by the way of which I am not a member nor have I ever been. It is connected with criminal gangs as well who combine it with the symbolism of gang colours. Actually using this form of dualism and the symbol of colours is a means by which this cult milk people that they refer to as "cows".


A bovine cow has a hide of black and white.
Hence the term used by many cults that refer
to people as "cows". Its related to the colors of
clothing that they wear and represents one who
both gives and receives.
That's how criminal gangs milk people whom they refer to as "COWS" meaning people they milk on occasion to fuel their lives. The term COW actually means someone who wears black and white simultaneously, in reference to a bovine cow pictured right. Milking a person is difficult to explain but I'll give it my best attempt to explain what motivates this cult and how it operates.

First of all this cult believes that certain people don't have a real mind or persona. That they're like the chairs in a game of musical chairs. That is they can be occupied by any disembodied consciousness or spirit as they sometimes call it and that their abilities are determined by the abilities of that disembodied consciousness or spirit. In other words this cult believes that some people don't have a mind of their own. They believe that the mind of such persons comes from them, who of course have superior blood than every other culture in the world and make others pay for merely living in their presence.

From day to day this cult believes that some people (amongst whom I number) become possessed by a different spirit or combinations of different spirits every day. They believe that such people don't have their own consciousness or soul because they believe that they can steal people's soul simply by using the symbolism of colours and tricking a person into revealing their secrets. If you don't have any personal secrets from your own life, then this cult believe and will treat you as if you have no soul or consciousness of your own. You're just a dead husk walking around without consciousness or a soul as your driving force. Once you've been labeled that way by this cult you've pretty much been downgraded from being a citizen with rights to an "object" or "thing" without any rights whatsoever as observed by all in society who follow their ways. Right now as it stands that seems to be a lot of people and that's precisely how they treat you. Like you don't have a mind of your own and that anything you accomplish is the result of the spirits by which your body becomes possessed from day to day.

Your Palette

So during the course of every day you might produce good in the world, bad in the world or both in varying degrees by way of your words and actions. Now imagine that all of these efforts (good and bad) become a part of your being. They accumulate and paint a picture of you and your life and your attitude towards the world and others. Consider also that these efforts and events from your life are things that specifically happened to or were created by you. I often refer to them as being your palette. A collection of all of the good and bad things you've etched upon the world in one way or another. Either willingly or accidentally.

So if you have a lot of good in your palette, that has value in terms of how others view or perceive you akin to your reputation. If you have a lot of bad on your palette, that can prove a burden to you and affect you negatively because your reputation will likely be a bad one. So these are the things that over time have less and less effect upon your life, though they do present a picture of you to others. Obviously in achieving some form of good, your repute and how people perceive you is going to be much better than if you have a lot of bad on your palette.

This palette is something that this cult attempts to steal from its victims to apply to other people's lives. That means that this cult is literally trying to steal a person's life history to replace someone else's life history, usually that of someone in their cult whose choices weren't so good or who was a victim of circumstance. Regardless, this cult considers it open game on whomever they victimize by these means. So they'll steal your life's history if it is better than that of their own. They steal this from other people by a variety of different means.

Taking Your Palette 

Taking From You By The Symbolism Of Colours

The first and most simple means that this cult steal the histories of other people is by the symbolism of colours. Everything on your palette can be associated with one or more colours while shades like white or black symbolize whether you're receiving and keeping secret (black) or exposing, sharing and otherwise revealing (white). How that manifests itself is that the cult members upon seeing you wearing those colours or shades regard you as either leaking your palette (if you happen to be wearing white) or are receiving from other people (if you happen to be wearing black. If you happen to be wearing red with white for instance, it might mean that you're losing everything associated with the colour red. For instance if you donated money or volunteered for the United Way, the cult might consider that you've lost all of that effort and that it is being caught by someone else wearing red and black. Regardless, to this cult you've somehow lost having done that while someone else has received it and is being treated by other cult members as if they'd donated to the charity themselves. That's just one example.

On the other hand, they could have committed a crime that has fallen off of them and is now part of the palette and reputation of someone else unlucky enough to have been wearing black at that time. The cult members will then stalk and harass the person who "caught" the criminal activity just by wearing the shade black as if they'd done those things themselves. All of that works by the symbolism of colours. It only becomes a burden if their cult members choose to stalk and harass a person based upon what they've inherited through colour symbolism from the palettes of other people. So essentially they're setting the weight of any burden and they don't do it according to a greater moral compass. In fact, there's a chance that you could be mistreated more for picking your nose or even masturbation than you might be mistreated for actual rape or murder. So this cult sets the weight of any burden by the fact that they're the ones who stalk and abuse others.

Taking From You By Abusing You About Your Own Burdens

The second means of milking their victims involves the concept that if you don't carry the weight for your own mistakes, then how can you take the credit for your own good? So in order to milk someone and steal their good efforts, one only needs to make their corresponding mistakes, sins or other weight very burdensome. In fact, more burdensome than the victim is willing to carry in which case they'll lose the good thing associated with the bad thing to other people who can keep the bad thing a secret better than the victim. Generally the cult keep the secret very well because they don't abuse each other. They only abuse the people that they want to milk. That is they only abuse the people from whom they want to take something.

Taking From You By Swapping Your Identity With Someone Else's

This third method involves the cult members swapping your identity with that of someone from your own past or history. That is they find a point in your life where you were close to someone, perhaps friend or acquaintance. Usually the person that they pick to receive this swapping from your life is someone who is a member of their cult or an ally of it. The cult remember a completely reversed version of reality whereby you are the other person and the other person is you. So everyone regards you as being that other person with whom you've become swapped at that point in time. You essentially inherit their history from that point. If the cult members are particularly nasty, they'll keep track of you and give everything else from your life beyond that point to the person with whom your history has become swapped.

So using these three methods the cult can use your life to power someone else's while leaving you with their garbage most often.

What you often find is that this cult will abuse you the most just after you've accomplished something good because they're literally trying to steal that accomplishment from you to apply to someone else's life. Meanwhile the cult will often try to apply someone else's life to the victim from whom they stole. So they're literally taking the best of a person and replacing it with the worst of someone from their cult. So the victim is often stalked and mistreated as if they were responsible for whatever the cult members have done.

Even when I reveal the methods of this cult, they will try to hide what I'm typing by giving it to the credit of one of their cult members. Usually that's someone from within the shelter system because that's quite often the farm team for this cult. They run things according to the rules of their cult and there is no oversight or Ombudsman. They essentially do what they want with whom they want, and will go to great lengths to discredit their victims when there's the risk of being exposed. Most often this involves the cult members trying to paint the victim as being mentally ill, or even attempting to abuse the victim so much that they actually exhibit symptoms of mental illness. That's basically the means by which they avert criminal investigation. Character assassination and identity theft basically.

Its more like being held hostage by a community in a city within your country. The rest of the country or world might be aware that something is going on, but they're kept in the dark from a distance. They're often given the impression that the victim is someone else completely different from who they physically are. The cult often give others the impression that their cult members are the victims, trying to turn the table on their real victims. Its like they keep a blackout of information leaving the area they do this sort of thing so that no information about it goes beyond a certain distance from the community or city. If anything ends up online, the cult then attempt to discredit the person's online account or they'll even steal the online identity of the victim, pretending to be the person who owns the victims social media and email accounts in order to keep the impression that the victim's are their cult members rather than the real physical victims. They might even attempt to paint the victim as being mentally ill or under the influence of crack cocaine, heroin or fentanyl despite the fact that most victims in my experience don't use narcotics. I occasionally use cannabis and sometimes drink, but infrequently.

The authorities so far as I've seen pretty much ignore what is going on in that regard unfortunately. I guess its very difficult to build a legal case against such a threat and this is likely going to continue to pose a threat into the future unfortunately until there is some intervention on the part of the law by way of a legal investigation.

While leaving the food bank today, someone behind me elicited a "slap", a loud slapping noise which they seem to have done a fair bit in recent times. It turns out to be two things. The first is this cult trying to swap my identity with that of someone who assaulted a friend of mine in 2004/2005. My friend John Paul Young (who ironically was a key member of the new wave band Cardboard Brains) was assaulted while we were both residents at Riverdale Salvation Army in August of 2004. His assailant whose name is Shane, slapped him across the face. The assault thankfully didn't go beyond that. The cult to which I've referred though attempted to swap my identity with that of the assailant despite the fact that John Paul Young was my friend. This is a perfect example of the cult's ideology in action. They believe that I exhibit more likeness with Shane than I do other people from that time in Riverdale and hence they attribute that identity to myself rather than my real identity.

The second reason for the "slap" might have been as a form of attack that is often used by members of Prince Hall. This is a form of harassment and attack that involves getting a victim riled up enough so that when they're suddenly frightened by someone making a loud slapping sound, that sets them over the top and brings about a sudden anxiety or even anger attack. This cult believes that to be a form of mind control by the way. So I handled it pretty good though it was quite obvious that this cult had set this situation up in advance.

The cult believe that if you're polite one day, and mean the next, that the polite person you were yesterday has left your body and gone to someone else's. So they treat you as if you've been mean your whole life rather than you just having a bad day. As a matter of fact, this cult often tries to abuse their victims into having a bad day so that they can steal the good or polite repute of the same victim a day or two later.

So this cult watch their victim for their good days, and attempt to steal their victim's identity at any point like that, and then try to put a different identity onto their victim. So that's why I'm quite often firm or sometimes even cynical. Its as a result of being treated this way for almost 25 years by a variety of different people who become less and less afraid of being caught as society seems to be accepting this cult's ideology more and more.

As it turns out, the slap was conducted by a resident of my own building and someone whom lives just down the hall from me on the (true) south end of the building on the 7th floor whereas I live on the (true) north end of the building. It was his first time at the food bank and he like anyone else of any religious denomination or those without a denomination have the right to use the food bank. So he obviously showed up in a coordinated manner as part of this cult's latest attack effort, as I said armed with a "slap".

I'd much rather spend my time doing things like writing and creating (and earning too) but when you're under attack by a cult of this nature, it is very difficult to do any of those things and most often members of society will treat you as if you don't have any rights whatsoever.

Consider this as the lengths by which this cult will go to make someone else look bad so that they can look good to everyone else. You'll only understand once you become a victim of them or in the rare circumstance that you recognize someone else's victimization in that regard.

This cult seems to believe that I'm being "mind controlled" by a Guyanese person named Bobby who was and possibly still is a resident of Heyworth House. They also believe that I am being mind controlled by his Transgender girlfriend whom is often referred to by them as "Gay Hate Son Of A Bitch" or "Gay Hate Marijuana". Those aren't names that I gave that person. They're hate names for someone who is considered a blue rose. That person considers hate to mean love and love to mean hate. That's how most of this cult operate. I completely support LGBTQ community, marriage and the right to have children as well so this isn't an issue related to prejudice or hate at all. This cult seem to idolize Bobby and this other person, even regarding Bobby as being King Tut. He's become elevated to be their figurehead and this cult believe that I'm being controlled by him or other members of their cult in which they are represented by the colour purple.

The colour purple to this cult is really defined as meaning: love and hate are the same thing, so love and hate mixed and that's because they regard red and blue to represent love and hate. They actually make it a competitive game each day to determine which one is love and which one is hate. if blue wins and you happen to be on the blue team, that means that if you're mean or hateful to someone you're essentially being loving to them and sharing things from your palette with them. If red wins, then you share your palette with those you treat lovingly and with affection. When red and blue are mixed and considered to be the same thing, then whether you treat someone with love or with hate, you'll share your palette with them. That's how colours are used by that ideology.

So they're under the impression that I'm being mind controlled by this Bobby person which of course is nonsense as he doesn't play piano and compose, he can't design and code software, he's not a graphic artist, he's not a poet to my knowledge, he's not a writer of novels and he's never formally studied martial arts. So this cult essentially attempt to use me to fuel his life or the life of his transgender girlfriend. Once again, this is not an issue of culture or gender at all. Its purely about the fact that this cult basically denies me my own identity having stolen it from me years ago, Between then and now they've allotted me a variety of different identities though I've always ultimately kept my own. Also with Bobby being regarded as King Tut, this cult implies that I'm a slave seeing as I support Israel and the Jewish people as I've personally seen them victimized by this cult as well, with the Jewish people being regarded as fake and that the real Jewish people are the so called "Black Zionists". They essentially believe that everyone living in Israel and the various Jewish people of the world are fakes and that the real Jewish people are African/Jamaican and that it about blood rather than religion.

Regardless of the circumstances, I am always grateful for the food and the food bank itself. These are tough times for a great many of us and the work of the food bank and those individuals and companies who donate their food will never go unappreciated.

Thank you

It is on the matters of this other issue a sad day in Canada. It really hurts me to see Canada slipping down this path.

Brian Joseph Johns

200 Sherbourne Street #701
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5A 3Z5



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